Paulus of Tarsus – A Man Driven by the Word

Chako Priest

“The Ultimate Experience”

Book Series

Posted 3-2-10

Paulus of Tarsus: A Man Driven by the Word.

Chako: May the God within my heart speak to your heart, soul to soul, heart to heart; we are One. Whenever I speak like that, I get emotional because the Masters come right into my heart and touch me deeply.

I want to acknowledge that we have some visitors from Sweden this morning. As my books have fanned out into different countries, there is a dear soul—I have never met her—named Marianne in Sweden. She likes my books and passes them around. She passed them to Annette in Sweden. When I e-mailed Marianne to tell her about my new Paulus book that is out, she e-mailed Annette, who just happened to be in Chandler, AZ, visiting her family, and she asked her to find out if I was presenting the Paulus book some place and could she go and bring back a copy for her. That was just about a couple of weeks ago, so here she is. That is Annette—raise and wiggle your hand, Annette—all the way from Sweden. Isn’t that wonderful! When you go back, give Marianne a hug for me. And that is Annette’s partner sitting with her from Sweden also.

People sometimes wonder who I am. I reply that it is similar to having two lives. I lived for 11 years in Minnesota, and there I was a transpersonal psychologist, a psychotherapist with an expertise in grief. I then moved here to Arizona. This is my new life. I have been here for 10 years. Now I am finding out I am an author. I am just now acknowledging it with my eighth book (chuckles). I also am a telepathic channel.

Some people do not quite get the differentiation between different channels. Yeshua was telling us through Cynthia Williams a while ago that there are 33 different levels of channeling. I do not know where I am in there. However, Saint Germain had told me while I was having a reading with Phillip Burley, who is a voice channel, that for the telepathic channel, the Masters use the “library of our mind.” That means with a telepathic channel such as me, whenever the Masters come, they stay at the edges of what I call my “outer-banks”—the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual bodies are kind of out there. The Masters then project their thoughts, which come into my brain, and there is an instantaneous translation, figuring out a word. If my brain does not hold that particular word, I will not be able to say it. Therefore, that is why I am not proficient with names, because my vocabulary and my knowingness of particular names are not there in my computer-brain.

Now Cynthia Williams over here (pointing to her) is our voice channel. The Beings enter right into her body and use her voice and they can say anything! She does not know what they are saying, for she is long gone (chuckles).

That is the difference between a telepathic channel and a direct-voice trance-channel. I am going to make an announcement that “everyone in this room is a telepathic channel!” You just don’t know it yet. It is very easy to do, for it just happens.

In August of 2002, I was in meditation and I felt this soft caressing of my cheek. I knew an Entity was making contact, for the vibration was so electrical that it shook me up quite a bit. However, with a little conversation back and forth, I found out that it was the Lord Sananda who had come. He is the higher aspect of Jesus/Yeshua. He told me, among other things, that he had come to guide me to my Ascension. Well, back in 2002, that was still a rather exotic idea. No one quite knew what was meant by Ascension. Now, however, as we are getting closer to 2012, all of us are ascending. Therefore, all or you are being guided to your Ascension also.

This Paulus book came about in rather an unusual way for me in that I just kept thinking and thinking about Saint Paul. I am not religious. I know little about him and yet I kept thinking about him. I said to my daughter, Susan who lives in Cave Creek, AZ, I think I am going to write about Saint Paul in my next book. She looked at me and said, “Why?” (Laughter) She continued, “I have no desire to read about Saint Paul.” I was kind of startled and thought, “why indeed; I do not know.”

I then recalled a dream I had about 25 years ago. I was holding this huge book on my lap. It looked like it could be leather, but we know that could not be for they don’t have leather in the Heavenlies—a dead animal skin. The white cover was of some kind of soft material and on the top were all of these geometric designs in gold. I opened the book and wrote, “Kent-Kent, Saint Paul.” That was my Book of Life I was writing in. I thought, “Now this is weird; why would I be writing “Saint Paul” in my Book of Life? “Kent” is of course in Kent, England, but I have not followed up on that either and do not know anything more about that dream. Therefore, when Susan asked me why I would be writing about Saint Paul, I surmised that I guess it was because I was supposed to! And it was Saint Paul who was making contact by his thoughts 24/7.

