God Letter #5 The Seriousness of Communication

These words are intentionally unedited.


A Letter from God #5

“The Seriousness of Communication”

God…(received by Celest) Well Children, here we are yet again. You are still looking for answers I see and still wanting to have all things set right. At least set right in the eyes of most of you that is. Whether or not things are the way you want them to be is all a matter of how you define right. As you may have guessed by the title I have chosen for this letter to you, this missive will be prove to be not lighthearted, rather it will be intense. This is in great measure a result of either My desire to be keeping to the times you are living in, or My fervent heartfelt wish to assist those whom I can to “stay the course,” or both. I am confident that many of you will simply need a bit of confirmation from Me regarding your own perspectives on all that is occurring, as well as your being reminded of My continuing efforts to provide all pertinent information to you…as I see fit. I will for the final time, once again address the issue rebounding in so many minds; “Why did we not know about all these Earth changes and planetary realignments before?” “Why didn’t anyone tell us?” Actually, you did know and you all have known for many millennia. It is rather puzzling at times how it has come to pass that so many of you act and think as though all that is happening is “new news.”

In great part it is your own lack of serious communication and the remaining millions of people who still have the “I don’t really want to know” factor, that has contributed to the shock and outright hostility many of you have expressed to Me. WHY? I can not, I will not, continue to repeat the same warnings I have given to you each for so very, very, long. NOR WILL MY EMISSARIES. Perhaps you have forgotten that I have an entire Universe to help…where I can. Although none who are part of My Universe are more important than another, I will not make any arbitrary decisions to spend time in dealing with repetitious questions from many of My Children, when I can instead continue to be of service to all those of you whose hearts, minds and Souls, are replete with the serendipitous rapture and rhapsody of My TRUTHS. You see Children, what so many of My emissaries are finding so appalling is that regardless of how much they have worked with you – both singly and in groups – only a tiny fraction of people are staying on the path of truth and understanding. The rest….well, let’s just say that the rest are falling down the rabbit hole of dismal thoughts and broken dreams. Although I do not love one Child more so than another, I have loved many LONGER than others. Let us see how well you receive this thought, this idea that I am sharing with you. Let yourself SEE if your failure to communicate with Me, is on an equal scale of your failure to communicate with YOURSELF! For if you can not understand what I just said, then you do have a problem.

Many of you still fail to understand that you can no longer simply fall back into the other complacent self you used to be. Others, those who have had longstanding associations with the “doubting Thomas” syndrome, are the people all over the planet who still refuse to sever that association and are truly dancing on the fire of doubt. This fire will consume them. If you each could at least once a day, quiet your minds and listen to what you as Soul, has to say, what you as Soul, is reassuring you about, then you and I would not need to have this letter written and read, now would we? I have considered most diligently the timing here of releasing this letter to Celest and David. I have looked at all the possibilities and probabilities available to Me to better determine how many of you I can still reach. I speak of those Children who have been untouchable for most of this lifetime. Those of you reading this letter who are remaining staunch in your faith and are “in-knowing” that in the end, all shall be fine, should be aware that although I am not addressing you each per se, that is NOT to say that you too in these times will not be severely tested BY the times you are living in. These are the times that many of you have at one time or another Created through your failure to NOT succumb to those children of a lesser god.. Let Me be perfectly clear here; I AM NOT DOING THE TESTING! YOU are. So many of you were performing your acts of faith and definitely of helping others in need, far better before the NESARA wind wave and the dying winds began to exist as true prevailing forces here on the Earth Star. There is irony present here. These winds are a perfect form of communication. My animal life forms listen to these winds; My flora, fauna and each and every other aspect of Creation here on the planet listen to these winds, yet humanity does not.

I am communicating with all of you here through many different venues. I telepath to you, I express My concerns for YOUR concerns to you; I do not ask of any of you to make any promises to Me. It is a good thing I do not, NOW ISN’T IT! Throughout this major testing period, this period that will last for many, many, years I might add, it is your ability to convey your thoughts in a concise, clearly thought-out pattern with Me, as well as with yourself and all others you connect with, or associate with, that will continue to be either your saving grace or your eventual downfall. If only all the voyeurs would stop gazing into the mirror of illusions and instead gaze into the looking glass of eternal life, My job would be much easier. So would yours. I know how much is required of you to enable you to withstand the moral turpitude of the millions of people who are lost to themselves. I also KNOW that I KNOW you each far better than you KNOW yourselves. So it is that on this day, I am reluctantly but wisely addressing the lack of communication that so many of you exhibit. I would like to see you all stop running around in a complete fear mode and cease performing obscene somersaults in attempts to appease the thugs still desperately trying to hold on to the control of the world and the people. IF you are ready, willing and able to disenfranchise yourself from fear, then YOU WILL BE FINE. Your sentience will once again have clarity; you will be able to speak freely with ME, once you have yet again established your connection with your own Soul Voice.

