An Invitation we are extending to you – Posted 8-25-11

The Time to Know is Now –

"An Invitation we are extending to you"

the time to know is now

Celestial and Shamaan Eagle


It is time for us to issue yet another call. We are inviting you to join hands and prayers or formulated mind thoughts with us now. As you should all know by now, we are in the midst of personal and planetary changes here on this world, the likes of which have never been seen before, although perhaps some of you have envisioned them. Much of the still upcoming destruction, devastation, loss of life and the unnecessary suffering during this transitionary phase need not materialize and become the "worst of the worst case scenarios." There are Light workers and Light Weavers all over this planet that have consciously issued the call to those wondrous Souls of the Spirit World, the Star Keepers of other worlds, the Creator and the God of this Universe, and asked that they become active participants in Earth and humanity’s ascension into the fourth and fifth dimension.

This plea for help is accepted and recognized among all the other evolved civilizations throughout this Universe. However, this is not enough. More must be done. Universal law clearly states "nothing can enter unless it has been invited." As an example: The initial death spiral of Terra began because people refused to change, refused to evolve Spiritually and consciously. Even though Terra repeatedly asked the human race to change, the only changes enacted were even more diabolical than the ones that preceded them. The human race failed in most regards to "learn their chosen lessons." Yes, there were outside influences that contributed to the delinquency and laziness of most people. However, we are stating for the record that the time to continuously laying all blame on the doorstep of the Illuminati is over! They may have taught people to shun accepting personal responsibility, however, for heaven’s sake, no one had to accept that as a way of life, now did they? What will it take to stir the hearts and minds of the people and cause them to enact good changes for just cause?

We wonder, how much longer will the people of Earth continue to use this crutch, the "I didn’t know" cop-out as a means of defending their stout stances of defiance, complacency and procrastination? Why would people not want to evolve into finer expressions of themselves? The people used their God given right of "free expression" to continue on a path of self-destruction instead of self-preservation and self-evolvement. No longer will this be allowed. This planet will be saved, she will be allowed to survive and thrive as she was originally intended to be. Will the human race survive? Yes. But as we have stated before, not all of it. Who will survive is in one measure up to those who reside in the different geographic areas. It is up to all of us who currently reside here on this planet and call this world our home to make a positive difference. No, this is not going to be an easy time for anyone; the severity and duration of this transitory period IS up to each of us, we who are the people of this world. Mass consciousness needs to CONTINUE to change and align itself with the newly formed collective consciousness. All consciousness needs to continually evolve, it needs the ability to fly unfettered, uninhibited. The only way to do this is by educating the "ordinary" people who still slumber in the dark. Inform them, when you can, enlighten them when you know they are receptive to the truth. Let them know that so much can be avoided by simply "issuing the call" for assistance. It need not be any harder than that.

Below is an excerpt from the May 30, 2010 New Light Message through the vessel Shamaan Eagle: (posted on the website)

[This is from the "Star Nation"] "Many do wonder why we have not come in physical form into your world. The answer is simple in the extreme: we have not been invited yet. Conditions that besiege your world require that we now exercise greater involvement in directions and choices taken. We are greatly saddened that we are not allowed to do more to relieve these conditions. We await invitation. If we are invited before the Great Dryness that is being created begins, much, much, suffering can be avoided. We do beseech you through your prayers you may help open the door to our more full participation in assisting your world to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is so. "

Shamaan…They show me that a world-wide drought is being created by the manipulations being done to the atmosphere – having the exact opposite effect they are trying to prevent. Nuclear catastrophe will be easier to avoid, but the great dryness, once it begins, will take a terrible toll, everywhere, everywhere.

(Celest and David continue) The awakening of the late bloomers must continue. One by one, God’s work, our work, will be done. Those who are currently unaware must still ask for assistance. Each person who does so willingly, for all the right reasons, does so to be part of the solution to what ails the human race. If not, the duration of this life altering event here onEarth will last for much longer than need be. All of you who are reading this are teachers to one degree or another; use what you have learned to teach others. Spread the word. Ask for off world help. Evidence of their presence will become more pronounced in the days ahead. You can lessen the fears of the masses who are not in awareness of these everyday appearances by our Star Keeper brethren, by sharing your accumulated wisdom. You know more than you think you do….you just do not KNOW that!

There are many Ascended Masters who walk among you, more so now than at any other time in Earth’s history. They are here by God’s invitation, they have always been here, whether you know it or not. This IS the time you have all waited for; this IS the time all your other lifetimes have prepared you for. Now is not the time to take a wait and see attitude. The linear experience known as "Time" is everyday evaporating even more, speeding its way into the timelessness which exists within the continuum. There is little time left to Take a Stand.

Here is a message from the Star Keepers who are currently here among us as well as from those who circle this world from above aboard their Ships of Light…

"WE, the collective of Beings who are here to take part in this the "Greatest Show on Earth" ask that you ask us, that you invite us, that you allow us to help you. You were never intended to do it all on your own, it would be foolish to think otherwise. The reformation of this world is a huge undertaking, one that you do not currently have the knowledge and expertise necessary to expedite this event all by yourselves. We do have the means to force the necessary changes and we will, IF we have to. However, we would prefer to do it with your consent instead of using force. This world will change dramatically in the days, months and years which lie ahead. What you once considered socially acceptable will no longer be allowed. What you once took for granted may no longer be. It is time to be prudent and prepare yourselves both Spiritually as well as physically. The times are now upon you that will demand your utmost focus and intent. We CAN help you through these changes; however you must first invite us. No, we are not saying that many of you have not already done so. What we are referring to are the people who still constitute the "walking asleep." They, just like you, are a part of the whole and therefore must be consulted as well. We love this world and all of you as our brothers, sisters and cousins. In truth, you all are our descendents, so how could we possibly love you any less than we love ourselves?"

(Celest and David continue) So issue the call, you do not need a dime or a quarter to do so. All you need to do is to reach out and beckon to them with open arms. Obviously you should always be sure of calling in only those who are OF the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness.

Celest and David

The Time to Know is Now –