Sananda’s – A New Years Blessing


“A New Years Blessing” 2011

Special Note: “Sananda” is the evolved name of Jesus The Christ. When Jesus ascended from the Earth plane, He was given the new Spiritual title of Sananda. This means “He who has ascended.” The term “ascended” in this context related to His overcoming all obstacles and challenges that He HimSelf needed to in order to evolve to a finer version of HimSelf.

Greetings to all My cousins there on Earth. The realities of life on this world, your individual lives, your trials and tribulations thus far have caused each of you to look within and to draw strength from deep inside to keep your forward momentum. For many of you it happens when you thought you had none left from which to draw upon. I commend each of you. Each of you, no matter what evolutionary level you are currently on, is aware that something has altered, that something momentous has changed in your world. These changes are apparent in each of your personal worlds as well. These alterations and altercations are paramount to your continued evolution as a species. I went through them myself in times past, you have gone through them time and time again and now it is time for the rest of humanity to match the pace of NESARA’s blessed Winds of Change. It is not the darkest of times you are now facing; you have already been through those, what you are now facing is the most wondrous of times. It is the elegant dance and beauty of the long prophesized transformation of all life on Earth that you are entering into.

Now each one of you has an important role to play as the present and future caretakers of this world. You are not alone. We, my brethren and I are there with you, some in Spirit, and some in the physical, some overhead in our Ships of Light. Never, ever doubt this, for I speak truth. Life IS an experience that must be savored, it must be tasted and it must be endured. In one manner you have all been testing yourselves, preparing yourselves for the future that awaits you. You have been deeply immersed in what we off world beings call a schoolhouse planet. You have been learning first hand what it means to bridge the gap between the physical realm and the Spiritual realm. This is not always easy. For many it is easier to get lost in the illusion of time and see, or remember, nothing of the larger picture. Most of you know not of your true origins, your purpose for Being or the direction that you each must now choose. That is how it was always intended to be. What is important is that your keep your forward momentum and DO what you know in your heart and Soul is right. Life is about change, it is about walking with your eyes wide open, placing one foot in front of the other and seeing, clearly seeing what is just beyond the veils of forgetfulness each of you willingly incarnated with.

This time of year is Sacred to many of you. It is quite possibly the only time of the year when your generosity and thankfulness for all that you are blessed with is readily apparent. I ask only one thing of you this year, set your hearts free and allow your thoughts to freely wander into and through the realms of limitless possibilities. This is your role, your job if you will, as Co-Creators. In this manner you WILL Create the future you so desire. Please, be ever mindful that what you may see or hear is not always what truly is. Illusions prevail upon this world, when fed they manifest and fester and spread like a contagion. You, the people of this world, give them shape and depth by the amount of energy (thought) you project to them. If you do not feed the fear factor, if you do not choose to allow outside influences to alter your reality, then you are one gigantic step ahead of the game. I know many of you would wish for me to speak of my present as well as future role in this world. This timeline was never about me; it IS about the willingness and acceptance of each of you to first accept and then help to usher in The Christ Consciousness into this world. I have already graduated from the Earth Star Walk. Each of you too will someday. This timeline is about the continued ascension of all the future you(s) who will reincarnate here and gratefully take part in Creating the new world. I can tell you that my original teachings were to enlighten the human race, not to cause a separation amongst you… which has obviously occurred.

The words of God shared with you by these two beautiful Souls, Celest and David, the words of mine as well as the words of other enlightened Beings should be used as a template for you to live and enrich your lives, to have a life worth living. You take things too seriously, especially my teachings by the religiously devout which are, or should be obvious to most of you by now, to have been drastically altered to suit the ruling elite agendas. Far too many of you still take these words into your heart and consider them to be your guiding light, a light of absolutes. There IS much in this Universe that is absolute, these are covered in the Universal Laws that the human race as a whole has chosen to ignore. What is not, is your ability, your God given right to freely express yourselves (with discretion) and to obviously discern fact from fiction. Each of you does do this well, to the best or worst of your abilities. It is now time, for some well past time, time to lift yourself up above the denseness of what you term this physical experience. Experience The Divine. Elate yourself by absorbing yourself IN the moment. Relish and cleanse yourself in the absolute beauty of your Soul’s knowledge and hear Its Voice once again. There is nothing I can teach you that you as Soul does not know already. I can however help you to remember. You have access to the greatest fountain of knowledge ever Created at your fingertips, all which lies semi dormant within you…use it. If not, this lifetime will be just another in a long series of repetitious incarnations that was wasted for you did not choose to rise up to the challenge that you as Soul set for yourself.

Time is short. For the diehard 2012-ers amongst you that is just a hop, skip and jump away. Not everything you have heard or read is accurate about this time. In many ways it will be just like any other day. Just because you managed to make it across the threshold to this gridline does not necessarily mean you are a shoe in for the days which are to follow. You must continue to do your best in every moment of every day past that point in order to maintain your upward spiral into the higher planes. Linear time for the most part will have completely dissipated by then, at least for those of you who intimately understand its necessity and previous relationship with each of you. Many falsely believe they still have time to putter about and make commitments and decisions in a lackadaisical fashion or worse yet, when the mood strikes them or Nirvana forbid, when they are confronted head on and forced to. This is far from the truth; you must do your best in every moment and allow the past to remain in the past. Your travels, your encounters thus far have led you up to this moment, this one defining moment in your human travels when each of you must make a choice. What choice? I will leave that one up to you to discern, for if you have not figured that one out by now then the possibility exists that you may not ever in this lifetime. And this is all right; you will figure it out in your time when you feel you have a pressing need to.

It is time for each of you to acknowledge that you as a species are no longer a young race nor are you the only sentient race. The human species has been incarnating there on God’s planet for many, many a millennia. School is out, it is time to live your life as the true expression of God I Am, the Eternal I Am, that each of you are. BE the child full grown. No, I did not say you have to grow-up; you do however have to mature. BE the one you destined yourself to be. I walked many of the same paths as each of you has in the past. I had to however painfully learn my lessons through the process of trial and error as well. Thus I know that it is not always easy living life there on Earth. Please know, it was never intended to be so. It was the complacency, greed and lust for power on the part of the impressionistic human intellect that made it so. Yet I know personally that the rewards can be great for those of you who choose to grow from these challenges. Please take heart in knowing that all of this, all these trials and tribulations are but a springboard to a new, higher level of consciousness and cooperation between all of the human race in the years to follow. Life there is going to alter significantly as the Golden Now completely blankets itself upon this world. YOU have made this all possible.

Each day that passes will bring more enlightenment and clarity and purpose to the peoples of your world. Many will embrace these newfound truths and skip and dance their way forward in their trek in life. Others will not. Be open and receptive to the notion of change; acknowledge that there are some things you can alter, some things that are currently beyond your reach and some things that you are meant to simply Bear Witness to. Do try to feel compassion for those that are not where you are in your Spiritual quests. They too are doing the best they can at this point. Each Soul has its own road to travel and remember that no two Souls are the same, nor should they be, nor should they want to be. That would stifle Creativity and that simply put… will not do.

I wish you all blessings and abundance these days before and after the New Year emerges. It is through your willingness to be open, to be caring and to being willing to share your true essence with others that will make this transition into the Golden Now, the emergence of God there on Earth, much easier.

With blessings to all from this side of the veil, I Am…Sananda

Received by David


This quote is from the movie “The Power of One”

In South Africa and around the world the struggle to gain human dignity and equal rights for all people continue! Changes can come from the power of the many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible, “The Power of One.”

Salude, Celestial and David