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Daily Archives: June 4, 2011

Understanding the Winds of Change

"Understanding the Winds of Change"


What is presently happening and what to expect in the many tomorrows

We are exercising our rights as Gods and Goddesses to speak of a matter that almost no one on the planet is aware of. We know that the more people are able to understand all that is really happening, and are truly desirous of doing so, the more clearly and freely they can make important life-defining decisions. Our focus with this writing is about two separate but distinct energies that may be thought of as in opposition to one another, yet the anomaly here is that in a another sense, they are working in tandem. They are from both sides of the Life Force equation. Although this may not be what you might expect this article to be about, we consider it to be a necessity; one that needs to be discussed due to its paramount importance in your ability to maintain your wellbeing and your willingness to be steadfast in your consciousness. In this manner everyone can contribute to the collective consciousness and be active participants in the continual momentum of the upward spiral of the ascension process. This occurs by bringing certain facts into awareness. Everyone knows all matter is energy; yet the nature of energy is that it can exist in its own state of awareness and befuddle people, simply by not doing anything to call attention to either its progression, or to any regressive state it may enter. Energy can change itself at any given moment. Oddly enough, most people do not want to know what is happening energetically unless they believe it can affect them individually. We suppose this behavior is not really odd, rather it is self-serving.

We are here to tell you that everyone should consider energetic matter that is affecting all forms of consciousness, as "INDIVIDUAL." No one man, woman or child, is more important than another. What affects one person CAN and WILL affect all others on one level or another. Think of this as an upgrade to "The Chaos Theory." This planet responds in great measure to the thought forms, emotions and actions or non-actions of every living person here. These are but examples of energy used or not used in beneficial fashion. At the very end of 2005, a different energetic presence began slowly at first, to build up a momentum and began to be swept around the planet, carried in the wind. On New Year’s Day, 2010, it assumed a place of great prominence here and has not abated. Rather, it is growing exponentially every day. For every action there is a reaction – however, for every non-action there is still a reaction. Over the last few years, as the world’s economy began to publicly show signs of decay and the possibility of imminent breakdown, the very action of the economic factor coupled with the beliefs and lifestyles of every person they affected, which is everyone, caused massive cracks to form within the slickly designed mental and emotional veneer of civilized people.

Still, even in mid-2009 people were continuing to force themselves to believe in all the political, religious and media hype that was then and still is now, attempting to portray this world’s conditions as, "merely a recession." So people accepted a placebo and missed what was going on right under their noses as Terra increased her dance of change. One of the energies that was birthed and then became borne in the winds, is composed of the dying, former way, of life. This energy is strong, violent and contains a magnetic core that attracts all other similar energies. In the core of its being, it contains "the silent scream." This scream is composed of all lesser emotions, all unjustifiable anger, hatred, bigotry, the death throes of the dark energies and above all else…FEAR. This energy is as real as you are; it was impossible for this powerful force NOT to become a reality on the planet. The essence of all Creative force is the ability to formulate, sculpt, mold and materialize matter until the substance formed complies to an exact parallel reality of a situation AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Example: laughter that may be heard on the telephone during a conversation with a person loved and respected by you. That laughter energy then sends particles of itself out to the world as well as into the ethers, immediately connecting on a super conscious level with people, places and animals across the planet, who are ON that same level of energy. The same is true if the situation is reversed and the caller is glum, angry, hateful, or just plain obnoxious.

If you encounter a stranger on the street and that person looks at you balefully, how you will react AT THAT MOMENT will define the EFFECT that energy has upon you. Still and all, even if you yourself do not react, perhaps other than with a bit of a wince, that other energy will still locate the identical or similar energies elsewhere. Think of it as a different type of airborne illness. This is the way it has always been under the auspices of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. What is different today is so because of the changing, cleansing and purifying process taking place here under the guiding Light of NESARA. All that has ever plagued this planet and the people of this world MUST ALSO ALTER COMPLETELY. Here is our list of many of the things this dying energy is presently doing and will continue to do:

In a way, this energy is a simpatico one; it functions as a balancing of the equation, the choices made between life and death. As it sweeps across the planet to gather all similar frequencies, vibrations and thought forms from all people everywhere, its focus is on gathering "all what used to be accepted, but is not appropriate anymore." We will speak of the "down side," later. Each aspect of matter being gathered carries the trailers and streamers these "scooped up" living forces carry within them. So, those who are overwhelmed by their own perspectives of the agony of defeat, of loveless life, of poverty and alienation from others they once loved, deteriorating health problems and those who simply do not care anymore, are among the others who no longer want to be here, they are the ones that leave the planet. Some had already amended their Soul Contracts to fit this occasion; others simply would rather not attempt to be part of what they erroneously believe are, the end times.

People who already are, or will soon be corrupt, dark and dangerous, are also being picked up by this dying energy wave. The dark energies and their own corresponding trailers have been among the first to be "taken" since this energy revealed itself. Obviously, considering the millions and millions of people here, it means that not only the dark energies, BUT all the other people they have tainted and those individuals who are attempting to taint others, are also caught in this particular Wind of Change. Dark energies have been scrambling to bring down as many people as possible now, more so than at any other time in Earth Star history. The irony here is that although the dark will try to invade and consume a Light body to the point of physical death to the light body, when the lesser energies are entrapped within this wave, they are aware that they too will perish, with or without a host to feed off.

The dark that are still not yet picked up by the wave are hastily looking for mental and Spiritual fractures, all of the splintering effects in a person. They are very, very good at this. When they find it they hammer away at it creating an abyss in the mind, body and Spirit. It is a dark dismal place, this ancient now former way of living, that many, otherwise good people, are still inhabiting. Some of these types of people are in the throes of dis-organized chaos and some are in the throes of organized chaos. Ultimately, there can be only one left standing. Until then however……..Those people who only pay lip service to Creating change and living the good changes, then decide to stop moving forward, are also being caught in the net. It is a very BIG net!

Tentacles of darkness can reach out into many directions at once. This is also true about people who have become ensnared in lower based energies. They can quite effectively taint an entire crowd and not even know they are doing it. Of course, there are some who do know they are doing this because it is a part of their conscious intent. This energy wave is so intense that the very voraciousness of the winds that carry it, are unlike any winds that people here have witnessed before. Here is the "down side" – as the winds continue to gain momentum, it will also continue to carry away all those people, places, animals and things, that cannot remain in the eye of the storm. It requires great courage to be there, yet it is the safest place to be. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, who refuses to relinquish the former life and lifestyle will leave the planet. Talking about love and Light is not enough. Talking is not "doing." Living CHANGE is what is necessary.

"Change" means a complete overhaul of what has been and transfiguring it to become a true part of the NESARA wave. We told you that the dying energy wave performs a vital function because it is part of the balancing act, and part of the Life Force equation. By the same token there are millions of people who have joined the collective consciousness and are scrambling to assimilate more light and be one with the NESARA Wave. The NESARA wave has been bringing and will continue to bring – acceptance and true understanding of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness and this wave will assist the people in their ability to change, even if these peoples’ abilities are latent at this moment. Everything now is at critical mass; everything now depends on each individual here on the planet. NESARA of course can continue on with only a few people left here, but she would rather see many, many, more people surviving and rising above these challenges. After all, "If the people do not change, it does not matter what the governments do or do not do…the human race would fail itself."

There is a huge in-pouring of Light to this planet from other civilizations. There are massive magnetic coils placed all over this world that are generating Light and helping to stabilize this world and prepare her for the next leap in human evolution. In effect they are assisting all of us to fulfill our destinies. We did NOT say they will do it for us! The winds of NESARA are every bit as powerful and uncompromising as the dying winds of change are. NESARA’S presence is felt as, "a powerful magnetic coil of extremely high energetic mass integrating with mind, body and Soul, while bringing great clarity and peace to the person experiencing this wave." NESARA and the dying energy winds work hand-in hand, each is on a mission that causes each wave to overlap the other. In this manner, nothing and no one shall remain unscathed or untouched. This also means that no good Soul shall go unnoticed by NESARA and these Souls shall not become integrated with the dying energies, unless of course those people choose to change and decide to succumb to their fears. This is where things can get a bit tricky. Because these two winds of change are so powerful, each has the ability to influence or attempt to influence people and animals that are the direct opposite of each particular wind that is hovering around them. Really good people who are maintaining their determination to be anchored securely in their heart and Spirit rather than in the pragmatic world of the intellect, are being affected by the dying wind, regardless of where they live geographically. Some to greater degrees then others.

