God Letter #1 A Dark Night’s Journey into the Sun

These words are intentionally unedited.


A Letter from God #1

“A Dark Night’s Journey into the Sun

God (Received by Celest and David) – So it is that I have returned to speak with all those of you willing to listen to My words. I AM The Word and The Word is My Law. I have chosen to address you, Children, of My loins, Children of My Son, Children of My Sun, on this auspicious occasion. Today is the first day of the beginning of your rebirth of who you are. I informed Celestial, that she and David, were to each act as My chosen scribes for this narrative. My Celestial daughter inquired as to what language format I would deign to use. She was a bit perturbed wondering if this Godumentary would mean a barrage of “thee,” thou,” and “thine.” I was amused as she struggled to remember the olden days when we walked this earth together and used that vernacular simply because it was the language format of the times.

Since civilized mankind has bethought themselves to be a now “progressive civilization,” I will of course “speak” on the same level as do you. I have arrived at this time bearing acknowledgements of the fruits of your labors. I am always aware of the turbulence that besets you, I am always aware of the intense struggles that are within so many of you as “right” fights against “might.” I see the pain and distress that so many of you undergo in your determination to be all that you think you can be; I see the non-understanding in your hearts and minds as you fail to realize that there is no need to “think” of what you could be, rather there is a need for you Children to better comprehend that you are already there.

I see disbelief in your eyes and inner minds as cultures, races and religions argue as to who the “chosen ones” are. I see the desperation in your thoughts at the non-dispensation of justice in this world; of the vain and the mighty who have fallen so low that they are now the lowliest beings on My planet. I see glimmers of hope in your wondrous and beatific personal magnetic fields as small revelations are transmitted to you just when you need them the most. I encourage My angels and My Star Keeper Children to assist you all in all ways and all-ways. I watch as tears cascade down the faces of My innocent ones, My kind-hearted and brave soldiers, teachers, healers and those who have walked-into human form. The form that is “I AM.”

I hear so many of you wonder and wander in your thoughts about the preposterous situations that you confront each day; there is so much reluctance to accept a reality that is not found in your abrasive school books. One that is The Greater Truth. You question “the why.” “Why am I here?” I do not remember ever agreeing to undergo these torments, putting up with these restless, invasive things that go bump in the night and daytime as well. The truth is self-evident here. You see it is not in truth a question of your faith in My Greater Force of Creativity, it is not a question of you not having enough or not being good enough for others. I intentionally and with My Divine Foresight implanted the veils of illusion over each of your minds but NOT your hearts nor your Souls. You each thoroughly understood this prior to your descent into gross matter. You each happily capitulated with the understanding of the total acquisition of the great benefits you would reap as you sowed new seeds in the newer fertility of the human race as a whole.

When I gathered you each to My bosom so many, many, light years ago, I encouraged you to remember only that which would benefit you as a human form of My Expression. I shared with you My endless compassion and endless love for your strength and willingness to enter into the dimension of madness, of disorganized chaos, of violence and non-love for others. I did indeed remind you each over and over again, that the non-remembrance of so much of your Sacred Covenant would become troublesome to you as you journeyed forward as a human being….yet again. It did not make sense to you at the time; perhaps it did not mean much to you then. You were each emphatic in your determination to succeed and of your understanding of your individual missions and your Soul Cluster connections. None said to Me “hell no I won’t go.” Sometimes you wonder about that wisdom now. Remember as Celestial has recently stated, “wisdom is knowledge in a training bra.”

In those times that were the gathering of the bravest, most industrious of Souls, who committed themselves to My request for assistance to form a better world here, I gave to you each a promise. I said, “A life well-lived is it’s own reward, as you each traverse the density of the grossest of earth times, you will find a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. It will be all that you have ever been, all that you will ever be. It is God-in-motion.” I gave you forewarning that you would not be accepted for who you are, rather that the multitudes would attempt to convince you that at best you are My Emissaries. At worst the devil incarnate. NO YOU ARE NOT MY EMISSARIES in this sense! NOR DO YOU BEAR THE MARK OF THE BEAST! You are Me in physicality. I express Myself through you. I experience life in human form through you. So a cycle of a life experience centering on the illusions of “forgetting” is now being lifted as I promised you I would. Promises made and promises kept.

I had patiently and explicitly explained to you each how easy it would have been for you to deter from your chosen paths. If you had been able to use all the activated memories, if I had permitted this, and allowed you to attempt to save people from their own dramas, you would also have altered your own personal paths of destiny. I could not allow this to occur. Nor indeed could I permit you to interfere in others’ fates; others’ choices and non-choices of a life not well-lived. It is not your responsibility, it is not your business. The planet’s history books speak of ancient times they called “the dark ages.” Ironically and sadly I must dispute this fiction. You have been living in the dark ages since the inception of this planet. If only these “learned” peoples on this planet could but see what I hear. Your goodness, your earnestness to help others here, that do not always deserve your help has not gone unnoticed. Nothing that you do ever does. I permit you “free expression,” that which many call “free will,” in order that not only you can Create wonders galore but that I too may experience them through you.

