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The God Book series – Beyond the Journey – Life in the Hereafters

We have just posted Part Two of

The Blue Star Transmission

Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you – Part 2

“Truth” is a triple-edged-sword. It can cut through lies and deceit, it can disempower a person’s beliefs, or it can attempt to cut down We who are the “Truth Talkers.”
There are only two forms of people now left on this planet. There is Group one and there is Group Two. Group one has had their Spiritual back broken, Group two people are moving forward keeping their momentum strong, accepting change and making cyclical changes with their minds, with their Power of Mind and experiencing new probabilities and new opportunities that you can say “Are written in Stone.”


Living life in your NEW normal while madness cavorts all around you – Part 1

There is too much to tell you ones about that does need to be explained. Too much you need to be aware of. So today we meet again to begin to discuss what you do not know as well as what you think you know. So very much has happened since my last message to all of you that it would be difficult to try to find a beginning for this transmission. In other words, it matters not where I begin this day; every day for the remainder of your lives . . .


We will be updating all our sites as we have time, so please be patient.


God and I


“Jesus The Christ”


Greeting everyone, and yes, our sites are still under construction, please be patient through this process. No, there is nothing wrong with your computer.

Salude, Celest and David


Blue Star Transmission is

The Predators vs The Travelers


11-18-2022 The Blue Star Transmission

“Battle on the Homefront”

It is indeed refreshing to see many peoples actually understanding with clarity what so many of us have been teaching you since “forever ago.” What is disheartening though is the millions and millions of people who could not struggle their way to the top because so many of those others who were sent here to teach people truly lost their own way on these harrowing journeys to life here. So, it has been because so many who lost their way and could not teach “advanced” truths and realities have now found themselves reaching out for those teachers who did survive the journeys here. These ones have had to double up and thus work ever so much harder than had been anticipated.
I also have more current and into the future news as well. – The very nano-moment…


It is also time for all of you to learn about the dark emergence of who we call The Sundowners.

“The Coming of Age of Collective Consciousness”

A Letter from God

The entirety of the Creation process is always striving for perfection of ItSelf as well as all aspects of the Creation; Those aspects are all life forms in ALL of this Universe, none are considered better than others, although many are wiser than others.

What is not well-understood on MY Earth Star planet is that the Creation process requires that all energies ascend and enhance themselves. In this manner it is the magnification of all molecules of intangible AND tangible energized motes of a massive and truly electrifying Light, which must ALWAYS format and reformat itself in a stream of contiguous momentum, that is of course synchronized to prevent any “bleed-throughs,” or gaps, occurring within the matrix of the Light Force.

It is this Creation process dear Children, that is always encouraging…

The “Blue Star Transmission”

“Bitter Harvest”


While singing “The Song of God

To “re-learn” “The Song of God” just follow the link above!


We are exercising our rights as Gods and Goddesses to write this missive.

God… (received by Celest) Children. I “suggested” that Celest and David follow through and write this document. There is so much for you all to learn and so little time that is still available for you to do this. I ask you each to please pay attention; do so as if I was the one writing this. The more you learn about life the more you learn about yourself. The better you apply yourselves to the acceptance of . . .


The Nature of Things amid the Clash of the Titans and They issued The Call – The Call has been Answered


People make strange Bedfellows which causes Fatal Attractions

(Special Note: A message from God: “For all those of you who do not remember “The Song of God,” I asked Blue Star to include it in this Blue Star Transmission. Read it, memorize it, print it out and share it with others.”) Now IS the Time and the Time IS NOW! Remember?


“No Boundaries and Unchartered Waters”


God and I


“Jesus The Christ”


“Marriage and Communicable Intent” and “God Is”


Kids Corner #29 “Understanding Our Life in the NOW


The Ice Mammoth Cometh and the Nevereneders


“The Christmas Soul Dance” A personal message


~ And After ~

“A Christmas Soul Dance” Event

This is an “ongoing”  Event which began on Friday December 3rd, 2021






11-10-21 The Blue Star Transmission is “The Diamond that comes out of the top of a nut


11-13-21 Voices of Cyclical Changes – “Unity of Purpose” – More New submissions to this post have been added. Please take time to read these.


