Yeshua and Blue Star the Pleiadian

Chako Priest

"The Ultimate Experience"

Posted 12-24-09


Dearest one, I AM Yeshua back again. As you flip from page to page, I hope all of you Readers will think of us coming into this Channel’s energy field and delivering a teaching or message for all of you. It is heartwarming for us, and we appreciate it so much. We thank you for reading the book and passing on the information.

We enjoy the e-mails that this Channel receives. She recently received one from the UK from an elderly gentleman. He felt starved for the truth that we had spoken about in Book FOUR, about the Realities of the Crucifixion. He was so thankful, for he had searched long and wide for true information (about Jesus).

Therefore, when we see that our information is fanning out wider and wider, it is very gratifying for us. We send that gentleman our love. When he reads this book, he will know whom we are talking about. His wife is slower to respond. She prefers the Bible over the truth in our books. She will come around one of these days.

You see, Readers, no one can make the other person step up onto another rung of the ladder in his or her evolution—that rung to a higher consciousness. No one can make you do that. What we are speaking about is soul’s work. That is soul’s growth and each soul grows at a different pace, through different information, and through a different process. While it can be difficult for partners when it looks as if one has out-stepped the other, patience must enter in and of course always be accompanied by love. We are not all quick to learn—a quick study. Some of the souls are quicker than others, but in other aspects some may have stepped forth before their partner has—each at his or her own pace, Beloveds. Always remember that. You cannot change your partners; you cannot change your neighbors. You can change only yourself.

Now today, we have a surprise for all of you, for we are going to step aside and let a great Being from another star system speak with you. He calls himself Blue Star, The Pleiadian. He comes through different people, but mainly through his daughter, Celestial Blue Star, who has a physical body on Earth. It is she who suggested to this Channel, "Why don’t you channel my father, Blue Star?" It had never occurred to this Channel that she ought to or could channel this great Being. Therefore, we will let you be the judge, as I announce with the greatest affection, "Here is Blue Star from the Pleiades."

(Chako: Blue Star, with all respect, I need to check you out, please. "I now demand in the name of Jesus The Christ to know if you are a Being of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, if you are a Being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of the Creator, answer me, YES, or NO.")

YES, our dear Chako and it is good to speak with you! We have conversed many times in what you call the ethers. However, I thought it was time to speak to you on what we will call a professional basis. Therefore, I come to you, and I come through these pages of this book so that the Readers may read what I have to say to them.

My daughter, Celestial, and her husband, David of Arcturus, have websites on the Internet. They post my teachings. There is much to choose from if you go to that site ( Please do so, for it is my belief that truth needs to be spoken. Truth needs to reign on this Earth. Too many times there have been what I call the False Prophets expounding on their own ideas and their own interpretations of truth. On our site, Celestial, David and I have spoken on this subject matter. It bears repeating in this book.

As you have noticed, this Channel (first) read this little blurb to me to check me out, to hear me say that YES, I am a Being of Light from the Creator. People, you need to make this your daily practice when you are channeling Beings. Even if God came to you and said, "I AM God," you are to check Him out; read the little blurb that Sananda himself had written and given to Celestial. It is on our website (under "Introduction to the Saga of the False Prophets." At the end of that article you can click to view "Checking Sources and Aligning Energy." Sananda’s information is there.)

There is an observation I would like to present to you this morning. It is one where people are slow in making a decision as to what side of the fence they are going to jump onto. People are just sitting on the fence. They keep weighing the different energies, wondering which way they ought to jump. Those dark energies have manipulative tentacles, and they know your Achilles Heel. They know how to approach you, how to ensnare you. They are clever. They are masterful. They are of the dark. They are Illuminati. If you wish to be on that side of the fence, then it is time to make your decision. Stop vacillating. I, of course, would prefer that all would come to the Light. However, there are still those who are emotionally immature. They like playing with fire. They like playing with the Ouija board. They like testing the waters, the dark waters.

People, your world is raising her vibration, and those who cannot rise with her will be sent to another planet. If you think that will be all wine and roses, think again. How many of you know of people who are in gangs of the darker energy? They put their toe in and then are drawn into it deeper and deeper. The gang members say one must do this or that so that others will know that you really want to be one of them.

The sons and daughters of God who are not emotionally secure are apt to go ahead and cave in from peer pressure. Do you not know that one must stand strong and firm in truth—stand steadfast in the Light of God? How many of you reading this book clearly understand that principle? How many of you totally agree? If you have waffled for even a second, let that be a hint to you that you still have not made a total commitment to go to the Light and stand steadfast in the Light and be fully into the Christ Consciousness.

This decision comes to every person in this world. This decision is Universal. Come to the Light, for if you make that choice to go toward darkness, it will consume you inch by inch. You will be consumed. You will lose your identity. You will be merged into those dark emotions and into that dark way of being.

All children of God are born into the Christ Consciousness. All children carry that. When they come into their body and are actually in the Earth’s energies, they start losing touch with that Light. It depends so much upon whom their parents are—who is bringing them into the world.

