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Page Updated 11-16-12


December 29th Online mini Summit

“Online Summit” Speaker list and Video updated 11-16

Jesus and Mary: Their Saga Continues

We are taking on the Vatican


Walk-In and Starseed Summit video


Happy People Dancing around the World – Join in the Fun!


Space Odyssey 2012 – The Journey Lasts Forever


Earth Mother – Happy Mother’s Day Everyday
Written by Celest and David


The Godbook Series by


Family Curse
Written by Celest and David
To read the entire text go to


Celest and David’s Interview on Starseed Academy
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Come with Me – A Glimpse into the Future through Art
Artist and Designer – Inho Lee

Art is our connection to truth and beauty and thus a director of consciousness toward possible futures. The more neutral and unconditional Art is, the more potent it is in directing consciousness toward inclusive and unifying futures for all beings.
“Being the change” is quite a bit more fundamental than changing lifestyles. The video contains a direct pointer.


Innocent Conversations: Meeting of Soul and Flower
Artist and Designer – Inho Lee


Heal Africa
Artist and Designer -Cat

Upon reading a message from the Masters released on March 3, 2012, I was so deeply moved, that I wanted to make a video to honor Africa. The link to the message is below. ~Cat~

. “Secret elite ruling the World?”

   Do you see what we are all up against, is this ignorance on the part of the people or is it just complacency?

  . “A dramatic surprise on a quiet square”

   Talk about creating drama!


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