Chako’s presentation on her new book;Jesus


JESUS: My Beloved Connection to Humanity and the Sea.

8-29-12 Wednesday Metaphysical Spiritual Group, Surprise, AZ.


Chako greets the group of about 40 people: Please uncross your legs and close your eyes. Go to your sacred heart (and for those who do not know, the sacred heart is entered through the back, between the shoulder blades. It holds only love and joy. The front heart chakra holds your pain, so you do not want to go there at this time.) I now want you to connect with every heart in the room. Once you are deeply connected with every heart in the room, you may open your eyes.

What we have done is to set the intent; we have set the energies for the room. I am feeling emotional, so Jeshua is already here. For those of you who perhaps do not realize it, we know him as Jesus, but his name for present time is Jeshua. Back in the Biblical era, he was called Ye-shua. That was spelled with a Y. That name carries the Hebrew energy of that old-time-religion – the old paradigm. Now by spelling his name with a J, that brings the energy of his name into present time.

There are many of you who must be wondering, Who is Chako? I joined this group in approximately 2002. I am actually a Californian, then I moved to Minnesota and lived there for 11 years. From there, I then was more or less sent to Arizona. In retrospect, it was because I was to hook up with my co-author, Cynthia Williams. She lived in Arizona, and how was I going to meet her if I were stuck up in MN? Therefore, they sent me down here to Arizona.

I am a Transpersonal Psychologist with an area of expertise in Grief. However, I do not pay that much attention to that anymore. I think of myself more as a metaphysical, spiritual being on the path, just like everybody else.

I am not sure whether it was before I joined this group or afterwards that I was meditating one day (I meditated mornings and afternoons.) and I felt this really soft caress on my cheek. We went back and forth through questions and answers. Are you Jesus? It is the only thing I could think of right off the bat: Are you Jesus? The voice then said, NO, but he is an aspect of me. Therefore, I knew it was Sananda who had contacted me. Sananda is the higher aspect of Jesus. So we got that straightened out.

Some time later, I cannot remember exactly when, I awoke one morning and found a paper clip embedded in my hair. (Much laughter) My daughter was funny. I had had my hair cut the day before, so she asked me, do you think the beauty operator put that in your hair? She was trying to find a reasonable explanation. I don’t think so! I replied. (More laughter) I think it was symbolic of the fact I would be clipping many pages together. Shortly after that, the books started coming, and I was putting out a channeled book about once a year. This JESUS… book took two years and is my tenth book.

It was during the writing of my ninth book, The Goddess Returns to Earth, that I was given the message that my next book would be with a co-author. I had never written with a co-author before, so I did not know what that was all about, except it would be with Cynthia Williams. I had been holding classes/lectures by Cynthia, who channeled Jesus and other Masters, in my house once a month in Sun City Grand, AZ. Therefore, I asked her, have you gotten any messages about you and me writing a book together? Her face went blank; in fact, it looked frozen! She said the energies started going up and down her spine until she felt she would faint. They were telling her in no uncertain terms, you are going to be writing a book with Chako, honey!

A few years ago, Jeshua had designed a pendant for Cynthia. It was a stick-cross with a dolphin on top of it. I am a Virgo, so when I knew we were to write a book, I immediately started thinking about what the front cover could look like. (I like to approach a book in chronological order, so I always start with the cover first and then worry about what to write later!) In my mind’s eye, I pictured a dolphin leaping out of the sea and superimposed on the cross, similar to Cynthia’s pendant, although I decided on the Maltese cross because of its breadth.

It just so happened that in my family, my grandson, Adam Miller Schwartz, is a graphic artist. He and his wife live outside of Boston. I told him my idea and asked if he would design the cover. He graciously consented. (I paid him a small fee in appreciation – probably a tenth of what he normally would receive.)

In the first draft, Adam followed my suggestion and had JESHUA ben JOSEPH across the top of the cover. However, Jeshua told us to change the title to JESUS… because not many people know me as Jeshua. He wanted people to recognize the book immediately and pick it up.

