God Letter #2 The Many Faces of God

These words are intentionally unedited


A Letter from God #2

“The Many Faces of God”

There are many of you who have wondered why I would choose now, in this present time, to share information of this world and your relativity to this earth planet. I choose to do so because it is My Time. Some may have doubts of the authenticity of these writings. People generally require “proof” of what is stated by those who are refereed to as “channelers.” I do agree that discretion is always a necessity when reading words said to be by the Ascended Masters and many others of My children. It is important that you understand that these writings of Mine are not “channeled.” I connect with Celestial and David through a Soul integration; I also speak telepathically while revealing to them a bevy of images that empathize My Words. They respond in same manner. I bring forth the brilliance of My Illumination just prior to communicating with them. In this way they always know to prepare for My Coming. It was decided long, long, long ago, that these two Souls who have joined together yet again to combat the darkness that has been eroding this planet, would be the perfect vessels for My Words. All treatises entitled “A Letter from God” will be transmitted to them and them alone.

You need to understand though that this does not mean that I speak only with them. That would be an erroneous assumption on your part. I speak with millions of My people each day, yet they hear Me not. Most often I non-verbally contact those who call upon Me for assistance, or quite often to those who simply want to enjoy Our Oneness. What I communicate with these two are My Words that are intended to be publicly displayed and passed on to as many of My other children as is possible.

So much that occurs in each lifetime for each Soul is predicated upon “past experiences” and present evolvement. In this sense, the broadest sense, specific timelines must emerge prior to any events of great importance that are designated to impact on any single individual. This is also true of all those Soul Clusters who superconsciously if not consciously, have aligned to mutually assist in the Creation of a better world. Far more occurs in every second than you shall ever realize while you awaken from your self-imposed slumber. I awaited this emergence of the “sleeping awake,” so that I could actively participate in revealing to you truths and realities that validate your own existences, for those who require this. For those who do not, My Words are to be the reminders to you of the true fabric of your lives; your individualized places in the Tapestry of My Life. Each of you is precious to Me, far more so than you “remember.” For so very long a linear time period, you have pleaded for My Intervention between yourselves and those who make a mockery of life. For so very long have you kept the true faith in spite of overwhelming odds.

As My Angels gave you succor in your dream states, you would awaken refreshed, hopeful and in many cases re-energized, yet you knew not why. None among you remember that I had spoken with each and all of you, well before your descent to this schoolhouse planet. It was then that I reassured you children of My TIMEly Emergence in THIS decade, in THIS year, in this THIRD-FOURTH dimensional level now enveloping MY EARTH. For millions of you it has been the greatest test of all your life experiences. To move forth across this grand star planet stumbling often, falling at times, yet picking yourselves up and moving once again in forward fashion, WITHOUT the conscious awareness of MY Predestined Arrival. I speak here of My Awareness now touching in earnest fashion at your hearts and minds. What began 23 years ago as but a delicate breeze sweeping into your lives has now escalated into the Perfection of the Touch of God. My Presence cannot, will not be denied. As part of My Cleansing Presence, I AM communicating the Greatest Truths in order to rip away the veils from the hidden one, the veils of illusions and hypocrisy from the faces of the Great Deceiver.

That energetic form has been well aware of My Inclusion in this timeframe; well aware of My Intent to slay the perfidious monstrosity that has slowly been eroding your human Spirit. That black form must survive the coming onslaught of truths and wisdom in order for it to be able to continue on the path of mayhem and murder. This dark force is well aware of the precarious situation it now finds itself in. This discarnate and incarnate monstrosity is no longer in the prominent shapeshifter position which it has held since the Creation of this planet. Far too many of you are now questioning, reasoning, feeling, sensing, and most importantly…communicating with like-minded Souls; all of you striving for the highest degree of “knowing;” preparing to use the knowledge to wield My Sword of Truth. This poses a critical time for the dark brotherhood. The insurrection of which I had spoken to all of you about so long, long ago has now begun in earnest.

