A Wish-Be thankful for all that you have done


"A Wish-Be thankful for all that you have done"

Special Note: "Sananda" is the evolved name of Jesus The Christ. When Jesus ascended from the Earth plane, He was given the new Spiritual title of Sananda. This means "He who has ascended." The term "ascended" in this context related to His overcoming all obstacles and challenges that He HimSelf needed to in order to evolve to a finer version of HimSelf.

Greetings to you, I am the One known as "Sananda." I come to you this day to share with you some insights regarding your successes to date in the raising of your planet back to Her destined place among the stars. No I am not saying that She has not been resting amongst the rest of the stars all these years. I am merely saying that it is time for you to take a closer look at all that you have endured and conquered in order for you to be of assistance, both on a personal and a planetary level, in these unprecedented times. I am sure many of you would like for this to all just be over and done with. I am sorry to inform you that the work is not completed as of yet and because of this fact your tasks, although burdensome at best, are only escalating at this time. Much of what you have done to achieve your successes has come as a result of you having to get down and get dirty walking among the muck, not to mention watching others wallowing in the cesspool that so many have decided, quite of their own free will I might add, to call their home.

It is not easy for any of us to sit back and watch your world so-seemingly come apart at the seams. And yet we know the things you have not as of yet been able to realize. The final outcome of all your efforts has been realized in the continuum and we see the world that you long for already in total manifestation. Yes, She alters from one moment to the next and that is because of people who have used their free expression to explore other avenues and have altered the unfolding "tapestry," which is the future. Come now, each of you know what you do right here, right now, affects the outcomes of the many tomorrows. Do you not? Of course you do, at least you should and if you do not, perhaps it is time for you to take a closer look at the Universal Law of "Cause and Effect." There is nothing and no-thing that does not directly interact on some level with another object which is on the direct course of the first one. Simple, yes, I should say so.

I have watched as you have worshiped false deities only to find that they are not the so called gods and goddesses that you once believed them to be. Yes, the house of cards falls mightily around those who believe that they alone have what it takes to withstand living in a house built out of sand. No, I did not say, "on the sand," we all know that is foolhardy. A house of sand is one that has little substance, one that requires much maintenance to preserve its integrity. A house that has been built upon a strong foundation will withstand the torments that are yet to come. My wish for you this day is for you to take a good long look at your lives and all that you have accomplished. Sure, many of you are loosing your security blankets and this is not an easy thing to stand idly by and let happen. Your world has been built on false hopes and promises. It has been built with preconceived lies and diabolical insurrections of the worst kind. You have been violated as a species since your earliest conceptions. I cannot tell you of all these violations in a way that you would totally understand, even though it would add clarity to all that you have endured, these many, many lifetimes of incarnating on this planet. Yes, this is a school house planet. And lessons! You wanted lessons, you wanted to test yourself, well you got what you asked for now did you not?

So, you do not believe in reincarnation. All I can add to that one is that the truth is what it is whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Tell me, if you do not believe in reincarnation how do you suppose you would have the opportunity to overcome and better yourself? Is this all that you are and all that you will be and no more? I think not! The universe in all of its Divine Wisdom knows that not everyone will get it right the first time around. The universe also knows that everyone should have a go at living through all experiences. Have these two, Celest and David, not told you that each of you has worn the other shoe? Have they not told you that you cannot teach another that which you have not experienced first hand? Have they not enlightened you to the fact that you must take personal responsibility for your own life and the choices that you have made? Who, if not you, should be responsible for the actions or lack of actions that you have or have not made? If effort was to be measured in a way that you could see it, then imagine yourself looking at the wondrous hues of your own Aura. When we look at each of you we do not see the physical vehicles that you currently inhabit, we see the brilliancy of the Light that emanates from you. We know you by the musical tonal vibrations which resonate from your Soul Voice.

Now shall we get back to all that you have accomplished? You see the small picture instead of daring to look at the grander scheme of things. Life is an adventure, one not to be taken lightly by foolish chances and thriving on unfounded memories. The past is the past and the sooner you have completely and un-regrettably let the past lie where it is meant to be, the sooner you will be able to see the silver lining in the future. As Blue Star has recently said, "if any stone is left unturned the whole of your efforts will unravel; in the end all will have been for naught." In these times it is so important and indeed prudent of you to remember that no stone shall be left unturned and those stones that are neglected on a personal level shall leave you in want of another incarnation somewhere else to serve you the lessons that you have yet to learn. Do you want that or would you wish to become the whole Human Be-ing that you are destined to be? Would you like to have the abilities that you have lazily dreamed about while gazing up at the stars? Time travel, dimensional-hopping and interaction with the Divine is just a small fraction of what you have to look forward to, if you so choose to proceed and follow this lifetime through to its logical conclusion. I need not say more, for giving too much information is worse than not giving enough.

I encourage you to live your lives without fear; without fear of having enough, with being good enough, without any fears at all. For if you saw one iota of what I do, you would know that death is not the end-all you have been taught to believe. It is but another door that awaits you. Now do not get hasty here, I did not say it was time for you to leave quite yet. Remember the days of old when people on Earth did "dare" to live for 2-300 years? I do. Inside of all of you is the perfected vehicle which will allow you to accomplish anything you set your heart to. Your diseases and dis-eases can be vanquished with only a thought if you knew how to proceed with those thoughts. The same goes for living a long and fruitful life. I encourage you to explore those options, choose what you learn and who you learn it from, for not all teachers have the entire puzzle to play with. After all, this is Earth we are talking about here. You are not ready nor could you handle the entire spectrum of truth if it was given to you all at once. Your minds are not ready to handle that yet. Be at peace with knowing that you are ok with that.

The time long awaited is here if you take a moment to step back and see it unfolding. Yes, your world is topsy-turvy and many of you do not know where your next meal may come from. Trust in the Divine to provide all that you need. More so, understand that what you believe you may need may not be what you need at all. Take a moment and think upon that if you would. Not everything is as it seems and rightly so. The veils of illusion have been cast deep and those veils are beginning to lift. The wonders that await you will excite you to no end. You must have the endurance to see it through. The rewards will be many.

Another thought that comes up repeatedly within the minds of Souls who walk upon the Earth is that Old Souls know best. Please, let me en-light-en you a tad on that. Let us look back at what I briefly touched upon a moment or so ago about reincarnation. Many Old Souls are Old Souls because they have not learned their lessons yet. Hmmm, you say. Not what you thought? Then that should add clarity to much that you once took for granted. School is a place of learning, if everything was direct and to the point what would you learn? Remember, all of the best warriors have lost at least one battle. Do you have the capacity to leap beyond logic and see the larger and then the even larger picture? I am considered an Old Soul and even I do not have it all figured out yet. It matters naught what dimension you are currently residing in, the lessons continue. Taking quantum leaps in your understanding is what sets you apart from the rest. And no, not everyone is ready to do that, so if you are not, be at peace with knowing that you are moving steadily forward in small strides. Forwards momentum is preferable to being static, or have you forgotten already what breeds in static waters?

Enjoy your holidays; they are times to immerse yourself in the Light of All Lights, in God’s Light. Help one another; this is more so needed at this time than any other previous time. The world that awaits you is there, however, you must first get through what is right in front of you, one step at a time. Every Soul, whether It is of human form, of plant form or another life form there on Earth, needs your help to get through these times. So share what you have and the rewards that shall be returned to you will come on many different levels, if you get my meaning.

Salude for now, I Am Sananda


This quote is from the movie "The Power of One"

In South Africa and around the world the struggle to gain human dignity and equal rights for all people continue! Changes can come from the power of the many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible, "The Power of One."

Salude, Celestial and David