The Goddess Returns to Earth – Chako and Yeshua

Chako Priest

Posted 10-15-10



Hello everyone, from my heart to your heart. This is my 9th book and 9th Presentation. Is there anyone who has not heard me speak before? (Several people raised their hands.) OK, here is a brief Bio. I am a Transpersonal Psychologist and a Telepathic Conscious Channel.

In 2002 during my meditation, the Lord Sananda, the higher aspect of Jesus/Jeshua ben Joseph, came and literally stroked my cheek, telling me he had come to guide me to my Ascension. From then onward, he and other Masters came to me and I started channeling their books.

People wonder where I get the ideas for my books. Jeshua brings the topics to be discussed and the various Masters who wish to speak on the subject. Or, an Entity of the Light will come and just start channeling his message, as Saint Paul did. That resulted in our book, Paulus of Tarsus. Or, I have dreams that provide the theme for a book. That is what happened for this Goddess book. I will speak more on that later.

The two covers of the book were created by my grandson, Adam Schwartz, who is a Graphic Artist and works in Boston. He took one of his photographs of Pebble Beach, CA, for it seemed to symbolize the balance of the feminine and masculine aspects that we are all striving for and designed this beautiful cover. The circle represents the world and the color purple is for the spiritual essence.

The back cover shows a picture of me when I was 5 years old. At first I was going to make that picture the front cover, for I thought she epitomized the Goddess within us—somewhat shy, innocent, intuitive focus—no matter what our gender is. However, so as not to mislead people into thinking this was a children’s book, I chose the Circle design.

Now, here is my dream which led me to write this book. It was just before I woke up and this is the time when most people receive prophetic dreams. (February 2010) I was standing at the foot of my bed and sitting on the foot of the bed was this man. (It might have been Saint Germain.) He said, "Draw to you the Queen of Hearts." He continued, "Ask Jesus to help you." He said something else which I lost as I woke up but added, "The end is near."

When I woke up, I realized that the end is near was in reference to the Ascension of 2012. The Queen of Hearts is another name that we call the Divine Mother, for she is full of that Goddess energy. However, at the same time I believe this refers to Mary Magdalene also for that was what she was doing clear back then—bringing the Goddess energy onto the planet.

When I asked Jeshua about the dream at one of his classes that he holds at my house once a month through Cynthia Williams, he said that was to be the theme of my next book—the importance of balancing the feminine and masculine principals within us. That is why I wrote this book. He also brought in the different Presenters who spoke on that theme.

On the back cover, I have the quote from him that he gave in one of his classes. "In your first journey upon the Earth, if you came in as a male, you will come back out in your female form in the Ascension process. Conversely, if your first journey was as a female, you will come back out as a male." That statement was rather confusing until people could finally grasp it. Therefore, I put that whole teaching in the Appendix of the book with the permission of Cynthia Williams who channeled Jeshua. In that way, you can read precisely what he taught. Are there any questions on this concept?

Q: How do we know if we came in male or female?

A: That is the question we get asked all the time. I feel that the key word is Ascension. If you know that you are going to make the Ascension in 2012 and you are in a female body, what gender do you think your soul is?

Q: The participant answers, "the opposite of what my body is."

A: Which is?

Q: Male.

A: Correct. To help you understand more, he told me I was a male soul in a female body. And I thought, "You’ve got to be kidding!" But no, I am a male soul.

Q: I thought we were androgynous!

A: Yes, and that question comes up too. But you are not androgynous until you have expanded enough to get up to the higher souls. (He does not like to use the word evolved for man/woman. He says that evolution evolves whereas humanity expands.) As he puts it, if you are a male soul and you have stepped your energy down for the first time on Earth, in that male form, then you must go out with your male soul in a female form. That is how you bring the balance of the feminine and masculine energies to you. Now you can ascend. He said the danger of not being balanced as you get up to these higher strata of yourself is that if in some way you use that energy in an adverse way, you could throw off the whole Universe. That is how powerful your energy would be.

Now let us think about the male bodies. You males—what do you think your soul is?

Participant: From the way you are talking, I would say my soul is female.

A: If you intend to make your Ascension. Again, I think that is the key word. If you intend to make the Ascension, then it is "female body-male soul; male body-female soul." It will be the opposite of your body. That is how I see it. Do you have any more questions?

Q: What about in between?

A: That is an excellent question because perhaps the soul is not ready to ascend, for he/she is still playing out the games of the third-fourth dimensions. So your body could be a male or female gender for different reasons, not because it correlates with your soul. Only you and your I AM could tell you that.

Q: If you are pretty sure that you have had past lives, and I know of two…

A: And many, many more than that, my dear (laughing).

Q: They were both male. One was in the time of Socrates and the other was in the 1800’s. So now I have a female body and am becoming enlightened and finding out who I am. It makes sense to me.

A: Yes. As I look back at my own lifetime, I can see where I was coming from that male soul energy.

