The Emancipation of the Human Spirit and the Alone times

“The Emancipation of the Human Spirit

and the Alone times”


Today a discussion we are initiating with all of you is one that we consider to be both timely and very important. Especially NOW. There are certain periods in life when each person MUST follow a mandated course; a path that was designated to be a “life-path,” prior to any incarnation. It is a very simple one, yet the complexity lies in the simplicity of the event. What is the most difficult time period you know of in your own life or in other’s life? The answer is…”to be alone.” Completely, utterly, alone. It is isolation in one sense, from all those of like-mind, yet it forces a person to become their own best friend, or their own worst nightmare. The human mind can be a complex maze, a labyrinth of twists and turns that MAY cause people to lose touch with themselves. Only if the person has come to peace with him or herself and can see that they are their own world, will they be able to exist among other people, especially those who are different than they are, and be happy doing so. We have also told everyone repeatedly, that in order to love someone else you must first be able to love yourself first and unconditionally. We are not talking about Nuns and Priests, etc., who are following a vocation that requires them to be isolated and alone. It is about those people who must understand all facets of themselves while living in physicality. In other words, everyone.

There is a Sacred progression at play here: Each time Soul KNOWS that the personality and the physical vehicle It is inhabiting is moving forward, even if the pace is slow, Soul will call a halt, a temporary stop, preventing that person from doing more than absolutely necessary and pushes the person into a “time of solitude” This is an event of tremendous proportions; You cannot run or hide from it. Nor can anyone “wish it away.” For many people it may be years before they arrive at this critical mass; for millions of others however, it “JUST HAPPENS.” People may move and live in communities among other people they are not drawn to. In this event, they THINK they are staying home and away from others simply because they feel so different from the new people they live around. These are not cases of “People Phobia.” Many of you know someone, or perhaps it is you, yourself, who has “People phobia.”

These phobia types of individuals move to isolated areas and prefer to be on their own and to avoid society. More aptly put, most of them are avoiding themselves. In time, they become so set in their ways that they develop an absolute dread absolutely, of being outside of their safety nets. Some of these individuals will study, read and question other people from the past about many life situations, however they simply are too afraid to move forward with evolved people if it means they must travel, or speak in public, or teach, etc. They may be helping themselves to a degree, BUT, by the subtle and for many of them, unconscious actions of distancing themselves from other people, they are committing a grave error. One that will always cost them dearly. They are not living AS part of this world, they are cheating themselves of the wonderful opportunity to learn from and WITH other people and they are not allowing others to learn from or WITH them.

The people we are concerned about are all the ones who enter into the solitude time and do not understand what is really taking place for them. The greatest quantum leaps for people have been actually taking place at a more accelerated rate since 2000. It was at the leaping time, that men and women of all ages, all stages of maturity, literally began to find themselves ALONE. Even those who were married or in intimate relationships. Here is what ensues during the alone time: let us just use a man we will call “Jeff,” as our example. No, it is not his actual name. Jeff was at one time a gregarious person, joking and laughing and trying his darnedest to fit in with his friends and co-workers. He worked so hard at that, that it soon began to tire him out more than any physical labor could do. The more he tried to be around people, the more his mind wandered, searching, ever searching, for something that he could not put a name to.

(this was his Soul now, prompting him to find something else that would be fulfilling.)

One day soon after, Jeff simply fell off the map as far as his former cohorts were concerned. You see, Jeff awakened one morning and felt so desolate, so ALONE, that he found himself, almost without choice, needing to just be home and be quiet.

(this is his Soul arranging the endless time that It knew Jeff needed to come full circle and to find himself.)

For the next two years people saw very little of Jeff, but Jeff saw a lot of himself. His agile mind explored many different avenues; each one geared to learning more about what was happening to him and finally arriving at the conclusion that he had not lost his mind. He dissected his past and found grave errors of judgment on his part back then. He then looked at the present and was unable to form any concrete conclusions about what was going on with him. He then took a quick look into his future and could not decide if he even had one.

(this was his Soul, quietly for the most part, urging Jeff to first study his situation in an effort to then understand it.)

Jeff concentrated upon the rollercoaster of emotions he was feeling while struggling to make sense of them all. Some nights his sleep was restless, while other nights he slept more soundly than he could previously remember. He began having many dreams, some were lucid dreams and finally he was able to cherish his new, not completely understood, feelings of being whole, or born again. Jeff was finding and enjoying the newfound sense of “peace with Jeff.”