In my meditations I kept thinking about this and heard in my head, I am Saul of Tarsus, or Paulus using my Roman name. I will not add Saint before my name for I feel that the many noble Saints who grace Heaven are more deserving of that title than I, perhaps. I went on just writing like crazy. It was only for about 15-20 minutes. When I had finished I exclaimed, “Whoa (I always say, “Whoa.”). This could be the Prologue to my next book.” I did not do very much more with it. Every once in a while I would change a word or a sentence and then just sat with that for the next few weeks.

During one of the monthly sessions where Cynthia was channeling Yeshua, I asked him about my channeling. All last year (2009)—I call it the Year of the Knees—you know the Chinese call 2010 the Year of the Tiger—well last year was the Year of the Knees for me as I went through two knee operations. Consequently, I did not do much channeling and working on a book. When I asked Yeshua about it, he said that I would be doing all of this in a different way. For my other books, he had come and we had what I call these little conversations. We would talk before and after each chapter, and those words would be in italic print. He then would bring in the next Presenter. Well now he is saying he would not be doing that for this next book. In my head I am saying, Whoa, OK, I guess I am on my own, kind of. However, he did say he would be happy to give me a chapter if I wished.

I am a Virgo so am apt to kind of obsess on stuff—have everything in chronological order—you know. Consequently, I started with the cover first. Forget about the inside of the book. (Laughter). Let’s work on the cover! Therefore, I went on the Internet to see if I could find a picture of Saint Paul and use that as the cover of the book. There is a plethora of portraits of him, and none was what I thought would look like him, except one that was from the Saint Paul Parish in Illinois. He is their Patron Saint. When I e-mailed their web-master, he told me that for All Saints Day they had received many portraits of the various Saints, and they had decided on this particular one of Saint Paul for their Parish, but the web-master had no further information as to the artist, or any patents. (Chako holds up the selected copy of Paul’s portrait). I felt that it came closest to looking like him. He has on a red robe and is prematurely bald. (He was short and had bowed legs, although this does not show his legs.) He is always depicted holding a Bible. I thought that this would make a great cover.

I started researching that particular painting and could not find out who painted it, and one has to know if there is a license or patent out against it before one can use it, especially if it is going to be sold. I could not find any of that information. I knew I would have to scratch that idea, for the publishers would not accept it unless the painting was free of legalities.

In the meantime, Susan started also researching for a free painting, and she found this one by Michelangelo. When I first looked at it, I felt it was awfully busy to be a cover of a book. Also, Paul was depicted as an old man in the painting. I researched some more, hoping to find another painting that would do. There was a painting by Rembrandt. The information also stated that if Rembrandt did not know what a male person looked like, he would just paint a picture of himself—a self-portrait—again an old man with a white beard. Consequently, I was not drawn to Rembrandt’s rendition, but when Susan found Michelangelo’s, the licensing and the patent had expired, so it is free to anyone who wishes to use it. (And licensing and patents were the first questions asked by Trafford Publishing. I had to guide them to the statement on the Internet.) > Therefore, I settled on the Michelangelo portrait for the present cover that you see on my Paulus book.

When you look at this painting of Saint Paul during his Conversion, he has a white beard and looks like an old man. Paul was approximately 10 years younger than Yeshua. When Paul was converted, history has him about 31 or so years old, so he could not have had a white beard. (Later after the Presentation, a visitor came up and explained to me that the Bible states that the Conversion and Light had changed his hair and beard to white and then it went back to normal. I did not know of this so had not asked Paul about this—truth or fiction.) History tells us that Paul had his ministry for approximately 35 years. You cannot start out as an old man and still be alive 35 years later—not in those times anyway. Living was just too rough.

