Sananda’s message about the books


Received by Chako Priest

I AM Sananda. Beloved Readers of these books know that I, Lord Sananda and the various other Presenters, have given you this information for a particular reason. We do not just give forth our wisdom to an unknowing crowd. It is not loosely done on our part. Every time that we speak it has a purpose. The purpose may be simple—may sound simple—but it is complex for our words carry much energy. Therefore, our words, you see, will illicit in you the reader the ideas, the teachings that you have had in the past.

Your past is past! I like that phrase: What was was; what is is; what is now is now. Even these books that we have written with the help of this channel, known to you as Chako, even these books are in the past. However, we invite you to read them. We invite you.

Many of you hold belief systems that are ancient, beyond centuries old even that no longer serve you. Let them drop to the wayside. Be open to new ideas. Let the new ideas come forth. Look at them; study them. Then look at your own library of your mind and see what you can discard, what no longer serves you.

Can you believe with all your heart that I never married? How can you believe such an outmoded idea as that? Is it because the priests of each generation are not supposed to be married so therefore, the scribes wrote that Jesus never married either?

There is so much fact and fiction intermingled that it takes patience to try and find the Truth. There is Truth in these books as you read the various excerpts. There is Truth here. Let it come into your heart. Know in your heart that Jesus was a simple man with extraordinary ability. And yes, he is an aspect of me.

However, he had his frailties just as all of you have. He was born into a generation where the people had little consciousness. They were glued to their Laws that many times were not for that generation—just as many of you are glued to the sayings in the New Testament of the Christian bibles where many of the verses are not true for today.

Be discerning; be willing to let go; be willing to change. In our books we talk much about changing your belief systems. That is the purpose of these books—to keep hammering away at those belief systems, so that someday you may say, Oh my gosh, Jesus was married. His wife was Mary Magdalene. He had children. He did not die on the cross after all!

He was human in a body created by God, very much like your bodies are created by God. Know as you hold the books, you are holding Truth. And yes, we speak in different ways. It would be similar to your colors. To some the color would be red and to others it could be green. Your perceptions, your discernments all color what you read when you read books such as ours.

The different Presenters that came forth did so with great joy in their hearts. You cannot imagine the different Lords and Ladies that were lined up to speak with this Channel. These books, dear Readers, are meant to be shared; are meant to be discussed; are meant to be passed around; are meant to be given as gifts; or are meant to be put in the precious corner of your personal library. Honor them for they carry the energy from the powerful Beings that spoke the words. You are holding a gift in your hands and not a monetary gift, but a gift that the various Presenters have given to you. Each time one spoke to you in a chapter it is a gift that Being is giving you from the wisdom that has taken him/her centuries to develop.

Accept these gifts, dear Readers, and of course question them. No two people think alike. Do not be sheep that follow. Have your own ideas. Generate new ideas but embrace wisdom and Truth when it is spoken.

I AM Sananda, Lord of your world and I give you my wisdom and give you my love. Greetings.

December 7, 2008, Sunday, 11:20 AM.

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