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The God Book Series

Advocates for Justice

Advocates for Justice

(Book 6 of the God Book series)

This book became available on 3-28-14

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208 pages

This book will be available in paperback, PDF and e-Book versions

“Advocates for Justice” is a compelling, thought provoking journey into the true essence of who each person is. God’s 6th book contains a complete explanation of why certain contingency plans had to be activated and why some still are in the process of being placed into motion. In order for people all over the world to participate as the Collective Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness had to be parlayed in order to achieve success. He offers a complete explanation of why people have not been told about these things before. This book will cause many if not all of you, to further understand the importance of why you are here and what your capabilities are. This book will require slow reading and no doubt most people will need to reread it many times. Because the information God provides is so detailed, it is virtually impossible to assimilate all of this material at one time. You will find that your thought processing will alter, “and this new to you” level of awareness will be an astonishing realization of not only the true nature of yourself, but the book explicitly details the underlying importance of what you as an individual can do to help heal the planet while still evolving yourself. Please be prepared to feel God’s presence throughout this book. His presence is unmistakable.

God refers to the chapters in this current book as “Catalysts.”

Here are the catalysts:

The Advocacy

The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

Influencing the Course of Events

On a Collision Course with Reality

Angels with a Cause

Alliances in the NOW

The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Wounded Warriors

White Rose

The Wonder of You

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all

We, Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus, feel very honored that God has chosen us to be the scribes for this series of books.

 Book Excerpts

Introduction by God

The more other civilizations on your own home worlds, as well as other worlds which have not sent any of their races to the Earth Star, learn about what you all need to be reminded of, the more they will achieve a continuous state of grace. They will also grow from learning about how much you all have forgotten. In turn those other races will better teach their progeny of the pitfalls occurring on Earth when people become trapped in illusions, in the trap which is also the quagmire of “time.” It is quid pro quo.

Catalyst 1The Advocacy

You are standing atop the point of change.All of the Luminescents of all worlds are working in tandem to heal the breech that the falling of the Walk-Ins and Starseeds has created. Some who experienced the fallwere because of actions that were self-created, yet most were craftily planned by dark people here who KNEW who the Walk-Ins and Starseeds were that were to BE the difference for the Earth Star planet and humanity as a whole.

Catalyst 2 The Leagues of Extraterrestrial People

In the days past, in this life experience, you have from point to point in your life felt unbelievable jubilation, the Lightness of Being and at times tears of joy for no apparent reason. At least not apparent to you, that is. Although there are some among you who immediately realize that this is when you as Soul are connecting ever further with Me as Soul, most of you do not or have not yet understood this.

Catalyst 3 Influencing the Course of Events

Regardless of what your individual placements were here on this planet … in THIS lifetime … you each still had to live and BE in the right place at the right time. This will explain to many of you Children why you have had to be relocated again and again and again.

Catalyst 4 On a Collision Course with Reality

The reason you each have been given carte blanche to “get in touch with the practical you in an unpractical world,” was initially to better prepare you for dealing with TRUE life situations.

Catalyst 5 Angels with a Cause

OK Children; in this period of learning I do need for you to have a better understanding of the dilemma the Earth Seeds find themselves in. The commonality between their situation and the strange circumstances so many Walk-Ins and Starseeds find themselves in is its own anomaly.

Catalyst 6 Alliances in the NOW

At times it requires great courage to find out more about YOU than YOU have ever consciously known before. Now My wish is for you each to arrive at a form of conciliation with yourself ABOUT yourself.

Catalyst 7 The Effects of the Trojan Horses

Spiritual strength lies within the Unity of ONE, yet because you are each an integral part of ONE, you are few, yet you are MANY. I ALWAYS and in ALL-WAYS combine My own thoughts for change and the Spiritual restoration of the human races as a whole with your own.

Catalyst 8 Wounded Warriors

In order to move to a higher level of Soul maturity and Soul knowledge, each of you must complete the cycles you are in, and do so for your own satisfaction as well as for the satisfaction of all who are involved. Life and personal evolution are all cycles which must be undertaken and experienced and for some of you they can seem to happen quickly.

