Jesus/Jeshua’s Christmas Message 2010

Chako Priest

Posted 12-24-10


Greetings to my precious group, I look forward to attending this gathering every year, for the hearts of all of you open throughout the year. Therefore, Ashtar and I can see the progress that you have been making. Your hearts are deeper, wider, fuller, and you are more emotional. It is beautiful to see the colors that come forth.

In the past there have been, perhaps, more people present, but they are off doing what they need to do as each person’s journey marches on.

Each year I say once again that Christmas Eve is the time of reflection. That will be in just a few days. We suggest—I am not the only one here at this time. Archangel Michael is here; Ashtar is here; Saint Germain is here. Many of the Masters come for they enjoy your energy. Therefore, come December 24, 2010, Christmas Eve, reflect upon your past year. Reflect on what you did and give yourself applause. It has not been easy this last year. Even though it was considered a Light year, it was still difficult for you.

Then we have Christmas day. Some say that is the day I was born. Others say NO, he was not born that day. Chako at one time asked me, Just when were you born, Jeshua? I gave her a little riddle which I will pass on to you. I was born the day that I had died. I will let you figure that out, for she did.

The main message for today is for you to stay in your hearts as much as you possibly can. There will be coming events upon the planet that will try your patience, especially here in America. And as Clarice (a guest) has just said about the Master Obama, they—the Black Magicians, Congress, the Senate—have him pushed against the wall. And he is fighting for you. It is a literal fight on many dimensions, for he has all of his higher angels around him and they are protecting him.

Remain in your hearts when the news is telling of atrocities, perhaps what went on in North and South Korea, or the news is telling you about the disrespectful arguments in the Senate and House, when the planet is rocking and shaking and you wonder why did all those people have to die.

However, in this gathering, you already know. Those were pre-birth agreements and they are actually taking a huge chunk of the dark energies with them when they pass so that the Heavens may transmute it. Therefore, give them thanks for their journey.

Many of them really will not be in pain and suffering for their angels and their Higher Selves yank the soul out of the body. Consequently, there is very little trauma. They have earned that and that was written in their pre-birth agreement, you see. Again, stay in your hearts. You will be tried.

This Channel was listening recently to Archangel Michael’s talk that he gave through Cynthia Williams and he was speaking on Courage. Everything you do takes courage and that comes before Faith and Hope. Courage comes first. When you look at what you do throughout the day, for some people it takes courage just to get out of bed in the morning. It takes courage to fight severe illnesses; it takes courage to confront people so that you may speak your truth. Everything takes courage. If you will have a courageous heart, you will go forward by leaps and bounds.

As you look back on your own journey, you will see where the times that you made the greatest advances in your soul’s growth were when you were courageous. If anything comes easily to you, that is great, but it is not particularly a growth incentive.

This Christmas when you gather with friends and relatives, keep your heart open. Some of your families try your patience, you know. It is difficult to be among three dimensional people. However, if you stay in your heart and with courage, that will get you through it.

I bless you my brothers and sisters. We honor you; we honor you for the courage it has taken for you to be here on the planet at these times— such courageous souls you are! I honor you; I bless you.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph.