Sananda’s Message and Mullings


“Sananda’s Message and Mullings”

Special Note: “Sananda” is the evolved name of Jesus The Christ. When Jesus ascended from the Earth plane, He was given the new Spiritual title of Sananda. This means “He who has ascended.” The term “ascended” in this context related to His overcoming all obstacles and challenges that He HimSelf needed to in order to evolve to a finer version of HimSelf.

Greetings to all my Earthbound cousins, it is I Sananda coming through to you at this time. I am here to bring you hope and well wishes during this merriment season. I have asked David to bring this message of mine to you. This is only the second time I have requested this of him. He and I do chat from time to time, more so when he is off planet during his dream state .Now that I am sharing this present time with David I would like to pass on both my own and The Creator’s good tidings to all of you who have awakened aspects of your slumbering memories. The memories I am referring to are the realities of who you are and your individual purposes for embarking on this particular mission.

I realize none of you are aware of all the details, yet it gives great joy to me so observe all those who are continually moving forward without “consciously” knowing what lies ahead of them. Both David and Celest are, as you would say, “unknowing” regarding who and what shall unfold for you in your individual future present times. As many of you have recently become aware of the dissipation of linear time occurring at an exceedingly accelerated rate, you have been achieving a level of “knowingness” akin to those others who are in “THE FLOW.” These others that you are either consciously or unconsciously aligning with are experiencing a unique macrocosmic event “impact.” They are discovering that living in the NOW is happening everywhere. Unfortunately, not all people are consciously attuned to this undeniable FACT. The “future” is here NOW, the past is catching up with the future, it means all is happening in the present!

All timelines for awakening have already been. Many will have to run NOW to catch up with the timeline they have “missed.” This is the time you have all said you have been awaiting. As others have stated, “it is you who you have been waiting for.” What does this mean? In its simplest form, it is the time of the great implosion from within. It is when still half dazed Souls are starting to remember their origins, their purpose for be-ing, their connection with All That Is and their chosen missions independent of all others’ selected or appointed assignments. They are also remembering the mission of love. Of seeding it, breathing it and be-ing it, knowing that it is a mirror of the language of Light. I believe this to be simple enough for all to understand. A while back I spoke with David about the “Second Coming,” MY Second Coming. Judging from the responses he has received, I believe that some people, but not all people, are “in understanding” of this long prophesized event.

MY COMING is here NOW! It is all around you, it is enveloping this world with gentle lights and brilliant vibrations of MY LOVE. It is within you rising to an astonishing crescendo as you release yourselves to the remembrance that you are MY SECOND COMING. The Christ Consciousness has awakened and is entering into all facets of your lives. Your own awareness of the infinity of the Soul Voice of all that surrounds you, is hastening in rapid fashion to a position at the forefront of your minds, hearts and Souls. You are questioning what is read in the Bible, you are treading upon “sacred cows,” you are looking for the answers to why you are here. Most importantly, you are finding that those answers lie within. There are NOW enough of you in sheer numbers to keep this momentous forward motion going. What began as a snowball is now an avalanche.

I can understand that not all people are comfortable with “rocking the boat.” Not everyone is up to the challenge. Some people will follow as other people lead. This is the way it has always been here. Then there are 2 other groups; those who will follow their destinies and there are those who ARE their destinies. These two groups have long been true expressions of “All That Is.” Remember what has been said before, the true human being is half man-half God. For some of you this statement may be perceived as rather blunt. However, many other great teachers have recently said in their ancient voices, “Time is not on your Side.” Those who flow with the changes, those who bend with the wind instead of trying to fight it, those who are “One with Nature,” will continue their upward spiral along with the Soul known by many as “Earth.” Those who do not shall soon be departing. I am not going to come down and save you. Save you from what? From your own selves? Again I repeat, you ARE the ones you have been waiting for.

