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The Time to Know is Now

Family Curse

Family Curse

The answer that people are always searching for is to the question “what’s wrong with my life?” The real questions they should be asking themselves about are the following: was I raised to believe in truth or was I raised to believe in the illusions of truth? Was I raised to have prejudices against people of other colors? Was I religiously indoctrinated? Am I setting a good example for my family, for my friends and for myself? Do I respect the choices of others without being judgmental? Here are more questions for you to think about. Are you allowing people to learn from their mistakes and are you learning from your own mistakes? Can you see the actions of others and understand that two wrongs do not make a right?  Can you love people with the understanding that you do not have to always agree with them? Have you learned to love yourself yet? If you can not love yourself how can love another? This is how is how the generational family curse is passed on from one to another to another. If people do not learn to respect other peoples’ boundaries, then how can they expect to have their own respected? It is not about the color of skin, everyone bleeds red.

It is about how you have been taught to perceive others and how you react to your own perceptions that define you as a true human being. People should not value others more than they value themselves, yet if they have grown up in unrealistic situations that truly have no value then they can not teach their own families or even their own friends about things they themselves know nothing about. The history of the people of this planet is bias and prejudice born again and again and again. This only creates more disharmony and unhappiness and causes the gap that exists between races to widen even more.

Men and women have been battling each other since forever and their children grow up the same way. As long as this type of hatred, competition and lack of morality exist, the family curse goes on. The 99 percent is representative of all the different types of mental enslavement and physical duress that have been commonplace all over this planet since the beginning of time. But even the 99 percent can unconsciously become a magnet for many instigators and troublemakers who can care less about the principles of truth and justice. They are just what they are, troublemakers. If it were possible, which it is not, to trace the family life of each of these troublemakers, you would see that it is simply history repeating itself. The troublemakers are placed within the 99 percent by the malcontents of society who are intent on disrupting good people’s attempts for justice. The malcontents all have hidden agendas. There are many neo-Nazi’s, KKK members and every type of hate group you can imagine who are contributing overall to the family curse. So on the one hand you have the good citizens of the planet struggling valiantly to not only have their voices heard, but to establish a true democracy worldwide. On the other hand many of these individuals are being used by the very people who are the tormentors of society. The tormenters are the ones who are also aligned with the one percent, as well as with the emotionally unstable people.

People seem to need to have a hero or heroine to be the ones who create change. But if these heroes or heroines do not have the people’s best interests at heart then nothing can change except the further decimation of the human races. The curse is an all prevailing mass of thought, like a hoard of locusts let loose and consuming everything good in their path. The most difficult challenge people have today is to leave their former mental programming and start to think for themselves. What a concept. It requires work and personal responsibility and the ability and the willingness to admit you are wrong when you are. It means standing up even to your children, lovers, spouses, whoever, and saying, “just because you want to believe in those illusions does not mean I do.” Forget about trying to find truth and honesty in the media, it is a very bad joke. If you can just search your mind and clear out the junk, diffuse unjust angers and put an end to the generational curse, you can be your  own media. No, this will not be a popular stand, however one person standing in truth can begin to turn the tide.

The curse has been a continuous case of pattern making. Change is not static nor is it repetitious, but it does require work. Everybody wants to say they walk their walk, yeah right. The problem is they don’t walk their talk.

The family curse is an insidious infection. Everybody wants their children to grow up and be better and do more than they themselves have done. How can the children do that if their minds are not educated in truth sans illusions and understand the harsh reality that this is not a perfect world? It has been a long time since the teachers have taught the children to think for themselves and even longer since many parents have taught by example.

To nonviolently stand up for yourself is a scary proposition for most people. Yet if the people don’t do it, who will?

We suggest that you consider the curse as the “majority” and “change” as the true minority. There is nothing wrong with being a minority unless you are part of the one percent.

There is not a culture or a class distinction on this planet that is exempt from the family curse. The beat just goes on and on and on. If you are wondering how you can create change we can give you the simple answer. You create change by becoming a part of change. Just remember, this may not be a popular stance to take but other people will see or hear about it when you start doing it. And in time the family curse will be exorcised. Are you up for this challenge? We are.

