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Excerpt from the 12-16-2020 Blue Star Transmission – “God is clearly defining the road less traveled, which is the highway to heaven. The serious process of beckoning has begun. These summonses can not be ignored or they will be enforced. The Hand of God has been directing the traffic since March 11, 2020, on the highway to heaven. “ www.bluestarspeaks.com

“The Gift” – A Christmas Day Event

“Everyone is invited – It IS a party of an Infinite Kind” – God


“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

Book 8 of 8 of “The God Book” series


We are calling for ALL Good Souls to Unite NOW and pass this message along. You WILL know who to.

Now is the time for all Good Souls to give other Good Souls who are not awakening a swift kick in the butt and tell them “shake it off and wake up, and get yourself in gear BEFORE New Years.”

(Received 12-30-16 from those who walk amongst you.)


~ Guess who’s coming to dinner New Years Eve 2017 ~

to find out more read Blue Stars “Transmission”


12-24-2016 The current “Blue Star Transmission is

Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you



There is a hush going on all over this world and echoing throughout all the Universes. So if you are feeling Great Anticipation or a tingling sensation the likes of which you have never before felt… There IS a Reason.

AN EVENT is about to occur.

DETAILS WILL BE REVEALED on December 24th when we post Blue Star’s upcoming “BLUE STAR TRANSMISSION” and we encourage everyone to read all about it AS IT IS TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL.

We also recommend you tell everyone you know to also read all about this. This IS “ONE” of the times we have all been waiting for. So mark it on your calendars, write it on post-its or scribble it on the back of your hand or on your foreheads so you will be reminded each time you look in a mirror… so you don’t forget to check back.

WE are SO excited, and you will be too.


Earth Star date 2016

 WE the Luminescents of each Universe have tasked Celest and David with organizing the facilitators of what will be forever termed “The Gatherings.” It is our greatest desire that each of you who are Advocates for Justice to step forward and begin to fulfill this important aspect of your personal and planetary missions. You have all prepared for this moment for a very very long time and you are ready. Know that I, that WE, will be by your side and cheering you on.

Celestial and David will begin the process of scribing the 8th book in “The God Book” series “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” in April of this year.  Be patient, this will be a long book.


God’s 7th book in “the God Book” series

“Winter People who Ride the Wind.”

For more information go to https://godumentary.com/2015/06/01/winter-people-who-ride-the-wind-god-book-7/


The next On-line Summit will take place once we have finished the next book. We wish to thank those who have sent in questions for the next Summit and look forward to many more. So don’t be shy. All questions will be answered in the order they are received. Send your questions to earthstar@awakenedhearts.com with “Summit” in the subject line.


9-2014 – A Special Notice

Project PUSH has been an incredible success every time it has been performed. Each time individuals perform PUSH on their own for whatever reason, we have been told that their successes have been magnificent even if the PUSHers don’t know this.

God… there is a time to hold a person by the hand, to walk them through the gate and then the time to say… now go and do it on your own. Take what you have learned and continue keeping the momentum going. Over the next 6 to 12 months I will be calling upon the collective who will come to together to do a collective PUSH. I will have Celest and David post the information when and as the need arises. For now, do what you do, what you have learned to do and make a difference by being the difference during this crucial Autumn Equinox.”

All pushers, now is the time for each of you do it on your own. You can gather in groups, use social media contacts, connect with friends or simply do so by yourself. Nothing can stop you. Nothing will mitigate, nothing will lessen your success. We are going to spiritually continue to do our own PUSHes when we feel the need to do so. JOURNEY WELL!!!



God’s 6th book, “Advocates for Justice” is now available.

You can order your copy directly from the printer at https://www.createspace.com/4735072

or on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/author/celestialbluestar

The Kindle version is now available at the link above.