There is no mystery about why this is occurring; they are simply living on the planet, so everything that goes on in this world will try to impact upon them for one reason or another. Most of these people can develop unusual periods of irritability, feeling glum, sensations of feeling antsy or sudden nervousness. These are usually the primary symptoms of the dying winds of change’s presence close by to them. As always, as soon as the people can identify these feelings/emotions that they usually do not have or have no reason to have, they can say the big, "AHA!" "I know what is happening now." Remember, it is the coil of magnetic energetic matter that is attempting to touch them. Although how they choose to respond to this is up to them, it really is but a simple matter of identifying the CAUSE and refusing to be part of the EFFECT. Dying energy winds weaken and then overcome the bodies that it determines are susceptible to its energy. It also can change the emotions in a very similar fashion. People begin acting-out, tempers flare and the physical body retreats from the abuse it is feeling. People with weak immune systems are prone to feel physically unwell much sooner than those with hardier systems. Many goodhearted people feel "weepy" or emotionally empty, they begin to feel as if they are on a rollercoaster ride. Many more experience short-term memory loss.

Yes, the dying winds of change will test you in many areas of your life. That is why this is not a bad thing. People who have steadfastly refused to choose which side they are on, now no longer have that choice. The winds are cutting through apathy and complacency. The stronger your own personal decisions are to be part of the collective consciousness and to keep and "upgrade" your Spiritual stamina, the less you will feel the effects. The more you familiarize yourselves with how to remain more apart from the dying winds’ culminating effect, the more your own personal magnetic force contained in body, mind and Soul, will work to keep you away from the growing madness of others’ minds and intentions. It also means that you will have to be passionately detached from other people who are either making the choice to become part of the dying winds, or simply refuse to change. In the latter cases they are already becoming part of these winds.

The winds of change that NESARA brings with her are quite different from the other wind in many ways. Yet she too, insists on change and is no longer giving anyone a second chance. NESARA winds strengthen bodies, minds and Spirits of all mentally and Spiritually healthy people. Because her own magnetic coil contains the Jesus The Christ consciousness, she is able to instantaneously touch all those of Light and envelops each of them in her golden splendor. She lifts the hearts and minds of people and encourages them to be all they can be. She sweeps over this world with an incredible speed and her wind feels like silk at times. Touching, caressing and loving each of us without conditions attached. NESARA winds bring inspirations and insights and strengthens sentience and leaves us each an incredible gift of knowledge and KNOWING. She touches and speaks with all animals, flora and fauna in the same way. She offers all the option to either continue to pursue life or to continue to court death. She is well aware that if people do not remain passionately detached from their surroundings, remaining un-enamored with the topsy-turvy affairs of the world, and do not become obsessed with what they feel they "personally need in their lives," or "the changes in the world around them they so desperately seek," they will become sick, debilitated by their own Good Intentions. They will cause themselves more harm then good if they do not understand this and live this truth.

Tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis cleanse and alter places. They uproot the former and bring new life to land and sea and people as well. Ones that are not manmade are extraordinary catalysts for change. What we are experiencing here with the winds of change, is a "must-must" situation that has been given life by the very life expressions and actions of the human race. Holding fast to your truths, to your beliefs and to God are really simple to do if you really have the desire to do so. As for the "eye of the storm," we will give you some true life experiences.

(Celest) I will be the first to admit that my Earth Star walk here has always been….an interesting one…certainly NEVER boring! Because I have had a few experiences here that can help you better understand this situation we are writing about, I will break my normal silence about some things I have experienced. I have had the dubious…..pleasure……of being in two different tornados and one hurricane. For those of you who have not, I am hoping that what I know firsthand about these events can bring you more peace of mind. Or at the very least, a better understanding. I will not say where these occasions took place, however I will say that they each happened on three different coasts. With both tornados I bonded with, I somehow or other managed to be placed within the very middle of them each. This is the place known as, "the eye of the storm."

Readers, please understand: this is the safest place to be!! I will do my best to describe what it is like. The eye is an eerie place to say the least; I was there in the middle of the eye and it was the most quiet, most intense silence I have ever heard. The feeling of timelessness was almost overpowering. I "felt" rather than heard noises that seemed to be at great distances from me. Inside the eye there was no movement at all; not even a whisper of a breeze. Yet, as I looked out beyond my "cocoon" I could see what appeared to be a long way from me, even though I knew it could not be, winds breaking trees, trees being stripped of leaves, trees uprooted and flowers pulled from everywhere and flying in the air, but NOT entering the eye at all. They were all moving so fast it was hard to keep up with what I was watching. I saw houses, again appearing to be in the distance, with roofs being pulled off and glass windows being torn apart. A leaf dance began and all I could see for about a minute was a steady huge circle of leaves hurling upward far beyond my sight. Then I heard an earsplitting "whoosh" and the eye and the rest of the tornado just lifted up and sped away at an incredible speed, leaving me completely unscathed, but a bit tired.

With both tornados it was the same story for me. The hurricane, well, there I was, somehow and quite suddenly standing in the middle of it. Yes, I was in the eye of the storm. Maybe people do not realize that hurricanes have them too. Once again, the same calm and unnatural quiet superseded all else there. The same surreal and calm feeling was also present. After a few moments I felt a few raindrops, however beyond the eye, I could see torrential wind and rain. I was bearing witness to massive destruction, but from a good place. It was difficult to see clearly after that because the rain just kept getting stronger and heavier outside of the eye. Once again, suddenly the eye lifted and the hurricane sped madly away. Now I was getting really, really wet! No, I never once felt any fear. Why would I? I could not have been in a better position. When I told David about these events in my life he said, "Boy, you are not an easy person to be around, are you?" Be that as it may….maybe someday I will tell you about my experience in an earthquake. Sorry, no tsunami. Not yet anyway.

(David and Celest resume) We are hoping that by relating these experiences to you it will effectively remove any misunderstanding and fears you may have about the viability and wisdom of placing yourselves within the eye of the storm. NESARA is the only wind that will connect with you there; you will feel her unblemished love and devotion, her ability to effect change without unduly affecting people in any way other than with her benevolence. You may draw upon the images given to you in the above stories, or visualize the images and place yourselves within the eye. Those who may have problems using visualization, can simply form the thoughts of the incidents. Be Creative! By the way, no, if a dark energy person tries to place himself there as means of thwarting the dying winds of change, the winds will find him anyway! It is quid pro quo, in a sense.

On June 26th of this year, (2010) there was a phenomenal astrological event that occurred. The entrance of this particular one has not been seen here on Earth for many a millennia. This event is working in conjunction with the energy of the winds of change and amplifying the characteristics of both the opposing wind masses we are speaking with you about. It has become known to many as a "Cardinal Grand Cross." This refers to a unique planetary alignment involving seven planets, two distinct forces working in opposition with one another. Everyone is feeling their gravitational (emotional) pull. Which one they will resonate with and ultimately follow or flow with, is up to them. On one hand you have the Winds of Change being driven on by NESARA’S loving embrace, on the other you have the destructive dying energies trying to drag you further down into the abyss with them. This planetary configuration effect will be felt for the next six months. Interestingly enough, a similar "Grand Cross" will be present in the summer of 2012. Now what do you suppose the odds are of that occurring? Another interesting astrological event will occur on what many have interpreted as the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st, 2011. If you take some time to research this you will see for yourself how this particular alignment may play a decisive role in the final separation of the wheat from the chaff. As outmoded, obsolete and seriously flawed realities become pried, torn and ripped apart, expect many people to just give up. In the months ahead we will be sharing more information with you on events that will come to pass. Whether it will be comforting for you to know, or not to know, will depend upon your perspective. No one will be immune, however you can lessen their impact on you by being prepared to "Stand in the Eye of the Storm."

There are no longer any areas where the dark energies streamers may scurry off and hide, no places where NESARA can not reach them. This is also true of the dying winds of changes abilities to find and entrap those dark energies. This is not to say that those streamers can no longer reach out and attach themselves to their unwary hosts, more likely they will continue to seek out the Spiritually, mentally and emotionally unbalanced people. Perhaps they do this now more desperately than ever before because in some depraved way they believe this battle for the Human Soul can still be won by them. Or perhaps they foolishly believe they can somehow ride out the storm by hiding in plain sight, firmly rooted in the psyche of an unwary host. They forget that if the host dies, so do they. The most likely scenario is that they just want to take as many of God’s children with them as they can. Do not fool yourself, any life form no matter what form it is assuming, and yes this pertains to a blemished human intellect, will act irrationally to ensure its own survival. There is evidence of this transpiring all over this world if you view the newscasts, or better still, if you tune in to Soul Voice.

