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An Invitation we are extending to you – Posted 8-25-11

The Time to Know is Now –

"An Invitation we are extending to you"

the time to know is now

Celestial and Shamaan Eagle


It is time for us to issue yet another call. We are inviting you to join hands and prayers or formulated mind thoughts with us now. As you should all know by now, we are in the midst of personal and planetary changes here on this world, the likes of which have never been seen before, although perhaps some of you have envisioned them. Much of the still upcoming destruction, devastation, loss of life and the unnecessary suffering during this transitionary phase need not materialize and become the "worst of the worst case scenarios." There are Light workers and Light Weavers all over this planet that have consciously issued the call to those wondrous Souls of the Spirit World, the Star Keepers of other worlds, the Creator and the God of this Universe, and asked that they become active participants in Earth and humanity’s ascension into the fourth and fifth dimension.

This plea for help is accepted and recognized among all the other evolved civilizations throughout this Universe. However, this is not enough. More must be done. Universal law clearly states "nothing can enter unless it has been invited." As an example: The initial death spiral of Terra began because people refused to change, refused to evolve Spiritually and consciously. Even though Terra repeatedly asked the human race to change, the only changes enacted were even more diabolical than the ones that preceded them. The human race failed in most regards to "learn their chosen lessons." Yes, there were outside influences that contributed to the delinquency and laziness of most people. However, we are stating for the record that the time to continuously laying all blame on the doorstep of the Illuminati is over! They may have taught people to shun accepting personal responsibility, however, for heaven’s sake, no one had to accept that as a way of life, now did they? What will it take to stir the hearts and minds of the people and cause them to enact good changes for just cause?

We wonder, how much longer will the people of Earth continue to use this crutch, the "I didn’t know" cop-out as a means of defending their stout stances of defiance, complacency and procrastination? Why would people not want to evolve into finer expressions of themselves? The people used their God given right of "free expression" to continue on a path of self-destruction instead of self-preservation and self-evolvement. No longer will this be allowed. This planet will be saved, she will be allowed to survive and thrive as she was originally intended to be. Will the human race survive? Yes. But as we have stated before, not all of it. Who will survive is in one measure up to those who reside in the different geographic areas. It is up to all of us who currently reside here on this planet and call this world our home to make a positive difference. No, this is not going to be an easy time for anyone; the severity and duration of this transitory period IS up to each of us, we who are the people of this world. Mass consciousness needs to CONTINUE to change and align itself with the newly formed collective consciousness. All consciousness needs to continually evolve, it needs the ability to fly unfettered, uninhibited. The only way to do this is by educating the "ordinary" people who still slumber in the dark. Inform them, when you can, enlighten them when you know they are receptive to the truth. Let them know that so much can be avoided by simply "issuing the call" for assistance. It need not be any harder than that.

Below is an excerpt from the May 30, 2010 New Light Message through the vessel Shamaan Eagle: (posted on the website)

[This is from the "Star Nation"] "Many do wonder why we have not come in physical form into your world. The answer is simple in the extreme: we have not been invited yet. Conditions that besiege your world require that we now exercise greater involvement in directions and choices taken. We are greatly saddened that we are not allowed to do more to relieve these conditions. We await invitation. If we are invited before the Great Dryness that is being created begins, much, much, suffering can be avoided. We do beseech you through your prayers you may help open the door to our more full participation in assisting your world to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is so. "

Shamaan…They show me that a world-wide drought is being created by the manipulations being done to the atmosphere – having the exact opposite effect they are trying to prevent. Nuclear catastrophe will be easier to avoid, but the great dryness, once it begins, will take a terrible toll, everywhere, everywhere.