I decided to research Paulus a bit more. Hence, I went to and found this wonderful book by Prof. F.F.Bruce called, In the Steps of the Apostle Paul. In his book are wonderful photographs of all the areas that he felt Paul had walked during his lifetime. As I thumbed through it, there was another picture of Paul that looks almost exactly like the one in the red robes. In Bruce’s book, the rendition is a mosaic done in the 12-13th century in sepia colors, found in the Monreal Cathedral, Sicily.

Also in Prof. Bruce’s book is an article on Tarsus. When I first was thinking about Paul, I frequently read about Saul of Tarsus; or Paul of Tarsus. I would wonder what was Tarsus or where was it? The Professor writes that 2000 BC Tarsus was a trading center, heavily fortified. On down through the years there were wars; it was pillaged and this went on and on. Alexander the Great captured it; the wars continued. Anthony and Cleopatra met in Tarsus. It finally ended up in Roman hands. Tarsus is in Asia Minor, the southeast corner of what is now Turkey. History tells us that Paul either rode horseback, walked, ran, or went by ship in an elongated circle three times or more (8,000 miles) from Tarsus throughout the Greek Islands, over to Jerusalem, down to Malta (shipwrecked) and Rome, maybe into Spain and then would repeat his journey in an even wider circle until his last journey to Rome and martyrdom.

The fact that Tarsus was then Roman allowed Saint Paul’s parents to have Roman citizenship, as well as Paul. Therefore, Paul was born in Tarsus, lived there for a while and then they moved to Jerusalem. His family was of the strict Jewish tradition of the Pharisees. They adhered to every Law that God had given Moses.

In the Prologue Paulus is stating that he is not worthy to bear the title of Sainthood. He is seeking redemption and asks for forgiveness from Yeshua because Paul realizes that he was not always in his heart, he had gotten more or less into power—stepped off the path now and then—and basically he was really enjoying the fact that he was a famous man.

Before he got quite that famous, the Disciples in Jerusalem were hearing about Paul. Consequently, they sent Barnabas to Tarsus to meet with Paul, bring him back to Jerusalem so that they could assess him. Well, Paul was not a big hit with Peter, James, and John. He was the “new-kid-on-the-block,” so to speak. The Disciples did not trust him. Paul was a very fast talker, very quick on the up-take. He would know what they were speaking about almost before they could get it out of their mouth. He did not want to talk about himself. He just wanted to hear about the Word that Yeshua was putting out. Tell me about the Word. Tell me about Yeshua.

Paulus had his own certain ideas. Remember, he was raised as a very strict Jew. Now here was Peter, also a Jew, and who adhered to God’s Laws that He had given to Moses, all having to do with God’s Covenant concerning circumcision. And here came Paul who claimed that a Gentile did not have to be circumcised if he was being a moral-acting person in order to receive Yeshua’s Word.

That kind of thinking shocked the Disciples because they thought you have to be circumcised in order to follow God’s Laws given to Moses. Paul must not be allowed to preach that non-compliance way. Paul still would not agree.

Q: May I ask a question? My understanding is that Jews do not get circumcised, but Gentiles do.

A: Chako: No, that was a Covenant with God that all Jews were to be circumcised. Some call it the Law of Moses, but it was God who gave the Laws to Moses.

Q: I had it backwards. A: Yes, you did have it backwards. The Gentiles would hate you if that were true (laughter), although I think today that is more the norm—my four grandsons had it done before they left the hospital. Now-a-days the parents just have it done to their male babies. It is considered the normal thing to do in this day and age. And I am not Jewish (laughter).

To get back to the Disciples, here was Peter. Paul was like that born-again Christian. (I say to myself that I think he was the first Christian Fundamentalist for he would glom onto a religious idea and not let it go—no flexibility.)

