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Our Upcoming Events

Schedule Updated 6-5-2013

Celest and David’s Radio interviews and upcoming events

(Archived Shows are listed below the upcoming programs)

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Greetings everyone! God and the Masters have decided that they want us to begin our own radio program and then teach courses online that way. We are running into technical difficulties in hosting the Summit scheduled for June 22nd. So we are postponing that one while we work on setting up a new venue. A very good friend of ours who lives in New Mexico sent us some information on new ways for using programs for events. We feel good about this better method; it is less complicated and far less prone to technical difficulties.

Friday we will be issuing refunds for those who purchased tickets for the June Summit. When we reschedule the Summit the new date will be posted as well as the signup information.

Although we were scheduled to be on the air with Journeys with Rebecca on June 8th , she inadvertently gave us the wrong date so we have cancelled that appearance.

Celest and David..


Upcoming Interviews



Archived Radio Interviews listed below


Wednesday, May 15th We were guests with Teresa on “Breath of Terra.” Topic for this program was “Creativity as a State of Mind

May 8th, 2013 We were guests on “Breath of Terra” with Teresa Sixberry.

Topic was “Interdimensional and Dimensional Travels


December 6th, 2012 on the “Journeys with Rebecca” Radio show

We were guests with Rebecca along with Guy Red Owl and Craig Campobasso. (Five of the Speakers for the upcoming “Online Mini Summit.”

Information about the Summit is available at )  

To listen to this program go to:  

and then click on the link:



We were guests on “Journeys with Rebecca” on October 30th, 2012

to listen go to        and then click on



8-22-12 Celest and David were guests on “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation” with Peter Tongue


On 7-17-12 Celest and David prerecording an interview with Host Lauren Galey on “Healing Conversations” that was aired on 8-21-12


8-5-12 We were guests with Teresa Sixberry for the first hour of this program.


8-2-12 We were guests on “Journeys with Rebecca” – Topic ; The 2012 Walk-In and Starseed Summit is a synchronized event bringing together Walk-Ins and Starseed Speakers sharing information with attendees as a means to teach people to work together in coperative ventures. As a collective we can all formulate better ways to live better lives.

To listen go to

then click on 2012-08-02-JWR-RR-Rebecca-Jernigan-with-David-and-Celest.mp3


Listen to our interview with Teresa Sixberry (a Summit Speaker) about our upcoming “2012 Walk-In and Starseed Summit” and so much more. Topic: “Quantifiable truth in a theoretical world


Tune into this very powerful program with “Summit” Speakers Mark Kimmel, Ron Radhoff, Teresa Sixberry, Zarazaiel Yovel (Zaz), Ninneen C. Harsh and ourselves, Celestial Blue Star and David of Arcturus. Topic “Expanding Universal Knowledge


Celest and David’s Interview on Starseed Academy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




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