PDF versions are also available on Ethereal Transformation

To read the Book Excerpts go to – https://godumentary.com/2014/03/29/advocates-for-justice/

To read some of the first comments go to  https://godumentary.com/about/god-books-readers-comments/

2012 – Expectations and Disillusionments

God… I suggested to Celest and David that today, on the Earth date of January 3, 2012, would be the most appropriate day for Me to send a most timely message to all My Children here. Although there is nothing happening here now that I was not expecting, unfortunately, still and all it is as always My stalwart Stewards here, those who I have chosen to be the Watchers and the Doers, who are now suffering the most. This message from Me is being posted at My express request because of a heartfelt and Soulful email communication between Celest, David and My Redza-Self, this Child of Light living in Malaysia. Although he has been known by many names during his long and varied lifetimes, he epitomizes the Light within. This was hard fought for on his part. He has always chosen more difficult paths that lead to the highway of true life, yet he CHOSE to be a catalyst in a part of this world where there has long been little Light.

Redza is feeling downhearted because he is becoming painfully more and more aware of how little any important changes are being made among his fellow people. Or anywhere else in this world for that matter. He had such great hopes and subtle expectations that with the turn of this chronological year he would observe and bear witness to people arriving to SOME point of understanding of all that is occurring here. His disappointment is so great that he suffers now because of this. He suffers because what he and so many other TRUE human beings want to see happening…is NOT! Redza is going through a life altering transition. He does not realize that this is happening to millions of people all over this world. I speak of the people who have chosen to not conform to illusions, that is. At times he feels confused and a tad lost. As do the rest of the people who are like him. At times things seems scary and disoriented. As do the rest of the people who are like him. The greatest threat to his serenity of Spirit is the fact that the millions and millions of people who are not a part of the expanding Collective Consciousness are still desperately trying to live their lives as though, “they are fine and so is their personal world;” they refuse to see that it is their comeuppance time.

Redza, although I commend you for your finely tuned determination to not surrender to the pandering of those delusionary masses, I implore you and the rest of the people who are like you, to better understand that this could not happen any other way. This world is badly infested with incurable diseases. The diseases are sloth-iness, complacency, instant self-gratification, laziness and their betrothal to illusionary concepts. Children, these are not moot points; they are not trite in any way. The very fact that these diseases are so prominent here should have alerted you all by now. It is a weapon that has been fashioned against all true human beings. The diseases are programmed by the shadow riders to break your Spirit! Please, do not allow this to happen! Fight back by strengthening your personal Light through the understanding I am giving you all of why this is happening. I am giving you the reasons and I fully expect you all to act upon them posthaste. Repeat to yourself any Divine Mantra that aids you. In fact why not Create your own? Keep it simple and know that the Masters, all other Luminescents and I are by your side and will send you many inspirations. Some will come through the dream state; others will come through “first contact” with those who love you best. Yes, you are being tested but it is not by Me. Your greatest strengths lie in your ability to just say NO to feeling defeated, disappointed, or in any way let down by the lunacy, the utter madness of the times. Remember please, you are dealing with humans…for the most part. Your other greatest strength lies in your innate ability to accept why you MUST accept the foibles of the human races and then privately focus your thoughts on how to Create the betterment of the new times. Thought is all and all is thought. I have said this to you all in at least one of My books. Have you forgotten already? Children, in the last book I wrote (*The Code) I made it very clear that the gift I was giving all true human beings was “to give you back to yourselves.” I suggest that NONE of you squander this gift! Before I leave you this day I ask you each to REMEMBER that when a weapon of “mass destruction” has been revealed to you, you have an obligation to see it for what it is and deal with the situation appropriately. Use your heart voice and your Soul voice and you who are part of the Collective Consciousness will prevail!

In loving service to Redza and all other true human beings….God


We are constantly receiving emails from people wondering what they can do to be of assistance. We posed these questions to God and here is the message He asked us to give you all:

“Teach all those you can about what the truths are that I have been teaching you. Do not become discouraged. Do not be hurt if they choose not to listen to you. I am listening to all that you do and say. If I can not be hurt by the verbal slings and arrows of lesser minds you should not be either. You can call through mind thought all good Souls to unite now. Define a purpose. Do you want them to help break through the illusions; do you want them to help teach others? Do you want them to suddenly have deep yearning to learn more about the greater truth? Whatever you want them to unite with in your mind thought, that is what will happen. From this day forward through August 16th of 2016, all those you mind link with will respond for just cause. You do not need to know what your ratio of success will be but I will promise you it will be far greater than you imagined it to be. And a last final note, The Masters are also asking and encouraging you to call them in on your designated mission.” … God

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