To better discern all that has assailed you; you must first understand…with great clarity….the age old question…”why am I here?” I speak to you now of the Creation of yourself as gross matter. It was when I chose to appear on this world wearing many guises of MySelf that the Creation of the human race took form. Until then you were each but light beams, minute, active, yet not possessing all that you needed to inhabit a savage plane and planet. The term “gross” is simply to delineate between that which was immature facets of yourselves and that which took place later. It was before the maturity required through continuous reincarnation of each of you altered that aspect of your “condition.” Of necessity each Soul required a special “place,” this place exists as a level of in-depth learning. It is here you observed all the diaphanous molecules that form together to Create each individual as unique; to format a superior mind expansion level that would at first appear to be limited, but in due time would reveal itself to you each as Infinite. It was here that you each clearly understood the concepts of living the Greater Truth through the process of experiencing the lesser. It was here that you most willingly “signed up” for the journey to earth. The earth star world itself was meant as a training ground..not a “boot camp.”

It was the one and only place that you could each go to in order to experience all travesties, mockeries, hatreds and disillusionment required as exponential adventures; times, places and events to overcome in victorious fashion. As each of these events would occur, it would strengthen your Self as Soul; empower your Self as an individualized mote of MySelf. As each occurrence was surmounted the opposite side of the events would be given to you. You “forgot” that you would find the wondrous unions of joy, peace, contentment and love of yourself that you need so much. At times your minds have collectively pined for experiences predicated solely upon bliss. Why? If that were permitted on this planet, what would any of you learn? What could you teach if you have not experienced the events, lessons, and tests? None should ever teach of what they have not experienced.

You were each collectively and singly aware of the turbulent times that would exist on this planet. What so many of you do not recall is the intensity of living in a void that third-dimensional life can impose upon you; the egregious blunders that you can commit without any premeditation. The feelings of “aloneness” that can overwhelm you for no apparent reason are a true assault on your senses. It is within the Soul Memory that all your previous follies as well as your successful commitments are kept. It is here that you as Soul regroups and advances forward, ever seeking the perfection of Infinity on earth. Do not seek perfection on this earth My Children. Perfection rests within your own true Self, nothing more, nothing less. Do not seek to find the Truth of My Words in your holy texts. The very same ageless dark force that has cajoled humanity since the birth of this planet was far too instrumental in corrupting all My Original Words. You also need to have a much better grasp of what words as symbols mean.

I intentionally spoke in parables long ago, yet it was always the hidden truth that rested there for you to discover, it was ALWAYS in plain sight. Each parable contained a coded message for each of you, yet each Soul was to have a different perspective of the reality of which I spoke. I once said, “go forth and begin your earth star journey. As you gain a larger perspective of the greater realities that each human must sooner or later confront, be fruitful and propagate by Soul to Soul Link, be the fertility of My Wisdom and share My Wisdom by multiplying your individual selves through the teaching of others of like-mind. You are the “seeds” of My Other Children, yet you are My Own as well.” Nowhere is this parable written. It was deliberately bastardized as part of the heinous control to be exerted over this planet. Of all the great perils that you did and do even yet encounter, some that need to be mastered by you the most are: illusions, dimensional doorways, the Galactic Federation, visual perimeters, sensory deprivation, life as a dream and realities that exist within realities. These are each vital pieces of the Galactic Puzzle.

As I speak further there will be those who will instantaneously recognize the truths revealed. Others may need time to mull them over. Then there are those who shall continue to choose to dance to the perversions of truth, these children shall not in this lifetime seek to regale themselves through integrity or honor. It is this aforementioned minority that will not be invited to feast at My Table. Yet when all is said and done, it will always be when the physical form has ceased to be and the individual Soul must stand in judgment of him or herself, that future life events to transpire will possess the indelible fingerprint of that individual’s past. There are no “losers” among you, just some slow starters and late bloomers. As epochs pass and the stillness of no-time confronts the minority, they too shall reconcile with truth….at times in spite of themselves. It will be when they too have achieved the subtle and personal distinction of honoring themselves by living a true life, that they shall also be invited to feast with My Gathering and MySelf. There is a season for each segment of a Soul’s Journey. It matters naught if that journey is earthbound or if the Soul is a resident on a different planet. It is each season that accrues the wisdom needed to aid the individualized process of evolution.

