Why this website?


“On May 23rd, 2005, we had a visitation from God.

It was a day no different than any other until then. No, He did not arrive in a burning bush or by any other vehicle; none of the angelic realm were blowing trumpets. We were caught off guard, totally unaware that this portentous visit would occur. He spoke in a type of cadence, in a soft, gentle voice that was verbal but non-verbal at the same time. He simply stated His wishes; that we were to write His words; He gave us the title that was to be written and asked that each and every word remain as His own. We did not then or now ask “why us?” We can tell you all that we felt extremely light, surreal, tingling feet and vibrating throughout all portions of our bodies. “Time” ceased. What you are about to read is to the best of our ability every word, declaration and answer that He feels is important for humanity at this time.”

How do we know these words are from God?

Because we were there and we know how to check our Sources for authenticity.

We were also instructed to build a website for Him… in our free time.   This is a compilation of information from God and His Children.   This is how this site came to be.



Long, long ago it was foreseen that this timeline would indeed arrive. It was important that all pertinent information related to the ascension and evolution of the Human race be made readily available for all who chose to seek it. As long ago as has there been linear time it was decreed that both Celest and David along with many others would be My scribes and give to the people what was needed the most, SOUL FOOD.

This website, all of Celest and David’s websites, are dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the form of knowledge. I encourage each who ventures here to absorb the information that is being freely shared at this crucial, life defining, time. It will make your transition into a finer state of Be-ing much more pleasant and less painful than it would be otherwise.

The Genesis is here for all who seek to re-connect with My Self. In Loving service to humanity, to all My Children of varied races, cultures and beliefs…I Bid you Welcome.

Journey well…God


A special note from Celest and David.

On June 13th, 2005 we received a brief message from God.

“I shall be communicating more letters to Celestial and David in “My” own time. Some of the information I will share concerns “Passion,” “Success,” “Paradise,” and other timely information to assist you in your journey.”

We will be adding writings and updating this site periodically.


On 12-1-2012 God asked us to Create God’s Message Board where He can leave impromtu messages for people whenever He sees fit.


Book News

On 7-11-2010 Celest was told that God wanted us to write a complete series of His books. David later talked to God about this matter and was told that this was predestined long, long, ago. In accordance with this new responsibility we will be posting the titles of these upcoming books at this time.

The entire God Book series consists of:

The first four books are available on our “Ethereal Transformation” store pages and book chapter excerpts are listed on this website.

All books are available in Dutch as well thanks to Maria in the Netherlands who has been translating them for us.

#1 And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said… Volume One

Volume one is also available in Spanish

#2 Beyond the Veil~Epiphanies from God

#3 And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said… Volume Two   (Became available 7-26-2011)

#4 The Code (Became available 11-15-2011)

#5 Beyond the Journey

#6 Advocates for Justice

#7 Winter People who Ride the Wind

#8 Avatars in the Valleys of the Ancients

Stay Tuned for these and more from God and Celest and David..


We see this dream below as another reason why this website was so necessary.

Here is my (Celest) dream of 7am Tuesday morning Oct. 25th, 2005…

The Creator called out to me, I was then instantly taken to stand alongside of Him. We stood side by side on air, levitating far, far above the Earth Star planet. He pointed to Earth and said “Look My child; see what it is that I have had to do now.” I looked at the earth and suddenly I saw areas all over this world where certain people have been encapsulated within huge crystal domes. He then said “I have had to do this in order to protect those that have yet to come into their destiny and those that have now approached their destiny. I can keep them safe this way. They do not see the domes, they do sense and feel much light, protection and at times, a “floating” sense, much they way the do in their “true home.”

He then told me to look at all the other places he was pointing to. All over the universes that suddenly appeared in front of me, there were worlds totally encapsulated in the domes, one dome for each selected world, as far as I could see. Many worlds were not covered, just as millions of people here on this planet are not encapsulated. I understood.

The Creator was looking quite stern and sad, his wide brow was deeply furrowed yet appeared to furrow even more so right in front of my eyes, as He looked over all those people and worlds that have not ….yet….earned the beauty and safety of the globe. The domes looked just like the type that you see over holidays; when you shake them up the snowflakes slowly move up and down.



“As the days pass and you feel that time is getting “shorter,” as you see so many rushing around to drink the last drop of water, know that we are there at your shoulders very much.”

Know that “TIME is NOT on your side.”


This quote is from the movie “The Power of One”

In South Africa and around the world the struggle to gain human dignity and equal rights for all people continue! Changes can come from the power of the many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible, “The Power of One.”


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