The Ultimate Experience The Many Paths to GOD – Books One, Two and Three Revisited 8-27-11



By Verling CHAKO Priest Ph.D

432 Pages

Publication Date: July 20, 2011

BOOKS 1, 2, & 3 REVISITED is a compilation of the first three books in THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE series which were never published. Jesus brings forth 11 Presenters who give the readers poignant Teachings on a variety of subjects from marriage and divorce, to sex, to reflections on the Papacy… There are 75 stories, Teachings, plus the Closing Statements, which hold a plethora of information for readers. Jesus the Christ is the orchestrator, as well as the narrator of these amazing books, as He tells the facts and fiction of His own life.

Dear friends of my books:

Throughout these last 6 years I have received requests from several of you asking for my first 3 manuscripts (2004-5). These manuscripts were never published. I just distributed them by word of mouth. Now, however, I have been guided to ‘revisit’ them–re-read, re-edit. It took me and my editor, Heather Clarke, 2 months to accomplish this, but it is done! We turned the 3 manuscripts into one book. It has the same cover design as the others in that series, and incorporates all 75 lectures that were given to me telepathically by 11 Masters. It has 426 pages.

The title reads: The Ultimate Experience, The Many Paths to God: Books One, Two, & Three, Revisited, by Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D.

ISBN # 978-1-4269-7664-3 (Soft Cover)

ISBN # 978-1-4269-7665-0 (e-book)

This book is available at either Trafford (the publisher): 1-888-232-4444

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I do hope you enjoy this latest offering of my books. Keep in mind that this book is the compilation of the first 3 in that series, and now that series is complete.

Blessings to all of you,

Chako Priest 8-20-11

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