The length of a season is a personal matter regulated by Soul. Soul always chooses the best, most needed learning experience as a vehicle for Its expansion. Soul recognizes when remedial lessons are required and immediately performs in absolute wonderment and joy to accommodate that necessity by assisting in the Creation of the lessons. At times, much to the chagrin of the personality. As you each first began your sojourns here, all applicable traits and character strengths were ingrained in your cellular memories, there to remain dormant until such time their functions were required. Soul has no problem with guiding the personality on a successful journey, one that has a successful conclusion. It is when the personality intrudes in doubt and fear that Soul Voice can become temporarily obliterated. It is at this juncture that free expression is allowed its reign by the individual. When this occurs one of two things happen. Either the free expression of the person dabbles and dallies in obsolete or “safe” realities, or the person subjugates the third-dimensional realities in favor of the true ones. If Soul Voice has evaluated the situation and concludes that the individual will be happier suffering and moaning and groaning, then Soul Voice retreats and allows the person to enjoy or learn from their self-appointed miseries.

What you have forgotten here on this plane is that Soul as an Infinite Expression of God I AM, exists as do all evolved entities and evolved realities in the “now.” Everything happens in a simultaneous fashion; just because you cannot see it with “visual contact” does not alter this truth. Humans must maintain “focus,” it is necessary in order for them to evaluate, re-evaluate and recognize truths and lies. It is the way of this world. If you could be aware of all things happening at the same time, it would have a devastating effect on your minds. The human brain as the computer that it is, would attempt to rationalize and analyze all events occurring and to categorize each, essentially, the brain would implode. The problems so many of you encounter are because the rationalization process controls your lives and you do not even know it. Many say on this world, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Well, I tell you…it IS broken so fix it!

I know how very difficult it is and has been to break free of the fetters imposed upon you by third-dimensional realities. Yet it is because people do not recognize that they are being constrained that they stopped believing in the Greater Truths, The Laws that govern all life, all of Creation. In fact it is symptomatic of the human race in general that you tend to believe what others will say, rather than what I tell you. This is one of a multitude of reasons that I have asked My Scribes to take careful dictation of all that shall transpire here today.


Illusions. This is a convoluted subject that requires diligent mastery by people all over this world. Illusions are the causation of many of the dire circumstances in which you find yourselves. Some are self-created as a means of hiding from truth; some are perceived by the personality to be a “safe harbor” for the purpose of remaining a static energy, unobtrusive and unnoticed by the many. Many are Created by the ancient black without-hearted ones, as a means of continuing their dominion over you. The human mind is seen by these groups of invasive energies, as susceptible to all types of fears and all issues relative to anything that is classified as “unknown.” Humans who posses an overabundance of “ego genes,” are ripe for the emotional and mental “stroking” at which the black ones are so adept.


Illusions are a projection of a non-reality; a substance that HAS no substance. They are part of the Great Deceiver’s tools for your destruction. He wields his power far too well. You have allowed this to occur. Personal responsibility is called for here in Infinite measure indeed. Humans do not like to believe that they have been made fools of; well you have been, so perhaps you should deal with it once and for all. How many times when you read a newspaper, listen to the news, listen to the gossips of your friend about others, are you questioning the validity of all that you heard/read? How often do you even seek guidance from your Guardian Spirits regarding the truths of the matters? All that you see is real. Nothing that you see is real. Everything is as real as you PERCEIVE it to be; that does not mean your perceptions are not jaundiced. Each incarnation brings with it a certain modicum of reality that was a prominent one in your previous lives. If in your many and variegated pasts you did not seek to validate that reality; if you have chosen to impose it upon each of your succession of lives, well then of course it shall continue to run its course until you yourself have said, “ENOUGH.”

Reality exists in the eye of the beholder. Which eye am I speaking of? Do you know? If your answer is left eye or right eye, I shall “bleep” you. Those who are disabled blind people can see you know, sometimes-far better than can you. Illusions that are sent to you by the unholy of the unholy, are projections which represent quite successfully, not only the conscious and unconscious fears to which you cling, but achieve a two-fold goal as well. You see, no humor intended there, illusions cloud your mind and your judgment; they oscillate like demon pendulums, pushing you further and further away from your true Spirit Self in a degrading fashion. When you sleep at night you say you had dreams, you believe them to be simply that. The ILLUSION is that they are dreams; the Greater Reality is that they are as real as are you. You have been exploring other times, the past, the present and the future.