(Note: there may be more than one posting on this topic)

Celest and David
The Time to Know is Now /

Special Edition – 2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer”

Special Edition from The Masters

2012 The Year of “Diversion and Conquer”

Master Kato (received by Celest) We as a collective have decided to ask Celestial to write our words for an important dissertation with you based on all that we are currently observing and hearing from all races on this planet. I had asked our old friend Blue Star the Pleiadian to not discuss this yearly overview this time as he normally does and to instead allow us to address this year’s theme. He graciously consented which is why we are here this day to share this important information with you. Far too many Planetizens of all races are going to extremes in how they are coping with this year’s anomalous nature. Truly good people here are aghast at how “mainstream” people are simply gorging themselves on their own ideas of a good life, even though it is all but an illusion. These people have poorly constructed visceral perceptions of what is really ongoing here, as well as what they force themselves to BELIEVE is going on here. These are the ones who can not and will not accept the truth of the situations of the real world. About 98% of them will pass over from mortality fighting the truth with their last breath of life. It would be bad enough if in fact these people were only hurting themselves. However, there is a whiplash effect that is impacting on the good people who are struggling to maintain their Spiritual stance while holding on to their beliefs, sometimes hanging on by only their fingertips.

Planetizens, I urge you to pay attention to what is really happening here! Yet again too many of you are fooling yourselves into believing that nothing is happening on the Earth Star planet the way it should. This translates into meaning that you believe nothing is happening the way YOU think it should. Again and again and again you have all been told that so much more is happening here than you can possibly conceive of. Celestial has told you, David has told you, Blue Star has told you, the God of this Universe has told you, how many more times do you need to hear this before you concede that it is? There is an “inflammation” ongoing here that is directly affecting your minds, your emotions and your beliefs. This was a planned invasive method to effectively keep the mainstream people regaling themselves with trivial pursuits and sinking more deeply into their own desired ignorance of all that is occurring here. Furthermore, this invasive process has been simultaneously attacking all of you who should know better than to accept the grossly manipulated and bastardized versions of truth that are assaulting you.

The very nano moment the demon riders discovered that their nefarious plans for humanity and for Terra had been disclosed to the public by the God of this Universe, (*Celest here, Master Kato is referring to the information God disclosed in The Code,) they immediately recreated situations for this year geared to bring down even the most stouthearted among you. Goodhearted people who are also Spiritual have a visible Achilles Heel. This is where your vulnerability lies. You want so desperately to see people change for the better that at times your desire is all-consuming. This causes a shattering effect within your shields because you are trying to change something that you CAN NOT. How many times must you be told, “You can only change what you can only change.” To attempt to do otherwise places you in the unenviable and precarious situation of interfering in others’ destinies. Obviously I am not speaking of Soul agreements made among you and others in your Cluster. During this present timeline in this year of 2012, trying to change others’ beliefs is absolutely the LAST thing you should do. Karma is already quite busy enacting Karmic rewards and pursuing Karmic violators. I have stated before that you should forget about the chronological numbers of this year and focus instead on what it truly means. It is about EVENTS, not a 4 digit number! One of the events now taking place here is about the old tried and true method the riders have of “diversion and conquer.” This is but another devious example of history repeating itself. The riders have used this technique quite successfully for as long as they have been on this planet.

It has become more simplified for them now because they have this vast field of greedy and willing human counterparts to assist them. Spiritual Planetizens are USUALLY better able to tell when diversions are cast in front of them. This has proven to be quite literally a Godsend when these types of people here immediately KNOW to maintain their clarity. They are watchful when any change of focus on something suddenly alters into something else that simply is not in anyone’s best interests. However, this chronological year of 2012 which is simply the forerunner for the next 100 years of great change, has caused many people of all races to be brainwashed into believing the unbelievable. It is not always as easy for them to see through these illusions as it once was. I ask you all to imagine for a moment that you are standing outside in the middle of a monsoon. For those of you who have never witnessed the monsoonal times, think of it as the absolute heaviest rainstorm you can possibly imagine. The rain is so heavy and is so uncompromising that it is hard for you to catch your breath. Because of the steadfast conditions you are in the midst of, it is very difficult for you to see and ultimately you find yourself feeling quite miserable.