When I talked to Jesus about the cross, if he wanted it on the cover or not, he agreed that it needed to be on the cover. He explained that where the two arms of the cross meet is where Creation begins. The dolphin depicts life. The cross is Jesus’ symbol, but from a higher level. He just dearly desires that people no longer have him hanging, emaciated on the cross. Take me off that cross! However, it is still his symbol, for it depicts life – created from the sea.

OK, so I had the cross and I had the dolphin leaping out of the sea. Now where was I going to get a picture of the water? I tried out all kinds of ideas for the water: huge ocean waves crashing on shore; schools of fish swimming in the sea. Nothing seemed to resonate with me.

Adam guided me to an Internet site where photographers offer their photographs for sale ( I clicked through many of them before I found this one for the book. The name of the photograph left no question in my mind that this was the one. Do you know what the name is? The 12 Apostles Sea Stacks! (Much laughter) I’d be pretty dense if I did not recognize this hint! I do not know if there were really 12 stacks or not, for the picture only shows the two. (I had to buy it of course, so I would not be plagiarizing anything.) When Adam incorporated the photograph with the cross, I suggested he also put in some rays that would come out of the sunrise. He did and this is the finished product. (I point to a large poster of the cover I have resting on an easel nearby.) I think he did a beautiful job.

I forgot to say that when I started writing books, I was in dire need of an editor. That is when I put out the call and Heather Clarke, founder of the Arizona Enlightenment Center, answered. She is a professional proofreader and has edited and proofread all of my work since. Thank you, Heather!

As you thumb through the book, we’ve been told – when I say we, I mean Jeshua and his Team, our own angels, etc. – we’ve been told that with this book, it is so enriched by coding; it has this encodement all through it. Therefore, they urge you to read it from cover to cover – in chronological order. They explained that if you jump around, you could miss a segment that is just for your DNA – for your cells to pop open with Light, like popcorn. Some people have already bought the book and have jumped around reading bits and pieces here and there. Our entire DNA is different from each other, so that a segment that would open my Light cells may not necessarily open yours and vice versa. Therefore, by reading it from cover to cover, the encodement will eventually activate the Light codes in every reader.

Jeshua wrote the Prologue. He talks about having a contract with his two sisters, moi (French word for “me.”) and Cynthia, to write this book to help humanity to move forward and upward. It sounds so grandiose to say, but I have a contract with Jesus (said in a lower, dramatic tone). However, everything in the Heavenlies is by contract – as above, so below. How do you think we on Earth got all of these contracts? They do not do anything ‘Upstairs’ without a contract!

When you think of it in those terms: Oh, OK, they have a contract; it does not seem so pretentious. What can seem weird, however, is that the contract was written over 2,000+ years ago, and we are just now working it! You too may have contracts that you promised many thousands of years ago, and they have yet to come up for you!

As you read the book, you will find that there are no footnotes, per se. I am more or less the scribe for this whole book. I found that what might be a footnote could be the length of a chapter itself! I decided, therefore, to have SIDEBARS instead. You will find them after the Appendix. Each chapter will have one, and it will enhance that chapter, giving you extra information.

Jeshua uses many metaphors in his teachings for the book – easy-to-understand metaphors. One of them that I thought was intriguing is when he talks about having lampshades over our Light. In the beginning, we were just brilliant, brilliant Beings of Light. As we entered into duality, going lower, lower, and lower down in order to have these experiences, it dimmed our Light, and it is as if there are many lampshades over our Light. By reading the book, although you may not realize it consciously, the coding facilitates the removal of the lampshades from our Light as we come back up out of duality and toward the fifth dimension and Ascension.

Another metaphor is mining your diamond. He talks about how you have to go very deep down into the Earth to find the diamond that has carbon and all of this black surrounding it. In essence, as we entered duality, we were going deep, deep in order to mine our diamonds.

There were two assignments given out. This will surprise people, but one was given to Lucifer and one was given to Jesus. They were both Beings of Light and obviously, very high Beings. Lucifer’s assignment was to lead the souls down, down, down into the pit, so to speak. (I love Johnny Cash’s song: down, down, down, to the burning fire…) It was Lucifer’s job to use his male energy, strictly male energy, to divide and conquer. He did a very good job of it. Now the Beings have a choice to stay in the dark and play, or to come up and out of duality again.