(Celest and David continue) The awakening of the late bloomers must continue. One by one, God’s work, our work, will be done. Those who are currently unaware must still ask for assistance. Each person who does so willingly, for all the right reasons, does so to be part of the solution to what ails the human race. If not, the duration of this life altering event here onEarth will last for much longer than need be. All of you who are reading this are teachers to one degree or another; use what you have learned to teach others. Spread the word. Ask for off world help. Evidence of their presence will become more pronounced in the days ahead. You can lessen the fears of the masses who are not in awareness of these everyday appearances by our Star Keeper brethren, by sharing your accumulated wisdom. You know more than you think you do….you just do not KNOW that!

There are many Ascended Masters who walk among you, more so now than at any other time in Earth’s history. They are here by God’s invitation, they have always been here, whether you know it or not. This IS the time you have all waited for; this IS the time all your other lifetimes have prepared you for. Now is not the time to take a wait and see attitude. The linear experience known as "Time" is everyday evaporating even more, speeding its way into the timelessness which exists within the continuum. There is little time left to Take a Stand.

Here is a message from the Star Keepers who are currently here among us as well as from those who circle this world from above aboard their Ships of Light…

"WE, the collective of Beings who are here to take part in this the "Greatest Show on Earth" ask that you ask us, that you invite us, that you allow us to help you. You were never intended to do it all on your own, it would be foolish to think otherwise. The reformation of this world is a huge undertaking, one that you do not currently have the knowledge and expertise necessary to expedite this event all by yourselves. We do have the means to force the necessary changes and we will, IF we have to. However, we would prefer to do it with your consent instead of using force. This world will change dramatically in the days, months and years which lie ahead. What you once considered socially acceptable will no longer be allowed. What you once took for granted may no longer be. It is time to be prudent and prepare yourselves both Spiritually as well as physically. The times are now upon you that will demand your utmost focus and intent. We CAN help you through these changes; however you must first invite us. No, we are not saying that many of you have not already done so. What we are referring to are the people who still constitute the "walking asleep." They, just like you, are a part of the whole and therefore must be consulted as well. We love this world and all of you as our brothers, sisters and cousins. In truth, you all are our descendents, so how could we possibly love you any less than we love ourselves?"

(Celest and David continue) So issue the call, you do not need a dime or a quarter to do so. All you need to do is to reach out and beckon to them with open arms. Obviously you should always be sure of calling in only those who are OF the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness.

Celest and David

The Time to Know is Now –

Life – Posted 8-25-11



By Celest and David 8-25-11

We are exercising our rights as Gods and Goddesses to write this missive.

God… (received by Celest) Children. I "suggested" that Celest and David follow through and write this document. There is so much for you all to learn and so little time that is still available for you to do this. I ask you each to please pay attention; do so as if I was the one writing this. The more you learn about life the more you learn about yourself. The better you apply yourselves to the acceptance of the transitory state of eventual physical death, the more you will still learn about life.

What are dying energies?

These are a series of many molecules of cohesive matter that have either aged through longevity, or slowly begin a stage of entering diminished capacity because of illness or the corruption of the psyche. In either case, they are a forerunner of physical death. Many times dying energies may look for a new host. IF the corruption of a psyche is due to the parasitic invasive properties produced by dark energies, then that psyche contains all the necessary elements for the dark energy streamers to inhabit at will. In a manner of speaking those types of energies are carried in the wind, waiting to attach themselves to anyone whose resistance is low, either because they are still not completely sure of their beliefs, or because (and light workers need to be aware of this,) the people work so hard and such long hours that they wear themselves down. This makes them a viable target. Dying energies that have been an extremist grouping of the dark has its own survival instinct. It is to destroy the Light. If the dark can not find anything or anyone to feed upon it will turn on itself and self-combust.

What is living energy?

All energy is living, to one degree or another. The dark is on a collision course with Light. So, dark energy is in a real sense fighting for its survival while the Light is always attempting to supplant the dark with Light matter. However, when Light is surrounded by dark the physical vehicle can be overwhelmed at times. If it is impossible for the dark to overcome the psyche, it will then attack the physical vehicle. Or if the immune system is weak there is a high probability that those people will be overcome. Then it comes down to the will of the person, the will determines whether they will successfully fight it off or succumb to physical death.

