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Update Notices

 Awakened  Blue Star


Update notices of December 24th, 2016


~Guess who’s coming to dinner New Years Eve 2017~

to find out more read Blue Stars Transmission


12-24-2016 The current “Blue Star Transmission is

Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you



There is a hush going on all over this world and echoing throughout all the Universes. So if you are feeling Great Anticipation or a tingling sensation the likes of which you have never before felt… There IS a Reason.

AN EVENT is about to occur.

DETAILS WILL BE REVEALED on December 24th when we post Blue Star’s upcoming “BLUE STAR TRANSMISSION” and we encourage everyone to read all about it AS IT IS TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL.

We also recommend you tell everyone you know to also read all about this. This IS “ONE” of the times we have all been waiting for. So mark it on your calendars, write it on post-its or scribble it on the back of your hand or on your foreheads so you will be reminded each time you look in a mirror… so you don’t forget to check back.

WE are SO excited, and you will be too.


The Gatherings Contact List” Updated 12-14-2016


The “New Light Messages” are now concluded.
We wish to thank Shamaan Eagle for all the great assistance she has been to humanity. May she now enjoy her future.


Updated 10-25-2016 – Please click on the tab at the top of the “Awakenedhearts” website to find

“The Gatherings” Bulletin Board 

The Gatherings Contact Information” updated 10-28


The Gatherings – Another First Step


A Clarion Call for “The Gatherings” to begin


More useful information about The Gatherings



The Gatherings” – Manifesting in The Golden NOW


1-25-2016 ~ Let the Gatherings Begin ~

“Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts”


“Kudos to the Mother Ship and Happy Anniversary”


Summit information for all the previous Summits is available at


God Book 7 for website

Book 7 of “The God Book” series

Winter People who Ride the Wind

To find out more and to read some “Saga” excerpts go to

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 Project Golden Force

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God’s 6th book, “Advocates for Justice”

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Blue Star Speaks Website

NEW – The Current Blue Star Transmission Posted 12-25-2016

“Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you”

Special Edition

We are calling for ALL good Souls to unite with us now…” and “While you were sleeping…” 

The Masters” Message #16

Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind 

“The Masters” Special Edition (Due to the importance of this message it has been posted on all 3 websites)

Celestial Chronicles #24 Animals and Instincts” 

Emiel Session #13The Rabbit Hole” 

Blue Star the Pleiadian’s Books – “Book Chapter Excerpts


Awakened Hearts Website

The Gifts of Experience “How Long to Evolve?” Posted 12-14-2016

The Gatherings – Contact Information Updated  12-14-2016

“The Gatherings” Bulletin Board Updated 10-25-2016

New Light Messages 

The “New Light Messages” are now concluded.
We wish to thank Shamaan Eagle for all the great assistance she has been to humanity. May she now enjoy her future.

3-9-2016 The Gatherings – Another First Step



A Clarion Call for “The Gatherings” to begin


More useful information about The Gatherings



The Gatherings” – Manifesting in The Golden NOW

1-25-2016 ~ Let the Gatherings Begin ~

“Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts”

11-1-2015 “Quantum Thoughts” was updated

Symbolism and Visions

12-31-14 – Project Golden Force


Project “PUSH” –

Arcturian Perspectives “Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

Leaping into the Void

Your PUSH comments

11-5-13 PUSH: A New Collaboration

Recommended Reading Chako Priest has a new book

“Masters’ Tales of NOW”

10-25-13 Chakras and PUSH movements

Post-Project “PUSH Earth News”

Stellar Message Board

Quantum Thoughts A Unique Momment on Earth  

To Your Health Mint: Good for Mojitos and Mouse Prevention

Noteable Quotes Page 2

To Your Health The Healing Power of Pine” 

Rainbow Products – Pleiadian Flagship Star Crystal, The T.A. Transfiguration Accelerator and Atlantean Wand “Blueprints” All our books are available in Paperback and all the various eBook formats