(this was Soul rejoicing that Jeff was putting the fragments of himself together, even if he did have a long way to go.)

In time, after he emerged from his cocoon and rejoined the outside world, his sense of smell and taste had altered; they had become more sensitive and intense and his perceptions had sharpened. He became able to look upon people non-judgmentally, although a bit disappointed in the fact that THEY were still the same. This was a major step in his personal evolvement; one that each person needs to make here.

The alone time is a wondrous gift from Soul to personality. It is a type of yardstick that measures not only the emotional and Spiritual maturity of the person, but the Spiritual level that the person THROUGH the augmentation of the music of the Matrix of the Soul is experiencing. The more this womb is able to saturate the personality with the infinite wonders of the SoulSelf, the more beautiful and better a life a person will be able to experience. More and more people everyday are now finally discovering and admitting to themselves that they may be in an intimate relationship with another person, BUT they still are alone! We will explain this part more fully in a bit. Each person who evolves has a path of destiny waiting for them, it does not matter who it is, they will be confronted with mandatory alone times while they are learning to Walk the Path. Walking the path is simply that. Each one of us must learn acceptance of others’ beliefs, even if we do not agree with them, as well as understanding all cultural influences. Each one of us has at one time or another had to learn what it was like to be the other person. This occurs through many incarnations, reincarnating into different societal structures as well as most cultures. Each has something to offer to the ascending student of Life. Life is about taking the best, that which resonates with you from each of these experiences and applying them to the “you,” you have evolved into. Being human means that you must be able to walk all paths while simultaneously being all astrological Signs. This is part of your destiny; it is one of your Soul missions during each and every lifetime.

All evolved people, yes, as we stated before, even those in intimate relationships, will experience the alone time for several different reasons. #1. It is not about not being accepted by others; it is not feeling that the differences between you and other people are so vast that there cannot be any common ground between you. People who have awakened and those who entered into this Earth Star plane with recall, all do experience an almost ceaseless sense of aloneness. The sense we are now speaking of is the deepest longing, the heart and Soul’s desire to be back “at home” once again. It is about being with those of like-mind and like-Soul. It is about looking around at the strangeness of the behavior of so many people around the world, at their inhumanness to one another, their dislike of so many other people they have not met and never will meet. It is about watching the horrors people intentionally inflict upon one another and feeling aghast at the shallowness people exhibit about life and watching the descent into darkness of the Souls of these people. #2. In the majority of relationships, there always exists a competitive edge; a “do it my way” control factor. No one wants to be wrong, even though experiencing mistakes is but another way to learn in this life. However, in some relationships that rank high above all others,’ those couples are devoted to one another, respect one another, and love one another without imposing any conditions upon one another. And IF they are not only evolved, but are dedicated to being in service to God and the Universe, they too, experience the aloneness caused by not being where they really want to be. It is only when these people co-join with others who are just like them, whether in a couple relationship or not, do they feel peace and contentment while enjoying one another’s company. For a while.

If you wonder how long the alone times last for the people who are moving forward…. some at long last…. then we can only tell you that once it begins it truly does not end entirely. People basically cannot be alone AND HAPPY with life if they cannot understand the necessity of the alone times. Those times become happy, very peaceful and undeniably beautiful as the person realizes and ACCEPTS what is really going on. The person is evolving and understanding much better what life is all about and deals with the inevitable question, “why am I here?” You see what is also not understood by the average person here on the planet, is that it is during these alone times that miracles take place. These are the greatest time periods when a major separation occurs between Soul and intellect. It is here when the Soul gallantly and swiftly moves forward and assumes Its rightful place as the predominate force of Light and Love. It is here also where the Warrior Spirit rises to the occasion. It is here during this tactical maneuver that the intellect will undergo major confusion as it struggles to sort out what is happening and tries to understand any logic in the situation. Of course, it cannot. This is not a logical situation, so the intellect cannot grasp the importance of the event; it merely knows that something is occurring beyond its control.