How does the dark find some of its victims?

The dark is looking for mental and Spiritual fractures, splintering effects in a person. They are very, very good at this. When they find it they hammer away at it, craftily creating an abyss in the mind, body and Spirit. Although what should now be a former way of life is still accepted by many people simply because they do not know that they are carrying a leviathan on their backs, this way of living is a dark dismal place where many otherwise good people still inhabit this dungeon of the mind.

A Strange twist

The irony here is that the dark will try to invade and consume a light body to the point of causing physical death to the light body, yet at the same time it is eliminating its food source. However, this is considered to be an acceptable risk, for if they succeeded in causing the death one more Light Worker would be gone from this planet, but they too would die because they would no longer have a host to feed from. It is in a strange way, the dark’s own conundrum. When all else fails, they feed on themselves. Everyone who is still unaware of what we speak of needs to know that the dark can not survive without the Light. It also can not survive IN the Light. Ironic is it not? Even the smallest of Lights will illuminate the darkness, yet the strongest of the dark can not bring down someone who stands steadfast in the Light. It may not be easy for all people to do this, but it is worth it. It is worth your life!

What about other life species here?

Animal species who are meant to survive on this planet, those that have not been contaminated by their dark masters or by some byproduct of the dark’s influence, are being re-directed to start new migration trails. Their instincts have been programmed to move those herds, flocks and pods that they can to new areas and to adapt to different environments. Those that can not adjust to their new environments will perish. Sad but true.

Remember the children

This too is why children are more susceptible to the ill-intended people now more so than at any other time in human history. They are vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of their families and environments, as well as to the ill intended or ill-informed teachers and their own peers. Do what you can for them and hope it is enough. The current situations are why young adults and even younger children are causing many problems in "families." "A House Divided," can not stand.

All people need to make themselves stronger by recognizing these facts and arrive at the realization that any of these things CAN happen to anyone. People have to be strong enough to see it when it is beginning to happen, or they will succumb to a force that in actuality is much lesser than the human Spirit. Those people who erroneously believe that that force is greater than they themselves are have already doomed themselves. The land itself is reacting to a combination of the dying energies and the NESARA Wave. This will play havoc with livestock. It will affect the plant and mineral life. It will affect the crops and produce and will carry that dying energy. This is one reason we ourselves do not eat out at restaurants very often. Remember, this type of invasive dark energy can be carried within the food that lesser evolved people make, i.e. cookies etc. Be aware of these situations or this will sicken you. We will give you part of the remedy if you are ever weakened by such a seemingly innocent assault by an unaware friend or relative. Take sea salt three times a day, tiny amounts placed beneath your tongue.

The proposition of physical death

Some people are in the throes of disorganized chaos and some are in the celebratory state of organized chaos. There can be only one of these groups left standing. People who are not in fear of death will always enjoy a fruitful life. It may be a simple life, but "life" is what it is all about. How you live your lives is the determining factor to how you fare after physical death. We have found that the greatest numbers of people who absolutely are in dread of death, are the very ones who have a stranglehold on life. This is highly illogical! They truly believe that without their lives and their "status quo" lifestyles, they have nothing. Little do they know they have nothing anyway. Death should be welcomed as the next small step in your evolution. It is a type of true utopian celebration and reunion with all those who love you best.

Salude…Celest and David

The Time to Know is Now –

God Letter #6 Tangible and Intangible Soul Cluster Interactions 8-25-11

These words are intentionally unedited.


A Letter from God #6


Tangible and Intangible Soul Cluster Interactions

God…Well Children, I have returned to write yet another of My messages that I hope will continue to keep you informed about the necessity of the "maintenance" of your awareness ability. Yes, I am well aware that you would much prefer to hear Me tell you that all wrongs ongoing on this world have now been corrected. Well, keep on hoping because it is not arriving at the final climax yet! In this matter your patience is not merely a virtue, it is a necessity.

