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Posted 8-10-10


(Author: Readers this chapter was written for Book ONE, hence the name Jesus versus Yeshua is used. However, we felt this information on Marriage and Divorce was apropos for you even more so now, as the statistics for Divorce rise.)

I AM Jesus. It is often preached and implied that divorce and second marriages are disfavored in the Eyes of God. Readers, as time marches on, so must the teachings evolve. In the past, people were told they had to marry their brother’s wife if he had died. There were genealogical reasons for this and for staying married. It was to keep the bloodline intact and pure as much as possible. Eventually, people branched out further and married cousins, which perpetuated not only the strengths of the family tree, but also the weaknesses.

Every body that is created carries a genetic weakness. It is just the way of things. Therefore, people soon came to realize a particular family stock generated the same illnesses repeatedly, throughout the ages. Eventually, suitors did branch out and marry into different bloodlines. They also divorced.

The point of telling you this is to bring to your attention that a marriage is not always expected to be forever! I know this statement will be very unpopular with Evangelists, for they frown upon divorce. However, if one puts this in the perspective of a soul’s evolution, the dynamics of one marriage changes. What Evangelists teach is that two people marry ’til death do us part. Maybe that is indeed true for that couple.

However, for another couple, they are to marry and have children, bring in the souls for which they contracted, and then divorce. It is called, Ending Cycle. Souls come together on the Earth plane according to a carefully laid out game plan with the soul who has agreed to this play before he or she is born. There is even a contract, although it is not always completely binding.

If souls have had many lifetimes together working out various lessons in developing a relationship, and they have learned all they need to have learned, they are encouraged then to say goodbye. Now even in the ending of cycles there are lessons. Many people decide to end cycle by death. In the next lifetime, they will contract with a new partner. Other souls ask for the lesson that involves divorce. What an emotional roller coaster that lesson can be!

Do you see, Reader, that divorces can elicit many kinds of emotional reactions that assist in learning lessons? One of the partners may have more awareness. Therefore, he or she understands the spiritual dynamic of ending cycle. The other spouse, perhaps now the ex-spouse, is full of outrage that this could be happening to him or her. Divorce is a severe lesson to learn, but one the soul chooses in order to gain wisdom on this complex dynamic.

Now here is a thought. Do you not think if a game plan was adopted by two souls for their reincarnations that they would not have another game plan that is to follow after the first one was completed? Do you not think that after divorce the two people could go their separate paths? Do you not think that eventually one or both of the former spouses would find the next soul they had contracted with, fall in love and again marry? Some souls contract for two or more marriages. However, there can be multiple marriages which were not contracted. The souls were to meet in this lifetime and then end cycle—end the relationship before a marriage takes place.

The Mormon religion contracts marriage for life. I am not going to call them wrong, for that is just one of numerous game plans the soul can choose for a lifetime. However, neither is a born-again Christian wrong for divorcing a spouse. Those souls have learned their lessons, are following their game plan, and are ready to move on. God gives everyone free will, as you know. He does not judge them for exercising that will, nor would He judge them for divorcing. How God experiences life is through you. You experience divorce and so does He, for you and He are one.

What is hurtful is when the less-aware person makes a judgment on a divorced person. Religious leaders are in error when well-meaning souls place guilt on another for not remaining married. The divorced person not only has the emotional vicissitudes associated with divorce but must now withstand the worst of misplaced recriminations from relatives and spiritual counselors.

Relationships are complex. Some are meant to be experienced for a whole lifetime. Other relationships are meant to close. New relationships are to be developed. People who expound on one particular concept, without memory of the spiritual world and its varied contracts and experiences offered to the souls, are walking a narrow path indeed. There are very few constants in life. One marriage with no divorce certainly is not a constant. It can be a beautiful choice if that is the souls’ contract. However, please do not judge those who do divorce and remarry. They too are following their path and honoring their agreements.

God does bless a marriage. However, He also blesses the soul who keeps growing, experiencing all facets of life, and is courageous enough to divorce his/her partner in order to keep evolving, if that was the pre-life agreement. Therefore, dear Readers, do not feel guilty over a divorce if you feel it is the correct choice. Even if the opposing spouse has an affair and you feel you must take action, if you know in your heart that this is correct, let the marriage go. Allow yourself the grieving process that certainly must include a thorough soul searching of the part you played. How could you have reacted in perhaps a more correct way? Always ask yourself for the correct way to proceed. Ask for your inner I AM guidance. Seek professional help from a therapist. The reason for all of this introspection is so that you may understand fully your actions in the play. In order to re-marry and have a new relationship at a higher level, one must address the previous circumstances that led to the divorce. If you allow your awareness to open fully and embrace the fact that your first marriage was a contract that had a termination date on it, you may find you are able to move through your lesson with fewer traumas more quickly. The choice is always yours.

God will bless your second marriage as He did the first one. Keep in mind He does not judge you. If you feel guilt from your decisions to divorce and later re-marry, it is you judging you. Let that all go before you start the next phase of your lesson and activate another contract with your new partner. It is called evolution of the soul.

(Author: this teaching was placed in the Appendix of Book 5.)

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