Peter’s comfort zone was in teaching other Jews who were circumcised under the Covenant of God and His Laws, telling them Jesus’ Words, but he was not comfortable talking to the Gentiles. He did not even want to go into their houses. Paul, on the other hand, would exclaim that this was a great time to be with the Gentiles. They’d offer you this to eat and that to eat (laughter) and all the while you are eating, you can be talking about Jesus’ Word. Of course Peter was just aghast. He did not even want to be in a Gentile’s house, for their kitchen would not be clean in the Jewish sense. Therefore, there was a great bone of contention over all of that.

I cannot tell you a great deal what is in the book for it does not have many pages. However, Peter and Paul finally settled their differences when Peter told Paul, OK, you go teach the Gentiles as long as you stay true to Jesus’ Words. We will continue teaching the Jews about Yeshua. (To this day, as I switch once in a while to a Christian TV channel, there will be a Jew-Christian teaching the Jews about Jesus’ Word.)

In the book, Peter and Paul went their separate ways. Barnabas stayed with Saint Paul for the first journey but after that they had an angry falling-out and separated. The next two journeys that Paul took, he had other people, including Saint Luke with him.

During all of this Yeshua was watching Paul from other planes, and he was not too happy with Paul’s methods of teaching. Yeshua found Paul too self-righteous and Paul had raised Yeshua up to God-status. (Well, in this day and age you know that we all are gods, so to speak. We are all One.) I cannot impress upon you enough, and Yeshua has said it in our other books, that the mentality, the consciousness of the people clear back 2000 years ago was so dark that in order to reach the people, Yeshua would try to meet them half way. He wanted to be the neighbor next door. He wanted to be seen as hu-man. He did not want this God-status.

There is a funny story in the Bible that tells of Paul exorcising this spirit out of a slave woman. Paul was thrown temporarily into prison by the slave woman’s owner because he said that Paul had stolen what I call his cash-cow. The slave was a trance medium and was giving all of these fortune tellings. However, after Paul exorcised the spirit, the woman would sit there and “duh…” nothing would happen! (Laughter) The owner was not very happy about that. (Now, being a trance medium, I do not think she had to wait very long before another batch of spirits would be coming in to carry on the fortune-telling task for the owner.) I think that story shows the consciousness of people during those dark times.

Yeshua spoke Aramaic, the language of the common man. I am not sure if Paul spoke that or not, for he was more apt to speak the pure Greek and he did speak Hebrew and Latin. History calls him the 13th Apostle. He was just different from all the other Apostles. Yeshua, of course forgives Paul, and when I channel Yeshua he probably will say something about all of that.

I wish to read you something here. Paul really went through an awful lot. As Yeshua would say, Paul was very unselfish in this mission of his with the tremendous drive that he had. All he could speak about was the Lord’s ideas and words. We are apt to lose sight of the fact that Paul went through horrendous trials and tribulations. Toward the end of his life (on page Roman numeral xvi, if anyone wants to read along with me) he writes:

Five times I have received at the hands of the Jews forty lashes less one. Three times I had been beaten with rods. Once I was stoned; three times I have been shipwrecked. A night and a day I have been adrift at sea. On frequent journeys in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the wilderness, danger at sea, danger from false-brethren; in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food and in cold exposure. (2 Cor.11:24-27)

He went through that after his Conversion for most of the remainder of his life and he never stopped; he never quit. You’d knock him down and he would come back again, stronger than ever. That in itself is pretty remarkable.

I placed at the bottom of each chapter some of the more well known passages that Paul had said. One that most of you have heard throughout the years is: Oh death where is thy sting; oh grave where is thy victory. (1Cor.15:55) I have heard that for years and did not know it was by Saint Paul.

My book is only 65 pages long, if you add all the Roman numerals to it. It may be short, but very powerful in thought. I want to make a point by telling you that Paul struggled with being in his heart. He struggled with coming from soul. Many times he was just personality, just preaching his own ideology. However, every once in a while you can discern when he is coming from soul.