What is most pertinent now for each of you to understand however concerns the knowledge of specific events that are not only of the Spiritual world, but are of the practical world as well. Each of you acting and reacting to the INTERNAL stimulus Created by Soul Cluster interactions NOW needs to be understood. I assure you, this information is imperative. Without this clarity in your minds, you will lose the very foundation you entered this planet with. That foundation concerns why and how each Soul on this planet is not only integrated with one another to one degree or another, but you will also lose the conscious ability to know HOW and WHEN to Create with others. Granted there are millions of people here that could care less about this matter. I do understand that and I know why this is the case. I also understand that I can do nothing at all to assist them in any way. Therefore, I am dedicating My efforts and expanding them to only those who wish to know. I have no choice other than to do this, this way, at this time.

Your interactions with other Souls in ALL other Clusters is relevant to the individual Soul contracts you each signed with them and with Me. Yes, in answer to some unspoken thoughts, this does mean that a perfect stranger you just passed on the sidewalk and will never see again COULD in fact be one who is part of the contract. Oftentimes when this occurs to people all over this planet it means that an intangible energy has been unleashed from one Soul to another Soul. It could be something as simple as a sudden warming of the cockles of your heart for no imaginable reason. Or, it could be that a complex exchange just occurred where innate knowledge is swiftly passed from one Soul to the other that suddenly and usually subtly, occurs as unusual or unexpected inspirations. These are simple examples for the most part. Children, without your knowledge of why this must occur, you would be standing here alone, completely bereft of Cluster interaction. In a real sense you would be an empty husk of what COULD have been.

It is only as a Soul matures that more and more of the Cluster energy is attracted to the magnetic core of the Soul Self. This event thus empowers that Soul during a period of a type of Sacred communion with intangible Cluster energies. All is predicated on the individual Soul’s will and motivation to evolve despite all odds. How many times Children, when you have been feeling low and dispirited have you suddenly noticed a new buoyancy beginning to fill your mind, heart or Spirit? Do you think this was merely happenstance? I think not! It is as you progress at your own designated pace in better understanding the happenings in the world around you and truly make the connection between world events, yourself as an individual and your role in the realm of your Soul self, that you achieve the distinction of being able to better understand the importance of living a life of great expectations. Furthermore, you achieve a greater understanding of the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own actions and non-actions.

The more you know in a sympathetic or empathetic way, the more what you once may have considered to be intangible becomes tangible. "Tangible," in and by itself does not in any way mean that any of you Children should wait until you feel that something is tangible before you proceed with your maturity! That would be a grievous error of judgment on your parts. Tangible is part of the integration process of linking with the intangible in order to Create better circumstances for a better time. As the industrious Souls continue to move forward trusting that they are being looked after and looked over, they always arrive at the Sacred juncture where the tangible and intangible energies of all Soul Clusters that is orchestrated by the main Soul Cluster, co-join in harmony and love. THEN, ah, what wonders I behold. The internal peace that these Souls feel consciously, regales their personalities with the understood convictions that all is proceeding as it must, for the good of all.

This Children, is when the greatest accomplishments can and are achieved on both a personal and planetary level. You see Children, what you give, whether it begins as an unconscious, conscious, or Super Conscious undertaking, is also given back to you by others. Yes, this is part of "giving and receiving." However, I do ask you please, those among you who are consciously aware that you are giving to someone and receiving back from them or from someone else in return; please do not walk about telling others of this "feat" you just performed. Just because you have it does not mean you have to flaunt it! You may find that you receive a "shut off notice."