In many cases, you are sharing “space” in this visitation, with those have who loved you; those who have returned to Me in Nirvana. Some Soul Cluster Groups among you reunite with one another during this state of superconsciously traversing the Grid that separates the linear earth world from the Greater. It is here that you compare notes with one another, each member buoying the determination of the others to succeed in the Cluster’s goals. At times you are permitted to venture forth to receive some premonitionary information. This may be relative to your journey as an individual, or perhaps relative to the ongoing situations of the planet herself. Those who are adepts that have traveled far and wide from many different planets and galaxies to participate with the human race in diffusing the maelstrom of ignorance and infertility, quite often are “taken” to their home planets for a brief respite. They are returned again the following morning in a far more rested state. At certain times, departed Souls are permitted to speak and walk with earthbound children, for but a very short time. Some Souls who do not suffer from grievous ego bound tendencies, can “surf the universe,” while they sleep. The reasons here are multitudinous.

It is indeed the conveyance of mistruth to you that fortifies the illusory world in which you live. If a man approaches you and shares with you what he believes is a secret; should he tell you that the world is doomed and that all hellfire and damnation is sure to fall upon your shortly, I ask you, who has the greater responsibility here? Is it the man who utters these notions based upon his own illusions of truth, having been successfully and unwittingly guided by the black evil forces, or is it you? If your answer is either one or the other, either you or he, then it is the wrong answer. You each must bear responsibility here. Always the one who is speaking should be certain of the truth of what he or she is stating. Always the one who is receiving these statements should be certain, without any hidden agendas of their own, that what you hear is truth…ABOVE AND BEYOND REPROACH. If you continue to accept at face value all of which you are told, then who is contributing to the moral and Spiritual denigration of the masses? Correct this situation while you still can. ASK your Guidance, those whose Soul Mission is to be available to you for the asking. Do not think you understand situations and realities unless you actually do. Be aware and very wary of who you invite in as Spiritual Mentor and Guide. The dark brothers have entered into a time of great acceleration, one that is for their continual survival, it is contingent upon the success of spreading vicious mistruth and dis-information.

Their future FUTURE survival is also at stake. They now must more so than at any other time in earth star history, delude Souls by posing as The Spirits of My Light. You see, they have correctly ascertained the most vulnerable aspect of all Light Weavers. Appeal to the heart and minds of those who want to make a difference. In so doing, they dress themselves in a projection of an Ascended Master, including ancient Avatars. Congratulations to those of you who have fallen for this perverted charade. You are paying homage to a hologram. You are not looking above and beyond the masquerade. You are unwittingly aligning with evil. Should you wonder even briefly, what the end result of this macabre situation is, I shall tell you. Mass confusion, the shuddering of belief systems, the inability to tell “right” from “wrong.” Turmoil and Disorganized chaos. Those “initiates” still struggling to overcome hither to held illusions of MySelf and My Extended Family, shall falter and NOT live up to their destinies. They will feel cheated, lied to and fail to trust anymore. Their Spirits shall sag and despair shall reign. This is not an acceptable alternative!

Do not underestimate these entities; it could cost you your lives.


Realities.-Each Soul does prior to reincarnating here, decide the realities that could best govern his or her life. This is for the most part predicated upon a particular life experience that they seek. Should they have decided to enter the political arena, then their MAIN reality will be the focus of that particular profession. If perchance they have also chosen to enjoy other realities that are not politically orientated, then at a given point in that life experience, the opportunities will present themselves for the exploration of those other realities as well. If in fact they have still not had enough of the delusions and illusions so prevalent on earth, those “projections” shall find them. This is true of all peoples in all cultures, yet at times many find themselves involved in boondoggles which they wish to extricate themselves from, for their own sakes. The reality that will appear to them is one that either takes them a step forward in their evolution or assists in maintaining their former life status quo. Each one of you has a personal reality, a planetary reality and an outer-planetary reality. Much is based upon your stature, your personal development in the Ways of Spirit. Each reality of each personage is true…….to the individual. When more Souls who share the commonality of the particular realities of another are led to find one another, then amazing things can occur. It is how epiphanies are Created, or tornadoes. It is all a matter of reality.