This is what is happening here all over the planet. But it is not monsoonal conditions that are affecting you. At least… not yet. What I have asked you to visualize is actually occurring in the forms of millions of dark energy streamers swarming all over Terra. It is all hell let loose! These streamers are of the greatest proportions of malefic energies ever to inundate the Earth Star planet. They are also part of diversionary tactics. Their intent is to pummel the clarity and determination of the minds and Souls of Spiritual people while further decimating and befouling the minds, attitudes and desires of mainstream people of all races. This causes these types of people, the mainstream ones, to fall more deeply into their already finely honed desires to follow the trail of the illusions set forth by the Illuminati. Planetizens take heed: all of you must stop wallowing in “what could have been” and accept the fact that humanity has been severely compromised. More so now than at any other time. Stop expecting others to suddenly wakeup and smell the stench that the riders always leave in their wake. Stop wailing and groaning and feeling as though you could do more on your part to open the eyes of the unilluminated!

Accept the incontrovertible fact that people only see WHAT they want to WHEN they want to. Also come into a more evolved state of awareness that you too are being tested. Are you putting your beliefs into action or are they merely lying around and beginning to decompose through non-use? Are you able to see the truth of the matter through the streamer storms? Are you able to accept the fact that it IS difficult to always see clearly when the forest and the trees all look alike? Can you yet understand that the millions and millions of people here of all races are too afraid to believe truth; therefore they unconsciously feel that they must accept the illusions of truth? They do so because they are too afraid NOT to. Do you understand that believing truth has its consequences just as not believing truth has? If you believe in truth and follow the path of truth it can be a very lonely life here on this particular planet. It also means that when you see and hear of so many of your fellow human beings still living decadent lifestyles and purchasing the most unimaginable toys as a means of reinforcing their illusions, you MUST learn to deal with it! Those who do not listen and learn to deal with these unhealthy situations will without doubt stumble and fall themselves. This would be the ultimate tragedy.

A stumble may start with sheer disgust at what you witness; it may become an active dislike for those people who follow illusions. A stumble may take on new dimensions of your heretofore lack of prejudice and CAUSE you to become all that you detest. Do you see? A stumble is merely a precursor to the further fall of the human races. What you are learning about this day also includes how humanity is becoming more and more divided among itself. These dark streamers of which I speak also foster erotica, bias, unhappiness, greed, lack of trust, discontent, Spiritual-mental and physical abuse, uncertainty and devious agendas. Here however is the other side of the coin: thanks to the magnanimous gesture of the Creator and the Creation processing, it has been decreed that this year and continuing on for the next 100 years, not a day shall pass without the dark illusions and the very dark human counterparts being revealed for all to see. YES, this is a worldwide event! Just because you may not hear or witness the truth being revealed for instance in Tunisia, does not mean that the people living there are unaware of it.

If you live in Chicago you are well aware of what is going on in your neighborhood; you learn who is doing what to whom and then the real tests begin. Regardless of where you live, MUCH is happening right under your noses. Planetizens, the tests are whether or not you will rise to the occasion and allow those people to fall who are already exhibiting clear-cut signs of hate, jealousy, discontent erupting into rage and everything else that is unhealthy and unjust, or will you rush in where even Angels refuse to go and try to save people from themselves. Saving people from themselves is not your responsibility. All things considered, I would have to suggest to you that you have enough to do just holding on to your sanity and your OWN Soul. Love your fellow humans enough to let them fall. You do not know when someone else may love you enough to do it for YOU.

Obviously if you happen to be witnessing a brutal act being directed at an innocent person, if you can stop it without causing undue harm to yourself, that is another story. I would like to think you are all wise enough to understand this basic tenet of “to serve and protect.” Soul Clusters are now receiving the long sought ringing of the bell which summons them to assist all the good people here that they can. I said “good.” We are all watching those who are helping others and those who could but do not. Karma! Karma occurs throughout your immortal time as Soul. You would be wise to remember that. We are not the only ones watching. The demon riders are now chortling at the gross lack of caring for others that is now reaching an unheard of apex, a crescendo of sorts. This Planetizens, is part of the Illuminati’s “conquer methodology.” Who do you think implants and intones fear-ridden messages into your minds? Who you think is encouraging all those people who follow illusions to continue to do so? Who do you think implores people who are USUALLY good people, to distance themselves from those in need and from those who could strengthen the waffling peoples’ beliefs? Living by example and teaching by example are primary methods of bolstering the confidence of those who waffle.