Catalyst 9 White Rose

Over the next few years a new type of movement will begin here. We will actually try to implement this movement in mid-summer of 2015. This will be White Rose working with a select group of Advocates here and assisting them with simply working with Terra, while some other Advocates and White Rose will be working with non-mammal life forms.

Catalyst 10 The Wonder of You

OK, I will only tell you now that because of all that you are learning, all that you are truly either understanding or beginning to understand, you are unconsciously affecting all the great changes this planet is in such need of.

God’s final message – I speak to you from the Threshold of the Final Frontier, the frontier of Truth and Freedom for all


Beyond the Journey; Life in the Hereafters

Beyond the Journey – Life in the Hereafters

Book 5 front_cover thumb

(Book Five of the God Book Series)

*** This book became available 5-23-12 ***

302 Page Book

Available in Paperback, PDF and all eBook Formats

In Beyond the Journey God offers incredible comprehensive teachings about life, death and time spent in the Hereafters that have never been known or written about before. This book is a marvelous compilation of all you should know about your Self. Journey is an eye-opening experience that once read and fully understood will dramatically change you, how you view life and especially how you view yourself. Be prepared for the journey of your life as you read this book. The subtitle, Life in the Hereafters, was chosen to accurately portray the events of the journey. In this book God shares information that He feels is relevant to the promulgation of Spirit and the continuity of the lifeforms of every species.

Journey is spectacular, the forthright manner in which God teaches everyone who they are and what Soul and the journey teach one another, is incomparable. It is about the journey each Soul MUST take. All that God has to say is written in minute detail defining the journey of a Soul. These are the steps that each Soul must take from the moment of its birth-its Creation, up to and including the return to the Hereafters realms after leaving mortal life. He provides information about ALL that takes place in the afterlife. God had told us previously that this book was the most important one of the series to date. He said He was going to be sure to include all facets of life, death and the rebirthing process, in order to remind the readers of WHO they are and WHERE they will go after they leave Nirvana. God also explains WHY this book was written. In Journey, God has provided an unbelievable wealth of information that each person needs in order to really understand life and remember their missions here. This information has never been available to the public before! We were overwhelmed with the writing of this book. Because of all the intricate details, we had to maintain the utmost focus and concentration at all times. No one can read this book quickly!  We can tell you very honestly that this is a life-altering book.

Episodes (chapters)
Introduction (God)
Understanding the Journey
The Self you meet along the way in the Hereafters
The Dark Night of a Soul’s Journey
Destiny and Experience
The Power Binge
Life as You know it
Angels DO play this Harp
The Long Ride Home
A Party of the Infinite Kind
From the Path (God’s closing statements)
The Luminescents (Blue Star the Pleiadian)
Now that I’ve Evolved (Celest and David)

Excerpts for book 5 of “The God Book Series”

God’s Intro

No, this book could not have been written before now. Too many lives are at stake now and the others who have already passed over from mortal form were aware of why they could not partake of this information before they began their most recent journey beyond the journey. Perhaps this may not mean much to you now, but I assure you, it will. I will give you all a cautioning statement from MySelf NOW though: this is it, this is your last opportunity to read and learn about what really happens before you came here and after you leave. I have agreed with the decision of the Creator and the unanimous approval of all the other Luminescents that, enough is enough! 

Episode 1 Understanding the Journey
The repetitive story of humankind is that there are millions of people who have for so many life experiences sought only titillating fantasies and have always been burdens on other people. But even they have found that “something is missing” although they are not capable enough to phrase it into better words. No, I am not speaking about your individual Karmic implications. Although some of these do need to be addressed this day. You really do not understand Karma any better than you do “the journey.”

Episode 2 The Self you meet along the way in the Hereafters
I feel the need to remind you that in the last book of the series that you may have read, The Code, I did tell you in the latter part of the book, that I had decided to “raise the bar.” By the way, not to intimidate you, BUT you should know that the Creator also stated that it was time for the bar to be raised. As He said to Me, “God, if not now, then WHEN? There is NO time left for them to continue on their journey in ignorance of these realities.”

