Presenting Chako Priest

"The Ultimate Experience"

December 10th, 2008

The following is a transcript of a message delivered to the Wednesday Metaphysical Studies Group in Surprise, AZ, on December 10, 2008. It is as close to verbatim as possible. The words in italics in parentheses were added by the Channel, Chako Priest.


Good morning to my precious group! I AM Yeshua. People may not know it, but we Masters think this is our group. We watch over you. We adjust your energies with your permission and we love you and bless you, whether you feel it or not.

During those turbulent times of the Biblical era when I walked your land, people were not as conscious as you in this group are. They were pretty much third- and even second-dimension consciousness. They were learning how to be conscious bodies. They had little Christ Consciousness.

Now people think when we speak about Christ Consciousness that it is only for Christians. That is totally incorrect. You were born with Christ Consciousness. All Jews have Christ Consciousness. All Islamists have Christ Consciousness. You are born with it. What you do with that little speck of energy is up to you. It is up to the soul that comes in to work its lessons in that body.

Humanity today thinks that December 25th is my birthday—that that is when Jesus was laid in a manger. That is a mythological story, dear ones. I was already born; I was born in August. And I never was laid in a manger. However, that story is so precious that we keep it going, as the saying goes. We keep it going because there are people, humanity perhaps, that only at Christmas time are really of like-minds. They are kind to their neighbors; they give gifts; they appreciate their life; they love the decorations; they love the hymns and the caroling. They love the idea of this tiny babe lying in a manger with the animals looking at it.

However, as I have said a year or so ago when my painting was presented here, December 25th is a significant day. It is a birth, you see, of the fact that the Christ Consciousness energy was planted into your Earth. We were able to anchor this beautiful energy which is from God and which is pure love. We anchored that on December 25th. Therefore, it is a day to be celebrated, but not so much for my birth—but I thank you very much for your kind thoughts—but for the fact that this beautiful energy, this Christ Consciousness that you all carry, was anchored on that day. (It is also known as Christ Force Energy.)

Now it may seem strange to you, but when a soul takes a body, it is not just for fun and games. There can be those too, but there are very difficult lessons involved. The soul many times bites off more than it can chew and finds that life is very hard—difficult.

However, one of its main purposes is to develop the Christ Consciousness in that body. Now we are not speaking of religion—religiosity. We spoke about that in the book. This has nothing to do with religion. This is spirituality of which we are speaking. Make that differentiation between religion and spirituality. There is a great difference between the two.

Religion is a dogma. It is something that different sects possess—they own. If you are a Methodist, you have to think my way. If you are Catholic, you must think my way. That is not correct. Spirituality is a path to God. We will say nothing more or nothing less, but it is more that path to God.

In your lives that you have all asked for in this lifetime, there are different degrees of difficulty. Some souls seem to be able to embrace the difficulty and move on. Others struggle with it (many times as a victim). They cannot seem to bring resolution to the grief in their life. Others go to church and pray to God, which is commendable. But dear souls, you do not need to have an intercessor to know God. You do not need a minister; you do not need a priest in order to speak with God.

I have often said to others and in this book, I do not save anyone. Your soul saves you, if you want to use that term. It is your soul coming in to do its lessons. If I saved you, what would your soul learn to do? You would just sit back and think, oh, Jesus will save me! It will never happen. You can call upon me and I will be happy to help you in different ways that I see are needed, but perhaps you may not even know that you have received that help.

In the days ahead for your new year, you may find that the world will be somewhat topsy-turvy. There will be many people making their transitions, although as I said a year ago, no one in this room is going to make a transition; so you can all relax and have fun (laughter). You will still have to do your lessons, however.

Some of your greatest lessons are with your families and extended families, are they not? Before you are born, you sit at a counseling table. You make your game plan. You see all the problems that you are going to have to solve. When you are up there, it seems as if it will be a snap. When you are down here (chuckles), it’s work! Is that not remarkable?

Therefore, in the coming year you are going to have problems to solve. If you carry the belief system of a victim, your problems will be very difficult. If you carry the belief system of oh, this is a lesson; OK, what do I do; what’s my first choice here, you will find that you come through it quite nicely. You may even have polished up one of your attributes.

In the book, Quan Yin speaks about one of the attributes that you must learn—compassion. How do you learn compassion? By creating something that makes you have a problem, has you grieving, has you in pain. You learn/feel compassion then when someone else is having a similar problem. A soul does not bring (the lesson) in for just one lifetime in order to learn compassion. It brings the lesson in for many lifetimes. Quan Yin has had many lifetimes learning to be merciful and compassionate. Hence, that is one of the attributes souls learn.

As you come into the year 2009 and you see the many shifts that will go on in your government, just know that those souls in those bodies are all learning their lessons; they are addressing their purposes. With the help of God Almighty, they will succeed!

Never approach your problem as a victim. If you feel yourself getting into that victim mode, let it go. Stop! Do something else and then come back to your problem, but not as a victim. When you pass on, or make that transition, or graduate, or die—there are all these different words in order to avoid saying the word die—when you finally pass out and have that life-review, you will see where you have learned your lessons on compassion and were not victimized by something that you had created. And you will see where God had put an A+ on your card. (Of course you realize that I am only kidding about your grade here.)

Now we have a treat in store for you, for there is another beautiful soul that wishes to speak. (This Channel has set up this Presentation today so that I will be bringing forth these different speakers and then Jean will give her beautiful toning. After that I will come back in order to give you my Blessing for the holidays.) So give us a few seconds here for a new soul to speak with you.


Hello to this group. I am new to you, but perhaps not new to you as far as your religions are concerned. I AM Saint Paul. I bet that surprised some of you. It even surprised this Channel. There are many stories about me. Some are true and some not so true. When you read that Biblical story of my trip to Damascus that changed my life forever when your Lord blinded me, understand that He did not blind me on purpose, as the Biblical story indicates. What blinded me was his Light! It was like having so many 1,000-watt lights appearing in front of you—the sun standing in front of you. I could not see and it stayed with me for three days. During that time I was going through my own metamorphosis, for I was a zealous lad, we’ll say.

I did not like your Jesus very much, for I believed all of the lies that were out there. As you look at humanity today, you can see the gossip or the different statements that are put out about someone in your politics. If the words are derogatory enough, pretty soon you start to believe them. I started believing that there was this man who wanted to be King of the Jews. I was a Jew; Jesus was a Jew.

However, just like many of you, when you grow up you have all the religious beliefs taught to you; you have the Laws and then when you leave home, you forget them. In that way, I was not a practicing Jew. However, that was part of my purpose, for I was to connect to the Gentiles. I was that bridge from Hebrew to Christian. It took someone like me (I was told) who was over-zealous, who was very judgmental. I used all of those negative attributes to their utmost. And paid for it dearly later on, I must admit.

Nevertheless, it was a way for me to transit across that bridge over to the Gentiles. The Jews were yelling at me,what do you mean they do not have to be circumcised? I really got it for that one (laughter). However, you see, in order to make that bridge, that transition, I think there is a term you use, you play the game like they play it. And so I could not be a practicing Jew. I had to be one of the Gentiles. I was also a Roman citizen, so I had all of the Romans’ ways of thinking. I was the perfect man for the job, I was told.

Now before you think I am treating all of this too frivolously, let me say that I made tremendous mistakes. I allowed others to be killed. I thought they should be killed because they were espousing Christianity. (That term was not really used until years later.) However, you could almost say that perhaps I was the first true Christian.

I walked almost every inch of Greece. When this Channel centuries later walked (and drove over) this land, that is where I walked. I was always being thrown into prison. I would write all of these epistles. Some were scribed truthfully, while others were not true. When you read your Bible and there is a chapter that is several verses long, be somewhat suspicious, for the scribes would make up those epistles. However, I did write many of them.

It has often been said that history about me had stopped after I had returned to Jerusalem. They do not know for sure what happened to me. Some say that I went back to Rome and was condemned and beheaded. I will let you know that having your head chopped off is never a good way to go—to go Home. It happened quickly. But when I got back to God, I had to spend a great deal of time in the healing chambers, for my soul had been injured also. Again, however, that was thousands of years ago. I am back once again.

It amuses me to have cities and cathedrals named after me, as in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There is the Cathedral of Saint Paul in London, England, named after me. What are they naming buildings after me for—because I made the bridge to Christianity? Was everything I said true? NO! I did not have the word on everything. I was human in a human body. And I had a fervent love for your Lord. Remember love and hate are two sides of the same coin. So I loved him, for I saw the goodness in him.

I do not wish to say more. We sort of have a line-up here with others who wish to speak. Therefore, I will step aside, but I wanted you to know that Saint Paul did make a conversion and did love the man you call Jesus. I will step aside now.


Hello precious group, I AM the Divine Mother, Mother Mary. You have just heard from two of my beautiful family, we’ll say. As I look at all of you, did we not just give you perfect examples of one family that had Yeshua and another that had the "black sheep" of Saint Paul? Therefore, you see there were lessons involved for everybody.

The Catholics have tried to own me! I have been fighting that box for eons. Those of you who are Catholic, please do not think that Mother Mary only comes to you. I come to everyone on Earth. I show myself, my energy, and my apparitions to different parts of the Earth. We giggle for it seems as if invariably E-bay is forever having a picture of Mother Mary on something that is edible (laughter)! Believe me, I have never appeared as a potato or on a slice of pizza (more laughter), or anything else that is out there. It amuses us to a great degree.

Let me tell you a little bit about raising my son. You know, there are many mothers in this room. Your babies are precious, as mine were. Jesus, as you all call him, had an intensity that showed even when he was in the cradle. He had an aura around him so that the animals would come just to stand by him—like the pussy cat or the dog. They loved his energy.

As he grew and became a toddler, he was into everything. He would pick up a little bug that he saw outside. He would look at it and study it and invariably bring it to me, Mama look! He was curious; he was inquisitive. I imagine a psychologist of today would say he was a hyperactive child—ADD. The energy was just flowing through him; flowing through him.

Since I was in a body, we did not know and understand that that energy was being filtered. He was watched over very closely by the Angels. As he grew into adolescence, he started showing what his purpose would be. While he followed the Laws, he questioned them, for he could see that that was not the true interpretation. He would try to change the interpretation, but the priests would not allow this and thought that he was just being blasphemous. Therefore, you see from the very beginning years of adolescence and into the teenage years, his purpose was coming down upon him.

He did have baptism by water with John the Baptist. That was when the Spirit of God—the Christians would say the Holy Spirit, who is female, by the way, although religions are trying to make her masculine—came upon him. He knew then his destiny and his purpose. He knew this. It is true that he did go out into the desert then. The Bible says it was to fight his demons. It was not so much that as it was to grasp the information that was given him. At times it was as though it was too much.

Remember, his body was very sensitive. He was telepathic; he was clairaudient. He could feel the energies in people from their garments and other things that they wore. He did not have the vocabulary to say oh, that’s clairsentience. To have all of these strong energies bombarding him at one time really did make him at times not know what to do.

He was close to God the Father so he did talk to Him, but his situation was similar to today. You need a buddy system. You need someone you can talk to and who is on a higher level than you are so that you can understand. What is it that is going on with me? Why do people hang on to me? Why do they keep taking my gown and keep pulling it and pulling on my arms? Why are they doing that? He had no way of finding out. It is true later on that he gained more wisdom on all of us. And YES he did travel to India and he studied with the great Avatars that were there. Consequently, many of those types of questions were answered for him.

Think how it would be if you had all of this knowledge. I know there are those of you in this group who are striving for more wisdom. You want to know this and you want to know that. However, think how it would be if a sudden gush came upon you and you knew it all. It would overwhelm you. This is what happened to him when he was baptized. It just flooded in and he was overwhelmed. Consequently, he had to go out into the desert in order to try and sort it all out.

I know there are different stories about his death. Some of you in this room still cling to the old story of his dying on the cross. Others of you are ready to let that belief go and perhaps embrace the idea that he did not die on the cross. However, you see, that is a belief system that you must come to. I cannot do this work for you. I know the Truth of it, but you must come to the Truth of it, for as you hear and read, you hear or read someone else’s Truth and you do not know if it is true or not. It is up to you—up to you to discern and make that adjustment within yourself.

There is one more who wishes to speak and I am noting the time, so I will step aside now in order to give you your next surprise visitor.


Good morning to all of you, I AM Lady Nada. Many people do not realize that Mary Magdalene and I are the same soul. As Lady Mary Magdalene advanced, she was able to reach me. I am the Consort of Sananda. I am his twin flame and his Ray. We are always together.

In the books, Yeshua introduces the different Presenters and is conscious of the fact that the books’ energy cannot be one sided; it cannot be just masculine or just feminine. It must have a balance of those two principles. Therefore, I have written a chapter; Mary Magdalene has written a chapter; Mother Mary has written a chapter along with all of the male Presenters, making a more even distribution of the energies.

We will soon be in the very midst of the holiday spirit. Keep in mind that it is Christ Consciousness that you are celebrating. We told you either last year or the year before when we presented Yeshua’s painting that he did not have just twelve Disciples. He had 24, for he also had 12 women Disciples. For any of you Feminists, know that you were noted. Yeshua definitely kept that in mind. He wanted to have a balance of those two energies. Mary Magdalene was one of his Disciples and not a sinner wiping his feet with her hair.

I am looking at the energies in this room. There is so much gold swirling around. And there is rosy pink swirling around. There is blue energy of the Father here. You would not believe it if you saw it! It is truly glorious and it is surrounding each one of you, for you are truly being blessed this day.

I am going to step aside now and our dear friend Jean Alexander will tone in her magnificent voice. This toning is channeled from the different Masters. The purpose is that it anchors the energy around you. It will also put…mmm…little darts in any specks of blocks that you have (in your energy field). It breaks them up. Therefore, the toning not only blesses your aura, but it will heal the aura and the chakras.

I will turn the program over to Jean now and then Yeshua will come back to give you his Christmas blessing. (Jean emits a powerful toning.)


I AM Yeshua again. I bless all of you. May peace and love flow through you, and I wish you safety for your holidays. Keep in mind that the day known as Christmas Eve is a day of reflection; reflect on your past year. Reflect on what you would like to do differently for the coming year (2009). On Christmas Day, the day of the birth of Christ Consciousness, give thanks. Give thanks to God, your Father. Give thanks to your soul; give thanks to your body, for this is soul-work that you are doing and it needs a body with which to work. Give your gifts freely for they are gifts of love. Even though they are material gifts, they are still to be given with love. Let love be the dominant energy for the season and stay in peace, dear Group. Our love is with you beyond measure.

We are Yeshua, Sananda, the Lords Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, (Saint Paul, Saint Germain), Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, the Goddesses Guinevere, Mother Mary, (Lady Nada), and many more. We bless you. We bless you.


(The one hour and a half Presentation ends.)