If you are having a hard time understanding all this, then visualize or think about the following: imagine a person who is hungry, or a person with a bad addiction problem who has no prospects or solutions in sight. What do they do, do they say "oh well, that’s the way it is," or do they resort to desperate means? This is the crossroads many of your friends, neighbors and people who are complete strangers to you, are currently on. No, it is not a pretty sight, nor is it necessary. This is a world overflowing with abundance on ALL levels whose original design provided abundance for all. In time, non-linearly speaking, this equality and abundance for all will be common place. Not in the immediate future as so many prophecy followers, doom and gloomers and 2012 hopefuls tend to believe. It will take time. NESARA is doing her part, the winds of change are doing their part, even those who are trying to hold onto the old way are inadvertently doing their part to bring balance and harmony to this planet once more. It all comes back to whether any one of us, any life form upon this world, chooses to be an active participant in manifesting the solution to what ails this world, or remain steadfastly living in the past and refusing to change or alter their perspective, their dream.

So that we are not negligent in our duties as Star Born Wisdom Keepers, we will speak briefly about the Light. Light exists everywhere, if not it would cease to be. Even in the darkness there are miniscule amount of Light. Energy is present everywhere vibrating, resonating, on many diverse frequencies. Thought, like Light, is energy. It is not static, it is in constant motion and continually altering its shape, focus and intent. It is a force to be reckoned with for It IS the core essence of ALL life. What defines the intensity of the light in anyone is their beliefs, experiences and the maturity of their Soul. The winds of change are reaching out to everyone manifesting as God’s heartfelt attempt to persuade people to embrace positive change. It is long past time for anyone to continue casting their own shadow. You can cast your shadow into the dark, but it is the shadow that defines the Light. Please, do not try and deceive yourselves and think that a person who originates from and is of, the Light can not be overwhelmed by the dark. The Dark in all of its myriad forms is tenacious and extremely good at seeking out the weak spots in any one’s psyche. In other words, never become complacent and remember, procrastination is another form of complacency. If you believe you will skate through life unscathed simply because you do not provoke the dark, think again. Everyone here on Earth who holds the Light is to be considered a target. These viperous energy streamers are vicious. They have an insatiable appetite and subsequently they will feed on whatever energy source is available to them. Dropping your guard for but a brief second can allow malevolent energy streamers to attach themselves to you. This is when the Light which is surrounded by dark can be overwhelmed physically.

Then it comes down to the will of the person – whether they will fight it off or surrender to physical death. Anyone who remains in an area that is embracing lower based energy and thought forms may eventually succumb to the dark. This is but one reason why people are moving (relocating) and why otherwise good people will not be able to stand up to the assault and will become part of the dying. Think of yourself as a battery, when fully charged it can sustain itself (for awhile.) When drained down it withers and dies if it is not recharged. This is why taking the time to recharge your Spiritual batteries is so vitally important. There is a mass migration of people taking place all over this world. Yes, some are looking for safe havens; others are being led to where they can do the most good. Others are seeking out those of like mind. Whatever the individual case may be, those who are destined to be in a certain place at a predestined gridline intersection, will find their way there. Those who are paying attention to their Soul’s urgings are being led to areas of safety. These types have no problem staying in the flow for that is what they do. They listen to their hearts, not their minds. Those who hesitated when they should not have may not be so fortunate.

This is also why many animal species who are meant to survive, those who have not been contaminated by their dark masters or by some other aspect of the dark influence, are being directed to start anew, somewhere else. The Animal Spirits are moving those they can to new areas and encouraging them to learn to adapt to different environments. Those that cannot adjust to their new environments will perish. Some animals, the four-footed, the flying, these who live beneath great waters and so on, have volunteered to remain behind in order to ensure the continuity of their species IN THOSE AREAS, and will continue to contribute to the environment The same applies to the human race. The land itself is reacting to the conflicting forces between the dying energies and the NESARA Wave. This affects all life and may play havoc with livestock. It will continue to influence the plant and mineral life. It also shapes and changes the crops and produce, many of these carry that dying energy. This same dying energy can transfer itself to those who consume the tainted produce. The best thing we can suggest is just be aware that this is possible, do not eat food prepared by someone who is not on a similar consciousness level as you yourself are. If someone is having a bad day, then just stay away from them to keep the possibility of transference away. In time, many areas of this world will become uninhabitable, or simply cease to exist, until the energies within those areas alter into a more refined state. This will allow life to begin anew there. There are many cycles being completed here, until they are allowed to come full circle, forms of organized and disorganized chaos will prevail. In our teachings we encourage people to pay attention to the animals. Animals live in the timelessness of the "Now," where everything occurs in the present. When animals start migrating out of an area, then perhaps it is time for you to follow suit and do the same.

In the days ahead be prepared by being forewarned. Learn to see for yourself what IS happening as well as what MIGHT possibly transpire. You all have knowledge of what is about to come, most just have not "remembered" what it is they know. Use your sentience to discern the possibilities from the probabilities. Discuss your thoughts and ideas with others. Remember, "Great minds always sentience together." Learn to know when you can turn probabilities into possibilities and vice versa. Learn to accept that certain things must take place, while other things can be altered. This planetary cleansing process must be and will be allowed to run its course. How good or bad it will ultimately be, is up to all of us, just as it has always been up to us. Who will survive and who will not is also up to each individual and the choices they make.

When a person’s physical body or mind becomes tainted, ill or debilitated by either of these two different energetic forces, it IS up to them to first – understand what has just happened to them and second; do something about it. Those who can not tolerate the NESARA wave because they can not achieve the levels of the vibrations and decibels of frequencies necessary to integrate with her, can not and will not survive. They simply can not assimilate the Light matter needed by them; or they can not, or will not, even make the attempt. If they do not know what is really happening, then they need to find someone who does know. Emotional and physical ailments left untreated will leave you vulnerable. Most people have an extremely difficult time self diagnosing; they tend to find it much easier to see the flaws in others before seeing them in themselves. Sadly, most of the medical institutions do not teach or even know about the influence different energy impulses have upon the physical vehicle. Most institutions continue to do as they have always done, as they were taught to do, as those before them were taught to do and what the pharmaceutical companies prefer they do, they treat the symptoms rather than finding the cause for the ailments. People need to make themselves stronger by recognizing these facts and accepting that it can happen to them. They have to be strong enough to see it when it is happening, or they will pass-over.

We want to impress upon you certain Universal truths. One is, what happens here on the Earth Star affects the rest of this Universe as well and even far beyond this Universe into all the other Universes. As we have stated in the beginning of this writing, with every action or lack of action there is an equal or opposite action. Like does attract like, so what is done or thought, attracts similar thoughts or actions. If someone thinks only of doom and gloom then that is what they will Create in their environments for themselves. Likewise, all those who think kind thoughts, of Love, of peace and prosperity, bring those into manifestation. It will not happen overnight. To accomplish that feat, you would need to get everyone, everywhere, to think the same thought all at once. And that simply will not happen; not while so many people are unaware of the Creative Power they possess. Everything is part of the Continuum, some things just vibrate at a higher frequency than others do. All forms of Life are part of the Creation. Each participates in the Creation Process to the best or worst of their abilities. Each contributes to the Tapestry of Life. One is not isolated from the other, rather, each works in tandem with the other. In other words, just because you cannot see, touch, feel or smell this connection does not make it any less real. Everything IS connected with All That Is. Awareness of this knowledge, this Universal fact, should bring a whole new meaning to you about the phrase, "God I AM."

If you want to be of assistance, then try to understand the information that we know and are sharing with you. Then share this writing with others. Then – you are making a difference. This is but one small way for you to help other people. The continuum does know who is helping and who is not. In this sense – each person will be defining their OWN Destiny. To say that this information is extremely important would be an understatement. So please, teach/share what you have learned from this writing with others who might find it helpful. From here on out it is going to be a topsy-turvy roller-coaster ride for many. Those people that try to hang on and have not adequately prepared themselves will be suffering from a severe case of whiplash. This IS the time WE have all been waiting for. This is what all your previous lifetimes have prepared you for. You are ready. Don’t allow yourself to become a casualty of, "a life not well lived." We will leave the "fire and brimstone" speeches to those who still "mirror" those particular beliefs. Have compassion for those who are floundering because for them, these events may seem like the prelude to their worst fears – those of biblical proportions. It is however far removed from that. This IS the beginning of the New Beginning; it is the time of the rising sun and (Son), no longer, "the setting sun."

We have been monitoring these and other situations which are ongoing and ever-changing. We suggest you do the same.

We did wonder why God did not talk about this in the NESARA chapter of His new book, "Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God." We asked God about it and God’s reply was; "Because I wanted you (Celest and David) to do it!" And so we did – while gliding upon the Winds of Change.

If you are wondering how we handle these situations, we do as we have always have – we just put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. We always look forward, not backward and we remain firmly rooted in the Eye of the Storm. We continue to live in the present in the same manner as we have always lived our lives. And your big question about us…."how are we doing in our life"…..WE’RE STILL STANDING!