The time is at hand NOW for each of you, for all living things to come to their sentience, for all beings to ride out the storm that is now approaching gale force wind proportions. For those of you who know how to achieve this, I would also suggest that you listen to the winds. Define yourself TO yourself and in this manner the WINDS WILL DEFINE YOU.

God…(received by David) I spoke earlier about much of what is occurring as being perceived as “new news.” To further that discussion I should like to remind each of you who has already forgotten, there are no new thoughts or ideas. Do you remember? Whatever has been thought of, brought into manifestation here on this world of Mine has already existed in one form or another on another plane, a different world or somewhere else in the continuum. This is why I so fervently implore you to seek the answers to the questions you have from within your Soul, the place where all is known. Monumental changes on any level are accomplished by tapping into the heartbeat of this Universe as well as to the Universal Pool of Knowledge where all information is Sacred and shared freely and openly. Now I am not implying that you do not have any original ideas; for that would be far from the truth. Each one of you who used your sentience comes up with variations of what already is. You modify, you mold and you shape it into wondrous formations of thought and energetic matter to suit the needs each of you has. This is a good thing. Now let us move on, this too has been discussed previously by many of My Children.

Let us examine one of your coined phrases, “the lesser of two evils.” Each of you has heard this one before; yes, many of you at one time or another, some more than others, has bowed to the lesser of two evils. No one should ever bow to any form of evil! One evil is but an extension of the other. You should STAND in your truths and understand ALL THAT IS. I am here to tell you that bowing to evil in any form belittles all the good efforts you each are trying to accomplish. Who said it was all right to fear the pseudo forces that APPEAR to be stronger, brighter, or superficially more enlightened in their approach to all the affairs of the human race? You are all Creators of worlds; those people and beings that have sought to control you are the destroyers of worlds. Each lifeform on this planet is tuning into one of the two opposing winds of change. Many people are altering their perspectives and getting on with their lives. Most of the human race is slow to respond. As Celest and David spoke about in their missive “Understanding the Winds of Change,” the two opposing forces are separating the wheat from the chaff. They are pulling apart by the seams the beliefs of many people. They are altering the very fabric of their reality. Many people are moving towards the positive energies of My NESARA Child, evidence of this is everywhere. This brings us back to the serious lack of communication between most of you. How many people do you know who simply do not want to know, in fact most do not care, as long as it does not affect them personally. Well please tell them from Me, IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY before they are pulled under by the dying winds of change. This world is going to continue to alter; she is going to flip many people on their heads. She is going to appear to be rocking and rolling until the last vestiges of My lesser evolved children and their unhealthy practices have been vanquished from this world.

Each of you is a jewel; some people are still in the rough while others are sparkling for all to see. If you cannot see where you yourself are, then perhaps you should issue a wake-up call to yourself. I have done all that I can to convince you, to persuade you to see the Light. Those who responded to My urgings have come far in this lifetime. It is not the time to sit back on your laurels and simply ride upon the winds of change. If this world is going to alter as you would have it, it will require all of you to remain focused to the tasks at hand. Be a risk taker; boldly go where you can be of service to others. You have right on your side and this dear ones, is much more powerful than might could ever be.

We, you and I, all walk the path that destiny provided for us to be on. The Creator put Me on Mine to be the Caretaker of this Universe. I birthed each of you to do the same, to be the Caretakers of your immediate worlds as they pertain to you as Soul and to the Creation process. Is it that hard to remain true to yourself, true to your course in life, true to your Soul’s choices? Is it that hard to stand up for what you know is right, despite the consequences? No, I absolutely do not want any of you to be martyrs to your cause. This would defeat all your good intentions. This world, this Universe, in fact all aspects of Creation alter during every nanosecond. Look at a blade of grass, does it stop growing or does it evolve? Why should the human race do otherwise? Sure you have evolved as a race technologically. The sad thing is you have done so and compromised your Spirituality. You have all been knocked down, kicked around and abused to one degree or another. Does this mean you should just give in and comply so that you can fit in?

