Chako Priest


Good morning to my precious group, I AM Jeshua. For those of you who do not recognize that name, it is just another name for Jesus. However, I left that Jesus life so many years ago. People, get me off the cross! It was so long ago, and I now prefer to be called Jeshua.

In this room, as Chako has said, we work on your body. The fact that you are here gives us the permission to do so because we always check in with your soul before we make any adjustments on you. What we are noticing, dear souls, is that you need to come closer into your bodies. Please do so now; come closer! I know this may sound a little peculiar to some of you, but souls are not always in their body as much as they need to be. Therefore, every chance that we get—Ashtar and other Masters—we are like the Pied Piper here, piping you all back into your body.

The work that you are doing on a soul level can be done only inside your body. You can be very spiritual and have all of this esoteric knowledge, but you are not walking the talk when you are not in your body; it is not going to help you on your way to your Ascension.

Everyone in this room has that as a goal. You are on your path to Ascension. You have heard about this, I am sure, for the last couple of years or so. You need to be in your body. We—the Upper Echelons, the Higher Energies—have been re-wiring your brains; we have been bringing forth your different DNA; we have been diddling with your chakras. Some of you may find that your chakras no longer carry the shape that they had before.

This Channel was quite surprised when she was swiftly cleaning her chakras one day and then exclaimed, oh my gosh, where is my first chakra? Oh my gosh, the second one is disappearing too! And oh my gosh, look at the third; it has a huge bulge bowing out. As she went up her chakras, she saw the other chakras were beginning to bow out also. This is all part of the energy that is taking place, and it can only take place when you are in your body—the soul in its body. I know the body elementals are present, but I am talking to your soul. Come into your body. There are still a number of you even now who need to come closer.

Now let us leave that topic, for I wish to talk about something else that is lying quite heavily on my heart. I wish to speak about the celebration that occurred after Osama bin Laden’s death. It made me think of my time over 2000 years ago. The Sanhedrin was also in joy as the members flogged me and whipped me. (This Channel is feeling the emotion.)

As you know, there is always a faction of people who take joy in someone else’s misery and pain; they will take joy in someone else’s death. I am not saying that bin Laden was a saint. I am not implying that in any way. I am asking you to look at your emotional reactions. Where was the compassion in that group of people filmed outside of the White House? Where was your compassion at that time as you viewed the scene? This Channel could not quite put her feeling into words as she looked at it and then turned her television off. She knew there was something wrong with that picture. You have that saying what’s wrong with that picture—to see all of this joy but no compassion whatsoever when someone had been killed? Whether the person killed had a darker soul or not makes no difference.

You are all on the path to becoming Masters again. You have heard this before, and that maybe you could be from the future, having ascended before, becoming a Master before. But do you think that there is no compassion within you? That is what you must come from; that is what I taught.

There were approximately 500 people (I have said this before through Cynthia Williams.), approximately only 500 people who listened to me 2000 years ago. What were all the others doing—taking glee in stoning the prophets; taking joy in beheading the prophets? Why? Why, dear souls? I wanted to bring all of that up this morning so you could look back at your reactions and see where your heart was. Was your heart open? Was your heart filled with compassion for the man who was a zealot? Whenever you are faced with a disturbing scene such as the one in front of the White House, immediately go into your heart and stay there and feel the compassion.

Now there may be people in this room who do not believe in past lives, but I can assure you that every single one of you has had past lives where you have killed people. Was there anyone who had compassion for you at that time? Just because you cannot remember does not mean that you have not killed. Sometimes that veil of forgetfulness is for that purpose, for if you knew the lives that you have had, you would not want to come back again!

There are people who know that I have a female soul. I am love; I can express love. Why I took a male body for my female soul was because it was a patriarchal society and everyone had to bow down to the males. By being in a male body, I could reach those who would not understand otherwise and let my love flow out from my female soul. You have heard before that you are either a male or female soul (although in the Higher Realms all are androgynous) and the gender of your body changes in different lifetimes.

I am watching the energy in this room, watching your auras fluctuate, and watching to see your hearts open more. Open your hearts, dear souls; come from your hearts. Let your hearts be the master.

At this time, I will step back now, for Ashtar and others wish to speak. However, I want you to know I am always available; I am always with my arms open full of love for you. Come to me, come and rest for a while within my arms.

I am your brother; I AM Jeshua ben Joseph. Thank you for the privilege of speaking with you.

(Channeled and scribed by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD)