And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said… Volume Two

And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said… Volume Two

Volume two

(Book Three of the God Book Series)

*** This book became available 7-26-11 ***

350 Page Book

Available in Paperback PDF and all eBook Formats

God Talk (chapter titles)

Basic Instructions before Entering Earth

Well, I would like to say that you all do indeed know how to read directions and follow instructions. I would like to, however that would be a blatant mistruth. Ok, I shall attempt to start at the beginning, although that was so very long ago in a realm far, far, away. That long ago era was a period of a tremendous and gracious conjunction of the complementariness of harmonics with Soul Cluster achievements combined with Soul Cluster evolutions.

Time as a Placebo

Believing in the linear can and does also promote laziness, procrastination and living lives without any designated purpose. Soul Voice can not respond well to the personality when the personality has been captured by “time.” Voice at that point becomes so muffled virtually no one will be able to hear, let alone respond. Unfortunately, My unilluminated Children lost little time in seeing how continually reinforcing linear time would work to their advantage.

Life as a Morality Play

The curtain has been raised, the next act has begun and all the actors are in their designated places playing their parts. The show has started without any hiccups and the scene is set. Everywhere in the world the characters, those of the human race, are performing their parts and the show will continue togo on. Now as we approach the final curtain call it is time for you to choose how you exit. I implored you from the beginning to……..

The Tyrannical Nature of Evil and Fear

Although I have in the past spoken at great length on the subjects of fear and evil, I still see and hear far too many people who simply can not seem to see both those energies as the combined force they truly are. Evil is of course the opposite of good; fear is an offshoot of an energy that causes the intellect to respond in almost a kneejerk reflex.

The Survival Instinct

Now Children, listen to Me please. I have tried to make your lives as pleasurable as I possibly could, while in no way compromising the lessons each of you must undertake. I gave you a good mind, a great body to service your needs; I gave you an intellect which you could train as you saw fit. I blessed you with survival instincts to guide you when the need arose. I sent you to this world so you could experience all that it is you desired.

Planetary Consciousness and Brushes of Life

Ihave decided to speak a bit more about planetary consciousness and the import it has on all planets, all worlds everywhere, at all times. Although I am fully aware that not all people on the Earth Star planet are willing to concede that their own actions and thoughts can either negate a bad circumstance before it has had a chance to begin, or that they can Create better circumstances that would affect this planet and every human being who lives here. Not everyone understands that through the process of Creating a bucolic personal environment, even if it is only living in your mind’s eye, you are IN FACT Creating your own brilliant future rather than the dubious futures that are awaiting many other people.

The History of the Chrysalis of the Individual Soul

Although I can not say that I like the term “categorize” when I am speaking of these Sacred formations of the beings of Light, I do know of the necessity of being as clear with you each as non-humanly possible. Soul formations are a tremendous amassing of the luminous nature of MySelf, all other Luminescents, the Creator, the Creation processing and all other parts of Divinity. As these diverse formations of Souls who have joined forces for the purpose of propagating the Light of Gods and Goddesses here on the Earth Star as well as in other worlds and other Universes, gather together and exchange holy communion through the telepathic ability they all have, an almost indefinable sense of great peace and expectancy descends upon these groups.

The Gone but not Forgotten

Children, I want you to consider the serious implications of what I am about to tell you. In mortality, you all observe people who die physical deaths. Some people really have no interest about the death of a specific individual if the person who has passed over was not someone they really cared for or about anyway. Some people enter into a grieving process that may last throughout their own mortality.

Intergalactic Relationships and the Effect on Planet Earth

Well now, I hear the most titillating thoughts about how each of you define your origins and the dreams and sometimes fanciful ideas you have about where you are really from. In a sense I find it most understandable that Earthbound Children are finally questioning what they had at one time thought of as “preposterous.” In another sense I understand far better than nearly all of you here why such intense longing descends upon you when you gaze at the stars and watch the ships flying overhead.

The Tomorrows beyond the Todays

Everyone asks Me about “tomorrow.” The Children want to know what to expect, when to expect whatever it is and how they will and IF they will benefit. Also, most people rather timidly ask Me if they will survive to experience “tomorrow.” Although I choose to phrase My answers to each Soul differently, depending on how mature they are and how much truth they can handle, ultimately My answers are the same. The first thing I tell them is……..

My Star Keeper Children

You should have all known that at one point or another in one of these books, I would choose to speak of My other wondrous Children who live on other planets, many in other Universes, who are Star Keepers. This is the correct term for these Children. They are the Keepers of their Stars. Whatever star they live on is their planet. They are the guardians of these worlds they call “home.”

The Arrival of the Masters

I have on occasion spoken about highly evolved Souls who are androgynous beings; many of them are Avatars as well. I have also explained that all life forms here and on all other planets have Guardian Spirits. OK, it was when the Creation Processing working in unison with MySelf, the Creator and all of the representatives from each planet, each Universe, planned our protection for the Earthbound Children, that certain agreements were conceived. (The Master known as Kato gives a very good explanation of who the Masters are and their purpose in this chapter,)

The Many Faces of Spirituality (Message received by Chako Priest)

You have asked, “how do people, when they are involved in their purpose in life, their jobs, make that transformation from their jobs to the spiritual aspect?” Some people think that that cannot be so. If you are a person who is in charge of the bowling alley, how can you accommodate that and turn it into something spiritual? You see how people have a misperception of what Spirituality is.

From the Continuum

My books are intended to be a mass communication that is to be used as a means to an end. I am not writing these books to justify all that We must continue to do here, but rather to be able to keep you, the Children, in harmony with yourself as individual Souls and as pioneers of the collective consciousness. Many, many, years ago I also tried to do this in order to avert the mass dissolution of humanity.

The Greatest Challenge of All (by Celest and David)

On a completely different level of understanding, we know that God is adamant about people formulating their own decisions regarding things He has said. We know many people who invariably find that it is always easier to ask another’s opinion than it is to actually work out the answers for themselves. Why? Life is not the easiest “conveyance to heaven” as it is, so why make things more complicated than they need to be?