Paul has gotten a lot of flack by saying that women have to cover their heads while in church, etcetera. However, some of the information I was reading said that he was in Ephesus during that time and many of the women were into the pagan practices. They did not dress in what he thought was appropriate attire for church. Therefore, he had them cover their hair and tone down their appearance a bit. As I look back, I can remember my mother and grandmother wearing hats when they went to church—whether that was from Saint Paul or not, I do not know.

Two verses where I felt he was speaking from soul—on page 29—he talks about love. Well, how can you talk about love at such a deep level if you were not coming from soul? He writes:

Love is patient; love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud; it is not rude; it is not self-seeking; it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (1Cor.13:4-7).

To me that is soul talking. History tells us that few authors have been able to reach the truth and simplicity of those words. On page 37 is another verse that I felt was from soul versus personality. He is saying:

Finally brethren whatsoever things are true; whatsoever things are honest; whatsoever things are just; whatsoever things are pure; whatsoever things are lovely; whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things. (Ph.4:8).

To me that is not just personality yakking away; that is coming from soul.

I feel that religion must change. We have been hearing about this repeatedly. I feel that is what Paul is attempting to do by coming forth in this present era and letting people know that he was not perfect. Goodness sakes, almost the entire New Testament is about Saint Paul—everything that he has said and written. I know he is very strongly represented in the Catholic religion. I am not Catholic. I was baptized Presbyterian, but I do not know what that means either (chuckles). I had heard that the Pope last year declared the whole year of 2009 to be in honor of Saint Paul. All of this is still going on in the same old way without realizing that Paul was just an ordinary person. He had such a passion. He brought in his purpose. You could not kill him. As Peter said, you can’t kill the man! (There had been so much done to him.)

On page 40 which is the end of the Epilogue, I was touched by this passage:

For I am the least of the apostles that am not meant to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. (1Cor. 15:9) But by the Grace of God, I am what I am; and his Grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all; yet not I but the Grace of God which was with me (10). Therefore, whether it were I or they, so we preached, and so ye believed. (11).

We have with us Jean Alexander who tones. For those of you who do not know this distinction, toning is not music. Jean is actually emitting tones. This then seals the energy within our bodies. While I have been talking, whether you know it or not, the Masters have been working with your energies, with your permission. (They consider this Wednesday group their group and they are always here diddling us in some way or the other.) When Jean tones, the energy work that the Masters have been doing on us and all the information you have been given this morning and their channeled messages are brought more into our bodies, anchored and sealed within us by the tones. Therefore, that is the purpose of toning, and Jean does a magnificent job of it. (Jean then tones in a powerful way.)

(Chako: This concludes the lecture portion of the book presentation. Yeshua’ and Paul’s words and then Yeshua’s Blessing will follow in another file.)


Yeshua: Hello my precious group; I am Yeshua. And yes, we have been diddling with your energies here and there, but it is always with your permission—never without your permission. We also bring your souls closer to your bodies. You have heard that before.

Today the emphasis is on Paul. I will honor him and call him Saint Paul because he gave his life for his mission. He gave his life. No one can ask for anything more than that—to have such a mission and such a passion that you continue on your path even if you have been knocked off it several times.

As you know Paul fell off the path once or twice or more we will say and yes, I was angry with him. I was angry more at the fact that he was a part of me! You may not realize it but for a man like Paul to have the impact on humanity that he had and still has, it was because he was carrying an aspect of me. I was in him. Therefore, when he delivered his—we’ll use the Christian terms—sermons and preachings, people were feeling my energy also.

Therefore, I can critique him as a brother; you see. I can admonish him because there were times that he was self-righteous, into his own ideology, and had lost the true meaning of what I was attempting to bring across. I was attempting to bring Light, to bring more consciousness to humanity. They were so dense—third dimension completely and some even in the second dimension—so dense.

Now Paul was the 13th Apostle because I had the 12 men, but keep in mind that I also had the women. I counted the women who surrounded me as Apostles also. Of course you know them as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and my cousin-sister, Mariam. They were all Apostles.