You are bearing witness to the “time of the great fall” whether you want to or not. It is what it is. If your mind can not be conquered than YOU can not be. As for the others in mainstream life…. they are hiding in the darkest recess of their minds but the streamers and the riders know exactly where they are and WHO they are. Now Planetizens as I take my leave this day, I ask you to simply accept what you must and still continue on fighting the good fight. We are making our presences known throughout this world. We are revealing ourselves to many, many of you. Some of you know us immediately while it will take a bit of time for others to have this recognition.

Be aware however that many more diversions will be presented to all people of all races. Know them when you see them and act accordingly. In this manner you will not fall, nor will you fail yourself or fail those who love you best. Yes, many of you will hear our voices whispering and warning you that you are starting to believe in the unsavory diversions. Whether you listen to us or not will determine if we warn you again.

We speak as ONE.. Salude… Master Kato and the collective of Masters

The Masters /

When Expectations and Reality Collide 1-8-12

When Expectations and Reality Collide


2012 has entered with a loud, very harsh discordant wham of dissociative energies colliding with so many peoples’ hopes, dreams and aspirations. It has dealt a telling blow to the emotional and Spiritual equilibrium of people all across this world, regardless of what their beliefs are. Although this is precisely what we ourselves have been expecting to see happen, even though we had warned many people about this, it appears our warnings have been in vain, for the most part. Ironically this rollercoaster of sweeping energies began only a few hours before New Year’s Day. Since that day we have been hearing from people all over the planet whose emotional barometer is in a tizzy.

Here is the first category of people:

Some people, who should know better, are angry with God because the “same old same old” situations are still occurring. The range of emotions we are hearing of range from:


Stress without tangible reason

Unlimited anger

Feelings of violence

Vast disappointment in other people

Strange fatigue

Disjointed thoughts

Disappointment with Divinity

And the list goes on and on. And these are the good people! Yes, this also includes the ridiculous notions that so many of these people had that they would be “lifted up, they would ascend” and guess what? It did not happen! So much for using discernment. In peoples’ haste, their desire to leave this planet and be free of all the unforgiving and unfathomable minds of other people here, the good people FORGOT or did not know about certain things that would take place here this year. People just do not take the time to understand “matter and energy.” MOST people are aware that all matter is energy but even they do not seem to realize that ALL energy exists on vastly different frequencies. No two are the same. All energy also exists on vastly different levels. Some of these vibratory levels CAN conjoin with same levels of frequencies, while other vibratory levels can rupture the frequencies. Because the Greater Consciousness that you have been waiting for is now operating at full throttle, it was inevitable that the clash between the frequencies and vibrations would occur.

The result is in great part what you have been experiencing. A few, a very few of you are aware of this. You have not only been acting AND REACTING non-sensibly to this impact on your own thoughts, you are still not aware of what this jet-stream incorporates. What we have written below is where the disconcerting energy is originating.

Here is the second category of people:

The second category are people who have disruptive natures, live in lust, hateful minds, hateful hearts, extremely violent tendencies, very damaged psyches. Their energies are like parasites seeking new hosts. Many religious people whose beliefs and bias are bounding up and down like an uncontrolled escalator. All drug addictions and the intensity of the drugs are causing people to have more dangerous thoughts and they are beginning to act upon them. Episodes of domestic violence and suicidal tendencies are escalating more so than at any time before. More politicians are acting out in sheer lunacy more so than any previous time in history. So many youths are out of control. Thoughts of vengeance founded on desperation and hate fill the air. Weather patterns are changing and impacting upon people, especially the people who are already emotionally unstable. And you wonder what’s wrong?

People need to understand that all the emotions that are coming from category two people are living energies that are just blasting through the hearts and minds of good people. Most people who are empathic, extremely sensitive to the emotions, feel it to the highest degree. Energy aligns with LIKE energy. That is the Cosmic rule. This means that these corrosive energies can and will impact upon you IF you allow it to. For example, have you ever been in a crowded room, perhaps a crowded elevator, or on a packed bus and you were feeling really good at the time? Did you notice that all the people around you were not feeling the same way, that there was a depressed feeling about them? Then what happened to you? The point is that that type of energy carries over and contaminates happy or stable people like a virus. Unless you realize what has happened you will succumb to the same energy.

