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By Celest and David 8-25-11

We are exercising our rights as Gods and Goddesses to write this missive.

God… (received by Celest) Children. I "suggested" that Celest and David follow through and write this document. There is so much for you all to learn and so little time that is still available for you to do this. I ask you each to please pay attention; do so as if I was the one writing this. The more you learn about life the more you learn about yourself. The better you apply yourselves to the acceptance of the transitory state of eventual physical death, the more you will still learn about life.

What are dying energies?

These are a series of many molecules of cohesive matter that have either aged through longevity, or slowly begin a stage of entering diminished capacity because of illness or the corruption of the psyche. In either case, they are a forerunner of physical death. Many times dying energies may look for a new host. IF the corruption of a psyche is due to the parasitic invasive properties produced by dark energies, then that psyche contains all the necessary elements for the dark energy streamers to inhabit at will. In a manner of speaking those types of energies are carried in the wind, waiting to attach themselves to anyone whose resistance is low, either because they are still not completely sure of their beliefs, or because (and light workers need to be aware of this,) the people work so hard and such long hours that they wear themselves down. This makes them a viable target. Dying energies that have been an extremist grouping of the dark has its own survival instinct. It is to destroy the Light. If the dark can not find anything or anyone to feed upon it will turn on itself and self-combust.

What is living energy?

All energy is living, to one degree or another. The dark is on a collision course with Light. So, dark energy is in a real sense fighting for its survival while the Light is always attempting to supplant the dark with Light matter. However, when Light is surrounded by dark the physical vehicle can be overwhelmed at times. If it is impossible for the dark to overcome the psyche, it will then attack the physical vehicle. Or if the immune system is weak there is a high probability that those people will be overcome. Then it comes down to the will of the person, the will determines whether they will successfully fight it off or succumb to physical death.

How does the dark find some of its victims?

The dark is looking for mental and Spiritual fractures, splintering effects in a person. They are very, very good at this. When they find it they hammer away at it, craftily creating an abyss in the mind, body and Spirit. Although what should now be a former way of life is still accepted by many people simply because they do not know that they are carrying a leviathan on their backs, this way of living is a dark dismal place where many otherwise good people still inhabit this dungeon of the mind.

A Strange twist

The irony here is that the dark will try to invade and consume a light body to the point of causing physical death to the light body, yet at the same time it is eliminating its food source. However, this is considered to be an acceptable risk, for if they succeeded in causing the death one more Light Worker would be gone from this planet, but they too would die because they would no longer have a host to feed from. It is in a strange way, the dark’s own conundrum. When all else fails, they feed on themselves. Everyone who is still unaware of what we speak of needs to know that the dark can not survive without the Light. It also can not survive IN the Light. Ironic is it not? Even the smallest of Lights will illuminate the darkness, yet the strongest of the dark can not bring down someone who stands steadfast in the Light. It may not be easy for all people to do this, but it is worth it. It is worth your life!

What about other life species here?

Animal species who are meant to survive on this planet, those that have not been contaminated by their dark masters or by some byproduct of the dark’s influence, are being re-directed to start new migration trails. Their instincts have been programmed to move those herds, flocks and pods that they can to new areas and to adapt to different environments. Those that can not adjust to their new environments will perish. Sad but true.

Remember the children

This too is why children are more susceptible to the ill-intended people now more so than at any other time in human history. They are vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of their families and environments, as well as to the ill intended or ill-informed teachers and their own peers. Do what you can for them and hope it is enough. The current situations are why young adults and even younger children are causing many problems in "families." "A House Divided," can not stand.

All people need to make themselves stronger by recognizing these facts and arrive at the realization that any of these things CAN happen to anyone. People have to be strong enough to see it when it is beginning to happen, or they will succumb to a force that in actuality is much lesser than the human Spirit. Those people who erroneously believe that that force is greater than they themselves are have already doomed themselves. The land itself is reacting to a combination of the dying energies and the NESARA Wave. This will play havoc with livestock. It will affect the plant and mineral life. It will affect the crops and produce and will carry that dying energy. This is one reason we ourselves do not eat out at restaurants very often. Remember, this type of invasive dark energy can be carried within the food that lesser evolved people make, i.e. cookies etc. Be aware of these situations or this will sicken you. We will give you part of the remedy if you are ever weakened by such a seemingly innocent assault by an unaware friend or relative. Take sea salt three times a day, tiny amounts placed beneath your tongue.

The proposition of physical death

Some people are in the throes of disorganized chaos and some are in the celebratory state of organized chaos. There can be only one of these groups left standing. People who are not in fear of death will always enjoy a fruitful life. It may be a simple life, but "life" is what it is all about. How you live your lives is the determining factor to how you fare after physical death. We have found that the greatest numbers of people who absolutely are in dread of death, are the very ones who have a stranglehold on life. This is highly illogical! They truly believe that without their lives and their "status quo" lifestyles, they have nothing. Little do they know they have nothing anyway. Death should be welcomed as the next small step in your evolution. It is a type of true utopian celebration and reunion with all those who love you best.

Salude…Celest and David

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