Yes of course there are those who arrive here with mind wide open and memory intact. Also there are those whose previous life existences have been the culmination of certain cycles. They are here to assist the new gardeners in My Garden. They have quite successfully and with great determination ascended the spiral staircase that leads to all truths. As they arrived at the top of this staircase, the Light of ALL Lights is revealed to them in its myriad glories. They came. They saw. They conquered. Their realities are quite different from the human concepts of such. They see the bigger picture, the true essence of all that is real and all that is not. In a very real sense, they are part of the bigger picture. They are now confronted with an awesome and unenviable task, as they KNEW they would be. They are very much in awareness of the fact that people do not like to have their realities shaken, it is their “comfort zone.” These individuals are to unmask The False Prophets. They are to teach by example. They are to manifest and materialize all which they need to remain firmly ensconced in their earth star walk as the teachers and warriors they are. They may bend but they shall not break. They are aware of the existences of realities within realities. Confrontations with the multi-duplicities that once were but rarely encountered are now a part of their every day life. They shall not fail themselves.

If you take a picture with a Polaroid camera you can watch the picture slowly develop. It is during the developmental stages that certain aspects of the picture emerge. As the negative finally achieves the full stages of development, all that is there is visible to the naked eye. Tell me, what do you see beyond the images? What story is transpiring behind the scenes? You cannot answer this. What you are viewing is a “still picture,” one that is restricted by the borders of the paper frame. You are only seeing one tiny aspect of a LIFE. Yet it is a reality is it not? Humans live within the confines of their realities, blissfully unaware of the other pictures simultaneously taking place in front of their eyes. Realities range in scale from the miniscule to the INFINITE. It is all a matter of your perceptions. Each is valid up to a point because you have given it life. You have activated it. Yet, because of the duality that exists here, people do not want to acknowledge that another’s perspective may be greater, more substantial, may epitomize TRUTH. Most humans can accept different realities in miniscule dosages, beyond that they find them too threatening, although they may say they are too constrictive. The realities do not “compute.”

You see it is within the still and sterile confines of the “pictures” that so many of My Children have entrapped themselves. They are unable or unwilling to break free of the bondage of their own “frame.” They lack the passion and the zest for life that could be their saving grace. Therefore they see things only one-dimensionally. So be it.

One of the illusions so prevalent here is that earth life itself lacks continuity. This is not true. I see so many that feel themselves to be fragmented; feel separated from others who they at times desperately seek, much like a human-bond aphrodisiac. Part of the deceit that has been practiced in regard to this important matter, is the obliteration of the truth of your OWN individualized geometric symbols. The intention was to strip you of not only your true identity, but to separate you from those who love you best. HERE is MY TRUTH of this matter. Each of you carries a specific type of geometric symbol, of a geometric pattern that is indigenous to you and the rest of your Soul Cluster, those of the Cluster on the earth star planet as well as those far beyond earth. The symbol aligns and conforms to other exact geometric symbols in perfected precisian. There are hundreds of geometric symbols and many duplicates of each. It means that point “A” will align and co-join with “A.” A & A will find one another; they will be led to one another. This is an example of ” Cosmic Physics.”

You do not realize this, but you have also been encoded with a complex strain of a TYPE of frequency that the adrenal gland itself assists in easing into conscious memory. This is a “safety measure,” one that remains semi-dormant until such time that it is needed by the mind. Since earth children require labels for all things, it was given a label that denotes tremendous positive energy. It is called “HOPE.” HOWEVER, DEAR GOOD-HEARTED ONES, it is a non sequitur. “Hope” is a placebo. One of My many gifts to you. At times when so much in your personal lives, your personal evolvement, hangs in the balance awaiting a serious decision from you, your choices fluctuate, as does your mind. They are seen swaying from one direction to the other, needing a catalyst to reinforce your knowledge, or intuitions, it is then that HOPE arrives. It is this energetic force that pushes you forward, albeit for many, slowly at first. Hope can easily be the determining factor for ultimate success or possible failure. Without Hope, many would not have succeeded in their pre-life plans. Without Hope, many of you cannot see the possible and probable results of future events, both in your own life as well as the life of this planet. All was planned for well in advance of your sojourns here.

