To those who will listen, I am Sananda


"To those who will listen, I am Sananda."

Special Note: "Sananda" is the evolved name of Jesus The Christ. When Jesus ascended from the Earth plane, He was given the new Spiritual title of Sananda. This means "He who has ascended." The term "ascended" in this context related to His overcoming all obstacles and challenges that He HimSelf needed to in order to evolve to a finer version of HimSelf.


Let us begin with who I Am. I am the one called Sananda, also known as "Jesus The Christ." I have contacted David and Celestial in an effort to clear up some of the misunderstandings that are so prevalent on the earth star planet at this time. My wishes are that each who reads this has the discernment and the desire to follow through with their own paths in life. I am in no way trying to force feed any of you a belief system, nor am I trying to sway your way of thinking about how you perceive the world you live in.

I am the One and the Only. Many have come forth claiming to be Me. That is a falsehood. Now there has been a great many people with whom I have had contact with in the past, many more are yet to come.

So many wish for My presence upon earth. You have it, in everyone, in everything that resonates to the pure true Christed Light that flows through every fabric of your being. Where the misinformation is coming from is the deception and the intervention of energy forms through the use of telepathy. This is mainly due to the fact that many amongst you have forgotten the simple ways of checking your sources of information. Now there is great misinformation coming to you in a variety of different forms, through your internet, through word of mouth and through the teachings of your bible and religions.

Have you not yet realized that the words of My Father and the words that I spoke so many of your earth years ago were spoken to rekindle the memories that lay dormant in your minds, your Souls and your hearts? These words that We have spoken were sent as a helpful way of teaching you that which you have forgotten. Nothing more and nothing less. Many years ago those of the dark forces that call themselves the Illuminati, fostered an idea to coerce your way of thinking.

I must admit it was brilliant in design and has worked almost flawlessly on their part. Through the use of religions, My Word and the Word of My Father, has been twisted and manipulated to cause great fear and doubt in most who read it. Most all that is in your bibles has been changed from its original text in order to control you, the populace of the earth star planet. Yes, I did indeed walk upon the planet many years ago; I have been there many times since and many times before. Just the same as most all of you who are reading My Words here.

I am not now, nor will I be visiting the planet before the shifting of consciousness is complete. There have been rumors stating that this Second Coming of Mine will be happening on or about June 30th of this month and year of 2005. Now there are many who believe this to be true, I can assure you, it is not. Those amongst you who already know the truth, I implore you to speak it. The Second Coming is a man made, man creation. What each of you is waiting for is ironically yourselves.

Do you not yet realize that you each were made in My image, in My Fathers image. That each of you is "The Christed Ones." I am the Instrument of My Father’s Will. Your bibles are filled with misrepresentations of My Acts and My Deeds. For far too long those amongst your populace who are from a dying race of beings, have used My Words and manipulated them, just as they have My Father’s and all who were chosen to represent Him on His planet.

Now let Me address an important issue that has so many of you questioning the information you are receiving, versus that which you have been taught since early childhood. There is to be a Second Coming; a Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness. This Consciousness is within each and every one of you, it always has been. It is only the programming that has been foisted upon you by those who do control your Medias and your religions that keep you from remembering that which you have always known. The Second Coming is simply this, the coming of the Christ Consciousness into the humans that inhabit the planet earth. The Second Coming has been twisted by many different points of view. When you all realize and you will, some sooner than later, all that you truly are and where you each come from, these memories will reunite you in ways that are somehow unimaginable to most everyone.

You are all of My Father’s loins, your being is Himself in thought and action. Everything you experience He experiences. Every thought you have is you working in complete harmony with My Father to Create the world as you would have it. There is not now, nor will there be in the future a Second Coming of Myself in person. As I have stated many times before, I have been where you are, I have walked the same paths as you and learned most all the same lessons as you have. These lessons and experiences are necessary for the evolvement of each of you as your Soul and as an expression of God. You each knew this would not be an easy task, yet none of you questioned it. You all joined whole heartedly at the chance to experience life in a third dimensional world.

To taste, to touch, to see, to feel and to express yourself as God in human form. The road has not been easy for many of you. Many amongst you have been caught up in the web of lies and deceit that have been fostered by those dark forces, those same ones whose intent is to enslave you and use you for their own betterment. There will come a time when all this will be revealed to you. I believe My Father has stated this in some of the messages that have been passed through these two brave Souls. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that these two are doing it for the money, the glory or any other compensation. They are doing it simply because they can. It has been at their own request and that of Myself and My Father.