My brethren and I are here to assist you, to watch over you, to guide you. This is not your planet, it is a part of God, He is the Steward of His Creation. You are the co-stewards of His planet. It is time to bring forth life, not death, nor destruction. Everything needs to be harmonious; every action, every thought, everything Created must be done so from a Love base. Love lets the LIGHT shine through. It opens up doors leading to the many wondrous possibilities. It lifts you higher and higher, allowing your Spirits to soar. Love is “ALL THAT IS.” It is what you were Created from. It is the essence of your Soul Voice. Life on Earth has presented the biggest challenge that anyone could have hoped for, or conversely, dreaded. It is experiencing life in material form in a physical vehicle that is representative of the challenges, the triumphs, and the failures, all designed by you to Test Yourself. And test yourselves indeed you did and do.

The Golden Era is upon you. It is materializing everywhere you look. It is the unveiling of hidden truths; it is the ascension of yourselves and this planet to your individualized destined places among the higher vibrations. The Golden Age is the age of NESARA. It is the Golden NOW. The Second Coming is the “Awakened HuMan Being.” When sending your Love and Light out this holiday season, send it with Love for ALL. Do not worship your idols; put no one on a pedestal above yourself. Keep yourself off too. Let no one be beneath you. Maintain your own “identisized” position, so that you may walk side by side, hand in hand with your vibrational equal. It is where your personal “identity” lives. Let the Light of your “Christed Selves” shine forth in all you do, all you say ,all you think and in all that you are. Call to yourselves all that is rightfully yours. Call in that which is your Birthright. Call to yourselves your destinies. Fulfill your missions by simply being the greater “I AM.”

I now wish to remind you as I come to the close of this message that I am transmitting through David, that communion with God was never intended to be found in “churches.” Each person is a “church,” each “church: is a temple, God resides within each! It is part of the state of “knowing,” it is you when you are listening to your “intuition,” your “Soul Voice.” My brethren and I are all around you doing what we can to assist you each without interfering with your Free Expression, known by many as “Free Will.” The place you call “Earth” had requested of the God of this universe and the Creator that our assistance be permitted. You see my assistance was in a way predestined; although never in my previous incarnations did I arrive on Earth to save anyone, I came here then and NOW for the same reasons so many other Ancient Souls are among you. To help you to help yourself. We have always arrived here, in one form or another, to “teach by example.” If we were foolhardy and did all your work for you, what would any of you have learned? We love you too much to aid and abet those people without purpose, motivation and Spirituality.

Far too many people have placed too much value on receiving telepathic communications. The true Source for all information pertaining to anyone’s personal life is always listening to your Soul Voice. Soul never lies, never deceives, it is the macrocosmic YOU. You are not separate from your Soul. Telepathic messages are guideposts, they also awaken dormant communication with yourself, with All That Is. I know from observing David as he rises to stretch now and then, what comfort watching our Ships in the skies brings to him. He knows full well he is never alone, just as you yourselves are never alone.

In each incarnation a person experiences, there are a bevy of Souls, known as Spirit Guides, and a Master Teacher who accompany the individual. They are always present no matter how foolishly a person may act. They nudge you in the direction of your Soul’s chosen missions, chosen experiences. By remaining in the flow, you are merely following your own chosen “lesson plan.” When you argue with Soul Voice, you lose contact with It. That is when the personal responses you have programmed into your intellect take over and override Soul Voice’s attempts to once again be heard. We, like Soul Voice, await a sign from you; we wait for you to “Issue the Call.” Many changes are afoot now, during the next few months many people will be acting out in strange ways and doing things that are totally out of character for most of them. Some people will make mistakes by striking out in anger at “perceived” wrongs. I ask you each to remain aware of this and remain away from it when you see it is occurring, even when it happens among those you love. Do not be drawn into their dramas! Their choices are their own! You who are the Awakened Ones will bear witness to all this and more.

To all my earthbound brothers and sisters, I send to you in Honor, in De-Light and in Love, my wish…. it is for you all to experience an en-Light-ened holiday season. Remember to celebrate all life, now and in the days ahead. Be always true to yourself and truthful with others, and always and in all-ways stand up in your truth, stand within the Light and give thanks to the Creator and all of the Creation for all that you have been blessed with. Remember what “time it is.” The time is NOW.

Salude, I AM Sananda.

Footnote here: If you have wondered why I chose David for this message, I chose him because I know that he hears me correctly. He is one of but a handful of people who do. So I chose him,” because I can.”

Celestial and David

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