Every Soul, regardless of their individual state of maturity, MUST continue to grow in consciousness, in awareness and must increase their ability to extend the helping hand of love, compassion and any other things that another may need, whenever possible. This is in great part a section of the individual Soul Contracts between Souls who are walk-ins, born-ins and their individual Clusters. It is in fact far better from My perspective that you are, well most of you are, unaware of who many of the groups are who comprise your Cluster agreements. It would be an incendiary event to say the least, if you all walked around knowing beforehand who, where and why in one manner or another, specific others would enter your life. Regardless of how good your intentions are before you descended to this plane of gross density, human nature has a way of fritting away the events and learnings that SHOULD take place and replacing them with fodder to feed the beast. I will not say that the tangible is of more importance than the intangible; as I stated earlier, one is co-joined with the other. A major part of the agreements is to ensure that each Soul will grow stronger while on the Earth Star walk. This is accomplished through the assimilations of like-linked-Soul energies manifesting as joined Creative thoughts and actions. These then result in the greater realities of rebuilding this world. This is happening through the purest of thought formations and the ability to withstand the continuing onslaught of lunatic actions being formulated by the children of a lesser god.

Children, you each are primary examples of both the tangible and the intangible. You think you each have physical bodies because that is what you see. In one sense you do have them, but in another sense they are an illusion. You think your physical forms are solid, but actually they are not. The real "you" is a vast array of molecules joined together with your own individual Light beams and streamers. So yes, it is quite a simple matter for your Soul Clusters to locate you through your own tracking device. Light follows Light, dark follows dark. This is also one way that dark energies can see who and WHAT you each are. Their perceptions are that you are either a threat or you are food. Soul Clusters always receive the silent alarm that signals them that one or more of their own is in jeopardy and they act accordingly. For every action there is a reaction, but not necessarily an equal one. At this tipping point on the scales of justice many things happen in a simultaneous fashion.

Sometimes it can happen through a fast and furious chain of thought exchanges that literally spell out the quickest and safest way to elude the clutches of the demon riders. Other times a man or woman will suddenly show up with a quick solution to a seriously pressing problem. Still at other times the information relevant to the situation will become readily available through dreams and meditation. Soul Clusters ALL work in conjunction with your Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, off-world Star Keeper relations and MySelf, of course. These are but part of promises made and promises kept. Children, yes, I hear your thoughts and YES you can and I heartily encourage ALL of you, to call in your Soul Cluster contacts NOW. It is unnecessary for you to know their names, just issue the call and please try to be specific about your needs. I said, "Needs," not frivolous pursuits. Although it is not necessary it would be nice if you also remember to let them know that you CONSCIOUSLY offer your aid as well. I want you all to remember please, that human life is a tangible event, yet it is the intangible life that is the greater Soul at play and at peace. Also, it troubles Me greatly that so many of you are directing energetically birthed emotional havoc towards those others in this world who are the ones responsible for the greatest unrest, disease and monetary and political turmoil. Why do you do this? Do you dare to sit in judgment on others? Do you dare to enact your role as God in physical manifestation, tangible yet intangible, but as a hateful, vengeance seeking GOD? I suggest that you….do not tempt the hand of fate! For every action there is a reaction, but not necessarily an equal one, remember?

If you are of love then you can not be of hate; if you are dedicated to the Divine rites of passage that each Soul must traverse, then you can not act as a lesser child! Do not disgrace yourself and bring disappointment to your Soul Cluster. That would be a very unwise move.

As each day moves forward and more and more of you reach out to those who are in an anticipatory stage and quietly answer their calls at times, then and only then will the Lights that have laid dormant in so many Souls begin to shine. You see, what few fail to realize is that when one of you reaches out in a conscious altruistic fashion, your intended receivers are not always who you think they might be. If someone is part of your Soul cluster or that of another cluster that has a previous agreement with you, but is not yet in activated form due to their current state of unknowing, you can and most likely will be ringing a bell of awareness that subtlety stimulates their subconscious. The odds are most favorable that they will respond to this sudden urging that has arisen inside of them and follow through to find out more about this new found idea or revelation that is steadily ringing in their mind’s eye. I can not say that this form of nudging works all the time, however it does more often than not. Some say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I however KNOW that the truth is, "Something ventured, everything gained."