I wish to emphasize that Paul was on a mission that he never lost sight of. As Peter said, you can’t kill him. He was knocked down; he was lowered in a basket; he was shipwrecked and he would come back stronger than ever. As it so happened, he wrote some of his most heart-felt Epistles while he was under arrest—two years here and two years there, very little food, no sanitation. But he was able to keep going because his faith was so strong in the Father, in his mission, and in me.

If someone had said to him, OK that’s enough; we release you; you can go, it would be like cutting off an arm for him. He was so immersed into my Word. So how could someone stay angry at another brother who was giving his All for the Word? As Chako was struggling over the title of the book and the sub-title and she wrote as the sub-title A Man Driven by the Word, that exactly describes Paul. Even in his dreams—he slept, ate, and spoke of the Word.

Again, few individuals have stayed so dedicated to their mission. And yet many times since his martyred death where he was decapitated, one of those gruesome ways of killing people, we have spoken of that mission. Will there be missions like that again? Probably not. That happened 2000+ years ago. That is a long time to hang onto memories, dear friends. Everything must change. You need to let go of your preconceived ideas about Christianity. It became so distorted and the teachings are so off track that they bear no resemblance to what I remember.

I could say a few more words, but I think I will step aside right now and let Paulus of Tarsus speak next. Then I will come back and give you my Blessings.

Paulus: Hello group, thank you for coming to hear about me. I am honored that you do so. My reason for writing this book, and as Yeshua said, to air my laundry, is to give people an idea that we can only do our very best. Now my best may not be as good as your best, but that is in the eye of the beholder. There are many people who do not agree with my teachings, but again, that is in the eye of the beholder. I am not saying that they should agree, for there were times that I did not speak correctly.

I had gotten off the path. I was into power. I loved the notoriety. I was an orator. I was able to speak on almost any subject. I was well traveled; I was educated. However, you see, I had lost Yeshua’s vision—the vision for the common man, the man who was not educated. And yet as we in this room know, all of those people were Divine souls, caught up into physicality. They were playing their roles; they were following their contracts and they were not ready to change. That is what makes it so important for those of you today to be willing to change. What was accepted 2000+ years ago is not correct for today. Much that I had said is no longer correct for today, and yet the Evangelists still quote me time after time.

I will step back now. I have asked Yeshua a long time ago for his forgiveness and if any of you in this group have been wounded by any of my words, I ask for your forgiveness. It was not my intention to wound any of you, or to harm any of you. I was just swept up in the moment—the moment of bringing into the world a new way of looking at things, a new Word.

Thank you, dear friends, thank you (Paulus leaves.).

Jean Alexander: I invoke the spirit of Shamael, angel of sacred sound. May the sound of Light surround me; may the Light of sound guide me; may the sacred sound come through me for the harmony of all. So be it! Jean tones.

(The group then sits silently afterwards, absorbing the energy.)

Yeshua returns: My brothers and sisters, I am Yeshua still. If you could only have seen the colors that were swirling around as our Sister Jean did her beautiful toning. It sealed the energy in all of your bodies—sealed it for the betterment of you. There are so many energies bombarding the planet at this time that every once in a while you need to have someone anchor those energies within you. This is what Jean’s beautiful toning does. I thank her for that.

I have been thinking how to end our program with you this morning. I wish to emphasize that you are not just a personality stuck in a body that you may or may not like. You are beautiful, spiritual Beings from the Father. You hold his energy of love. You are love; you are Light. Go forth, dear friends, go forth and spread your Light among the people. Shed your Light and your love. If you remain in your hearts, you automatically will be doing that.

I bless you, dear friends; I bless you with all of my heart to your heart; soul to soul. We are One. I am finished.

(Chako: This channeling completes the Paulus of Tarsus program. 10:15-11:30 AM) February 2010

“Paulus of Tarsus ~ A Man Driven by the Word”