In service to the continuity of the Human Spirit,
We are, Celest and David

Please share this information with others

The Emancipation of the Human Spirit and the Alone times

“The Emancipation of the Human Spirit

and the Alone times”


Today a discussion we are initiating with all of you is one that we consider to be both timely and very important. Especially NOW. There are certain periods in life when each person MUST follow a mandated course; a path that was designated to be a “life-path,” prior to any incarnation. It is a very simple one, yet the complexity lies in the simplicity of the event. What is the most difficult time period you know of in your own life or in other’s life? The answer is…”to be alone.” Completely, utterly, alone. It is isolation in one sense, from all those of like-mind, yet it forces a person to become their own best friend, or their own worst nightmare. The human mind can be a complex maze, a labyrinth of twists and turns that MAY cause people to lose touch with themselves. Only if the person has come to peace with him or herself and can see that they are their own world, will they be able to exist among other people, especially those who are different than they are, and be happy doing so. We have also told everyone repeatedly, that in order to love someone else you must first be able to love yourself first and unconditionally. We are not talking about Nuns and Priests, etc., who are following a vocation that requires them to be isolated and alone. It is about those people who must understand all facets of themselves while living in physicality. In other words, everyone.

There is a Sacred progression at play here: Each time Soul KNOWS that the personality and the physical vehicle It is inhabiting is moving forward, even if the pace is slow, Soul will call a halt, a temporary stop, preventing that person from doing more than absolutely necessary and pushes the person into a “time of solitude” This is an event of tremendous proportions; You cannot run or hide from it. Nor can anyone “wish it away.” For many people it may be years before they arrive at this critical mass; for millions of others however, it “JUST HAPPENS.” People may move and live in communities among other people they are not drawn to. In this event, they THINK they are staying home and away from others simply because they feel so different from the new people they live around. These are not cases of “People Phobia.” Many of you know someone, or perhaps it is you, yourself, who has “People phobia.”

These phobia types of individuals move to isolated areas and prefer to be on their own and to avoid society. More aptly put, most of them are avoiding themselves. In time, they become so set in their ways that they develop an absolute dread absolutely, of being outside of their safety nets. Some of these individuals will study, read and question other people from the past about many life situations, however they simply are too afraid to move forward with evolved people if it means they must travel, or speak in public, or teach, etc. They may be helping themselves to a degree, BUT, by the subtle and for many of them, unconscious actions of distancing themselves from other people, they are committing a grave error. One that will always cost them dearly. They are not living AS part of this world, they are cheating themselves of the wonderful opportunity to learn from and WITH other people and they are not allowing others to learn from or WITH them.

The people we are concerned about are all the ones who enter into the solitude time and do not understand what is really taking place for them. The greatest quantum leaps for people have been actually taking place at a more accelerated rate since 2000. It was at the leaping time, that men and women of all ages, all stages of maturity, literally began to find themselves ALONE. Even those who were married or in intimate relationships. Here is what ensues during the alone time: let us just use a man we will call “Jeff,” as our example. No, it is not his actual name. Jeff was at one time a gregarious person, joking and laughing and trying his darnedest to fit in with his friends and co-workers. He worked so hard at that, that it soon began to tire him out more than any physical labor could do. The more he tried to be around people, the more his mind wandered, searching, ever searching, for something that he could not put a name to.

(this was his Soul now, prompting him to find something else that would be fulfilling.)

One day soon after, Jeff simply fell off the map as far as his former cohorts were concerned. You see, Jeff awakened one morning and felt so desolate, so ALONE, that he found himself, almost without choice, needing to just be home and be quiet.

(this is his Soul arranging the endless time that It knew Jeff needed to come full circle and to find himself.)

For the next two years people saw very little of Jeff, but Jeff saw a lot of himself. His agile mind explored many different avenues; each one geared to learning more about what was happening to him and finally arriving at the conclusion that he had not lost his mind. He dissected his past and found grave errors of judgment on his part back then. He then looked at the present and was unable to form any concrete conclusions about what was going on with him. He then took a quick look into his future and could not decide if he even had one.

(this was his Soul, quietly for the most part, urging Jeff to first study his situation in an effort to then understand it.)

Jeff concentrated upon the rollercoaster of emotions he was feeling while struggling to make sense of them all. Some nights his sleep was restless, while other nights he slept more soundly than he could previously remember. He began having many dreams, some were lucid dreams and finally he was able to cherish his new, not completely understood, feelings of being whole, or born again. Jeff was finding and enjoying the newfound sense of “peace with Jeff.”

(this was Soul rejoicing that Jeff was putting the fragments of himself together, even if he did have a long way to go.)

In time, after he emerged from his cocoon and rejoined the outside world, his sense of smell and taste had altered; they had become more sensitive and intense and his perceptions had sharpened. He became able to look upon people non-judgmentally, although a bit disappointed in the fact that THEY were still the same. This was a major step in his personal evolvement; one that each person needs to make here.

The alone time is a wondrous gift from Soul to personality. It is a type of yardstick that measures not only the emotional and Spiritual maturity of the person, but the Spiritual level that the person THROUGH the augmentation of the music of the Matrix of the Soul is experiencing. The more this womb is able to saturate the personality with the infinite wonders of the SoulSelf, the more beautiful and better a life a person will be able to experience. More and more people everyday are now finally discovering and admitting to themselves that they may be in an intimate relationship with another person, BUT they still are alone! We will explain this part more fully in a bit. Each person who evolves has a path of destiny waiting for them, it does not matter who it is, they will be confronted with mandatory alone times while they are learning to Walk the Path. Walking the path is simply that. Each one of us must learn acceptance of others’ beliefs, even if we do not agree with them, as well as understanding all cultural influences. Each one of us has at one time or another had to learn what it was like to be the other person. This occurs through many incarnations, reincarnating into different societal structures as well as most cultures. Each has something to offer to the ascending student of Life. Life is about taking the best, that which resonates with you from each of these experiences and applying them to the “you,” you have evolved into. Being human means that you must be able to walk all paths while simultaneously being all astrological Signs. This is part of your destiny; it is one of your Soul missions during each and every lifetime.

All evolved people, yes, as we stated before, even those in intimate relationships, will experience the alone time for several different reasons. #1. It is not about not being accepted by others; it is not feeling that the differences between you and other people are so vast that there cannot be any common ground between you. People who have awakened and those who entered into this Earth Star plane with recall, all do experience an almost ceaseless sense of aloneness. The sense we are now speaking of is the deepest longing, the heart and Soul’s desire to be back “at home” once again. It is about being with those of like-mind and like-Soul. It is about looking around at the strangeness of the behavior of so many people around the world, at their inhumanness to one another, their dislike of so many other people they have not met and never will meet. It is about watching the horrors people intentionally inflict upon one another and feeling aghast at the shallowness people exhibit about life and watching the descent into darkness of the Souls of these people. #2. In the majority of relationships, there always exists a competitive edge; a “do it my way” control factor. No one wants to be wrong, even though experiencing mistakes is but another way to learn in this life. However, in some relationships that rank high above all others,’ those couples are devoted to one another, respect one another, and love one another without imposing any conditions upon one another. And IF they are not only evolved, but are dedicated to being in service to God and the Universe, they too, experience the aloneness caused by not being where they really want to be. It is only when these people co-join with others who are just like them, whether in a couple relationship or not, do they feel peace and contentment while enjoying one another’s company. For a while.

If you wonder how long the alone times last for the people who are moving forward…. some at long last…. then we can only tell you that once it begins it truly does not end entirely. People basically cannot be alone AND HAPPY with life if they cannot understand the necessity of the alone times. Those times become happy, very peaceful and undeniably beautiful as the person realizes and ACCEPTS what is really going on. The person is evolving and understanding much better what life is all about and deals with the inevitable question, “why am I here?” You see what is also not understood by the average person here on the planet, is that it is during these alone times that miracles take place. These are the greatest time periods when a major separation occurs between Soul and intellect. It is here when the Soul gallantly and swiftly moves forward and assumes Its rightful place as the predominate force of Light and Love. It is here also where the Warrior Spirit rises to the occasion. It is here during this tactical maneuver that the intellect will undergo major confusion as it struggles to sort out what is happening and tries to understand any logic in the situation. Of course, it cannot. This is not a logical situation, so the intellect cannot grasp the importance of the event; it merely knows that something is occurring beyond its control.

This is the arena where the personality struggling, sometimes in fear, again and again confronts itself. The physical vehicle will often act out during the beginning of these times with increased heart rate and periods of copious sweating. Usually the person is very thirsty but their appetite tends to become a rollercoaster in itself. At this point the body will require salt; but it is advisable to only use sea salt. It is not a battle between Soul and intellect, it is a time that a greater understanding must begin to take place so that the intellect will lose its fear of its own ability to survive and recognize that Soul MUST be permitted free reign. Once that understanding is assimilated by the intellect, it begins to slowly recede, to relinquish its place as the prevailing life force in the individual’s life. How long this will take is strictly on an individual basis. Some people undergo this confrontation, which is how they see it, for many years. Others move much more swiftly because their innate understanding rises to the occasion. So much depends on the person’s intent, motivation, focus and Spiritual maturity.