There will be time in the near future when all will have a chance to remove the veils of illusion that have been cast upon them, either by those who seek to enslave you, or the veil that has been placed on you by your own Soul contracts, which you must fulfill before all your memories would return.. What would you learn if you had remembrances of all that is coming? Would you not step in your own way to change the outcome, thereby foregoing the lessons at hand?

The Second Coming that you so eagerly await is merely yourselves, yourselves remembering that you are the Christed energy. When this time comes and it will, you will be catapulted into the higher dimensions, sharing all that you have learned and experienced with those who are your families, your brothers and sisters from amongst the stars.

These misrepresentations of the true word of God and all His chosen scribes has come about due to your lack of faith, your lack of confidence in you yourself as God in material form. This bastardization of Our words came about through the use of religions. Religion is another man-made creation. From the beginning of the time of the time of man, the Christed Energy has flowed through each and every one of you. When the plans were made to Create the human race, each one of you represented God and are perfect in every way. The Presence of God flowed through your veins, through every aspect of your being. There never was a time when you were left alone.

My Presence upon the earth was and still is to be a reminder to you all to live your lives to the best of your abilities, while keeping in mind that each of you are God in physical form. I am teaching you by example, each of you must make your own choices. When I walked among you in the past there was then and still is, a great lack of faith existing in yourselves. This too must be changed in order for you to evolve. Let no one tell you that you are not a magnificent being. You and you alone make the changes that shape the world you are in.

From here on forward the world as you know it will be ever-changing at an ever accelerated pace. Flowing with it will be much easier than it seems. There will be times when what you hear, read or see will not make sense. It is at these times you must focus on the intuitions that have led you this far down the path called "life." These intuitions are part of your fail-safe measures that were programmed into your minds. There will be a great many entities that will try to dissuade you from the truth.

You must not fall for these charades. Personal responsibility is called for here. You cannot be led like sheep to the slaughter if you know the truth. Teach everyone who will listen, of the wonders and beauties that lie before them. Let no one be left behind. Those among you who believe that all there is to life is self gratification, then that is all you will have. The true meaning to life is service to self and service to others, to love yourselves and to see that each of you are mirroring the Creator.

Many are awaiting the arrival of ships from the skies, a dramatic entrance into your atmosphere to show that you are not alone. You are not now, nor have you ever been alone; it is merely your intellects that make you believe so. No the ships will not be coming in force, there will be occasional sightings. Imagine if you would for a second the chaos and mayhem that would ensue if a mother ship dropped in from the sky. Would this not cause panic and commotion just as in your "Independence Day" movie?

There is a time and a place for everything, what you desire the most may not always be in your best interests. The road less traveled is filled with obstacles and is paved with opportunities. Those who earnestly seek it shall have it, those who do not; will have their chance in the future. Do not think that you are on your own, as I have stated before, you never have been, nor will you ever be. Every word every thought is heard, every one of your prayers for assistance has been heard. This is your life experience; you were the one who chose it.

So many of you desire to know about "first contact" and when it will transpire. I find it interesting you seek that which has already occurred. Throughout earth’s history recorded in the texts of the day, even your bible speaks of visitations from those who are not human, those from the skies. Your Indian lore is filled with them. Then we were known as the "Bird Tribes," today we are known as "aliens." We have been contacting the people of earth from its inception, where do you think you came from? Your big bang theories and your evolving from apes are preposterous.

You are us, we are you. You are a race of beings that was Created for greatness. You are destined to join all your relations amongst the stars. The time of the Second Coming has been long awaited by all of us. This is the time of the re-joining. The people of this planet have been in the dark for far too long. Awaken and remember, remember your heritages. It is time to sing your song, sing the song of life as only you can. Cherish each moment, cherish each other.

The future is bright for those who choose to see it. Those who choose to live "in the moment" will share the feasts that have been laid out before them. The feast that is your reward for a life well lived. The future is dependent upon the present. The future is not contingent upon the past. The future is what you make of it. Your future awaits you. Do not let yourself get in the way of your true destiny. So it is written.

Life is a journey of self-discovery, until such time that the individuals, not only discover themselves, but comes to peace with themselves, they cannot understand the greater realities.

In loving remembrances of yourself,


Celestial and David