I am not a static energy, therefore neither are you. I arranged with the aid of my Star Keeper Children, that as you each progressed into a greater maturity, specific strands of your DNA would alter. As this grand event would take place your cellular memories would be gently reawakened one by one, so as not to overload your human minds. This is a “positive-positive” sequential progression that all of you must honor. I hear your prayers and your pleas for enlightenment, yet wonder why do you ask for what you already have. Praying is but asking. I already know what it is that you want, need and deserve to have, for I AM you and you are Me. As each step of your journey coalesces into matters of either a negative or disquieting experience, those issues then function as predestined and necessary catalysts. It is then, during these well timed episodes, that you MUST undergo transitional times.

The “transitionary” process was programmed into each Soul who has accepted the challenge of walking in a third-dimensional world. The cause and effect of moving through different stages, different periods of development and growth, are to say the least an endurance task, a completion of a cycle. Everything must come full circle for the beginning to meet the end.

A transition is basically and fundamentally a change in matter of one perspective to another. Each phase is an accomplishment; it is a realization of the truths that have been purposely hidden in plain view in order to allow each individual Soul to evolve at his or her own pace. For in truth we are all the same, yet different, each Soul is unique. The distinguishing factor is the life experiences and lessons that each have chosen along the way. All knowledge is to be accrued; each must experience in totality the lesson at hand. It is the realization that one has had enough of any one experience that allows them to move forward. Throughout each transitional phase is a learning curve, one that sets each individual apart from others of their Soul clusters. It is the combining of the accrued knowledge, unconsciously, that raises the entire cluster up yet another level, until such time as all the experiences desired, or manifested along the way, have been fulfilled. It is at this point where the re-joining with Source returns to full circle. When you begin a cycle you must complete that cycle and then you will begin a new one again. Life is about change.

Transitions can be seen as a momentous occasion, a realization, an affirmative action. It is during these periods when the mind (the intellect) comes into a greater understanding of all which the Soul and the Heart already know. There was a time when the intellect was a receiver of information, a vessel to be programmed as a safety measure to co-join, to meld in complete harmony with the Soul. Unfortunately over the years it has taken control of most human realities. It is time to restore the harmony, peace and balance that once was. When an individual is undergoing a transition it will be easier to transit if each one remembers to allow the process to flow and thus pass as quickly as possible. Over-dramatizing the event only distorts the beauty and magnificence of the growing and expanding experience. I am not insinuating that it will always be an easy feat. At times it can be quite painful, your head may feel as if it is about to explode. A migraine can pale in comparison. Fear not, this is simply a buildup of energy, an expansion of the chakras and it is a natural occurrence. To hasten through a transition all one needs do is to simply acknowledge its presence, sincerely thank it for the experience, then release it. There is no need to continue recreating an experience that has arrived at its climatic conclusion. It is essential My Children, that you understand the enormity of the transitional process, the depth and breadth of the experience. To KNOW when to accept something is of equal importance as to KNOW when to release.

There will always be a plentitude of transitional times along the way; it is part of walking as a true human being. These are meant to be “Spiritual guide lines” to challenge and test your mettle, your desires and your determination to experience all that life has to offer. My Children, without these phases of life, you could not live well, you could not evolve, you would cease to be.

Mayhap if I give to you pertinent information that is all encompassing in regard to those times of turbulence, it will reassure you that the “changing of the guard is but a part of your covenant.” Without these alterations dear hearts, what will you have learned?

1 – This state of mind, the fluctuations of emotions, is not permanent. You will pass through this as quickly as a blink in My Eye.

2 – Your Acknowledgement that these occurrences are gifts and the understanding of the uniqueness of this present allows it to pass.

3 – Releasing this “phase of traveling” does indeed Create more space for the birth of new transitions.

4 – Here are but a few exercises that I strongly encourage all of My children to learn. You see I do indeed have a great sense of humor, contrary to what the religions of the day state. First, I speak to you each of the discomfort and melancholy that at times accompanies the transitional process, then I offer to you the antidote.

5 – Hold on to a wall within your home to release excess energy from the physical body. The body knows well it is undergoing a change, so allow it space to expel the over-abundance of energy. What is meant by “holding a wall?” Simply that I encourage you to place both hands on a door frame or a wall, then spread both feet apart and tell yourself, “I release all excess energy from my mind, body and Spirit.” As you go through the changes and the refinements into your new light body, there will be many instances when you will endure an excessive internal buildup of energies. This technique will help alleviate all of them. I do not give you difficult tasks to perform.