9-22-2021 – “Sacred Trust”


9-17-21 NEW section: VOICES of Cyclical Changes – September 2021, some “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” teaching moments


9-17-21 NEW: Lessons From the Animal Beings – “A Very Small Hero”


Revelationary Information – “The Eclectic Nature of the merging of Higher Dimensions that are happening NOW as Anastasis welcomes them and their Cyclical Changes


“The Musical Oracles” A Universe-shaking Event

Although this event has already begun, it is still ongoing and each of you can continue to contribute to this Cosmic Wave at any time. And you should. Doing so benefits all of us.


“The Cosmos is Calling” Carol’s Astrological Perspectives


Excerpt from the 12-16-2020 Blue Star Transmission … – “God is clearly defining the road less traveled, which is the highway to heaven. The serious process of beckoning has begun. These summonses can not be ignored or they will be enforced. The Hand of God has been directing the traffic since March 11, 2020, on the highway to heaven. ” (scroll down to find the link to this VERY important message.)


“As the days pass and you feel that time is getting “shorter,” as you see so many rushing around to drink the last drop of water, know that we are there at your shoulders very much.”

Know that “TIME is NOT on your side.”

It has been deemed necessary to repost this information.

“Checking Sources and Aligning Energies” and “Bridging the Gap”


It has also been deemed prudent to remind everyone about

“Letting Go in order to Receive”


The Saga continues and other Feather-Ruffling information, and The Calm before the Shift-Storm.”


“Voices of Cyclical Changes”

From Celest and David

2-20-2021 – An update to this message was posted on the Bluestarspeaks website.

Original date of this message 8-21-2020

Every cycle in life is in search of completion and must be a reflection of and in the timelessness of the continuum. Then the next cycle can begin. In other words, all occurs within spatialness for linear time does not exist. This new project we are beginning is a collaboration of the changing voices on topics that need to be heard, discussed and ultimately understood in order for people to live their lives in the new NOW. But to do so in a better way in order for people to begin using the Power of Mind exponentially. We feel that by people working together to not only Create a better world but a better way to live life we can all do something wonderful for ourselves and for others. Many people will begin using ancient as well as new knowledge to enhance their understanding of how to continue to evolve and they will go on to teach others how to live a better life in a better way.

We will be having occasional conference calls throughout each year which would allow people to call in, speak with others on the calls, ask questions they may have relating to various topics and offering their own perspectives on different issues that may help them as well as others.

Some of the topics we will be discussing may be:

Living in multiple dimensions, gloaming, speaking with your Spirit Guides, protecting your psyche, telepathy, checking your sources, walking with one foot in each world, dimensional doorways, Soul matrix, speaking to Gatekeepers, Avatars, Master Teachers, how cycles of life are influenced by human beings behavior, the cause and effect of free expression, understanding bodily changes relative to new environments, forming Soul unions consciously, Soul Clusters, missions, understanding symbolism and recognizing signs. Soul voice keeping you on your path, Migrating to other locations. And many other topics which people on the conference calls can introduce to the group.

We can only offer this “Voices of the Cyclical Changes” program to people living in the United States. In order to be considered for possible inclusion in this new program please email


and in subject be sure to write the word “VOICES.”  People who will be part of the group will be given a call-in conference call number and password. It will be set up on the “no cost conference call” system. When we schedule a call we will give much advance notice and we will be asking people to let us know if they will be on that call.

It is going to take us a couple of months to set everything up because we too must prepare for the soon arriving winter. But please feel free to send your email and we will respond as soon as we can. We will remain in touch with those accepted into the program and can answer any question you may have about the program.

Salude … Celest and David

One Voice of – “Voices of Cyclical Changes”Hello from South Africa: The conference sounds fantastic.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take part being in Cape Town but this is just to send my good wishes to you in this endeavor.  I’m excited about this new level of awakening that begins to encourage us to fully embody ourselves now.