This is the arena where the personality struggling, sometimes in fear, again and again confronts itself. The physical vehicle will often act out during the beginning of these times with increased heart rate and periods of copious sweating. Usually the person is very thirsty but their appetite tends to become a rollercoaster in itself. At this point the body will require salt; but it is advisable to only use sea salt. It is not a battle between Soul and intellect, it is a time that a greater understanding must begin to take place so that the intellect will lose its fear of its own ability to survive and recognize that Soul MUST be permitted free reign. Once that understanding is assimilated by the intellect, it begins to slowly recede, to relinquish its place as the prevailing life force in the individual’s life. How long this will take is strictly on an individual basis. Some people undergo this confrontation, which is how they see it, for many years. Others move much more swiftly because their innate understanding rises to the occasion. So much depends on the person’s intent, motivation, focus and Spiritual maturity.

It is important that you understand that we are NOT speaking about people who are by choice alone, but are still not moving forward, mainly because they do not want to and/or they do not feel/know that they should be. People must learn to find/have balance in their lives regardless if they are alone by choice or not. No, people do not need to be living in caves or on top of a mountain to find the clarity and peace necessary to clear their minds. They should do be able to do this just as well in a crowded elevator. This is a balance that must first originate from within, once achieved one should be able to carry it with them everywhere and exist within its matrix. Conversely, people who have to socialize all the time are prime examples of those who are the non-living. They had been living lives of what has been part of mass consciousness. It is not living as part of the newly formed COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. If you wonder who orchestrated the alone times, it was the God of this Universe with the full support of each Soul Cluster and the main OverSoul Cluster. It is a Mandatory part of Soul growth.

People do not function well in their everyday cocoons, they become overtaken by the dreaded “complacency factor.” It is the alone times that can and do prevent that from happening. People who insist on being in those close encounters of the worst complacency kind, are not participants in life, they are spectators. They have yet to learn that life is not a spectator sport. The alone times offer people the unlimited opportunities to advance and become evolved Souls, or in many cases, more evolved as Souls. It is time to define what you want in your life as well as what you do not want. No one experiences the alone times by chance. An interesting phenomenon always occurs each time a person enters into that solitary zone. They become more dissatisfied with people, even those who are longtime friends who are content to settle for the status quo. People begin to look at life with clearer vision and their sentience begins to improve. The “alone consciousness” IS a part of the collective consciousness now. This is part of the individualized timing when the person feels utterly naked; the time when they feel most vulnerable. This aspect corresponds to a direct ratio of energy molecules that are on an exact level with the (then) current level of energies responsible for the lifting of the Veil of forgetfulness. These energies consist of healing and ascension as the Soul chooses to rise to a more evolved state of Itself while still in incarnate form.

Another interesting aspect of these alone times is what some have now come to term as “the changing of the guard,” it is about those wonderful Beings who so carefully watch over each and every one of us while we are having a physical lifetime. Each Soul birthed enters with a particular, specifically chosen “group” of Spirit Guides who work with them throughout different phases of the incarnate ones’ growth process. It is only when a person reaches a predestined point, a gridline, when they are ready to make an evolutionary move forward no matter how small it is, that at times their present Guides will step aside to allow admittance for another set of Guides. This is done for many reasons, most of which we will not get into at this time. Suffice it to say that each such occurrence has a specific purpose and reason. It is during this transitionary time that some people may feel lost, confused, anxious and/or completely isolated. For many, they temporarily lose the familiar friendly voices they are accustomed to hearing, the ones that had always been there. Some may believe they have lost something forever, or that they are not moving forward or Nirvana-forbid, they are being punished for something. None of this true. In many cases this is simply/ultimately the best time to have this change occur. Mainly it occurs because something you have done that you may or may not be aware of, has warranted this monumental change. Consider it… an unexpected bonus.

Everyone needs a certain amount of alone time to completely reunite and integrate with their Soul Voice. This Soul level connection is more important than all the communiqués with those of the Spirit World. Soul knows all; It knows what’s best for you even if you yourself are not aware of it. Soul knows which lessons and experiences still need to be worked on, as well as which ones you have concluded and the ones you have had enough of. The alone times permit you the freedom; the quiet and solitude necessary that you need to bring this union into a conscious state. This is also a period when many people stop trying to compare themselves to others. They embrace their individuality, their Unique Status and start the arduous process of “having a life.” One might say, “It’s about time,”

When do these alone times occur for people? It CAN happen at any time. However, for many it begins during their fifties and sixties, sometimes a bit earlier, however this depends upon the individual. These chronological ages are when many people begin to wonder about their mortality and look back thoughtfully at all that they have accomplished in this lifetime. They tend to examine their lives for purpose. They wonder about the meaning of life and what their role was and still is to be. They liken themselves to a pebble in the water, one that is floating, bobbing, bouncing with purpose throughout eternity. They know that in the greater scheme of things they are a part of the Creator’s grand design, a design that is constantly woven into the Eternal Tapestry of Creation. Each person during these periods of introspection must decide for themselves what it is they wish to accomplish from that moment on. Will they be satisfied with what they have accomplished or will they strive to better themselves? Will they become part of the solution or remain part of the problem? Will they become pattern breakers instead of pattern makers? The choice is as always, completely up to them.