Yes, change on a planetary scale can and will happen instantaneously, IF you all work together. Knowledge of this Universal Truth has not yet reached the masses of this world. Consider it to be part of your missions in life to inform the uninformed. You who are in awareness can individually bring monumental forms of change into fruition all by yourself in your own personal worlds. You are all gifted, you are all special, you are all unique expressions of Myself. Why do you not see what I see? Why can you not rise above your physical limitations and realize the vast unlimited potential that lies within? I do not ask much of you, you are much harder on yourselves than I could ever be. The wrath of god syndrome and other such co-dependency issues that have not been adequately dealt with must stop if you are ever going to grow into your Souls. Simply talking about change is doing nothing more than performing heroic acts of lip service. This will only carry you so far. There must be something of substance to back the words up with. There are billions of people everywhere looking for alternative ideas and new ways of living their lives, rather than what has long been accepted here as the norm. Help them please, in this manner you will also help yourself. Teach them to simplify their lives so they are not so burdened with regrets. If not, everything you are trying to do, everything I am trying to impress upon you, is getting lost in the translation.

Many of My other Children and I have patiently tried to impress upon you the one most single important fact for each of you to know intimately. And yet far too many of you still can not see beyond your own perceptions of limitations, much less hold on to this one simple concept that LOVE is the most powerful force in all of Creation. All of Creation is built upon it. It should not be that hard to assimilate this fact if you just stop trying and start doing. Empty all your thoughts and emotions and then you will be able to clearly see what was right in front of you all the time. We, My other Children and I, have also reminded you time and time again to question everything. Question yes, but please, do not allow doubt to rear its ugly head and veer you off course.

My Children, I ask you most seriously, why can you not see the goodness which resides in each of you? Why can you not see that your differences are what defines each of you and makes you all unique and special? Each incarnation is a short one, why not use it to better yourself rather than make it repetitious of former days gone past? I would love to tell you that most of you will survive My “winds of change,” however that would not be true. It is time to reinforce your determination to be uncommonly kind to one another, to be kind to yourself, to treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. Many of you already do so simply because you know no other way to be. These are the ones who are listening to their Soul Voice. Will you listen to My words of this day? I would like to believe that it will be so. However, much of your previous endeavors suggest otherwise. I wonder just how much longer it will take before the human race stops feeding the war machines and starts feeding the hungry of this world. I heard a man say the other day that all he needed to succeed was “more time.” One of My off-world Children was heard remarking, “why would anyone want more of something that does not exist?” My point here is that far too many of you still desire more and more of the same old thing. What sense does this make?

You have all had many, many, many lifetimes to learn these fundamental lessons. Have you ever wondered why there are so many people on this small world you inhabit? I shall give you a hint. Most people graduate from the Earth Star Walk when they have learned ALL their chosen lessons. It is not important for you to know what they each are, it IS important that you live a life worth living. Now Children, how many of these people I just spoke of do you suppose have not learned their lesson? Let us take into account that many Souls have in the past learned their lessons and are here once again at My request to teach those who they can, those who are finally ready to move forward. There are millions of great teachers here in the present, walk-ins and born-ins alike. That still leaves billions who are unfortunately still floundering about in the illusion of time. In the future I shall ask these two Souls (Celest and David) to write about re-creation and recreation, about the similarities and differences which exist between the two and how they continually plague the human race. Then we will see who gets the point and who does not. Yes, I will still be counting heads.

A thought just appeared in this receiver (David’s) mind which I will address briefly. Do any of you think for even a nanosecond that We, the residents of this Universe, have nothing better to do with our time than simply share Our thoughts with you to read? I can assure you that We can find other things to do with Our precious Now moments. We do however feel that you are worth the effort so please do not let our efforts be in vain.

The Earth’s populations have out of necessity had to restart over and over again. No – you are not the first human civilization, nor are you alone in this Universe. Many of those who were incarnate back then are here again now. What is important is that you recognize the fact that many of these previous civilizations did not heed Our warnings about the seriousness of times that were upon them. And yes, many of these civilizations were far more evolved than you currently are both Spiritually, as well as technologically. You may have noticed that the seriousness of Our tone has altered in the last year into a sense of urgency. The reasoning behind this dramatic alteration from our previous teaching of nothing but love, peace and oneness, to the more direct and in your face “this is the way it is,” attitude is due to the fact that so many of you listen, but still do not hear. Our desire here is to “save” as many of you from failing yourself as we possibly can. It is in your best interests, it IS in Our best interests.

Reaching out from the serious side of Creation to the human race…God


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