Blue Star the Pleiadian

Blue Star the Pleiadian

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Meet Blue Star the Pleiadian¬†– I am Blue Star the Pleiadian; I am a member of the Pleiadian Guardians, I am a teacher and warrior. I command a star ship we call the “Sedora.” I am part of the Galactic Federation and work with the walk-ins on the earth star planet as well as with all those other of my brethren engaged in humanitarian efforts. I am as old as the Creator but not as old as the Creation. My original ancestors were the Lyrians, many of them later founded Lemuria and Atlantis, that was after The Great War. When peace reigned once again on my home the Pleiades, The Divine Force issued a prime directive to me. I was asked to organize a parley, to format a program that would assist the earth star planet humans in finally attaining peace and freedom from the Illuminati.

Although God and The Creator cautioned me that this would be a formidable task, I was well aware that the success of this Spirit endeavor would be well worth the journey into madness. Throughout the centuries the Great Force of Illumination has worked with us to achieve our long awaited goal. I work with the Rainbow Warriors in this venture by aiding those walk-ins whose destinies are intertwined with our project. My daughter and I did Create the Blue Star Speaks internet website in 1997 for the purpose of awakening those sleepers who have been awaiting our “arrival.” This also provides us with a forum where we can teach and encourage all other like-minded Souls. My Celestial daughter is also a volunteer in this “project planet earth star venture,” although from time to time I have heard her mutter something about fine print in her Soul contract. Oh well, like father like sun.

Special Note: Blue Star is Celest’s father.