Introducing Chako Priest

Find out about Chako Priest, her journey to the present,
how Jesus came to her and the books that came to be from the encounter and much more.
It is definitely a remarkable true life story.

Presenting Chako Priest

"The Ultimate Experience"



Chako: The first three books that Yeshua and I wrote were in manuscript form (holds up Book ONE). We then wrote number TWO and then number THREE. Some of you have those. I played with the color of the print, making it blue, red, and/or green. I finally settled on just the plain white with blue print. I was given the title: The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God. That title remained a constant and only the subtitles were changed.

It was suggested by Yeshua, et al, to keep the cover the same and not change it for each book. There are beautiful paintings I could have used, but by having all the books the same (along the same lines as the Alice Bailey books that are all navy blue with white print), people would recognize our books.

My oldest daughter Susan, who lives over in the Cave Creek area of Arizona, went on the Internet and found an old template by Microsoft that had this row of curly cues in different shades of color. We placed that on the left side of the cover, for we thought the design was symbolic of the many paths to God. Therefore, we kept that design also; so if you see a book like this, you will know it is by me and many of the Masters.

As I look back on all of this, it was such a learning process. When I wrote the first three books, I wrote them in longhand—everything they said. I then transcribed them on the computer, printed the pages out and then took them to Office Max and had the pages put into spiral-bound manuscript form.

By the time that the fourth book came along (Realities of the Crucifixion) Yeshua had had it (laughter). I still laugh at that. He suggested that I speak into a microphone because he said it was getting too laborious for both of us! You can just picture it. I….Am….Ye..shu..a…. They had to slow down their energy so much so I could keep up and write all the words I telepathically heard. It was as if he had said enough already (laughter).

Now the fourth book was the first one that was professionally published. I was able to find one of the largest self-publishing houses in the world, Trafford Publishing. (At least that is what they proclaim.) I was an unknown name, so a big publishing company would not come knocking on my door. Hence I chose self-publishing instead of trying to find one of the big publishing houses to put my book together. Also, self-publishing is so much quicker in getting your book out. You spend perhaps eight to ten months writing your book, or even a year, and you do not want to wait for ten months or more before a big house will publish it for you. Trafford publishes one’s book in two or three months.

I received an email from a gentleman I do not know from out of state. I had written in my books that the first three books were no longer available and thought that would convey to people what I meant. Well, I felt sorry for the guy because he was combing the used bookstores and the Internet trying to find a place where someone had turned in one of my books. Finally, it dawned on me that he wanted the ISBN number—the publishing number of the books so that he could track them down. I then had to email him and apologize and explain that the books had never been published per se.

I started this book, Teachings of the Masters of Light, on March 28, 2008. The Masters finished it at the end of August. It took me about two more months to write the Acknowledgments, Preface, Epilogue, and so forth, and then to read the book over repeatedly to be sure that it was like I wanted it. In the last book, Your Space Brothers and Sisters Greet You, I discovered that I had left out the Preface. Correcting that mistake added another six weeks or more to the publishing process. Therefore, for this time I was guided not to be in such a hurry so as to have all of the parts of the book assembled before submitting them.

In the first manuscript book, I channeled only four of the Masters: Yeshua, Maitreya, Djwhal Khul, and Mary Magdalene. With each subsequent book, Yeshua would bring in more and more Masters, so that with Book SIX there were eleven Presenters. Now with this present book there are 18 Presenters. So I have progressed from 4 to 18.

One lovely surprise was when Yeshua brought the Goddess Guinevere of Camelot. We tend to think that Camelot was mythology and nothing was true about it. However, that is not correct, because there apparently was a triangular system set up by King Arthur, Lady Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot. They were working on an energy basis. Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere were twin flames, so there was no way you were going to put that fire out. Her comments on that bit of history are interesting. This book was written before the elections, so she mentions there could be a new Camelot in the White House. I thought that was kind of neat.

Another High Being that I had yet to channel was Blue Star of the Pleiades. I had become acquainted with his daughter, Celestial Blue Star, and her husband, David of Arcturus, through the Internet. I have not met them, but we really have bonded. They phone me every few months and we talk for an hour or so. One time Celest said to me, Why don’t you channel my father, Blue Star? Well, it had never occurred to me to do so. Yeshua had never brought him.

Well lo and behold, the next time I channeled, in came Blue Star; and as I look back, it was most likely Blue Star who had told his daughter to ask why don’t you channel me, for he wanted to be a part of the book. For his chapter, Blue Star talks about people sitting on the fence versus making a decision to jump down toward the Light. Quit just sitting on the fence doing nothing. He is really pushing people to make a choice one way or another, but hopefully toward the Light.

Blue Star also speaks about walk-ins. Celestial Blue Star is a walk-in, and she frequently comes into a body through the drowning experience because the body is no longer fighting for control. The energy is very fluid and the souls can make that exchange—one goes out and the other comes in. For you new people, a soul has a contract with the soul that is in the body. When that lesson is finished, that soul can leave and the replacement takes over. Celestial’s husband, David of Arcturus, is also a walk-in. He came into a body in the 1960’s.

There is another experience—a type of walk-in—that I wanted to bring to your attention because it is not a soul exchange, but an integration. This is where a higher part of you comes into the body and integrates with the soul personality who has already done a lot of the developmental work. They integrate, and the higher soul starts rapidly going through all of the lessons that it wants to learn. It usually brings in a tremendous amount of strength, different virtues, and basically is in a watch my smoke mode. Again, it is not an exchange, but integration.