It is not always easy for people to look honestly at themselves. It can bring up many emotions such as feelings of regret, feelings of inadequacy, as well as potential fears of errors in past judgment calls, which ultimately may allow doubt into their minds. Never allow doubt to enter. Please remember, doubt is but another form of fear. Until people can learn to let go of the past and live in the present they will inevitably suffer through this self-examination process. The past is over, have the decency to let go of it, then bury it and leave it behind. Once people learn to let go and let God the easier life will become for them. The God mandated alone times are guided to offer people the opportunity to learn to do so. Now many people, especially those as they reach into their seventies and beyond, tend to be more open and receptive to the blessing that this alone time offers to them. They reconnect with Soul with much less resistance than would someone who is still trying to be in control. Control is merely another form of illusion, one that everyone is better off not flirting with. These people who are going through the “hard-look process,” more often than not desire to want to learn more about the life they have experienced and the purpose they had fulfilled. Only they can decide if they have lived up to their expectations of themselves. Soul nourishes the more mature ones through this phase, those who possess the least amount of resistance, more so than any other age group. Age and maturity do not necessarily go hand in hand; we have all seen evidence of this time and again. This is not to say that everyone in these age groups allow Soul Voice to enter into their everyday lives. Many resist. Many will kick and scream to keep from relinquishing their illusionary sense of control out of fear of surrendering it to something that they can not touch, feel, or smell. This happens because Soul has not been an active participant in their lives since earliest childhood, when many so desperately want to…grow up.

One of the advantages people in the fifty to seventy age groups have is that they arrived at a true state of maturity. They are confident because they have walked the walk and much to their surprise…..they are still here. Another advantage is that these people do not have the distractions most people do when first starting out in life. They have no jobs per se to deal with; they have time to live their lives. They have time to focus on what is really important in their lives as well. This is a great gift they have presented themselves with, one which is not available to many who are still trying to make a success of their lives. Then there are those who avoid taking an active role in life. They are missing out in these wondrous opportunities. Why? Sadly, because no one ever took the time to show them a better way. Timelessness is a great teacher, it is patient and it is kind. Most of the active participants in life we have encountered in our travels are above fifty, they have lost their pubescent idolisms and preconceived notions of what life was meant to be.

These are the same ones who are taking an active role in Creating their future selves. They are setting the stage for their next lifetime, whether here on Earth or elsewhere, it does not matter. What matters is they now are beginning to understand the importance of all they have learned, all that they have had to experience in this lifetime. All the knowledge and wisdom they have amassed along their travels will indeed benefit them their next time around. They now have the wisdom to make good sound choices. They have finally reached the apex of their existence where they just know that it really is… a smoother road to the finish line, than it once was when they first began life here. No more downward spirals for them, they have learned what it means to be alive and what it means to have a life.

It is during the alone times that many people for the first time in their lives allow themselves the time to smell the roses, in a manner of speaking. They tend to allow themselves the time to tune into the heartbeat of the Universe; they feel the pulse of the Earth below their feet and they begin to sense that they are actually one being, not separated by time, space, or the actions of other people. They start dancing to the beat of a different drummer and they are the ones stylizing the beat. Many people turn to gardening so that they can become a unified force with nature. They sense the little changes, they breathe more easily now, for there is nothing to interfere with their doing so. The world spins around and they spin in harmony with her for possibly the very first time in their lives. Envision the alone times as you did when you were but a child. Although you were aware of your surroundings, you somehow knew that you were a part of everything and you were curious. You wanted to know what everything smelled like, what it felt like and why things were the way they were. You knew of your connection with All That IS and you found peace in that knowing. Not everyone can say that as they chronologically age. So these mandatory God enforced down times, alone times, are just what is needed to bring you back into that state of awareness. It is a blessing of immense proportions.