It is important that you understand that we are NOT speaking about people who are by choice alone, but are still not moving forward, mainly because they do not want to and/or they do not feel/know that they should be. People must learn to find/have balance in their lives regardless if they are alone by choice or not. No, people do not need to be living in caves or on top of a mountain to find the clarity and peace necessary to clear their minds. They should do be able to do this just as well in a crowded elevator. This is a balance that must first originate from within, once achieved one should be able to carry it with them everywhere and exist within its matrix. Conversely, people who have to socialize all the time are prime examples of those who are the non-living. They had been living lives of what has been part of mass consciousness. It is not living as part of the newly formed COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. If you wonder who orchestrated the alone times, it was the God of this Universe with the full support of each Soul Cluster and the main OverSoul Cluster. It is a Mandatory part of Soul growth.

People do not function well in their everyday cocoons, they become overtaken by the dreaded “complacency factor.” It is the alone times that can and do prevent that from happening. People who insist on being in those close encounters of the worst complacency kind, are not participants in life, they are spectators. They have yet to learn that life is not a spectator sport. The alone times offer people the unlimited opportunities to advance and become evolved Souls, or in many cases, more evolved as Souls. It is time to define what you want in your life as well as what you do not want. No one experiences the alone times by chance. An interesting phenomenon always occurs each time a person enters into that solitary zone. They become more dissatisfied with people, even those who are longtime friends who are content to settle for the status quo. People begin to look at life with clearer vision and their sentience begins to improve. The “alone consciousness” IS a part of the collective consciousness now. This is part of the individualized timing when the person feels utterly naked; the time when they feel most vulnerable. This aspect corresponds to a direct ratio of energy molecules that are on an exact level with the (then) current level of energies responsible for the lifting of the Veil of forgetfulness. These energies consist of healing and ascension as the Soul chooses to rise to a more evolved state of Itself while still in incarnate form.

Another interesting aspect of these alone times is what some have now come to term as “the changing of the guard,” it is about those wonderful Beings who so carefully watch over each and every one of us while we are having a physical lifetime. Each Soul birthed enters with a particular, specifically chosen “group” of Spirit Guides who work with them throughout different phases of the incarnate ones’ growth process. It is only when a person reaches a predestined point, a gridline, when they are ready to make an evolutionary move forward no matter how small it is, that at times their present Guides will step aside to allow admittance for another set of Guides. This is done for many reasons, most of which we will not get into at this time. Suffice it to say that each such occurrence has a specific purpose and reason. It is during this transitionary time that some people may feel lost, confused, anxious and/or completely isolated. For many, they temporarily lose the familiar friendly voices they are accustomed to hearing, the ones that had always been there. Some may believe they have lost something forever, or that they are not moving forward or Nirvana-forbid, they are being punished for something. None of this true. In many cases this is simply/ultimately the best time to have this change occur. Mainly it occurs because something you have done that you may or may not be aware of, has warranted this monumental change. Consider it… an unexpected bonus.

Everyone needs a certain amount of alone time to completely reunite and integrate with their Soul Voice. This Soul level connection is more important than all the communiqués with those of the Spirit World. Soul knows all; It knows what’s best for you even if you yourself are not aware of it. Soul knows which lessons and experiences still need to be worked on, as well as which ones you have concluded and the ones you have had enough of. The alone times permit you the freedom; the quiet and solitude necessary that you need to bring this union into a conscious state. This is also a period when many people stop trying to compare themselves to others. They embrace their individuality, their Unique Status and start the arduous process of “having a life.” One might say, “It’s about time,”

When do these alone times occur for people? It CAN happen at any time. However, for many it begins during their fifties and sixties, sometimes a bit earlier, however this depends upon the individual. These chronological ages are when many people begin to wonder about their mortality and look back thoughtfully at all that they have accomplished in this lifetime. They tend to examine their lives for purpose. They wonder about the meaning of life and what their role was and still is to be. They liken themselves to a pebble in the water, one that is floating, bobbing, bouncing with purpose throughout eternity. They know that in the greater scheme of things they are a part of the Creator’s grand design, a design that is constantly woven into the Eternal Tapestry of Creation. Each person during these periods of introspection must decide for themselves what it is they wish to accomplish from that moment on. Will they be satisfied with what they have accomplished or will they strive to better themselves? Will they become part of the solution or remain part of the problem? Will they become pattern breakers instead of pattern makers? The choice is as always, completely up to them.

It is not always easy for people to look honestly at themselves. It can bring up many emotions such as feelings of regret, feelings of inadequacy, as well as potential fears of errors in past judgment calls, which ultimately may allow doubt into their minds. Never allow doubt to enter. Please remember, doubt is but another form of fear. Until people can learn to let go of the past and live in the present they will inevitably suffer through this self-examination process. The past is over, have the decency to let go of it, then bury it and leave it behind. Once people learn to let go and let God the easier life will become for them. The God mandated alone times are guided to offer people the opportunity to learn to do so. Now many people, especially those as they reach into their seventies and beyond, tend to be more open and receptive to the blessing that this alone time offers to them. They reconnect with Soul with much less resistance than would someone who is still trying to be in control. Control is merely another form of illusion, one that everyone is better off not flirting with. These people who are going through the “hard-look process,” more often than not desire to want to learn more about the life they have experienced and the purpose they had fulfilled. Only they can decide if they have lived up to their expectations of themselves. Soul nourishes the more mature ones through this phase, those who possess the least amount of resistance, more so than any other age group. Age and maturity do not necessarily go hand in hand; we have all seen evidence of this time and again. This is not to say that everyone in these age groups allow Soul Voice to enter into their everyday lives. Many resist. Many will kick and scream to keep from relinquishing their illusionary sense of control out of fear of surrendering it to something that they can not touch, feel, or smell. This happens because Soul has not been an active participant in their lives since earliest childhood, when many so desperately want to…grow up.

One of the advantages people in the fifty to seventy age groups have is that they arrived at a true state of maturity. They are confident because they have walked the walk and much to their surprise…..they are still here. Another advantage is that these people do not have the distractions most people do when first starting out in life. They have no jobs per se to deal with; they have time to live their lives. They have time to focus on what is really important in their lives as well. This is a great gift they have presented themselves with, one which is not available to many who are still trying to make a success of their lives. Then there are those who avoid taking an active role in life. They are missing out in these wondrous opportunities. Why? Sadly, because no one ever took the time to show them a better way. Timelessness is a great teacher, it is patient and it is kind. Most of the active participants in life we have encountered in our travels are above fifty, they have lost their pubescent idolisms and preconceived notions of what life was meant to be.

These are the same ones who are taking an active role in Creating their future selves. They are setting the stage for their next lifetime, whether here on Earth or elsewhere, it does not matter. What matters is they now are beginning to understand the importance of all they have learned, all that they have had to experience in this lifetime. All the knowledge and wisdom they have amassed along their travels will indeed benefit them their next time around. They now have the wisdom to make good sound choices. They have finally reached the apex of their existence where they just know that it really is… a smoother road to the finish line, than it once was when they first began life here. No more downward spirals for them, they have learned what it means to be alive and what it means to have a life.

It is during the alone times that many people for the first time in their lives allow themselves the time to smell the roses, in a manner of speaking. They tend to allow themselves the time to tune into the heartbeat of the Universe; they feel the pulse of the Earth below their feet and they begin to sense that they are actually one being, not separated by time, space, or the actions of other people. They start dancing to the beat of a different drummer and they are the ones stylizing the beat. Many people turn to gardening so that they can become a unified force with nature. They sense the little changes, they breathe more easily now, for there is nothing to interfere with their doing so. The world spins around and they spin in harmony with her for possibly the very first time in their lives. Envision the alone times as you did when you were but a child. Although you were aware of your surroundings, you somehow knew that you were a part of everything and you were curious. You wanted to know what everything smelled like, what it felt like and why things were the way they were. You knew of your connection with All That IS and you found peace in that knowing. Not everyone can say that as they chronologically age. So these mandatory God enforced down times, alone times, are just what is needed to bring you back into that state of awareness. It is a blessing of immense proportions.