Episode 3 Soliloquies
Children, while you are in the Hereafters there are many avenues for you to explore while you are seeking more conclusive ways of defining yourselves as Souls.

Episode 4 The Dark Night of a Soul’s Journey
Children, there are many, many incidents that occur as you travel to and fro on your individual journey. If you bear in mind that the journey incorporates all aspects of the individual journey which is part of the composite of the whole journey, it may be easier for you to understand the “cause and effect” chain reaction which occurs here on Earth while simultaneously occurring in the Hereafters.

Episode 5 Destiny and Experience
I do not Create destinies for most of My Children, although I have been known to help them along a bit. Please remember I said, “Not for most Children.”

Episode 6 The Power Binge
OK now, what the mind sees, hears and feels it always reacts to. How many times must I repeat this to you? How many times have I cautioned you to be careful of what you think? How many times have you responded to Me by saying, “I will,” but then you don’t?

Episode 7 Life as You know it
One of the many benefits you receive in the Hereafters is KNOWING not only the true meaning of life, but also understanding that all life and each life experience has multiple meanings.

Episode 8 Angels DO play this Harp
The Angelic magnetics interact with each Soul from each Cluster, therefore the magnetics are adding to the radiance each Soul has and amassing greater properties of not only Light, but also infusing the Matrix of the Tapestry of Life with greater and greater macrocosmic segments of each Luminescent.

Episode 9 The Long Ride Home
Because there are so many Souls here on Earth now who have made it quite clear, probably because they screamed it so loudly, that they do not want to ever return to Earth again, not even as part of the new people, it has been decided that this Episode is a necessity.

Episode 10 A Party of the Infinite Kind
I have long ago stated to You each, “as you change your present life you are also changing your past.” Yet again though….many were called to listen but few heeded the call.


The Code – Book #4

“The Code”

(Book Four of the God Book Series)

*** This book became available 11-15-11 ***

268 Page Book

Available in Paperback, PDF and all eBook Formats

The Code is an astonishing book. The presence of God is unmistakable as He reveals in-depth information of long-held secrets of the Illuminati’s origins and their plans for all the human races and for Terra as well. He offers detailed information explaining why He could only speak of these matters now. God effectively and neatly ties together each step a Soul takes on and off-world. He also reveals information heretofore unknown about Souls, their migrations, their interplanetary connections and how these connections interact with each race and the ways and means by which all Souls are watched over. He speaks very fluently and decisively in this book and makes it very clear to everyone that He will not brook any more complacency by people. He offers information about Soul Partnerships that occur here and off-world. God reveals information that no one here has been privy to before. God speaks very clearly and VERY determinedly in His quest to abide by the timeline He has been granted. This is the first time any of this information has been permitted to be revealed. The book is very moving, very intense and infinitely beautiful in the way that only God can write. ~ Celest and David ~

Chapter excerpts

God’s introduction OK now, this is the part where I begin to explain some unknown but crucially important information to each of you. This is only part of the knowledge of certain events and actions that has long been withheld from you.

Codex 1 The Lives you change along the way Do you think it is possible for you as an individual to change someone’s life who may be thousands of miles away without ever meeting them? What about touching someone who is light-years away? Remember now, that pure refined energies know no bounds and that thought travels much faster than sound. This is a fact!

Codex 2 Uncivil Behavior OK Children; in case I neglected to tell you before…do not expect Me to epitomize sweetness or to behave in any manner that can be construed as overly laidback in this book or the remaining books of this series.

Codex 3 I Speak on War War is an aphrodisiac for the mentally challenged and Spiritually deprived.

Codex 4 Angels I do not want any of you to walk into your new lives here without having properly assimilated information relative to true Earth history. History that exists on all levels.

Codex 5 Soul Partnerships There comes a time in every person’s lifetime when they will be faced with the choice of either honoring the agreements they originally set into motion long before incarnating here on Earth, or they will choose to break or alter the agreement to pursue other ventures.

codex 6 Fanaticism and Ideology The topics I have chosen for this particular codex are particularly important because of the causal impact they have had and will continue to have on you each as human beings.