I am ready to continue this process on my side.  It certainly is not for the faint hearted and takes a lot of commitment and courage.  However, events unfolding now must be seen as a signal to us that it’s now or never. Best wishes, Adele


“A Telling Moment”

In Autumn of 2020

Today we had to send out some rejection notices to people who would like to participate in one of the next steps in their continual evolution, The “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” conference calls.

If you received one of these and IF your first response was ‘anger’ ask yourself “WHY?”

If you felt hurt or saddened, again ask yourself ‘why?”

Anger is but another clever guise “fear” uses when it raises its ugly head. And no “fear” is natural, IT IS a learned response. Our intent is not to cause you anger or pain, it is to bring attention to undealt with issues you have held in close proximity to your intellects self-preservation center. Which by the way was trained by WHO? If you were just taken back and had to think about what we just said for moment instead of instantaneously knowing then perhaps you need to re-visit your studies.

These are but simple examples of the basics in knowledge understood of what is required, needed, and necessary in order for anybody to be able to graduate from “The Earth Star Walk.” Hmmm, does ANYONE wonder why there are so many people on the Earth Star planet at this time… hmm, former schoolhouse planet – overpopulation… Yes we know, this is not something we have talked about publicly, somethings need to be intuited or figured out on your own.  Again, if you do not understand then perhaps you should try to and not regress and enter into a shell or stick your head in the sand. Believe it or not there are more people than you can imagine who will skim past or simply ignore what is not understood and move on with their jolly lives centered around intentional bliss of self-gratification over all else.

If the shoe fits… Stand up to it, own it. “Take A Stand,” if not now… then when?

What does it mean to BE a true human being? Do you remember the difference between being human and hu-man?

We have been dutifully helping everyone to ‘remember, remember, remember’ for over 31 years. WHY, because we are all connected. Remember what “ALL That IS” is? How about “GOD I AM?” Do you remember what THE LIGHT in Lightworker stands for? Basics, basics, basics. Sometimes the need arises to revisit the basics and when or if the need arises whose responsibility is it to recognize what needs to be remedied? WE can not do it all for you nor will we. How can you help others, how can you teach others if you don’t take care of yourself, your SELF? IF you have not found your own center (forget about being in balance) and have learned to walk with one foot in both worlds at the same time, especially now… your time is running out. Again, do you understand this as well?   

This lifetime is full of blessings and another another chance to get things right while playing out our/your roles in this Life of Lives that The Creator and The Creation Processing generously offers to each of us by allowing us the blessings reincarnation keeps “Gifting” us with. Do you understand?

Love is unconditional, what you do with what has been given to you… there’s that darn personal-responsibility again!

Each of us READ our Soul Contracts BEFORE we signed them, we reviewed “The Movie of our upcoming lifetime” over and over and over again before we RE- incarnated this time around. ALL is KNOWN by you, WE are just trying to help you to remember, remember… remember!

And the chiming of bells rings out IN ALL Universes

“And you give Birth to Wisdom”

Salude, David of Arcturus


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AND… “Happy Anniversary” to all those truly special Starkeepers who remained here on Earth when the Mother Ship arrived on October 7th 2007! Damn the Torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead.




Note: The two articles below are very important. Please take your time when reading them.

“Your Life in Retrospect – NOW play it Forward”

“The Best in People … The Worst in People … In the NOW NEW NORMAL Life on the Earth Star Planet”


Awakened Hearts Update Notices

Welcome to The Golden NOW.

As the NEW People of the NEW Earth you each are Terra’s (Earth’s) “Advocates for Justice.”

Join us now as we SING “The eternal Song of God” together and elevate this world and all of her inhabitants into a new existence, ONE unlike anything anyone here on Earth has ever seen or envisioned before.

The TIME is NOW. Dream yourself awake and remember, remember, remember. Remember WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE HERE … NOW!

We will be waiting for you in

The Valley of The Ancients.”

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