It is during the alone times that many will begin to separate themselves from those who are not moving forward, they tend to sever their ties with family and friends who are not on the same part of the Universal curve as they are. It is not an easy decision to make, yet if it is in their best interest they will do so. Having the fortitude to see it through is another tough hurdle for many to overcome. Many fall back into those old thought forms believing they cannot leave their loved ones behind. They manage to take one step forward and then suddenly slide two steps backwards, because they could not manage to muster enough strength to follow through with their convictions. No, it is not always easy, although it CAN be easier if you just believe. What people should learn is that no matter how you may choose to live your life here in the present, it is during the in-between times, those times when your current Earthly family members have transitioned off this planet, that they will then understand your choices to leave them behind. They will know that you did so, so that you could move forward and allow them the freedom to choose to do so as well.

We encourage each of you who are reading this to take the time to reconnect with that elusive part of yourself which is your Soul. Imagine how much more superb life could be if you were able to remember a small amount of what you have forgotten along the way. Imagine the wonders that lie before you, instead of the littered trails of debris you may believe you left behind. Remember, not everything is as it seems. Part of living in the moment is about being at peace with the moment. In a single moment you can live a lifetime if you allow yourself to become immersed in it. In a very real sense you can live multitudes of lifetimes in a single day if you want to. The alone times put you in touch with the inner you, that part of yourself that has the power to set you free. Free from your self-imposed Earthly bonds while still being here in the physical. These are hallmark moments in Soul growth. We encourage you to resonate with the present so that you may live to fight the great fight another day. It is the fight for the right of all lifeforms to live, to flourish and to freely express themselves, to the best or worst of their ability, that keeps us all going whether you know it consciously or not. It is the desire to do good things when all around you; you perceive nothing but bad occurring.

The alone times allow you ample opportunities to start seeing and understanding how the microcosmic world intertwines with the macrocosmic. There are layers upon layers of realities all unfolding at the same time in the present, if you step outside of yourself to view them. These cannot be experienced if you are stuck in the physical world. You must learn what it truly means to be walking with one foot in each world. Then and only then can you give pause so that you may simply… Be.

We are well aware that many of you are currently experiencing many microcosmic moments of alone times here in the present. Soul knows that these micro-moments are necessary for the body and Spirit to sustain and replenish itself. These moments may present themselves to you as an unnaturally intense need to lie down and rest. For some this may occur many times throughout the day. This “downtime” allows you the time you need to collect your thoughts, replenish expended energies and find balance, so you can then proceed onward with your chosen missions. This is also when Soul and your extended family and Spirit guides tend to “download” you with information. This data is vital for you. This information comes in the guise of dreams, visions and conversations. This is also the time when your extended family may realign parts of your physical vehicle (your body) so that you may more easily stay in the flow, in tune with the vibrational changes the planet is undergoing. For most people this downtime may last anywhere from fifteen to sixty minutes at a time. You are better off not trying to resist, if you resist you are not staying in the flow. Besides, you may as well be trying to halt the ebbing of the tides. These are not random occurrences. If Soul wants you to relax and clear your mind then It has a very good reason.

The alone times can be confusing to many, especially those around you who haven’t a clue why you are behaving the way that you are. This is almost always the case when anyone is moving forward and shedding aspects of their past and present which are no longer relevant to their continual ascension process. Loved ones, family members and co-workers will be the most befuddled by your decisions to pull away from them. They do not understand the importance of your decisions, much in the manner you did not understand when you were first confronted with the New You. Our suggestion is that you do not try to explain it; if they have no firsthand experience with this situation, then your efforts would only confuse and irritate them. You are better off to break the tie, walk away and not look back. This much needed separation does not in any way imply that you do not love them anymore, more likely it will amplify your love, compassion and your desire for them to SEE the Light. In a way you are giving them a priceless gift, you are freeing them to seek the understanding of themselves, for themselves. And you are also allowing them to choose for themselves whether to move forward in life or remain in a standstill mode. We do feel the utmost compassion and understanding for those who have chosen to remain in a relationship with a partner who is not on the same level as they are. The needs of Soul to instigate these alone times can be upsetting to both parties. If Soul chooses the time to emancipate the Human Spirit and the other partner can not or will not respect this, then it is not a real relationship anyway. Please, do not feel that you have lost anything because of the necessary times of solitude. After all, you are gaining the world, your own personal world, AND IT JUST DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!

Salude… Celest and David


Evangelical Christians and the Indoctrination of Children


"Evangelical Christians

and the Indoctrination of Children"

November 2010

Indoctrination starts at a young age, when the mind is most malleable and susceptible to suggestion. Children trust implicitly what they are told by their parents and other figures of authority. This is why there is such a focus within the christian church on "Sunday School" and "Bible Camp", not to mention a plethora of other programs aimed specifically at children. By way of comparison, there are relatively few adult oriented programs at these churches. Perhaps marriage counseling, or bible study groups. That is it. The adults are already successfully indoctrinated and retention is high. The children are being raised in an environment where their every outside contact during their formative years is with other people and organizations who identify with their parents religious views. Look in the yellow pages at any service oriented business category, then count the number of ads that say "a christian company" or something similar. This is becoming more common but is still more prevalent in the south. The children have little and sometimes no exposure to other belief systems, other cultures, or even the idea of an absolute lack of belief. They might hear about other "heathen" religions mentioned at church, but these are far-away concepts. They have no experience to draw upon to frame a reference for these other "heathen" concepts. So they accept blindly that these other beliefs are "bad" or somehow wrong. Often they are told that these people are somehow evil or under the influence of the "devil". So if this child were to encounter someone who was identified as something other than christian, they would automatically assume that this person was evil, or under the influence of some evil. Knowingly or otherwise. Usually upon this realization they begin to proselytize to this poor misguided person, as they were taught to do. Spreading the word and the glory of Christ. They will not, however, allow themselves to be proselytized to. They have been taught not to listen to other peoples ideas of God, as they might be somehow corrupted by them. The term "Warrior of Christ" has become commonplace, as has "fisher of men". In some extreme cases, such as demonstrated in the documentary "Jesus Camp", evangelicals are even raising their children in a militaristic fashion with the express desire to martyr themselves for Christ. This is in direct response to the martyrdom exhibited by certain muslim sects. Not to be outdone in religious zealotry the evangelicals have responded to this by mimicking the behavior, while at the same time condemning it. All this at the expense of the children, who were ultimately never really given a choice. Well, they were given one choice, but having only one option is no choice at all. The children are told revisionist versions of history, favoring the church of course. Ask an evangelical child about the founding fathers of this country and they’ll be happy to tell you how very christian they were and how the country was founded on christian ideals. They were taught, for example, that Thomas Jefferson was a model christian. Here’s a fairly famous quote from Thomas Jefferson:

"They [the clergy] believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me: and enough, too, in their opinion. "

-Thomas Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Sept. 23, 1800

This was a sentiment echoed by most of the "founding fathers". They feared exactly the kind of religious zealotry and political manipulation by the church that is occurring today. Make no mistake that the church is an institution of and for the interests of man. Not of God. Evangelicals have revived the concept of the "tithe" which had fallen into disfavor with most of the protestant sects. What good does their money do God? What need has He for money? If you follow the money, you will see most of it goes to political lobbying and youth programs, as well as mega-churches, christian media, and international efforts to advance the "will of god". Most of these international efforts are international because the agendas are illegal in the U.S. Evangelical monies have funded such wonderful agendas as the campaign in Uganda to murder homosexuals, not only did they fund a bill allowing the death penalty for homosexuals but after its passing printed a front page article with photos and names of "Ugandas Top 100 Homosexuals" alongside a yellow banner that read "Hang Them".

(Ref) They are also tied to a great deal of anti-abortion activity in this country and others. Wanted posters with the images of abortion doctors, their home addresses, office addresses, etc have been issued and the doctors have been subsequently killed. No official ties have been made to any specific institution yet.

I made previous mention of the documentary "Jesus Camp" which I have had the unfortunate experience of having watched. I cannot escape the feeling of familiarity I felt while watching the indoctrination process. It was frighteningly similar to the methodology of the Hitler Youth. For those of you who don’t know, the Hitler Youth program in pre-WWII Germany absorbed all other youth programs and brought them all under the control of the Hitler Youth. Athletic, intellectual, and recreational programs were all absorbed. After absorbtion, intellectual pursuits were de-emphasized, and athletics and political involvement were asserted. The children were surrounded and inundated with stories, images, and activities all revolving around the fuehrer, for his greater glory. The Hitler Youth were encouraged to engage in such activities as book burnings. (One of the essential elements of brainwashing is restriction of access to neutral sources of information) In recent years we have seen much of this sentiment rising within the church. Burning of books and paraphernalia that represents ideas or ideologies that are inconsistent with the church. Children holding picket signs and shouting at people, children with "opinions" about certain politicians or political agendas. I’m talking about young children here, who shouldn’t even be aware of what politics is. They are indoctrinated into a system that opposes nature, taught to suppress free thought and blindly have faith in "the word". They have "the word" interpreted for them by their pastor from such a young age that they aren’t able to question the interpretation, or ask about the context in which the passage was originally placed. By the time they reach the age of reason, they have long since learned not to question, not to think, not to rationalize, only to have "faith" and to pursue the agenda of the church.