6 – The use of “Sea Salt” has great importance. Sea salt is natural and has what your body is craving. A pinch under your tongue will help to balance your system. Salt is as natural and essential to the body as are air and water. A pinch of sea salt under the tongue at least once or twice a day aligns the chemical structures housed within the brain. When you are in the throes of a transition, the electrical impulses within the human body have great need to be accelerated in order that luminescence can enter the cellular structure of the body.

7- Drink a great deal of water. Water is the catalyst that keeps the energies in the human body in motion. Water is a conduit for the electrical impulses as well.

8 – All excessive energy, whatever it’s place of origin, requires an opening, a destination. It matters not if the energy is expansive or if it is an energy that requires grounding. If it would be more convenient to release excessive energy while outdoors, then please by all means release that matter into the ground. Place your hands or feet into the soil and state your intent to release.

All of these measures are predicated upon the personal enlightenment that you desire. As you transform in a personal manner it impacts on My planet and thus planetary changes occur. Enlightenment is achieved through understanding, through acknowledgement and allowing yourselves to remember that you are each God.

I belong to no one, yet I belong to all. You are enslaved to no one.

I am declaring a moratorium on all ego-based issues. Those already in motion must run their course; however those who indulge in this hellacious practice shall not be rewarded with transitional times. This year of 2005, is the beginning of the year(s) of great changes. These years will be heralding the fall of institutions of great learning. Many of those who perceive themselves as the upper echelon of the human race will be called upon especially this year, to face their greatest fears……….Disgrace and revelation. Many prophecies have been issued in My Name, this does not make them true, this does not mean that they are in fact My words. I am here now to issue certain revelations, to correct procedural policies that in truth are not Mine, but belong to those who seek the downfall of the human race. The human brain has been overloaded and undermined with falsehoods and untruths.

I am issuing certain challenges at this time. The Kingdom of God is for those who obey and honor My Laws, not the laws of man written by man. Who among My Children remembers the definitive battles between the Serpent and the Viper? Who among My Children, dares to take the initiative and cut off the heads of the Vipers that plague My planet, My people? Who among you Children of My Light, remember MY SUN? Who among you Children remembers well ONE of my Sons, the man called Jesus? I ask you My beloved ones, are you willing to live for your beliefs? Are you willing to LIVE your beliefs? There shall not ever be a smoting of humans by MySelf or any of those who so well guard Nirvana! You are MY CHILDREN, I bring you life everlasting and yet so many choose to question not ONLY MY WISDOM, but also doubt My Words.

I shall not destroy “the ungodly,” they are destroying themselves. I do not pass judgment upon those who seek to debase Me. I offer them compassion for their grievous lack of judgment, I offer to them My undying Love. No one has the right to sit in judgment on another. Each individual Soul must either honor itself and in so doing honor Me, or disgrace itself, thereby relinquishing all rights to ascend with Me until those Souls have rejoined the Serpent Clan by their own “free expression.” Each Soul must pass through the portals of the dark journey until the Soul’s u>self-appointed timeline has emerged into My Light without regret, without remorse, without coercion. There will always be room in The Kingdom of Heaven, My Mansions in the sky, for all who honor their truths. “Thy Will be done” is an expression that is least understood, it did not originate from Me, but from early man. It is not MY Will that shall be done, it is your own. I said, “you shall reap what you shall Sow.” From this moment on, let no man stand in judgment upon another, lest the judgment mirror back upon the man.

As the changing times reflect the crimson tide that is upon My planet, I ask of you to remain firm in your beliefs, to clearly ascertain the relevance and truthfulness, the ORIGIN of those alleged truths, that another tells you. To remain apart from the mayhem ongoing on My planet, you must first practice compassion and discernment. I leave with you now a special gift, it is to further your determination not to be swayed into the realm of False Prophets; in the soon-to-be difficult times, as you observe others gnashing their teeth and seeking REDEMPTION from an illusionary projection that proclaims ITSELF to be Me, remember your truths, your unconditional love, your abilities to stand erect and how to say “NO.” Above all, remember “MY SONG.”

“My Song is My Wind, My Song is My Tree, My Song is My Truth,
My Song is My Sun, My Song is the everlasting Love of God.”

Write the life that is your own, let no man come between you and yourself!

Children, BELIEVE in yourselves, BELIEVE in your special-ness,
BELIEVE in your unlimited abilities to co-Create with Me.
All you need do is remember…remember …remember that you are not alone,
You never have been.

Celest and David –
Until next time we leave you with a thought of our own:
“The destination is well worth the journey”


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