God’s book excerpt – Awareness

These words are intentionally unedited.

An excerpt from the book
“And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said…”

Volume One


Chapter #4 “Awareness”

Celest – God, we know that it was You, not any of us who choose the chapter titles, why is it that your selection of “Awareness” is so important to this book?

God – “Awareness” is a term that can be taken in many ways. I KNOW that it is important because of all that I have always seen on the Earth; all those billions of peoples who have not been “in awareness” for many a year, some not for many a lifetime. It is when the curtain of your “remembrances” falls when you reincarnate here, that reality takes a back seat to “illusions and deceptions.” Many of My Children feel they are aware of all that is truly occurring, yet in fact they are not. They may know some truth from deception, but the heavy burdens they each carry while walking this walk, causes them to at times…too many times for some…accept that which is false, or worse, replace truth with the illusions of reality. This is obviously not a good thing.

It is important that all of My Children come to terms with truth, that they come to terms with themselves and have confrontations with the “devil” if necessary. There are different levels of “KNOWINGNESS,” which is “Awareness” in a different guise. When you KNOW something, it means that “you are sure on a conscious level” about a person, place or thing that has some connection with you in everyday practical life. Unfortunately, too many people take it for granted that what they think they KNOW, and what they really KNOW, are the same. In fact quite often, they are two separate entities. It is like My sky, there is “day” and there is “night,” one is different from the other in APPEARANCE, yet they are each an aspect of the ONE sky. It does not mean, “day will become night and night would become day,” it is the reality of two aspects of one entity sharing themselves as one unit.

Many people KNOW that the conditions of their lives are to say the least, in disarray, they then begin to contribute the mess of their lives to all different people, places and things which they THINK have somehow contributed to the situations. Some people will actually have the…..strength…to acknowledge that in actual fact, only they themselves allowed such and such to happen. Had they been AWARE that none of those distasteful or tawdry events could have occurred unless that individual PERMITTED them to take place, then OBVIOUSLY any sane person would have kept it from happening in the first place. I have just given you a very practical example of any everyday situation; I did so because it is My hope that in this manner you will be able to follow the rest of what I have to say.

What occurs on the conscious levels of KNOWING can be easily filtered through the “intellect bugaboo.” Don’t get me wrong, I love the intellect, after all I did Create it, you know. BUT it was not My Intent for the intellect to control the AWARENESS which you each bear as an aspect of your Soul Self. The AWARENESS of all that you each are, all that you each have ever been and the POTENTIAL of all that you still MAY ascend to, lies quietly in the Super Conscious realm of yourself. The Super Conscious can and does transmit the AWARENESS into and through your subconscious. However the subconscious can filter through to you only as much as your CONSCIOUS MIND can accept at any given moment.

This is one of the primary reasons that the dark energies have had so much success here on this planet. The “mind” is a gigantic computer in a sense; it had followed the dictates of the impulses of “reasoning and logic,” for the most part, so of course those dark ones did all they could to control “your computer.” “AWARENESS” has nothing to do with the computer; AWARENESS is a subtle realization of reality, the “real stuff,” not the manmade variety. AWARENESS is a by-product of Soul KNOWLEDGE; the AWARENESS FACTOR cannot take its place of preeminence within the mind, heart and Soul of any of My Children until there is a blending together of “mind and matter.”

You see many are born into AWARENESS here, but lose or temporarily forget about that intangibly tangible aspect of their Soul until or unless something jars them terribly awake from the sometimes self-induced stupor. As long as the conscious mind controls the thought forms, actions and deeds of each person, or groups of like-minded individuals, AWARENESS must await the needed catalyst before walking forth inside of you in its great majestic form. Are you getting My Picture yet? If you place this situation under your nonphysical eyes and scrutinize the conditioning that had taken place which subjugated you to the lower realms of KNOWING, then you shall better understand why AWARENESS is the key to your own immortality and why the dark so fears this Aspect of Soul.

Many of you KNOW that you are not “separate” from your AWARENESS, you KNOW that the AWARENESS is an integral part of who and what you are. It is a “part,” not “APART” from you. It is when that KNOWING reaches the conscious mind that the Super Conscious, the subconscious and the conscious mind can interrelate and quietly integrate the SOUL memory you have been permitted to bear with you. These are the memories that are dependant in great measure upon your individual abilities to ALLOW information to pass through the channels of your mind and thusly into your hearts; since this all actually originates as Soul MOVEMENTS, it will not pass back to Soul again, rather Soul will radiate more as Soul reaches upwards to bring you onto yet another plateau of BE-ING.

So AWARENESS must not only be thoroughly understood by you, it must be respected, cherished and honored. You each have a responsibility here and that is to willingly bring AWARENESS into conscious manifestation. It is no longer enough to say, “I am aware of all that is going on here,” NOW you must really KNOW what you are saying. The time for “lip service,” is over. The bridge that once existed between Nirvana and Earth is becoming a moot point. You no longer have “old-fashioned linear time” to fall back on; to once again assist you in “COMPLACENCY.” Whew!! Boy am I glad about that!

MY BOOK could not be a complete “God Talks,” without you each knowing the importance of your own individual AWARENESS. AWARENESS as a state of BE-ING, is you as Soul Self epitomizing your own ESSENCE. It does not mean that you have to walk around on tippy toes, afraid to make mistakes and expecting to be a “perfected being.” Perfection cannot be found on the Earth, YET you are each “perfect” in every nano second of your life. True, some more so than others, but what the heck, I MySelf am not perfect either you know. Or, perhaps you don’t know.

Celest – Ok, God, that is a very reasonable and non-logical explanation. This is what I wanted others to know also. Thank you, I will be back later in the chapter.

God – You are welcome and somehow I did think you had more to ask.

This was an excerpt from the book:
“And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said…”