It is during the alone times that many will begin to separate themselves from those who are not moving forward, they tend to sever their ties with family and friends who are not on the same part of the Universal curve as they are. It is not an easy decision to make, yet if it is in their best interest they will do so. Having the fortitude to see it through is another tough hurdle for many to overcome. Many fall back into those old thought forms believing they cannot leave their loved ones behind. They manage to take one step forward and then suddenly slide two steps backwards, because they could not manage to muster enough strength to follow through with their convictions. No, it is not always easy, although it CAN be easier if you just believe. What people should learn is that no matter how you may choose to live your life here in the present, it is during the in-between times, those times when your current Earthly family members have transitioned off this planet, that they will then understand your choices to leave them behind. They will know that you did so, so that you could move forward and allow them the freedom to choose to do so as well.

We encourage each of you who are reading this to take the time to reconnect with that elusive part of yourself which is your Soul. Imagine how much more superb life could be if you were able to remember a small amount of what you have forgotten along the way. Imagine the wonders that lie before you, instead of the littered trails of debris you may believe you left behind. Remember, not everything is as it seems. Part of living in the moment is about being at peace with the moment. In a single moment you can live a lifetime if you allow yourself to become immersed in it. In a very real sense you can live multitudes of lifetimes in a single day if you want to. The alone times put you in touch with the inner you, that part of yourself that has the power to set you free. Free from your self-imposed Earthly bonds while still being here in the physical. These are hallmark moments in Soul growth. We encourage you to resonate with the present so that you may live to fight the great fight another day. It is the fight for the right of all lifeforms to live, to flourish and to freely express themselves, to the best or worst of their ability, that keeps us all going whether you know it consciously or not. It is the desire to do good things when all around you; you perceive nothing but bad occurring.

The alone times allow you ample opportunities to start seeing and understanding how the microcosmic world intertwines with the macrocosmic. There are layers upon layers of realities all unfolding at the same time in the present, if you step outside of yourself to view them. These cannot be experienced if you are stuck in the physical world. You must learn what it truly means to be walking with one foot in each world. Then and only then can you give pause so that you may simply… Be.

We are well aware that many of you are currently experiencing many microcosmic moments of alone times here in the present. Soul knows that these micro-moments are necessary for the body and Spirit to sustain and replenish itself. These moments may present themselves to you as an unnaturally intense need to lie down and rest. For some this may occur many times throughout the day. This “downtime” allows you the time you need to collect your thoughts, replenish expended energies and find balance, so you can then proceed onward with your chosen missions. This is also when Soul and your extended family and Spirit guides tend to “download” you with information. This data is vital for you. This information comes in the guise of dreams, visions and conversations. This is also the time when your extended family may realign parts of your physical vehicle (your body) so that you may more easily stay in the flow, in tune with the vibrational changes the planet is undergoing. For most people this downtime may last anywhere from fifteen to sixty minutes at a time. You are better off not trying to resist, if you resist you are not staying in the flow. Besides, you may as well be trying to halt the ebbing of the tides. These are not random occurrences. If Soul wants you to relax and clear your mind then It has a very good reason.

The alone times can be confusing to many, especially those around you who haven’t a clue why you are behaving the way that you are. This is almost always the case when anyone is moving forward and shedding aspects of their past and present which are no longer relevant to their continual ascension process. Loved ones, family members and co-workers will be the most befuddled by your decisions to pull away from them. They do not understand the importance of your decisions, much in the manner you did not understand when you were first confronted with the New You. Our suggestion is that you do not try to explain it; if they have no firsthand experience with this situation, then your efforts would only confuse and irritate them. You are better off to break the tie, walk away and not look back. This much needed separation does not in any way imply that you do not love them anymore, more likely it will amplify your love, compassion and your desire for them to SEE the Light. In a way you are giving them a priceless gift, you are freeing them to seek the understanding of themselves, for themselves. And you are also allowing them to choose for themselves whether to move forward in life or remain in a standstill mode. We do feel the utmost compassion and understanding for those who have chosen to remain in a relationship with a partner who is not on the same level as they are. The needs of Soul to instigate these alone times can be upsetting to both parties. If Soul chooses the time to emancipate the Human Spirit and the other partner can not or will not respect this, then it is not a real relationship anyway. Please, do not feel that you have lost anything because of the necessary times of solitude. After all, you are gaining the world, your own personal world, AND IT JUST DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!

Salude… Celest and David