Reality checks mean you have to look outside the box. You cannot go through this life, especially this year, thinking that everything will change overnight. It will not. And you can not go through this year believing that you can not be affected by that contagion. However, knowing what the enemy is and in this case the enemy IS the contagion, is how each of you can defeat it. Yes, there is a better life for all of us, but it will not happen in a blink of an eye this year. Believe us, if we did not know that this better way of life will be here soon, we would be the first ones off the planet. But guess what, we’re still here and we’re still standing.

Category three: Are the people who just don’t care. We have nothing more to say about them.

Then there is the fourth category: These are the Shadow Riders who are making their last stand.

We know no easy way to say this so we will just be blunt. This year, your beliefs your foundation in life, your realities, your determination to succeed “against all perceived odds,” your belief in Divinity, your belief in God HimSelf and above all your belief in yourself, will be tested mightily. Whether you succeed now or not is up to you. But then it always has been.

Those who can not cope with the shock and awe factor that began sweeping through at the beginning of this year will have great difficulty in keeping their emotional and Spiritual composure intact. People are stepping outside their own “center” before they built their foundation there. That would be the same as standing in a boat that has no deck. So they can not go anywhere but down. You do not want to be around them when they fall, they may be looking at you as if you were their “life preserver.” In that case, you will all drown. Don’t become a casualty of other people’s circumstances. You are now participating in the Third World War, the final world war. The greatest war for and about the mind. It is a battle for your mind and your Soul. Whether you like it or not this is a year of great intensity, deal with it.

Great expectations will take place and become part of a new reality, but they will not happen at the speed you wish. This is the Earth you know! Far too many people are expecting other people to change forthwith. Nobody changes for the better unless they want to and then actually proceed to do it. Human nature’s tendency is to revert back to what they know best.

We wish you the best for 2012 and beyond…. Celest and David

If you have a website, please post this. If you have an email list, please send it out. This way you can be of service to others while still helping yourself.

The Time to Know is NOW –

An Invitation we are extending to you – Posted 8-25-11

The Time to Know is Now –

"An Invitation we are extending to you"

the time to know is now

Celestial and Shamaan Eagle


It is time for us to issue yet another call. We are inviting you to join hands and prayers or formulated mind thoughts with us now. As you should all know by now, we are in the midst of personal and planetary changes here on this world, the likes of which have never been seen before, although perhaps some of you have envisioned them. Much of the still upcoming destruction, devastation, loss of life and the unnecessary suffering during this transitionary phase need not materialize and become the "worst of the worst case scenarios." There are Light workers and Light Weavers all over this planet that have consciously issued the call to those wondrous Souls of the Spirit World, the Star Keepers of other worlds, the Creator and the God of this Universe, and asked that they become active participants in Earth and humanity’s ascension into the fourth and fifth dimension.

This plea for help is accepted and recognized among all the other evolved civilizations throughout this Universe. However, this is not enough. More must be done. Universal law clearly states "nothing can enter unless it has been invited." As an example: The initial death spiral of Terra began because people refused to change, refused to evolve Spiritually and consciously. Even though Terra repeatedly asked the human race to change, the only changes enacted were even more diabolical than the ones that preceded them. The human race failed in most regards to "learn their chosen lessons." Yes, there were outside influences that contributed to the delinquency and laziness of most people. However, we are stating for the record that the time to continuously laying all blame on the doorstep of the Illuminati is over! They may have taught people to shun accepting personal responsibility, however, for heaven’s sake, no one had to accept that as a way of life, now did they? What will it take to stir the hearts and minds of the people and cause them to enact good changes for just cause?

We wonder, how much longer will the people of Earth continue to use this crutch, the "I didn’t know" cop-out as a means of defending their stout stances of defiance, complacency and procrastination? Why would people not want to evolve into finer expressions of themselves? The people used their God given right of "free expression" to continue on a path of self-destruction instead of self-preservation and self-evolvement. No longer will this be allowed. This planet will be saved, she will be allowed to survive and thrive as she was originally intended to be. Will the human race survive? Yes. But as we have stated before, not all of it. Who will survive is in one measure up to those who reside in the different geographic areas. It is up to all of us who currently reside here on this planet and call this world our home to make a positive difference. No, this is not going to be an easy time for anyone; the severity and duration of this transitory period IS up to each of us, we who are the people of this world. Mass consciousness needs to CONTINUE to change and align itself with the newly formed collective consciousness. All consciousness needs to continually evolve, it needs the ability to fly unfettered, uninhibited. The only way to do this is by educating the "ordinary" people who still slumber in the dark. Inform them, when you can, enlighten them when you know they are receptive to the truth. Let them know that so much can be avoided by simply "issuing the call" for assistance. It need not be any harder than that.