Is it any wonder that faith in this country and many, many, others has fallen to unprecedented lows? That people would turn away from God in a culture where God is represented by people such as these? People who spend millions on research annually to find how best to indoctrinate children and at what age. Here’s an example of some of that research:

Researcher George Barna, author of "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions" (Regal Books, 2003), stresses the importance of children’s ministry by contending that lifelong moral views are largely in place by adolescence.

"What you believe at age 13 is pretty much what you’re going to die believing," Barna said. Research compiled by his Barna Group shows that children between the ages of 5 and 13 have a 32 percent probability of accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. That likelihood drops to 4 percent for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18, and ticks back up to 6 percent for adults older than 18.

So it would appear that the best time to indoctrinate a child is between the ages of 5 and 13. Without delving into my personal experiences with the church, I can still testify to the amount of pressure that is put on children when they "visit" a church for them to "accept jesus" and join the church. It is extreme, it is the whole of the purpose of the youth groups. So a child is put into an environment surrounded by other children and adults who all assert that true happiness cannot be had unless they say these words, eat this bread, drink this grape juice. Do it, do it, do it. If they do, they are rewarded with smiles and hugs and acceptance. If they don’t, (problem child) they will continue to receive phone calls, visits, solicitations, harassment. All this until they either accept the church or until their parents intervene.

This type of behavior is unacceptable.

Know this, that the poisoning of the minds of children is NOT the will of God. Neither will He tolerate evil done in His name. Know also that Me and mine are the left hand of God, the shadow cast by His Light. We are awake, and we are not amused. Many of you reading this know the truth, know the true God, hear His true voice. Complacency is complicity. The time to watch and hope has passed, this is not yet a call to arms, but it is a call to conscience. Don’t keep your opinion to yourself when you see evil done in His name. Be a bearer of His Light. Speak.

(Celest and David) We are withholding this writer’s name. This writing is an example of learning to Walk the Talk – honoring and awaiting the correct timeline, gridline intersection to come about to present oneself publically while simultaneously doing what you can, when you can, to share your truths with others … until your timeline arrives. This person has done just that.

Shamaan Eagle – The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change”


Part 1,2 and 3

-Shamaan Ochaum Climbing Eagle-

Talking Winds
Part I

Everyone talks
Of the

While the winds
Talk of many
Things –

But most deeply
Most urgently,
Most persistently,


They speak of
Unlike any
We have ever

Change that
goes deep into

As we –
In our folly –
Have changed
The winds,

Now they shall
Our world

Scattering broken
To be
In the sands.

Everyone talks
Of the
Winds –

“How strange,
How furious,
How out-of-season,
How suddenly still-”

Between fitful

Perhaps we will

Singing Winds
Part II

The song of the wind
Is sad tonight,
It tells of things that
Aren’t quite right.

Trees that dance to
Its mournful moan
Speak of times the earth
Has never known

Times of cloudless skies
And smothering nights –
Of birds thrown off their
Course of flight –

Of mountains startled awake
From their slumber,
And sea creatures dying
Without number.

Times of people stumbling about
In a murderous craze
While babies are born only
To die within days.

Tonight the wind sings a
Sing I’d rather not hear –
Its restless cry makes it
Hard to remember –
Rebirth is near.

Silent Winds
Part III

When the winds no longer
Nor sing,
Nor whistle –

When they come in silence
Barely moving,
And the Great Heat swallows

Leaving only dried fish scale
And bone
To announce
In rattling,
Sounds of the Earth shifting.

When the winds do not blow down
From the four sacred
Or cross wide valleys,
Or lift ancient dunes
To caress the sunset sky

Then will we know the covenant
Is broken
Its demise sealed
By human hand

Then rainbows will no longer
Dance over
The land,
Nor Mohave’s (whirlwinds),
Nor barefoot

When the winds are silenced
All will be
Still –

Until hope enveloped in
The cocoon of life
Exhales long held

Giving birth to a new
Stirring the surviving
To dance
Once again.

-Shamaan Ochaum Climbing Eagle

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go to our Awakened Hearts website

God Letter #5 The Seriousness of Communication

These words are intentionally unedited.


A Letter from God #5

"The Seriousness of Communication"

God…(received by Celest) Well Children, here we are yet again. You are still looking for answers I see and still wanting to have all things set right. At least set right in the eyes of most of you that is. Whether or not things are the way you want them to be is all a matter of how you define right. As you may have guessed by the title I have chosen for this letter to you, this missive will be prove to be not lighthearted, rather it will be intense. This is in great measure a result of either My desire to be keeping to the times you are living in, or My fervent heartfelt wish to assist those whom I can to "stay the course," or both. I am confident that many of you will simply need a bit of confirmation from Me regarding your own perspectives on all that is occurring, as well as your being reminded of My continuing efforts to provide all pertinent information to you…as I see fit. I will for the final time, once again address the issue rebounding in so many minds; "Why did we not know about all these Earth changes and planetary realignments before?" "Why didn’t anyone tell us?" Actually, you did know and you all have known for many millennia. It is rather puzzling at times how it has come to pass that so many of you act and think as though all that is happening is "new news."

In great part it is your own lack of serious communication and the remaining millions of people who still have the "I don’t really want to know" factor, that has contributed to the shock and outright hostility many of you have expressed to Me. WHY? I can not, I will not, continue to repeat the same warnings I have given to you each for so very, very, long. NOR WILL MY EMISSARIES. Perhaps you have forgotten that I have an entire Universe to help…where I can. Although none who are part of My Universe are more important than another, I will not make any arbitrary decisions to spend time in dealing with repetitious questions from many of My Children, when I can instead continue to be of service to all those of you whose hearts, minds and Souls, are replete with the serendipitous rapture and rhapsody of My TRUTHS. You see Children, what so many of My emissaries are finding so appalling is that regardless of how much they have worked with you – both singly and in groups – only a tiny fraction of people are staying on the path of truth and understanding. The rest….well, let’s just say that the rest are falling down the rabbit hole of dismal thoughts and broken dreams. Although I do not love one Child more so than another, I have loved many LONGER than others. Let us see how well you receive this thought, this idea that I am sharing with you. Let yourself SEE if your failure to communicate with Me, is on an equal scale of your failure to communicate with YOURSELF! For if you can not understand what I just said, then you do have a problem.

Many of you still fail to understand that you can no longer simply fall back into the other complacent self you used to be. Others, those who have had longstanding associations with the "doubting Thomas" syndrome, are the people all over the planet who still refuse to sever that association and are truly dancing on the fire of doubt. This fire will consume them. If you each could at least once a day, quiet your minds and listen to what you as Soul, has to say, what you as Soul, is reassuring you about, then you and I would not need to have this letter written and read, now would we? I have considered most diligently the timing here of releasing this letter to Celest and David. I have looked at all the possibilities and probabilities available to Me to better determine how many of you I can still reach. I speak of those Children who have been untouchable for most of this lifetime. Those of you reading this letter who are remaining staunch in your faith and are "in-knowing" that in the end, all shall be fine, should be aware that although I am not addressing you each per se, that is NOT to say that you too in these times will not be severely tested BY the times you are living in. These are the times that many of you have at one time or another Created through your failure to NOT succumb to those children of a lesser god.. Let Me be perfectly clear here; I AM NOT DOING THE TESTING! YOU are. So many of you were performing your acts of faith and definitely of helping others in need, far better before the NESARA wind wave and the dying winds began to exist as true prevailing forces here on the Earth Star. There is irony present here. These winds are a perfect form of communication. My animal life forms listen to these winds; My flora, fauna and each and every other aspect of Creation here on the planet listen to these winds, yet humanity does not.

I am communicating with all of you here through many different venues. I telepath to you, I express My concerns for YOUR concerns to you; I do not ask of any of you to make any promises to Me. It is a good thing I do not, NOW ISN’T IT! Throughout this major testing period, this period that will last for many, many, years I might add, it is your ability to convey your thoughts in a concise, clearly thought-out pattern with Me, as well as with yourself and all others you connect with, or associate with, that will continue to be either your saving grace or your eventual downfall. If only all the voyeurs would stop gazing into the mirror of illusions and instead gaze into the looking glass of eternal life, My job would be much easier. So would yours. I know how much is required of you to enable you to withstand the moral turpitude of the millions of people who are lost to themselves. I also KNOW that I KNOW you each far better than you KNOW yourselves. So it is that on this day, I am reluctantly but wisely addressing the lack of communication that so many of you exhibit. I would like to see you all stop running around in a complete fear mode and cease performing obscene somersaults in attempts to appease the thugs still desperately trying to hold on to the control of the world and the people. IF you are ready, willing and able to disenfranchise yourself from fear, then YOU WILL BE FINE. Your sentience will once again have clarity; you will be able to speak freely with ME, once you have yet again established your connection with your own Soul Voice.

