Talking To Children Who Talk To God – Session One


“Talking To Children Who Talk To God”

Throughout my travels across the United States, I have been blessed with unlimited opportunities to meet so many people of all cultures, of all belief systems, people of all colors. Yet, what I find so endearing is that it is “The Little Flowers of the Earth,” who exhibit the most profound, ageless wisdom; this occurs with a child’s ability to see the larger picture of life as we know it, yet to “know” life as few adults know it .All children are graced with this innate ability, yet there is the “the loss of innocence,” which usually occurs around the ages of 7 or 8. This is when well meaning adults becoming frightened of their child’s “imaginary” playmates.

The adult world is so enmeshed in the “black and white” issues, that it no longer contains the purity of the “knowing.” The “knowing” exists on an evolved Spiritual/mental plane which requires NO PROOF, no ego projected NEED to placate by demonstrating TANGIBLE evidence to others. As the children begin to lose touch with their God-Self, they “temporarily” forget what they have seen, heard and felt. They forget the times of wonder when they had played with their Angelic Guides. The times of joy when entities from various higher dimensions appeared to them to share visions of each Soul’s destiny. The times of awe when the Creator in His unlimited compassion would reveal to them all of the “secrets” of the universes and diminish into nothingness the SHADOW which the adults project.

Yet, prior to this time, countless memories are encoded within the heart, mind and Soul of each of these pure ones. A type of “trigger” exists which brings forth some ancient, fleeting sense of communication gone-by as they “mature” and take their place in orthodox religions, in strait-laced lives. 1t is when they quiet their minds, in times of sleep, or sorrow, or imminent danger that their true heritage enters into the forefront of their minds.

It has been my great pleasure to record brief conversations with children both before and after the predicable “adult intervention.” I feel it is fitting to leave the adults with “reminders” of WHAT IS and WHAT COULD BE if the human race would stop acting so darn human and would instead remember their true origins. I have changed the names of the children. The FACTS and the childrens’ exact words remain untouched. (M-Myself)

Ann-a vivacious 4 year old

M-What do you think of God?

Ann-Oh, 1 like God a lot! He makes me laugh, and He tickles me at night when I’m in bed.

M- What does He say to make you laugh?

Ann-God said, “people are too serious, they don’t know how to have fun, adults don’t like to play tag and peek-a-boo; they don’t make angels in the snow; they don’t believe in Santa Claus!”

M-Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Ann-Of course, God said only dummies don’t know that Santa is real!!! !He said big people think children are dummies because children believe, He said it’s the big people who are the dummies; He said we have to take care of the adults ’cause they don’t know any better.

M-How do you know it was God who told you these things?

Ann-Cause God is all shiny and bright and looks like the b-i-g Christmas Star on our Christmas Tree, and everyone knows only God can do that stuff!!!

M- Why does He tickle you?

Ann-God said, no one should have a s-a-d face. He told me that the angels are sent here to tickle my mind, and He comes to tickle my feet ’cause nobody can feel bad when they’re laughing, you know.

(Note … I spoke with Ann four years later and she has become a more serene, more ADULT version of herself, she now questions the validity of Santa Claus.)

Tony-an emotionally and physically abused 9 year old.

M- Tony, if you could change one and only one thing about yourself, what would you want to change?

Tony-Well, 1 would like to be someone else, someone that everyone likes. I would have a stronger body, I would have nicer hair, and n-o-o freckles.

M-Do you believe in God?

Tony-Of course, everyone believes in God. God makes children come to earth to grow up and be presidents I think. God doesn’t always answer us when we call Him for help ’cause there’s too many people in the world and there’s only one God, that’s why He can’t always help us when we need it.

M-Does God answer you when you need it?

Tony-Sometimes. Sometimes He sends my dog to lick my face instead.

M-Do you talk to God anyway?

Tony-Yeah, just in case He’s in my area, I don’t want Him to think I’m mad at Him just ’cause my daddy is always mad at me.

M-Do you ever ask God why your Dad is always mad at you?

Tony-Sure, if I don’t ask Him, how will I know!! God said my Daddy is mad at himself; I told God I would like it if He would have my Daddy hit himself instead of me. God said He’ll watch out for me, that my Daddy IS hitting himself and that my Daddy will leave pretty soon and go to heaven and God will tell him about it.

M-How do you know that was God who was speaking to you?

Tony-‘Cause Spanky (his dog), woke up and licked my face. He always does that when God tells him to. He doesn’t lick my Dad’s face though!