This happened to me in January or February of 1975. I was at an exercise class, and I felt myself becoming more and more spacey. (Many times when you are going to have these types of integration, the body is kept moving so that the integration can happen more easily.) I could barely drive myself home. The last thing I remember is walking into the house and saying to my husband who just "happened" to be home, you aren’t going to believe this, but I can’t remember anything. With that, I was gone. All day I had amnesia while my higher soul was coming in and the integration was happening. It took me about a year before I felt somewhat grounded, for I could feel myself moving out and then back in, moving out and then back in.

There is that esoteric teaching that says the Age of Wisdom is around the age of fifty. Until you are at the age of 50, you really do not have that much wisdom yet, for you have been learning developmental skills. Many times the advanced souls bypass the formative years of the body and wait until the present soul is ready to climb another rung of the ladder and then the higher aspect comes in. I was 48 years old when that happened to me.

After the initial integration period was over, we were in Alexandria, Virginia. My husband retired from the Navy in June of 1975, and we moved back to Napa, CA, bought a home and resettled there. That was for a period of approximately two years.

I then felt an urge to return to school and finish my higher education. I entered into a period that I call Academia for ten years—nothing but school for ten years.

On completion of that phase in my life, I moved to Minnetonka, Minnesota, to join a spiritual group there. We traveled all over the world. There seems to be a circuit that Lightworkers make. They come to Sedona, Arizona; they go to Egypt; they do Israel; they travel to Petra, Jordon. They go to all of these sacred spots. Even though we are not tourists per se, we still do some tourist things like riding the camel. We also climb the Mountain.

Have any of you climbed Mt. Sinai? (A few had.) You know that it is not an easy climb. You can take the camel ride to the base of the Mountain, get off and then walk around to the side that you can climb. It is not an easy climb, for you are going through the chakra system and dimensions on an energy level. Some people were vomiting, for you were pushing through energy. It is not just a little path but has large boulders that are knee high. The only way I could do it was to turn around and sit on one, swirl around and stand up; take two strides to the next one; sit down, swirl, and stand up. But I finally made it to the top and where the group did some spiritual work.

However, that seems to be part of the circuit that many Lightworkers do. I did most of that type of traveling when I lived in Minnetonka. I also did Venezuela, the Amazon River and all of that kind of work. When I was younger with my husband—he was a Navy flier—he was stationed in Greece where we lived for three years. During that time, I did not realize it but I was actually walking many of the paths that Saint Paul had walked. I had not made that connection at that time, but my soul had. (And while living in Minnesota I would drive into Saint Paul on occasion.)

In November of 1999, I was sent out again onto a new path to Sun City Grand, Arizona. I joined the bridge club and eventually heard about the Wednesday Metaphysical Spiritual Group and joined this group. It is almost twenty years old and was founded by Mary Helen Wichmann. Originally, the participants sat around her kitchen table and discussed different topics. Then they moved to this Unitarian Church, since Mary Helen was a member of the church.

In August 2002, I was meditating in my bedroom, minding my own business (smile), when I felt this finger caressing my cheek. I could not see anybody, but the electricity in the room was something else! It could raise the hair on your arms. After telepathically asking, Who are you, Lord, giving him the benefit of a doubt, hoping that maybe he was a Lord and not some dark energy, he replied, It does not matter. But it did matter to me. I wanted to know who was doing this stroking of my cheek.

The only person I could think of was Jesus, so I asked him, Are you Jesus? He replied, No, he is an aspect of me; so I knew it must be Lord Sananda. (Afterwards I phoned Jane Elizabeth, a well-known astrologer in the Valley who channels Jesus. When I told her what had happened, she said, Yep, that’s how they talk! Six years later I still get a chuckle over her remark.) Therefore, that was the beginning of my consciously hooking up with that Group of Masters.

That was in August 2002 and in September 2004 the first book was dictated—Book ONE. While it was a labor of love, it was labor, for I had to learn how to put a book together. It is difficult the first time. I needed an editor badly and in walked Heather Clarke into this group and into my life, and she has been my editor ever since. I thank her every time. Ask and ye shall receive!

You can see the progression of my soul’s journey since I integrated in 1975. There was the higher education; there were the spiritual travels going to many sacred vortices; there was the conscious contact with the Masters; and then the writing of seven books. At the time that I had finished this Book SEVEN, I really did not think there was going to be a Book EIGHT, but now I am hearing, there is a Book EIGHT.

What I am going to do now is play a CD by Barbra Streisand called Higher Ground. She sings a beautiful Hebrew prayer for Rosh Ha’ Shanah, Avinu Malkeinu. After this prayer, Yeshua will come forth and speak to you.

Our Father, Our King, Hear our prayer

We have sinned before Thee

Have compassion upon us and upon our children

Help us bring an end to pestilence, war, and famine

Cause all hate and oppression to vanish from the Earth

Inscribe us for blessing in the Book of Life

Let the new year be a good year for us

Avinu Malkeinu…

The words of Yeshua, Saint Paul, Mother Mary, and Lady Nada follow the prayer. Jean Alexander channels a powerful toning, anchoring the energy. Yeshua/Sananda returns and gives a Holiday Blessing to the group. This concludes the hour and a half Presentation.