Below is an excerpt from the May 30, 2010 New Light Message through the vessel Shamaan Eagle: (posted on the website)

[This is from the "Star Nation"] "Many do wonder why we have not come in physical form into your world. The answer is simple in the extreme: we have not been invited yet. Conditions that besiege your world require that we now exercise greater involvement in directions and choices taken. We are greatly saddened that we are not allowed to do more to relieve these conditions. We await invitation. If we are invited before the Great Dryness that is being created begins, much, much, suffering can be avoided. We do beseech you through your prayers you may help open the door to our more full participation in assisting your world to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is so. "

Shamaan…They show me that a world-wide drought is being created by the manipulations being done to the atmosphere – having the exact opposite effect they are trying to prevent. Nuclear catastrophe will be easier to avoid, but the great dryness, once it begins, will take a terrible toll, everywhere, everywhere.

(Celest and David continue) The awakening of the late bloomers must continue. One by one, God’s work, our work, will be done. Those who are currently unaware must still ask for assistance. Each person who does so willingly, for all the right reasons, does so to be part of the solution to what ails the human race. If not, the duration of this life altering event here onEarth will last for much longer than need be. All of you who are reading this are teachers to one degree or another; use what you have learned to teach others. Spread the word. Ask for off world help. Evidence of their presence will become more pronounced in the days ahead. You can lessen the fears of the masses who are not in awareness of these everyday appearances by our Star Keeper brethren, by sharing your accumulated wisdom. You know more than you think you do….you just do not KNOW that!

There are many Ascended Masters who walk among you, more so now than at any other time in Earth’s history. They are here by God’s invitation, they have always been here, whether you know it or not. This IS the time you have all waited for; this IS the time all your other lifetimes have prepared you for. Now is not the time to take a wait and see attitude. The linear experience known as "Time" is everyday evaporating even more, speeding its way into the timelessness which exists within the continuum. There is little time left to Take a Stand.

Here is a message from the Star Keepers who are currently here among us as well as from those who circle this world from above aboard their Ships of Light…

"WE, the collective of Beings who are here to take part in this the "Greatest Show on Earth" ask that you ask us, that you invite us, that you allow us to help you. You were never intended to do it all on your own, it would be foolish to think otherwise. The reformation of this world is a huge undertaking, one that you do not currently have the knowledge and expertise necessary to expedite this event all by yourselves. We do have the means to force the necessary changes and we will, IF we have to. However, we would prefer to do it with your consent instead of using force. This world will change dramatically in the days, months and years which lie ahead. What you once considered socially acceptable will no longer be allowed. What you once took for granted may no longer be. It is time to be prudent and prepare yourselves both Spiritually as well as physically. The times are now upon you that will demand your utmost focus and intent. We CAN help you through these changes; however you must first invite us. No, we are not saying that many of you have not already done so. What we are referring to are the people who still constitute the "walking asleep." They, just like you, are a part of the whole and therefore must be consulted as well. We love this world and all of you as our brothers, sisters and cousins. In truth, you all are our descendents, so how could we possibly love you any less than we love ourselves?"

(Celest and David continue) So issue the call, you do not need a dime or a quarter to do so. All you need to do is to reach out and beckon to them with open arms. Obviously you should always be sure of calling in only those who are OF the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness.

Celest and David

The Time to Know is Now –

Life – Posted 8-25-11



By Celest and David 8-25-11

We are exercising our rights as Gods and Goddesses to write this missive.

God… (received by Celest) Children. I "suggested" that Celest and David follow through and write this document. There is so much for you all to learn and so little time that is still available for you to do this. I ask you each to please pay attention; do so as if I was the one writing this. The more you learn about life the more you learn about yourself. The better you apply yourselves to the acceptance of the transitory state of eventual physical death, the more you will still learn about life.

What are dying energies?