Codex 7 The Four Horsemen of the Global Conspiracy I realize far better than you think I do that some topics I choose may be unpalatable to you, simply because I speak about issues that are difficult for you to bear. However, the very fact that much truth needs to be understood here, should at the very least compensate you for your discomfort. I feel that laying truth in front of you is what I need to do.

Codex 8 A Snapshot for Eternity Prior to your scheduled departures from other realms to either the Earth Star planet or to another world, you are each sent many imagings which have been predetermined to be the ones to best assist you during your upcoming journeys.

Codex 9 A Deterrent to the Preservation of the Realm You see Children, because the soon-to-be true NEW nature of Terra will be unveiled for all Universes to see and rejoice with, I have decided that I should share this information with the races of this world.

Codex 10 The Intent of Surveillance In the defense and preservation of all of the realms We are responsible for, We who are the Creators, Co-Creators and Overseers of each Universe must always be aware of any changes within each and every movement of the realms and Universes. It must be this way in order to maintain balance and order within the Creative process.

Codex 11 Machinations OK now, since a part of My mission in these books is to further instill truth in your minds while continuing to have truth displace illusions, I see no reason for Me to stop now.

Codex 12 Decoding the Code Children, when you see the enemy and understand who and what it really is, then you can defeat it through sheer mind-thought. You can do this here because you are not under any constraints about “interfering in the lives of the humans.” In MY situation, none of Us here can actively intervene or interfere here UNLESS We are specifically requested to do so by you, but even then only under special conditions.

From the Eye God’s closing statement

Dream Voices Blue Star the Pleiadian

Reflections of Thought by Celest and David

Who’s Who

And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said… Volume Two

“And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said…”

Volume two

(Book Three of the God Book Series)

*** This book became available 7-26-11 ***

350 Page Book

Available in Paperback PDF and all eBook Formats

God Talk (chapter titles)

Basic Instructions before Entering Earth

Well, I would like to say that you all do indeed know how to read directions and follow instructions. I would like to, however that would be a blatant mistruth. Ok, I shall attempt to start at the beginning, although that was so very long ago in a realm far, far, away. That long ago era was a period of a tremendous and gracious conjunction of the complementariness of harmonics with Soul Cluster achievements combined with Soul Cluster evolutions.

Time as a Placebo

Believing in the linear can and does also promote laziness, procrastination and living lives without any designated purpose. Soul Voice can not respond well to the personality when the personality has been captured by “time.” Voice at that point becomes so muffled virtually no one will be able to hear, let alone respond. Unfortunately, My unilluminated Children lost little time in seeing how continually reinforcing linear time would work to their advantage.

Life as a Morality Play

The curtain has been raised, the next act has begun and all the actors are in their designated places playing their parts. The show has started without any hiccups and the scene is set. Everywhere in the world the characters, those of the human race, are performing their parts and the show will continue togo on. Now as we approach the final curtain call it is time for you to choose how you exit. I implored you from the beginning to……..

The Tyrannical Nature of Evil and Fear

Although I have in the past spoken at great length on the subjects of fear and evil, I still see and hear far too many people who simply can not seem to see both those energies as the combined force they truly are. Evil is of course the opposite of good; fear is an offshoot of an energy that causes the intellect to respond in almost a kneejerk reflex.

The Survival Instinct

Now Children, listen to Me please. I have tried to make your lives as pleasurable as I possibly could, while in no way compromising the lessons each of you must undertake. I gave you a good mind, a great body to service your needs; I gave you an intellect which you could train as you saw fit. I blessed you with survival instincts to guide you when the need arose. I sent you to this world so you could experience all that it is you desired.

Planetary Consciousness and Brushes of Life

Ihave decided to speak a bit more about planetary consciousness and the import it has on all planets, all worlds everywhere, at all times. Although I am fully aware that not all people on the Earth Star planet are willing to concede that their own actions and thoughts can either negate a bad circumstance before it has had a chance to begin, or that they can Create better circumstances that would affect this planet and every human being who lives here. Not everyone understands that through the process of Creating a bucolic personal environment, even if it is only living in your mind’s eye, you are IN FACT Creating your own brilliant future rather than the dubious futures that are awaiting many other people.

