Who said God does not have a Sense of Humor



"Who said God does not have a sense of humor"

"Several years ago while I was on a hectic "whistle stop" lecture tour, a friend found out that I would be in…….for 3 weeks.

She was an elderly woman who always had gifts for me to take back home when I was in that area. She said she bought a small honey baked ham and froze it for me to take back to Texas. I bought a small carry on bag for the ham for the flight, I knew not to hurt her feelings.

Another woman I knew there was giving me a 125 year old, large crystal ball that came originally from Russia. I knew I could keep that in a small bag on the plane. The ball I mean.

I went to pick up the ham from my friend and it was 25 pounds….not my idea of SMALL. Bought another suitcase, wrapped ham in the reflective silver material that people use for sunbathing.

The next morning I went to one of the largest international airports in America, with ball in hand and ham in suitcase. As I went through the security checkpoint, sirens went off; I innocently gave the guards the bag with the ball so they could check it. THEN IT BEGAN!

Lo and behold 1 of the guards astutely described a "crystal ball in her bag." (Gulp) At that point guards "suddenly appeared," intent on having readings with the ball, right there! So, there I was surrounded by 5 or 6 guards with the ball in central position on top of a platform which they placed on top of the X Ray machine which gave me and the ball as a focal point for all THE TRAVELORS TO WATCH!

My lame excuse about needing to get on my plane did not work; they had so kindly called ahead and told the pilot to wait for me!! AND HE DID, much to my chagrin!

At that moment only 2 thoughts came to my mind…"
I will never see any of these people again who are
staring and taking pictures of this and…
thank GOD they didn’t find the ham!!!"
Who said God does not have a sense of humor….

Celestial Blue Star