Note-I talked briefly with Tony 2 years later, his father had died of lung cancer and he was living with his mother, grandmother and “Spanky.” He said God visited him the night before his Dad passed over and told him to “start to believe and to start to dream again.” I asked him how he felt about that message, he said he felt good because when God stopped talking, Spanky licked his face.

Suzy-an irrepressible 8 year old who had recently faced a near drowning accident. I spoke to her 2 weeks after the incident.

M-Suzy, have you gotten over the fear of water that your mom said you always had?

Suzy- Y -e-a-h! I used to be so scared of falling in the water and not being able to breathe and nobody around to help me. That’s why my parents took me out in the boat with them, to teach me how NOT to be scared….. I rea11y was scared though I didn’t want my mom and dad to know.

They always get upset with me about the water thing …. l feel kinda bad about the boat thing though, ’cause my mom thinks the accident was her fault and my dad thinks it was his fault. The canoe just kinda tipped over somehow, but l KNOW it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

M-How do you know it wasn’t anyone’s fault?

Suzy-God told me. When we tipped over, I fell in the water and I sank real fast! I couldn’t breathe and water kept filling up in my mouth and nose. My ears were hurting and I felt a loud kinda buzzing sound. I couldn’t see my mom or dad, only water …..

I felt really funny, and everything got real dark, then a11 of a sudden I felt a bright light come in my eyes and everything got real quiet …. I felt somebody’s arms picking me up and thought my daddy found me and was taking me out of the water. I kept thinking, daddy, daddy, save me!

A11 of a sudden I heard a strange, really deep kinda voice, it was a man’s voice but not my daddy’s. The voice said, never fear “0 little one,” (that was her pet name her dad had given her,) I am not your daddy, but I am going to take you home ….. I asked the voice who he was and he said, I am God.

I asked God how He could get in the water so fast and He said, I Am God, I can do anything. Then I opened my eyes when He said that and I was on land! I don’t know how God got me out so fast ’cause it seemed like a dream but I know it was real. Mommy and daddy were still in the water trying to find me and I ye11ed “here I am guys, God brought me home.”

I asked God once a long time ago, why He brought me home. I was really sleepy, but I heard Him say, “Cause it wasn’t your time to stay with me.”

Note … l saw Suzy for a few minutes a few months after this and she was wearing a new watch which she had insisted her parents buy for her. When I asked her why the watch was so important, she replied “it’s a secret between me and God.”

Linda-age 4, terminally ill, diagnosed with cancer of the brain.

M-Linda, do you believe there is a God?

Linda-I KNOW that God lives in heaven. God talks to me all the time and He loves me very, very much. God sends angels to help me when I get really, really sick.

Note … Linda was the most mature child of her age I had ever spoken with, adults in their 50’s could learn a lot from her behavior and faith!

M-Linda, I know you get very sick and I know it is not easy for you, but if you would tell me about God, maybe you could help other children who also get very, very sick.

Linda-O.k., God said we should always help other people, especially a-l-l the children in this world, because the children grow up to be the adults, and if they get help when they’re just kids, they won’t need help when they grow up, except those who don’t believe in Him, they need the most help of all. God is like …. Father Christmas, you know what I mean? He is jolly, He has blue eyes, and sends angels and elves to help sick kids. One time Mommy was crying because my head hurt so bad and my hair was falling out all over the house and I asked God to help mommy feel better and He did.

God gave her a dream about me sitting on His lap and reading stories to lots of other little children Mommy felt better and so did I. God told me that I was too sick to get better. He said I was on my way to visit Him and to live there instead of with mommy and daddy. I told God that sometimes I hurt all over and He said that He was taking care of it for me. He showed me a beautiful star, the most beautiful star in the sky and told me to remember the star when I started to hurt. God said the star would make the pain go away. And it did!! All I do is remember the star and I feel sleepy like I’m lying on a cloud and everything is ok then …. At nighttime, beautiful angels come into my room; they sit on my bed and they sing to me. A beautifulest lady angel holds my hand and shows me pictures of other places where lots and lots of children are in a schoolroom sitting on clouds. She said this is where I’m going too …. l asked her if mommy and daddy can come too, but she shook her head and said no, that this was a very, very special place for children only. She told me God made this place for us but that He made one for all the grown ups too.

M-Are you afraid of leaving your parents and everybody else?

Linda-Silly, you mean dying … Don ‘t you know, nobody dies … they just go to school!!!!

Note .. Linda passed over, “she left for school,” 3 months later. Her mother and father were with her and said her eyes became bright while she whispered to “someone” and passed over smiling.

From one child to another I bid you adieu ….. Celest