Yeshua comments on Stigmata

Chako Priest

"The Ultimate Experience"

Posted 8-6-09

(Yeshua comments on "Stigmata" before bringing forth Brother James, Book 4.)

Dearest one and dearest Readers, we come once again with another Presenter and another surprise. As I told you yesterday, they are lined up! I do wish to say a few words on how our book is progressing. In the beginning, we thought we would have a book just about Mariam, my sister. However, as you see, the book has a mind of its own (smile). We thought it more correct, in respect to timing, to speak about dimensions. Therefore, we spoke of the crucifixion, as to whether it happened or not. We say that it did not, but there are those authors who received different information and have written beautiful books on the aftermath of the crucifixion. At this point, we will say to use your own discernment, as to your level of awareness.

Whenever anyone changes his or her belief system, and most people change just one of their beliefs at a time, but when they choose to change a belief, it is usually not a snap decision. It is something that grows on them; or we could say the awareness begins to enlighten them and they start to question previous knowledge. You see knowledge does not become wisdom until you use it. It then becomes a Truth for you. On the other hand, when it no longer is true for you, then it has become a lie, has it not? Therefore, what we are saying is that when your beliefs have turned into a lie—and some people are put off by such a strong word; they like to make it more gentle by calling it an untruth—when you have reached those situations in your beliefs, you then let them go, for you have transmuted them. You now have a new belief around the same dynamic. In this case, it is the crucifixion. As more and more knowledge is given to you, you then can let the old concepts that are wrong go. Let the new knowledge settle in as wisdom.

I have said repeatedly in this book that the crucifixion did not happen in any real sense. Recently, a question was raised to the author," What about the Stigmata that many people, and priests experience—where a person’s hands bleed at the point where supposedly the nails pierced Jesus’ hands?" That is a phenomenon where a belief system is so strong that it is mind over matter. It is so strong that the belief can manifest physically. Now I am sure there are people that have the stigmata and they are not going to give that up very quickly, for it has brought them notoriety. When you are a priest in a certain order, is it not wonderful to have the blood come out your palms, for it shows off your devotion for your other brother to see—at least you think it shows your devotion.

Some doctors could call it hysteria. We call it using your mind as the master instead of your heart. I have said this in Glenda Green’s wonderful book, Love Without End, that your mind must never be the master of your Being. Your heart rules, always. Therefore, when people have a stigmata going on, it is their mind and their egos, for it is giving them in some way that they are not even conscious of, what psychologists call "negative strokes." Unconsciously, it makes them feel important. It makes them feel that they have a certain connection with me than others have. Egos again, for if I did not bleed then, how could they bleed now?

I certainly did not bleed in the palms, but I did bleed across my back, across my face and across my legs when I was whipped in order to impress upon me "get out of Dodge, Jesus, before we kill you." That was a very strong message, for you see I felt their energy. I felt their hatred. I felt their zealousness. I felt their negative righteousness. (Yeshua’s energy becomes forceful and the words in thought are staccato.) The men that actually did the whipping were usually cruel men to begin with and a sadistic type of personality. They enjoyed the whipping. If a man was called forth to perform the flailing, and did not do a very good job, he would be punished. In order to save his own skin, many times he put all of his strength behind the whip.

Therefore, Readers there is so much involved around that concept of the crucifixion—even the stigmata. On some of the Christian television programs, the Evangelist makes the argument how one on the cross is not nailed through the palms but through the wrists, for that will support the body better. Now that was true for the criminals that were being crucified. However, the Evangelists and even historians have talked themselves into a particular theory and have applied it to me. I too only can say thank God, I listened! Thank God that I had the awareness to know when to leave.

I think that is all that I will say for now. I do like the way we have set these chapters up. I do like the way we can come in and say our piece before bringing in a Presenter, or making our comments afterwards. We are all enjoying this so much, Readers. I hope you are too.

Now what do we have in store for you today? I think it is time to bring another great Being forward, for he patiently has been standing in line waiting his turn (smile). Without further adieu, I will let him present himself. I Am Yeshua

(Yeshua brings forth his Brother James. Read more in Book Four.)


(This was an excerpt from Book 4)
"The Ultimate Experience- Realities of the Realities of the Crucifixion"