I remember a game this group did one time where we postulated putting energy into our palms to see if we were balanced. Why don’t we do that? Bring your palms together and then separate them out, keeping them even. Now close your eyes and put a ball of energy in your left hand and place a ball of energy in your right hand. Slowly bring them back together, keeping your eyes closed, not forcing them at all.

Open your eyes and see if one hand was higher or lower than the other. (Many Participants noted that their hands were not even—the left hand being Feminine and the right hand being Masculine.) For me, my left hand has been a little bit higher than my right masculine hand because each day I have been working with this book and my Presentation, bringing my feminine intuitiveness out. However, each night before going to sleep I ask my I AM Presence to come forth and help me balance the male and female principals within me. This little exercise is a good one to practice at home.

Not everyone is intending to take the 2012 Ascension. You can take one at 2017 or 2030 even.

I have asked Jean Alexander to do some toning for us. We have done this together for going on 7 or so years. I have asked Jean to do a lengthy toning and the purpose today is to help you balance the two principals within yourself. But before she does this let us listen to Jeshua’s message for us this morning. (Chako channels Jeshua.)

Good morning my brothers and sisters, I AM Jeshua ben Joseph. And yes, you can still call me "Jesus." I have learned to accept all of my names. When Chako and Cynthia Williams, who will be writing a book together with me about my life, asked whether she should spell my name with a Y or a J, I had to think about that. Back in the Jesus era my name of Yeshua was spelled with a Y for it was my Hebrew name, you see. By using a J for the spelling of my name, it gets me out of that box and into and among humanity.

Now what can I say in addition to what has been discussed today? One of the main points to stress and I am really stressing this is the importance of the balance within yourselves of the feminine and masculine principals or aspects of you. (And when I say "princepals," that is an "al," meaning you actually have parts of you, or aspects. It is not just a theory as in "princeple.")

This is important for you see this is the next step for your Ascension. If you never balanced these two principals, if you never even thought about it that would add more time, for you would need to come back to Earth again. If you are taking this Ascension and you are balanced, you do not have to come back on this karmic wheel. It is no longer necessary to do so. There will no longer be the death that you are so used to having. It is no longer necessary, dear friends.

Therefore, when you go to bed at night, ask your I AM Presence to come balance you. Even if you think you are balanced, ask your I AM to come and balance those principals in your body! Throughout the day check yourself with this little hand-game; check yourself to see where you are. If one aspect is more dominant than the other, come up with the reason for it. As this Channel was saying, she has been working on this book. She has been using her feminine principal—the intuitive part, the right-brain, caring—you see. So in that case she will be slightly off balanced with the feminine being more dominant. Therefore, this is what I wished to stress to you today.

One of the questions asked this morning was how does one tell if he/she is going to ascend or not? I say to you, it is knowingness. Do you remember back during your teen-age years where everyone was falling in love and you would ask your parents or your friends, "How will I know when I am in love?" The answer always was, "You will just know it!" And did that not happen to you? Did you not just know that you were in love?

That is the way the Ascension is. You just know you are going to ascend. And since you know that then your task is to balance—balance those principals within yourself. It is quite easily done, my dear friends, for you ask your I AM to come and help you. That is the highest part of you that is connected to Source. Your I AM is the one who has all the answers; your I AM is the part of you that you need to be following. That is where your will goes; you give it to your I AM. And It is androgynous and It will lead you.

My dear friends let us pause now and I will ask my dear sister, Jean, to tone. Please close your eyes. Open your chakras so that these marvelous tones can come in and help you. I have been—we’ll use the term "diddling" your energies a bit. I always do that but it is always with your permission. Now I have diddled you enough so let us let Jean’s tone diddle you some more and then I will come back afterwards.

Jean: "I invoke the Spirit of Shameal, Angel of Sacred Sounds; may the sound of Light surround me; may the Light of Sound guide me; may Sacred Sounds come through me for the harmony of all. So be it. Amen, Amen, Amen." (Jean emotes with a powerful and lengthy toning, reaching high notes in order to touch the higher chakras.)

Thank you my beloved sister. Did you all feel that? Did you feel the energies within yourselves shifting and falling into place? That is what toning does for you. When you go to Nirvana or you are on board one of the ships that have the Rejuvenation chambers, you will be rejuvenated with sound very similar to what Jean toned, for it is healing the cells within your body. This morning you have been given a gift of healing and a gift of balancing through the tones of Jean’s Master Angels and we thank her and them.

I bless you my dear friends; we watch over you. If you only knew how much we love you and watch over you. We never judge you, never! But we will come and tweak you now and then—just a little wake-up call. That is all it is. Think of a little baby and you lean over and give him/her a little kiss—a baby lying there so sweetly. That is how we think of you—precious, precious people. We love you. My blessings to all of you…

I AM Jeshua (spelled with a J) ben Joseph. That ends the Presentation on the book, The Goddess Returns to Earth: The Feminine and Masculine Aspects Must Balance (2010).
Thank you for your participation, Blessings.

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