New Year’s Message – Lord Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain


Presenting Chako Priest

“The Ultimate Experience”

Subject: New Year’s Message From Yeshua et al 1 01 2009


We had to go find some of you again after that (meditation) music. It sent you off into different dimensions, and we had to bring you back. So while you were working, we were working also! I AM Yeshua. This is a happy occasion today. It is the first day of a new year. You will have much excitement this year. You will have your lessons, as I had said the last time I had spoken with you (12-10-08). However, you will have much joy also, if you but let it come into your heart.

I think what I would like to say to each of you is to not be so hard on yourself. We speak so much about being judgmental and yet you forget that you are judging yourself also. You are so hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. That is how you learn. We commend you for hanging in there, I think the saying is.

Now since today is a joyous day, we wanted to bring you different information that perhaps you could call upon throughout the year. We would like to make some holiday, New Year’s predictions for you.

First of all, let’s talk about your weather. For all of you in Arizona, is that not something to be joyful about? (Uh huh.) You will be so glad that you are living in this state (chuckles), for the weather will become quite severe as it is already proving to be (throughout the country). Those people living in those frozen states, we’ll say, chose that also. Some like to be there; they like the snow and the beauty of it. In Arizona you have the beauty of the desert, and in springtime you see the many flowers as the desert blossoms. Therefore, just know that one of the predictions for you in Arizona is that you will have much joy just in the fact that your weather will be quite wonderful. You may have a little more rain than you are used to but that is a good thing. Arizona needs more rain.

Now let’s approach the subject of your economy. We know that that can be a very touchy subject for most people. The economy will be a roller coaster as it has proven to be already. Sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down. It is schizophrenic that way. However, know that if you truly believe in that Law of Attraction—what you think, you bring to you—if you truly believe that there is abundance galore that you can call upon, if you truly believe that you have abundance consciousness and not poverty consciousness, you will be just fine!

Some people have more money to spend than others, and they may lose some of that, but it will always adjust. You will always have your needs met. In fact we have you under our wing so that if you will keep yourself in the upper dimensions, in the abundance consciousness, you have nothing to worry about. So you lose a little money. What goes out comes back in. Let the flow go out; let the flow come back in. You have nothing to worry about in this group. Now those on Wall Street who are into greed, etcetera, have plenty to worry about, for they do not have the consciousness to rise above their acts of greed. The government will be hard on those people.

Speaking of the government, you have a new president coming in. We wish to say that we are aware that many did not vote for him—and we are speaking of the President-Elect Barack Obama. We are aware that there are people in this room who do not even like him. But you see, dear ones, that is all projection! Why don’t you like him? You have never met him! You are listening to what the media is feeding you, and half the time it is not correct.

President-Elect Obama is one of the highest Light Beings that has come onto your planet for a long time. Of course he struggles. He struggles, but that is his purpose and that is his learning lesson. And he has a brilliant mind. Never forget that. You may think that he is doing a great deal of—hmmm—we will say, dancing around this and dancing around that. But he knows what he is doing, and he has to dance with some people who are not as smart as he is.

He will make one of the most excellent presidents that you have had in many years, if you give him a chance. He is greatly protected. The Star Fleets are watching over him, and that goes for his family—his beautiful wife, Michelle, and his two precious daughters. All are Light Beings. All could walk along your side with their heads up and match you every step of the way. Therefore, you Lightworkers in this group know that you also have a comrade-in-arms on your side whether you voted for him or not. He is greatly blessed by God and the Heavenly Hosts.

Let us speak of another subject. People are so afraid of that word transition, and I spoke a bit about that on December 10, 2008. Transition is nothing more than going from one dimension into another. This Channel had a relative a few years ago. She did not know that she had died! She thought she was still alive, for the passage was so, so gentle into another dimension—out one door and into another dimension.

Therefore, when you have several of your relatives (and/or friends) who will be making that passage, do not grieve so for them, for they will be greatly relieved and so happy. The saying is they will be so happy that it is all over with (chuckles), for most of them will have brought more karma in than they really needed to have had.

How about your animals? Many times we hear about your precious cats and dogs. They too are affected by this energy that is coming onto the planet. This energy is from God, and it is coming in waves. One month you will get a wave of it and the next month you may get another wave of it. It is creating havoc not only upon your bodies, but upon your animals, for this energy, these waves, are changing the DNA in all structures, physical and plant.

Everything is changing because the Earth is changing. She wishes to raise her consciousness. I know on the Internet they say there is no such thing. However, your Earth is a sentient Being, and she is moving up that ladder just as all of you are. Therefore, be aware that there could be a great transition of your pets simply because the energy has become so strong that their vibration can no longer handle it. Thus the animals will make that transition back to what we call Doggie or Cat Heaven, which is really just a pool (or plane) of Animal energy.

Therefore, be aware and be not sad for them, for they usually come forth with their own job description. They come in to help nurture a family; they come in to guide; they come in as protector. Thus they have job descriptions also. Many times a soul will put a string of its energy into an animal in order for the soul to experience that animal energy.

