Commander Theda

Commander Theda Shares With All of Us Her Wisdom and Truths

Theda is a Commander and liaison of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keeper Forces Flagship. She is Arcturian.   We physically made “first contact” with Theda early in 2004, Her communiqués were not unexpected. She is a unique individual who had been hovering overhead awaiting a specific linear timeline before connecting with us, as she stated, again. We have spent the time since then retaining our connection and listening to her sage advice. Theda generously consented to allowing us to interview her, knowing we would be posting it on this site.

Now we give you Theda

“I am Theda, a Commander of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Peace Keepers Forces, chief Officer of the Interplanetary Diversionary Project, expert on holographic projectile infusions and former explorer of ancient worlds. As a young child I was trained in the arts of stellar communication and the proper raising of hydroponic foods. I was a liaison for the exchange program of Pleiadian and Arcturian students, I studied under Ewashon, a highly placed commander of the Arcturian planet, who taught me the interfacing and laser technology necessary to pilot our ships. As a young adult I excelled in the studies of holographic projectory and the advanced courses on diversionary tactics. I was approached by a High Fleet Commander who proposed my name to the Euburian Council as a possible Administer of the Peace Keepers Forces, which had just been initiated. My name was accepted by Council and I began 14 years, in my time measurement, of intensive training.”

“I will not reveal all of the training techniques solely because earth people cannot all be trusted; however, part included the exploration of ancient worlds where advanced cultures now thrive. I was accompanied at that time of training by 34 other individuals whose destines aligned with my own. We all learned many languages that we needed to learn in order to interact with more primitive life forms. To date, I now can speak, when necessary, in 134 languages. Many are Earth Star “lingo.” I was issued my own ship 612 years ago, again in my time measurements. I was given my own fleet 124 years ago.”