To those of you who come across other aspects of yourself, I say to you, be kind to them for they are you, as you are them, as I am you. There has never been a time when that we were separated. Those who are the chosen ones are all My children, therefore all of you are chosen. Why so many of you put such a title on those who are the same as you is vastly misunderstood. The chosen are all of you, yet many do not answer the call I have issued. Far too many get trapped in an endless circle of repetitive actions. It is only the last few decades that many amongst you have realized the truth of the Oneness of all forms of life. The beginning has no end; the end is a new beginning, a cycle of life which has completed its desired course. The desired course is chosen by you and you alone. It is through each of your life experiences that I travel with you, sharing that which is learned. There is nothing you do, nothing you feel, nothing that you think that is not shared by Me. I am full of love and compassion for all that you experience along the way. That which is, was meant to be, whether any of you know it or not. I have been the best student charting all your mis-adventures in life and experiencing through you the totality of your journeys. The choices that you make are in your own interests. They are not always the best of choices, yet they are yours and yours alone. No one else should make the choices for you, suggestions may be made, ultimately the final decisions are completely up to you.

We, My children and I watch over your every move. Nothing is left undocumented. At times, per your pre-life contract, those you have assigned as your guardian angels and spirit guides will attempt to dissuade you from choices or actions that are not in your best interest. This is done in many different ways, including thought impressions and Soul Memory. Each of you on some level of awareness, is capable of receiving transmitted information. This is done at the Soul level, that part of you which knows all the truths and realities of your origins and your mission on My Earth. It is at this level that thoughts, impressions, intuitions and yes the occurrence of what you term “Deja Vu” occurs. Life begins and ends and then starts anew. There is no final destination other than the final return home where all is One. The journey home is the totality of all you experienced along the way, each personage of yourself makes up the sum of the original. Each lifetime you Create becomes another part of the whole. The whole of you is a part of Me. You see? There is no separation.

From the vantage point amongst the stars, all that is perceived and thought about is being witnessed. Nothing, I repeat nothing is left out. To some of you this fact may make you feel uncomfortable, knowing that even the most miniscule of thought is recorded in your Book of Life. My Children, do you truly think that I do not already know what you are thinking? Do you really think no one knows what goes on behind closed doors? When doubt enters your minds regarding the words being shared here today, question the “why” and the “origins” of these doubts. It is through the questioning that the truth shall come forth, shining as brightly as my Sun overhead. We, you and I, are the sum total of All That Is, together with all the other Creations which make up the beginning, the middle and the ever expansive universe that we exist in. There never will be a time when you are alone; it is only the perceptions and the illusions of separation that is foisted upon you by those who are in need of you for their survival. Let no one come between the “you that is” and the “you” that you perceive as the only aspect of yourself. The totality of all you each truly are in your voluminous Soul Voice, is more massive as a collected whole than any of you are now in your present separate state. There will come a time when all who walk upon My Planet will know the completeness of each life experience. The time is not now.

From this moment on, I shall watch with keen interest the reaction to these messages I am sharing with each of you. There is a separation between us that must be changed in order for you little ones to come into the knowing time of your existence. The more open-minded you are to receiving these words, the smoother and the more rapidly all will become as One yet again. This is my wish for you My Children, love one another and keep each other as you would a brother or a sister, for in truth you are all related. Only the color of your skin separates you from one another. There is room in my mansion for all of you. Won’t you come and feast with me this day?

I am the child dying of lupus,
I am the flower that was crushed under a careless foot,
I am the blind man asking for coins,
I am not the hitchhiker wearing chains and carrying a machete,
I am you seeing Me, as you are Me seeing you.

This is my parable for this day.
I bid you a fond “adieu.”


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