These are a series of many molecules of cohesive matter that have either aged through longevity, or slowly begin a stage of entering diminished capacity because of illness or the corruption of the psyche. In either case, they are a forerunner of physical death. Many times dying energies may look for a new host. IF the corruption of a psyche is due to the parasitic invasive properties produced by dark energies, then that psyche contains all the necessary elements for the dark energy streamers to inhabit at will. In a manner of speaking those types of energies are carried in the wind, waiting to attach themselves to anyone whose resistance is low, either because they are still not completely sure of their beliefs, or because (and light workers need to be aware of this,) the people work so hard and such long hours that they wear themselves down. This makes them a viable target. Dying energies that have been an extremist grouping of the dark has its own survival instinct. It is to destroy the Light. If the dark can not find anything or anyone to feed upon it will turn on itself and self-combust.

What is living energy?

All energy is living, to one degree or another. The dark is on a collision course with Light. So, dark energy is in a real sense fighting for its survival while the Light is always attempting to supplant the dark with Light matter. However, when Light is surrounded by dark the physical vehicle can be overwhelmed at times. If it is impossible for the dark to overcome the psyche, it will then attack the physical vehicle. Or if the immune system is weak there is a high probability that those people will be overcome. Then it comes down to the will of the person, the will determines whether they will successfully fight it off or succumb to physical death.

How does the dark find some of its victims?

The dark is looking for mental and Spiritual fractures, splintering effects in a person. They are very, very good at this. When they find it they hammer away at it, craftily creating an abyss in the mind, body and Spirit. Although what should now be a former way of life is still accepted by many people simply because they do not know that they are carrying a leviathan on their backs, this way of living is a dark dismal place where many otherwise good people still inhabit this dungeon of the mind.

A Strange twist

The irony here is that the dark will try to invade and consume a light body to the point of causing physical death to the light body, yet at the same time it is eliminating its food source. However, this is considered to be an acceptable risk, for if they succeeded in causing the death one more Light Worker would be gone from this planet, but they too would die because they would no longer have a host to feed from. It is in a strange way, the dark’s own conundrum. When all else fails, they feed on themselves. Everyone who is still unaware of what we speak of needs to know that the dark can not survive without the Light. It also can not survive IN the Light. Ironic is it not? Even the smallest of Lights will illuminate the darkness, yet the strongest of the dark can not bring down someone who stands steadfast in the Light. It may not be easy for all people to do this, but it is worth it. It is worth your life!

What about other life species here?

Animal species who are meant to survive on this planet, those that have not been contaminated by their dark masters or by some byproduct of the dark’s influence, are being re-directed to start new migration trails. Their instincts have been programmed to move those herds, flocks and pods that they can to new areas and to adapt to different environments. Those that can not adjust to their new environments will perish. Sad but true.

Remember the children

This too is why children are more susceptible to the ill-intended people now more so than at any other time in human history. They are vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of their families and environments, as well as to the ill intended or ill-informed teachers and their own peers. Do what you can for them and hope it is enough. The current situations are why young adults and even younger children are causing many problems in "families." "A House Divided," can not stand.

All people need to make themselves stronger by recognizing these facts and arrive at the realization that any of these things CAN happen to anyone. People have to be strong enough to see it when it is beginning to happen, or they will succumb to a force that in actuality is much lesser than the human Spirit. Those people who erroneously believe that that force is greater than they themselves are have already doomed themselves. The land itself is reacting to a combination of the dying energies and the NESARA Wave. This will play havoc with livestock. It will affect the plant and mineral life. It will affect the crops and produce and will carry that dying energy. This is one reason we ourselves do not eat out at restaurants very often. Remember, this type of invasive dark energy can be carried within the food that lesser evolved people make, i.e. cookies etc. Be aware of these situations or this will sicken you. We will give you part of the remedy if you are ever weakened by such a seemingly innocent assault by an unaware friend or relative. Take sea salt three times a day, tiny amounts placed beneath your tongue.

The proposition of physical death

Some people are in the throes of disorganized chaos and some are in the celebratory state of organized chaos. There can be only one of these groups left standing. People who are not in fear of death will always enjoy a fruitful life. It may be a simple life, but "life" is what it is all about. How you live your lives is the determining factor to how you fare after physical death. We have found that the greatest numbers of people who absolutely are in dread of death, are the very ones who have a stranglehold on life. This is highly illogical! They truly believe that without their lives and their "status quo" lifestyles, they have nothing. Little do they know they have nothing anyway. Death should be welcomed as the next small step in your evolution. It is a type of true utopian celebration and reunion with all those who love you best.

Salude…Celest and David

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August 2015
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