Remember, nothing is ever lost; sometimes a thought or notion may lie dormant for a while until its time has come. I shall give you an example of how you may choose to do something to benefit this world and all those who reside upon and within her. Through the proper utilization of thought patterns for right action for just cause you may begin to unexpectedly have sudden realizations, some that are unusual even by your standards. These thoughts of yours, or perhaps thoughts that are prompted from someone such as MySelf, may be regarding for example: setting free minds of people who feel bogged down, if it is for but only for a second. This enables them to catch their breath and regain the forward momentum once again in their own lives without the burden of all that they still carry in their bags of distress. Their bags of un-dealt with personal issues. From the moment you issue the call and send the thought out, it is then picked up in the Universal grapevine and passed on and sent throughout this galaxy and well beyond, to all who are ready, willing and more than capable of helping you perform this feat. As I have said many times before, you never have to feel you have to do it all, it is the intellectual side of you that reasons this way.

You are never alone, the sooner you accept this, the easier life will be. What I do ask of you is to reach out, far beyond the physical world surrounding you, and strive to be more than you ever dreamed you could be. You are Gods and Goddesses of the highest degree; you have unlimited abilities even if you do not consciously know that you do, or know what to do with them. Set yourself free from the confines of your mind, the sky is no longer the limit… if you get My meaning here.

The Universal response to your actions will be most resoundingly positive. Depending on the project you are undertaking, you may not see the results. So I ask you to trust Me on this one, for I do know more than you currently do about this than do you. Every thought or action you have is instantly put into motion. The fun begins when your ideas are combined with others who are of like-mind. You are in a time of instant manifestation, so utilize your power well. Well intentioned efforts are never in vain. Every thought put into action Creates a building block which will lead to another and another level. For those of you who do not understand, it is like the ripple in the water that carries on and ultimately Creates a wave flowing in the ocean of timelessness. One by one My work will be done through you and through those that are benefiting from your unselfish decision to reach out and make a difference in others lives. Many of these people you will probably never meet. Now, is this not better and a whole lot more fun than giving a dollar to Greenpeace and hoping others will pick up the gauntlet and finish what you so innocently, from a detached stance, began?

If you are one of those who requires tangible proof that their calls are being answered then I would ask you to ask yourself this long question. "Are you doing so out of an underlying need to satisfy your own ego genes, or are you doing so because all along you have always tried to put forth your best efforts and intentions in every aspect of your life and you just want to know unequivocally that someone, somewhere is listening?" If you have, or have since you awoke to the reason for your being, always strived to do your best and are now seeking proof that you are indeed being heard, then I suggest a little test so we can move on to bigger and better endeavors. Think of something small, something you need assistance with such as a sign that you are moving in the right direction. Conformation always comes to those who ask in earnest, the trick is… will YOU see the sign when it presents itself? Honing your awareness skills will benefit you greatly in these regards.

Today I am issuing a call to all who feel they are up to the challenge. I am asking each of you to do at least three unselfish deeds a day from here on out. If three is too many than start at one and work your way up. This should not be hard to do considering the state of flux everything around you is in. Try to make a difference in your and others’ lives independently and then just before you go to sleep at night silently or verbally ask for guidance, assistance and fellowship to continue on with OUR good works. It really is that simple. You are, your contributions are, as critical to your Soul Cluster just as one human leg is necessary for a place for the foot to hang from.

The clock is ticking, will you reach out to those in your Soul Clusters who are in need of nothing more than your support or will you remain on the sidelines waiting for indisputable signs foretelling which way the prevailing winds are blowing before you are willing to commit? I will be awaiting our response, verbal or nonverbal, it does not matter which. If I have raised your awareness factor even one iota then I would say My time here has been well spent.

Until next time, I Am, you ARE, still Me.

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