The planetary energy that is coming forth will cause many of the wild animals to become wilder—more ferocious. Consequently, if you have animals that have a family lineage of being wild animals, like a pit-bull, those animals are no longer safe to have around children because that wild part of them erupts when it is least expected.

Now this Channel recently read where the Lord Kuthumi was talking about January 2009. He comes through Michelle Eloff (of South Africa). I am repeating it, for it is important and you may not get that latest reading, but Kuthumi is saying that the first 12 days of January are like—and this is this Channel’s word—templates. Each day of the 12 days is a template for each of the 12 months of this year. Therefore, you need to watch your thoughts because you will be creating your template of what you want to happen for that particular month. Those first 12 days are your templates. ( Lord Kuthumi, 1:1 New Year Channeling 2009)

With that I am going to step aside because I always like to have some feminine energy come in also. At this point, we have my dearest wife, Mary Magdalene. So give us a minute, please.


Hello to all of you. I AM Mary Magdalene. I am the wife to your Jesus. Whether you believe that or not, I was. We had children, actually. I feel as if I know all of you, for I pop in and out so many times. When most people hear about me or talk to me, they want to know about those Biblical times.

We say it is time to move on. We are bringing your pasts forward. You all had past lives during those times, but it is now time to let go of those old beliefs and move on! There are so many old stories and wrong information being given to the public stemming from your religious teachings. And they are not correct—most of them. Be willing to change. Be willing to be open to new ideas.

I know it is difficult to think that your Jesus had children. And that he had children in the normal way! That is difficult for people to handle. Let go of your entire old stereotyped ideas of him. See him for the man that he was. He was a Master Teacher walking your Earth. He was not the Messiah that the Jews were hoping for; he was a Teacher and he still is.

What set him apart from the other teachers, priests, and rabbis is the fact that he had this innate ability to recognize Truth—to know when someone was speaking Truth, to be able to look at the Laws and say, that’s not the right interpretation! And then of course he got into a great deal of trouble and was labeled as a troublemaker. They put their own labels on him and they made up stories, as we said the last time (December 10, 2008), and called him King of the Jews. He was not a part of any of that. Those were labels that society put on him. He was a man that was simple. I cannot say that he was a simple-man (simpleton) for he had a brilliant mind. The way that he looked at humanity—he did not complicate any of it. He did not over-dramatize any of it. He just saw the simple path and he went there. He saw the simple interpretation and he said that, whereas so many of the priests and rabbis complicated it, embellished it and made it more than it was.

To this day he is still among you. In fact he just spoke to you, whether you believe that or not. He is still among you. This Channel has some copies of pictures on the coffee table here that Glenda Green (of Sedona, AZ) painted when he appeared to her in holographic form. Those pictures are about as close to what he really looked like as you could imagine. There is also one of Mother Mary (holding the Babe) when she was very young.

Therefore, be willing to accept that he was a man of distinction simply because of his Light. You cannot walk with a candle along a dark hall and not light it up. That is what it was like with him. During that time, energy of the masses was so dark that his Light just shone and many times lighted up all of their dark (energy) spaces.

I will now step aside also, for one more wants to speak. We have had quite a long program this afternoon and I know everyone must be getting hungry. You always eat well at Ann and Allan’s. We used to have feasts like this. We would have long tables and everyone would bring something. It was food of our day. We enjoyed it also—the camaraderie.

I am looking at all of you; I know many of you from that long time ago. Many of you were in the crowd. I knew you. I will step aside now for we have one more who will speak to you.


Happy holidays, everybody, I AM Saint Germain! We cannot have our beautiful Mary Helen Wichmann here without Saint Germain coming in, for I do overshadow her. She started this group (approximately 20 years ago) and we helped her along. I wish you could see this group from our perspective and see the Lights that you all carry—beautiful glows.

We urge you, do not dramatize these next months. See them for what they are; learn your lessons from them; be aware of your 12 templates. This is certainly a beautiful way to start the first day of those 12 days. Consequently, you know what January will be like with beautiful camaraderie and socialization and spiritual channeling. It is beautiful to behold.

I will now step aside for Yeshua wishes to come back in order to give you the New Year Blessing. Thank you dear group, we are always with you.


Blessings to each and every one of you, blessings beloved ones, know that you are never alone and that you can call upon us. Many times we are there before you even know it. Keep your thoughts with love; keep your thoughts on God; keep your thoughts pure and with joy. Know that when you are in such a mode that only the purest, most wonderful gifts will come to you. Many of you will receive gifts of which you are not even aware.

We bless you. I will be in and out of course during the year for we will be starting another book (Book 8). We will present that probably around the end of this year or the beginning of 2010. However, just know that we do watch over you. You are our special group; we love you. Even if you do not attend the Wednesday group, we are including you for you have energy tendrils that go out from that group or you would not be here today.

I bless Ann and Allan (Romans) for opening their house to all of you (Sun City Grand, Surprise, AZ).

Greetings, dearest ones, greetings, we are: Yeshua, Sananda, Saint Germain, and the list goes on and on.