Millennial Thoughts



"Millennial Thoughts"

As we prepare to soon enter into the year 2006, we have seen many changes that have occurred in politics and in the Spirit realm. We are now "politically correct" with the finality of who or WHAT the next President of the United States should possess in integrity and "truth in office."

So much had happened on the way to the millennium changeover … Way back then as we began to approach the year 2000, people all over the planet actually became more aware of ancient prophecies and some radical teachings that have been circulating around the world for many years. This is not ALWAYS a good thing. Most people became aware only because they became afraid.

As each month moved us closer to the year 2000 only 5 and ½ years ago, you would find more and more people on their knees praying for "redemption," even those who proclaim that they did not believe in God. In their cases, you could probably have considered this a "what if I’m wrong" scenario.

Religions postulated and threatened hellfire and the destruction of the world; many psychics themselves purified and saged themselves to death, (not physically of course.) Men and women who were unstable foresaw the "end of the world" drama as a justifiable reason to REALLY act out their violent tendencies, after all if there was no tomorrow there would be no price to pay for their actions.

I could explain "karma and reincarnation" which is relative to why so many had such different feelings about the end of the millennium, however if you don’t already understand this issue then I would be "Spiritually incorrect" in giving information that would only confuse the issue more.

Did anyone notice and REMEMBER that in December of ’99, millions of people were actually paying attention to their families and had stopped kicking their dogs? (This only lasted till January 1st. of course.) Did anyone notice that at Christmastime more people were attending masses and services of their choice than at any other time in the history of religion? (Till January 1st. of course.) Did anyone notice the increased sales in booze and the increased rate of robberies? (till January 1st. of course.) Did anyone notice that on New Year’s Eve people stayed HOME? (till January 1st. of course.)

After the year 2000 began, people began to emerge from their "bomb shelters, " and to see that both they and the world still did in fact exist. Then a strange thing happened …. AGAIN … day by day, week by week and month after month humanity became c-o-m-p-l-a-c-e-n-t; there had been NO "smoting of the unjust," there had been NO sudden earthquake that swallowed the world; the prophecies were seen as "myths."

Even many psychics came out of hiding. DARN…no doomsday! You see humanity at this point had not changed; they simply picked up where they had previously left off before the millennium hysteria began.

In this mid-year of 2005, few seem to realize that the Creator had been saying…"This is a test, this is only a test." Does anyone really know if they passed or failed? Does anyone really care? Does anyone realize this is REALLY