The time is at hand NOW for each of you, for all living things to come to their sentience, for all beings to ride out the storm that is now approaching gale force wind proportions. For those of you who know how to achieve this, I would also suggest that you listen to the winds. Define yourself TO yourself and in this manner the WINDS WILL DEFINE YOU.

God…(received by David) I spoke earlier about much of what is occurring as being perceived as "new news." To further that discussion I should like to remind each of you who has already forgotten, there are no new thoughts or ideas. Do you remember? Whatever has been thought of, brought into manifestation here on this world of Mine has already existed in one form or another on another plane, a different world or somewhere else in the continuum. This is why I so fervently implore you to seek the answers to the questions you have from within your Soul, the place where all is known. Monumental changes on any level are accomplished by tapping into the heartbeat of this Universe as well as to the Universal Pool of Knowledge where all information is Sacred and shared freely and openly. Now I am not implying that you do not have any original ideas; for that would be far from the truth. Each one of you who used your sentience comes up with variations of what already is. You modify, you mold and you shape it into wondrous formations of thought and energetic matter to suit the needs each of you has. This is a good thing. Now let us move on, this too has been discussed previously by many of My Children.

Let us examine one of your coined phrases, "the lesser of two evils." Each of you has heard this one before; yes, many of you at one time or another, some more than others, has bowed to the lesser of two evils. No one should ever bow to any form of evil! One evil is but an extension of the other. You should STAND in your truths and understand ALL THAT IS. I am here to tell you that bowing to evil in any form belittles all the good efforts you each are trying to accomplish. Who said it was all right to fear the pseudo forces that APPEAR to be stronger, brighter, or superficially more enlightened in their approach to all the affairs of the human race? You are all Creators of worlds; those people and beings that have sought to control you are the destroyers of worlds. Each lifeform on this planet is tuning into one of the two opposing winds of change. Many people are altering their perspectives and getting on with their lives. Most of the human race is slow to respond. As Celest and David spoke about in their missive "Understanding the Winds of Change," the two opposing forces are separating the wheat from the chaff. They are pulling apart by the seams the beliefs of many people. They are altering the very fabric of their reality. Many people are moving towards the positive energies of My NESARA Child, evidence of this is everywhere. This brings us back to the serious lack of communication between most of you. How many people do you know who simply do not want to know, in fact most do not care, as long as it does not affect them personally. Well please tell them from Me, IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY before they are pulled under by the dying winds of change. This world is going to continue to alter; she is going to flip many people on their heads. She is going to appear to be rocking and rolling until the last vestiges of My lesser evolved children and their unhealthy practices have been vanquished from this world.

Each of you is a jewel; some people are still in the rough while others are sparkling for all to see. If you cannot see where you yourself are, then perhaps you should issue a wake-up call to yourself. I have done all that I can to convince you, to persuade you to see the Light. Those who responded to My urgings have come far in this lifetime. It is not the time to sit back on your laurels and simply ride upon the winds of change. If this world is going to alter as you would have it, it will require all of you to remain focused to the tasks at hand. Be a risk taker; boldly go where you can be of service to others. You have right on your side and this dear ones, is much more powerful than might could ever be.

We, you and I, all walk the path that destiny provided for us to be on. The Creator put Me on Mine to be the Caretaker of this Universe. I birthed each of you to do the same, to be the Caretakers of your immediate worlds as they pertain to you as Soul and to the Creation process. Is it that hard to remain true to yourself, true to your course in life, true to your Soul’s choices? Is it that hard to stand up for what you know is right, despite the consequences? No, I absolutely do not want any of you to be martyrs to your cause. This would defeat all your good intentions. This world, this Universe, in fact all aspects of Creation alter during every nanosecond. Look at a blade of grass, does it stop growing or does it evolve? Why should the human race do otherwise? Sure you have evolved as a race technologically. The sad thing is you have done so and compromised your Spirituality. You have all been knocked down, kicked around and abused to one degree or another. Does this mean you should just give in and comply so that you can fit in?

Yes, change on a planetary scale can and will happen instantaneously, IF you all work together. Knowledge of this Universal Truth has not yet reached the masses of this world. Consider it to be part of your missions in life to inform the uninformed. You who are in awareness can individually bring monumental forms of change into fruition all by yourself in your own personal worlds. You are all gifted, you are all special, you are all unique expressions of Myself. Why do you not see what I see? Why can you not rise above your physical limitations and realize the vast unlimited potential that lies within? I do not ask much of you, you are much harder on yourselves than I could ever be. The wrath of god syndrome and other such co-dependency issues that have not been adequately dealt with must stop if you are ever going to grow into your Souls. Simply talking about change is doing nothing more than performing heroic acts of lip service. This will only carry you so far. There must be something of substance to back the words up with. There are billions of people everywhere looking for alternative ideas and new ways of living their lives, rather than what has long been accepted here as the norm. Help them please, in this manner you will also help yourself. Teach them to simplify their lives so they are not so burdened with regrets. If not, everything you are trying to do, everything I am trying to impress upon you, is getting lost in the translation.

Many of My other Children and I have patiently tried to impress upon you the one most single important fact for each of you to know intimately. And yet far too many of you still can not see beyond your own perceptions of limitations, much less hold on to this one simple concept that LOVE is the most powerful force in all of Creation. All of Creation is built upon it. It should not be that hard to assimilate this fact if you just stop trying and start doing. Empty all your thoughts and emotions and then you will be able to clearly see what was right in front of you all the time. We, My other Children and I, have also reminded you time and time again to question everything. Question yes, but please, do not allow doubt to rear its ugly head and veer you off course.

My Children, I ask you most seriously, why can you not see the goodness which resides in each of you? Why can you not see that your differences are what defines each of you and makes you all unique and special? Each incarnation is a short one, why not use it to better yourself rather than make it repetitious of former days gone past? I would love to tell you that most of you will survive My "winds of change," however that would not be true. It is time to reinforce your determination to be uncommonly kind to one another, to be kind to yourself, to treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. Many of you already do so simply because you know no other way to be. These are the ones who are listening to their Soul Voice. Will you listen to My words of this day? I would like to believe that it will be so. However, much of your previous endeavors suggest otherwise. I wonder just how much longer it will take before the human race stops feeding the war machines and starts feeding the hungry of this world. I heard a man say the other day that all he needed to succeed was "more time." One of My off-world Children was heard remarking, "why would anyone want more of something that does not exist?" My point here is that far too many of you still desire more and more of the same old thing. What sense does this make?

You have all had many, many, many lifetimes to learn these fundamental lessons. Have you ever wondered why there are so many people on this small world you inhabit? I shall give you a hint. Most people graduate from the Earth Star Walk when they have learned ALL their chosen lessons. It is not important for you to know what they each are, it IS important that you live a life worth living. Now Children, how many of these people I just spoke of do you suppose have not learned their lesson? Let us take into account that many Souls have in the past learned their lessons and are here once again at My request to teach those who they can, those who are finally ready to move forward. There are millions of great teachers here in the present, walk-ins and born-ins alike. That still leaves billions who are unfortunately still floundering about in the illusion of time. In the future I shall ask these two Souls (Celest and David) to write about re-creation and recreation, about the similarities and differences which exist between the two and how they continually plague the human race. Then we will see who gets the point and who does not. Yes, I will still be counting heads.

A thought just appeared in this receiver (David’s) mind which I will address briefly. Do any of you think for even a nanosecond that We, the residents of this Universe, have nothing better to do with our time than simply share Our thoughts with you to read? I can assure you that We can find other things to do with Our precious Now moments. We do however feel that you are worth the effort so please do not let our efforts be in vain.

The Earth’s populations have out of necessity had to restart over and over again. No – you are not the first human civilization, nor are you alone in this Universe. Many of those who were incarnate back then are here again now. What is important is that you recognize the fact that many of these previous civilizations did not heed Our warnings about the seriousness of times that were upon them. And yes, many of these civilizations were far more evolved than you currently are both Spiritually, as well as technologically. You may have noticed that the seriousness of Our tone has altered in the last year into a sense of urgency. The reasoning behind this dramatic alteration from our previous teaching of nothing but love, peace and oneness, to the more direct and in your face "this is the way it is," attitude is due to the fact that so many of you listen, but still do not hear. Our desire here is to "save" as many of you from failing yourself as we possibly can. It is in your best interests, it IS in Our best interests.

Reaching out from the serious side of Creation to the human race…God

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