There has been an increase of walk-ins as the Earth raises her vibrations. That is because the souls do not have the time to come in as babies. Souls think of that as wasting 20 years or more before they can start their work. Even old souls are stepping into other bodies. This has been a practice for eons of time. The purpose of the walk-ins is to bring in a higher consciousness into the body on a soul agreement with the soul who is leaving the body. That soul was a caretaker for that body.

As he or she left after having prepared the body for 20 plus years, the next soul could come in with stronger energy, a deeper potency and be able to start spiritual work immediately. You see the bodies that the walk-ins are coming into now are fairly strong bodies. They are younger bodies. Many times the body has not died from a disease but maybe has died from a drowning so that the body remains intact when it has been revitalized by the newer soul—(the new occupant, not a new versus an old soul). The bodies are strong; they are vibrant and can hold a great deal of energy. These walk-ins are of the highest level of consciousness. Many of them are Masters. Many of them can recall the fact that they have walked into a body. Many of them take on the karmic debt of that body, but they are able to accomplish that quickly and with less drama than the previous owner would have had to go through.

The walk-ins have a higher intelligence, but when they are in the body, there is much programming to be released. There is much re-wiring of the brain to be done in order to allow the soul to bring in the higher level of learning and discernment and just being.

How many of you sitting on the fence are contemplating suicide? It has been noted that there has been a higher rate of suicides among the young Army soldiers returning from the wars. Many of those suicides are done through drugs or through guns, which harms the body immensely so that a walk-in is not able to use that body. Would that not have been a wonderful exchange to give your body to a higher Being? When you vacated, you had left a strong body. The new Being that comes in can adjust the emotions, for you see it was not part of the emotional trauma. Therefore, it can override that fairly easily.

Readers, never commit suicide. Stay in the Light. This government has not done well by the veterans that are returning. The medical help is inadequate. Many of these young men and women need counseling but are not receiving that much. They wish to further their education and yet the government is giving them barely enough (money) to make it through a year’s schooling and certainly not enough for your Ivy-League schools. There is not much justice these days that we see in the world.

People, there is not that much time to vacillate. You must make your decisions. Most people who read these books have made that decision to stay in the Light. However, you see, they have extended family members who may not be going towards the Light as much as they need to. People are not working on developing the spiritual side of life because they equate it with religion.

As you know, the religions of this world do not hold that much truth. The religions of this world can actually hold you back. Odd as it may sound, it is in the more spiritually minded studies where one learns different ways (modalities) of thinking. This Channel is a graduate of Transpersonal Psychology. It is a psychology that allows one to go beyond ego and to accept alternative realities. I find it amusing that one would receive more information that would help you in your spiritual life by studying a course in Transpersonal Psychology than one would studying the Bible sitting in a church!

One could say, what has gone wrong here? But then that person would need to recognize that the religions went off balance eons ago. Even when Moses brought down the laws, the Hebrews were not ready to hear them. Every religion that has sprung from one of the more prominent teachers that walked your planet has failed—the religions have failed you because the dark energies got into them. Brothers were killing brothers, raping sisters, looting from the churches, from the synagogues, from the temples with greed. All was in the name of "my god is the true God. Your god is the false one. My prophet is the one of truth. Your prophet is the one of darkness. Therefore, let’s crucify him."

When you look back on thousands of years of history, there is not one religion left today from the original Cell of God—the Seed of God, the true religion. It was bent (distorted from truth) from the very beginning. The Zealots and even the prophets turned from the truth, making their ego the new teachings. No religion is truth!

Now are there kernels of wisdom here and there? Of course, but they are so mixed in with the chaff that they are hardly recognizable. Even that great Lord of Lords, Yeshua/Sananda, teaching people to love thy neighbor… the message has become distorted. Well if our neighbor is a drug addict, how can we love him? And yet, he/she is a child of God. Sananda knew at that time that all humanity was a child of God.

Sitting on the fence, People, reading erroneous Bibles, staying glued to your stereotypical ways of thinking and your belief systems and refusing to change—these are the ingredients for failure—for failing to come to the Light. However, they can and will be your passage to a new planet if that is your desire—a planet that is full of your peers, who think like you do, who look like you do in most ways, and who smell like you do with decay and no Light. That planet is waiting for you. You have a choice, you fence sitters. Make that choice soon; make it soon.

I AM Blue Star of the Pleiades, and it has been my greatest pleasure to speak to you and to have my words conveyed by this Channel of truth.


(Thank you, Blue Star; it was very strong and potent. How would you like me to name this chapter?) I think make it very simple: Blue Star Speaksought to suffice. (Thank you.) You are welcome, dear child of Light. You are most welcome. Salude. (Hmmm, thank you for coming, I am honored.)

Well dear one that was our friend from a neighboring star system. His energy was quite magnificent; was it not? (Yes, it seemed to get stronger and stronger the more he talked.) That is because he was able to come closer.

All right dear one, that’s it for today. (Thank you Yeshua.) You are welcome. Greetings.


(This was an excerpt from Book #7)
"The Ultimate Experience- Teachings of the Masters of Light"