The History of the Chrysalis of the Individual Soul

Although I can not say that I like the term “categorize” when I am speaking of these Sacred formations of the beings of Light, I do know of the necessity of being as clear with you each as non-humanly possible. Soul formations are a tremendous amassing of the luminous nature of MySelf, all other Luminescents, the Creator, the Creation processing and all other parts of Divinity. As these diverse formations of Souls who have joined forces for the purpose of propagating the Light of Gods and Goddesses here on the Earth Star as well as in other worlds and other Universes, gather together and exchange holy communion through the telepathic ability they all have, an almost indefinable sense of great peace and expectancy descends upon these groups.

The Gone but not Forgotten

Children, I want you to consider the serious implications of what I am about to tell you. In mortality, you all observe people who die physical deaths. Some people really have no interest about the death of a specific individual if the person who has passed over was not someone they really cared for or about anyway. Some people enter into a grieving process that may last throughout their own mortality.

Intergalactic Relationships and the Effect on Planet Earth

Well now, I hear the most titillating thoughts about how each of you define your origins and the dreams and sometimes fanciful ideas you have about where you are really from. In a sense I find it most understandable that Earthbound Children are finally questioning what they had at one time thought of as “preposterous.” In another sense I understand far better than nearly all of you here why such intense longing descends upon you when you gaze at the stars and watch the ships flying overhead.

The Tomorrows beyond the Todays

Everyone asks Me about “tomorrow.” The Children want to know what to expect, when to expect whatever it is and how they will and IF they will benefit. Also, most people rather timidly ask Me if they will survive to experience “tomorrow.” Although I choose to phrase My answers to each Soul differently, depending on how mature they are and how much truth they can handle, ultimately My answers are the same. The first thing I tell them is……..

My Star Keeper Children

You should have all known that at one point or another in one of these books, I would choose to speak of My other wondrous Children who live on other planets, many in other Universes, who are Star Keepers. This is the correct term for these Children. They are the Keepers of their Stars. Whatever star they live on is their planet. They are the guardians of these worlds they call “home.”

The Arrival of the Masters

I have on occasion spoken about highly evolved Souls who are androgynous beings; many of them are Avatars as well. I have also explained that all life forms here and on all other planets have Guardian Spirits. OK, it was when the Creation Processing working in unison with MySelf, the Creator and all of the representatives from each planet, each Universe, planned our protection for the Earthbound Children, that certain agreements were conceived. (The Master known as Kato gives a very good explanation of who the Masters are and their purpose in this chapter,)

The Many Faces of Spirituality (Message received by Chako Priest)

You have asked, “how do people, when they are involved in their purpose in life, their jobs, make that transformation from their jobs to the spiritual aspect?” Some people think that that cannot be so. If you are a person who is in charge of the bowling alley, how can you accommodate that and turn it into something spiritual? You see how people have a misperception of what Spirituality is.

From the Continuum

My books are intended to be a mass communication that is to be used as a means to an end. I am not writing these books to justify all that We must continue to do here, but rather to be able to keep you, the Children, in harmony with yourself as individual Souls and as pioneers of the collective consciousness. Many, many, years ago I also tried to do this in order to avert the mass dissolution of humanity.

The Greatest Challenge of All (by Celest and David)

On a completely different level of understanding, we know that God is adamant about people formulating their own decisions regarding things He has said. We know many people who invariably find that it is always easier to ask another’s opinion than it is to actually work out the answers for themselves. Why? Life is not the easiest “conveyance to heaven” as it is, so why make things more complicated than they need to be?

Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God

“Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God”
God’s Truths and Revelations for Today and Tomorrow

(Book Two of the God Book Series)

ISBN # 1450539149
288 pages

Available in Paperback, PDF and all eBook Formats

God’s wisdom is very apparent to us in this latest book. His ability to reveal truth and disclose long-suppressed information that is relevant for the world of today and the world of many, many tomorrows simply can not be denied. God’s plan is to not only set people on the right course in life while they may still be able to do this, but to explain in detail why so many things that will actually transpire here on the Earth Star planet, is not information that many people are aware of. It is a “last ditch effort” to help people to turn around and confront the illusions they have allowed to be created here. God discusses the Earth changes, the necessity of His not issuing permission for interventions by Himself or others of His Children, and what we can all do to form a unified consciousness, a unified gathering of Souls, while people are still in incarnate state. Throughout most of this book God is very serious and at times very stern. Yet the relevancy of His writings can not be denied; they can not be treated as anything but the ultimate truths. Those who believe that “the truth will set you free” will have their hands full with the honesty and the reality of God’s words.

This book contains information God transmitted to Celestial (Celest) Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus.

The experience of receiving the words of God and writing this book was almost an overwhelming event. God had much to say about everything that He considered to be timely and pertinent information for all of humanity. The fact that you have signed up to learn more about this, is to us, worth all the heartwarming moments that we experience when we see that people are beginning to understand, as well as the hardships and sadness we ourselves have experienced during our own Earth Star walk here. We were and are overjoyed to be the receivers of this information. This is a time when the Human race needs His loving advice and wisdom. This is not a “religious” text, it is Universal. As you read His words you will feel a sense of your true Oneness with God and His Soul integration with you.

This book is intentionally unedited.

~In Loving Service to Humanity, Celestial and David~

Excerpts from the book

“Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God”

My Epiphanies

1…Thee, Myself and I

I want to make some salient points in this book, and this chapter is vitally important to those points. For so long now I have awaited the opening of My Children’s hearts and minds to My Greater Truths. For so long I have watched in mild dismay as more and more of you have chosen to walk the path of the disillusioned, the path of the self-righteous, the path that leads to destruction. I do not cry for anyone who makes this choice unconsciously, I do feel great sadness for those who make this choice consciously.

2…The Chosen Ones

Each of you is special and yet each of you is not. I do not indulge in favoritism nor should you. No one Soul is to be valued above another, please understand this. In order for all My Children to have the experience of walking in a physical world I have had to allow certain things to transpire. You have chosen to explore those alternate realities and to the best or worst of your abilities you have either come to the conclusion that you have had enough of the experience, or you are “not there” yet.

3…Care Taker Responsibility…

There are many ingenious factions at work in your minds that define, analyze and dissect all issues relative to unconscious growth and self-effacing mannerisms. Although I must say that the most reprehensible acts I have borne witness to throughout your sojourns on the Earth Star planet, have been the utter lack of and complete uncaring for assuming correct responses to any given situations. Especially if they are not ones that you, yourself, are participants in. WHY?

4…My Macrocosmic Vision…

It is during times of quiet mental composure that so many of you here can catch but brief glimpses of My vision. I can do many things that you cannot do while you are in mortal form. I can look at this world and while I am watching a portion of the on-goings of humanity, I can still see and hear all that is occurring on all other parts of this world. Hmm, perhaps I should call this, “My simultaneous ambidextrous Self.”

5…My Visionaries…

There has always been much misunderstanding about the term, “Visionaries.” I elected to have this letter be included in My book because it is so vitally important that you Children arrive at a better understanding of certain intangible forces that have been given tangible names or labels. I define “visionaries,” as follows: They are My silent army; they are My Earthbound Children who are here to assist My gathering Presence on this planet through the right use of their knowledge, wisdom and their clarity of thoughts, actions and deeds.


My heart becomes laden with a heavy load as I watch and listen to all the logical conclusions that people who believe in this grand event arrive at and how they got there in the first place. Of course there are also all the others, these factions are those who have not decided about this occasion yet, because they are not aware that this is taking place. The information, even the name, has not been a part of their consciousness


Why it is that so many Children choose to believe that what they accomplish or do not accomplish during their life is not a reflection of they, as Souls, after life? I do have the answers here for this question you know. Not the antidote for what ails them however. How you perceive yourself is important, how others do is merely a matter of perspective. The union of man and machine, i.e. technology, was intended to make life easier for you, not more complicated. When you become nothing more than a ghost lost inside the machine, you lose yourself, you lose your humanity and that My dear ones, is how you came to be so far off course as a species. You got lost inside the machine and that machine is logic.