Star Born Wisdom Keepers 

Your Comments Page 2

Questions and Answers


Godumentary Website

12-9-2016 A “Letter from God” – I AM

10-8-2015 The Time to Know is Now  “Kudos to the Mother Ship and Happy Anniversary

Chako Priest new book “Transitions – Death processes and Beyond for 11 Entities” book information and her group presentation posted on 6-7-2015

God Book Comments

Chako Priest’s “Relationships”  presentation  posted 2-16-2015

Chako Priest “Masters’ Tales of NOW book

Readers comments 

Many Thought Many Voices “A Sweet Lesson on Patience” 

Many Thought Many Voices “M.I.T.’s Masters in Training” 

Readers Comments 

The Time to Know is Now  “Family Curse“ 

New: God’s Message Board 

Commander Theda “Flying the not so Friendly Skies“

Letters from God

Tangible and Intangible Soul Cluster Interactions” 


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Cause and Effect

In Gratitude


Our books

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3   605

“Star Tek – Perspectives on Terrestrial Technology”


Blue Star the Pleiadian- My Teachings through Transmissions

A Three Volume series of books

8 10 9

Other New Book News-

On July-11-2010 Celest was told that God wanted us to write a complete series of His books. David later talked to God about this matter and was told that this was predestined long, long, ago. God has said that there will be a total of eight books in the God Book series. In accordance with this new responsibility we will post the titles of these upcoming books. Stay tuned for these and more from Celest and David…

The entire God Book series consists of:

#1And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said… Volume One

#2 Beyond the Veil~Epiphanies from God

#3 And Then God Said… Then I Said…Then He Said… Volume Two

#4 The Code

#5 Beyond the Journey

#6 Advocates for Justice

#7 Winter People who Ride the Wind

#8 Avatars in the Valleys of the Ancients

I wish we, ourselves, could explain to everyone on the planet how important it is to listen to God’s words. We become as frustrated as everyone else does when we try to tackle implacable minds. Although God has explained in very great detail to us why these books are so important, it still came as a bit of a shock to us when He told us that the next 5 books (the last of the series,) need to be written and published within the next 18 months. Let’s see, if we don’t cook, eat, clean the house and sleep about 2 hours a night, maybe we can make the deadline! Actually we have come up with a plan of action on how we can do this.

On our website the books can be ordered as a downloadable PDF file. In other words the file is not mailed out, you download it yourself onto your computer.

Also available on “Rainbow Products” are blueprints for you to build your own Atlantean Wands, Pleiadian Flagship Star Crystal and The TA-Transfiguration Accelerator. These are downloadable PDF’s, so make sure you click the “My downloadable products” when you finish the checkout process.


Celest and Shamaan Eagle


If you can see a Christmas Tree as an aspect of the Tree of Life, then you can Celebrate Christmas everyday. We do this and cherish every moment. Christmas is about the coming of age of the Christ Consciousness which is sweeping over the planet. It is the awareness that the Christ Consciousness lives within each of us. Celebrate LIFE, all life long.

Book Translations

  Maria in the Netherlands has painstakingly translated “Beyond the Veil~Epiphanies from God” and “The Code” into Dutch. The Dutch version of “Veil” is now available in eBook, The Code will be shortly as well. The Spanish version of And Then God Said.. Volume One is available in both paperback and ebook.   We would like to acknowledge and to thank Samuel in Brazil for the hard work he has been doing in translating “The Masters” Messages into Portuguese. He is also in the process of translating “The Code.”

EBook News

All of our books are available in the following eBook formats

Epub (Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, others.

Kindle (.mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps)

Online reading (HTML and JavaScript).

PDF (good for reading on PC, or for home printing)

RTF (readable on most word processors)

LRF (Use only for older model Sony Readers that don’t support .epub)     Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)     Plain text

EBook versions are now available at as well as on Amazon Kindle and at Barnes and Noble in their Nook Book format.

  Paperback versions are available on Amazon at as well as most online retailers and local book stores.



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