Talking to Children who talk to God about War – Session Three


“Talking to Children who talk to God about War”

This article was originally written during the Desert Storm War. I felt that these interviews are still of importance during this present war. Please remember that I do not use the children’s’ real names, this is for their own protection.

I selected only 2 children for this interview; I told each in advance what the subject would be; neither of them knows the other and live in completely different areas.


“Ok Sharon, you told me you had your conversation with God about war…what did he tell you?”

(Sharon is 8 years old and most definitely has her own opinions on subjects which no doubt would shock many adults..)

Sharon…”Well I went to sleep last night trying real hard to call God like I always do cause He told me if people call He will always pick up the God phone. I did see the ball of light that always lets me know that God is coming in, then all of a sudden this biggggggg noise like thunder or sumpen started and my cat jumped off the bed and ran but my daddy and mommy didn’t hear nothen….See,

“God does things like that..cause He’s God.”

“Anyway, this light ball sat down on my bed and I got a warm fuzzy feeling…God said it’s His Love, boy, He must really love me a bunch!

I asked God to splain about war cause I don’t understand it and neither does this lady who asked me to ask Him about it The ball light got brighter and I heard Him laugh, He said, “yes she does understand about war but she wanted you to ask about it too so that other innocents growing up can learn or not learn as is their choice“..Note…when Sharon speaks of God’s words her voice changes dramatically and her wording is perfect, much as some “channelers” do.

Sharon-“God showed me a picture and it was like watching a movie, somehow I saw all kinds of people all over the world hurting each other and people crying and big white lines of light coming up out of their heads at the same time they were falling down on the ground and sometimes on top of each other…they didn’t get back up and there was a lot of loud noises and fires all over the place”…”God told me that the white lines were their Souls returning Home to Him…He told me that grown up people could be silly little children who like to pull wings off flies
…”I told God that was really sick!!!”

“God said that war was “sick”..He said it was a giant mirror..He said war gives back to “war people” what they do to other people…He said there is a “special place” for the war people when they go Home to Him…He said it is a place where alllll battles take place alllllllll at the same time….only He said the ones the are fighting in those battles are themselves and they have to stay there till they don’t want to fight anymore. Then He sends them back here to see how much they have learned”….”I told God He should send them back as flies and He said, “that wouldn’t be being nice to the flies.”

….”God sure is funny sometimes!”

Daniel….(I had spoken to him previously when he was 8 about another matter…now 12 years old..he has so far still retained his innocence and wisdom)

“God and war…well let me tell you I have already talked with Him about war…because it really is an irrational act you know. I listen to what the adults say and I agree with God, adults aren’t really “all that”! Sometimes when I was just a little kid, I used to hear God tell me about how useless it is to try to reason with people who don’t want to be reasoned with….now that I’m older of course, I understand that much better….see God says, “that no war can be started without someone to war with.”..He said, “it really is about governments who don’t care about their people, that people can be like sheep, but they forget who the real SHEPHERD is!”

“I remember I asked God the other day about all these troops and people dying and God said,
….“Son, you haven’t seen anything yet. As long as people separate themselves from Me, from My love, there will be wars and violent death.”

….”I asked Him about me, would I ever have to fight even though I don’t want to? You know what God said?
He said,…“fight in the way of peace…..use My teachings, use My words, carry My Sword Of Truth…be The Peaceful Warrior.”
He said…”touch one Soul a day with My Words….and in the end it will be fine.”

From all of my own experiences of speaking with The Creator, the children’s’ truths resonates within my Soul…..Remember, “let the children laugh and sing the greatest Song of all.”

Enough said…..Celest.