8…The Human Factor..

I ask that you take the time to explore what makes people tick, what their passion in life is and what excites them about life. The shallowest amongst them will say football, beer and sex or shopping. The rest of you I would venture to say crave visually stimulating heartfelt interactions. Start asking people who they are, who they really are. Some know so much more about themselves than they would ever share with anyone else unless they are being prompted to by another sincere individual.

9…I AM…

Yes, I am as old as the Creation yet I am not as old as The Creator. Each of us who are Gods and Goddesses are the overseers of our respective Universes. We work in tandem with The Creator and the rest of Creation to bring into manifestation new expressions of Ourselves. We work with each of you, with each life form that exists in all the Universes, to further augment your ultimate goal, which is the reunification of yourself as Soul, to be as ONE with each of Us. Ultimately the result will be the reunion of all of Us with The Creator.

10… The New Book of Revelations…

Well, this is a telling moment, right? Think of this letter in particular not so much as show and tell, rather consider it to be an exploration of “Truths Untold.” I am not writing this letter, nor any of My letters in this book, to appease anyone or to pander to anyone’s misrepresentations of the truth.

11…Thy Will be Done…

Obviously, if something is happening to you, in particular if it is something noxious or detrimental that is being inflicted upon you, then I too am in a sense, experiencing it as well. Conversely, if you are in joy-joy mode then I too sense that and enjoy it. But how many of you stop to think about the ramifications that do occur that are centered on what you say or do?

12…Quantum Interference…

Quantum interference, this is a subject that you should all know well, yet most of you have not thought about its implications for very long nor have you thought about it enough. Have you not seen it rear its ugly head time and time again, just when you are feeling as if you are on top of the world and you have taken great strides in overcoming obstacles to the goals you have set for yourself? I think each of you has. Yet, time and time again as you have striven to move in forward momentum to initiate the necessary changes in your personal as well as professional lives, has there not been interference? Did this happen by chance?

13…Prevailing conditions…

Ok, this is where I suggest that you buckle up your seat belt and put on a hardhat. Things are going to get rough. I am well aware that everyone wants changes to be made, but they want them to be effortless and painless. Sometimes this is an easy task to accomplish, other times it is not. This writing is crucial to your understanding what is taking place and what will take place, as well as those things and events that can or may take place. It is because We have so much at stake here that I decided to just “let it all hang out.”

14…The Diversity of the Human Spirit…

In this moment I ask that each of you decide for yourself what it is that you wish to accomplish in this lifetime. What drives you, what excites you, what stimulates you, what will it take to make you feel as if you are alive and ready to take on the world? What you decide at this moment will be your guiding light for the times that are upon you. The indomitable human Spirit is alive; it is well, although it IS in need of an infusion of love’s most invigorating energies.


Each of you who can read this book of My writings and understand perhaps a bit more clearly the why and wherefore of all that I say, is a vast improvement over how poorly understood the truth has been up until now. In great measure it is definitely time for you each to understand the Light and all the implications relative to this Sacred energy.

16…The Coming of age of Collective Consciousness…

As I have said so many, many times, “it is NOT enough to know how the end to these dramas will take place, it is NOT enough to know what the probability of future events will be, it IS enough for you each to know that you are playing out your roles, just as you contracted to.”

17…A Celestial Tribute…

Now I will not be foolish and tell you that all you have endured has all been a walk in the park, for it most certainly has not. Yet in retrospective, when looking back throughout all your many journeys, throughout all the many detours you have taken in your life, you have learned some very important lessons. This knowledge, this priceless understanding and awesome comprehension of all you have learned, will stay with you forever. Once you have mastered existing in an elevated state you will be able to access all of this information that you have gathered together, and you will do so easily.

The Beginning

It was with each of you in mind that I sought to find the words to express MySelf adequately and as simply as possible. I too have awaited “so many timelines;” these have long been your words for the gathering together of gridline intersections. I have tried My hardest to encourage each of you to continue as best you could and be the best you could be.



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