Jesus’ assignment – he’s a female soul, although most people do not realize it – was communication. He was to communicate with caring and love and to hold the Light above ground.

Why I brought this up is because Cynthia and I more or less played similar roles in writing this book. Cynthia is one of just a handful of very advanced souls who were given the assignment to go down into the pit, to mine the diamonds for humanity. She had approximately 4-6 near-death experiences while writing this book. She would write and become violently ill. She then stabilized and balanced herself and then would go deeper again until she would hit another energy block, resulting in another near-death experience.

I use my body as a barometer. I would start to feel angry. I knew that it was not my ‘stuff’ seeping out. But where was this anger coming from? Ah-ha, Cynthia is stuck again. That would let me know that we needed to talk this out and to help her in some way so that she would keep going forward on this mission of hers – to mine the diamonds for humanity.

After the book was written and published and she was feeling so relieved, she phoned me. (She now lives, by the way, in North Carolina; I live here in Arizona.) We were discussing the book, when all of a sudden, she had an epiphany. She started to sob and sob and sob, all the while saying (I am feeling it now.) You held the Light for me. Otherwise, I would have become a lost soul. (Jeshua is so in my heart now that I feel tearful also.) In other words, someone had to be holding the Light – a good ole Virgo, absolutely tenacious in getting the book published, even though it took two years. I never had a book take that long to publish in my life! (Smile) In the meantime, she was in the “pit,” going through these experiences.

She said that one time when she had hit despair, she was ready to throw the book back at Jesus. She did not care about the contract. I, on the other hand, was ready to throw the book back at her! (Laughter) However, I was not going to let go of the contract I had with Jesus. Anyway, she was having this epiphany – a catharsis. She sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed because she had not realized that that was what was going on – mining the diamonds for humanity.

I too had not realized this dynamic, for I had to struggle with my own stuff that would come up – to be supportive for her, go forward with her, and rise above my own frustration. As she put it, you were the Light above ground. It was by my hanging on that kept her going.

Now, when people hear about this horror story, they say, Oh my God, am I going to have to go through that in order to mine my diamonds? NO, she did it on assignment for humanity. None of us has to go through that. When she kept saying to me, I can’t do this to you, Chako, I cannot just quit, what I feel now was really going on, she was saying at a deeper level, I cannot do this to myself – to my soul. I cannot quit; I must continue. In retrospect, we kept getting these little ah-ha’s all the time.

For our presentation today, Jeshua will be speaking to you in a few minutes, and then Jean Alexander will tone. For those of you who do not know what toning is, Jean has angels that come through her throat chakra, emitting powerful, musical sounds. I do not know if you realize it, but what is happening in the room now is that the Masters are walking all around us. They are adjusting our energies, but it is always with our permission – so do not have any concerns about that.

When Jean puts out her sounds, the Masters use those sounds. It could be for breaking up energies; it could be for balancing our chakras and for anything else they see that needs attention. (I know that Jeshua is a great one for bringing souls closer into their bodies.)

A question was raised as to whether we would have to have the near-death experiences and suffer as Cynthia has done. The answer is NO because she did that work for us on her assignment. We might have our own personal trials and tribulations, but we will not go through near-death experiences unless our souls want that lesson.

In the book, one of the chapters was going to be so long that Heather extrapolated a section out and suggested we call it Master Yourself. I started exclaiming, Oh gosh, where am I going to put it? Jeshua had made it very clear that he only wanted 12 chapters. It had something to do with the energies. You know if you have 12 apostles, you have to have 12 chapters!

That is why you will see chapters with two parts. There is 5A – Lucifer’s Gift and 5B – The Dark Seed. Also there is 10A – The Many Faces of Joy and 10B – For the Love of Animals. I was still trying to just have the 12 chapters (laughing).

Therefore, I went to bed asking for clarification on this dilemma of where to put Master Yourself. I awoke the next morning with Oh, I know; I will put that into the Appendix! It’s not a chapter; it’s an Appendix (smile). The Appendix is all about the Law of Forgiveness. He leads you step-by-step through how to enact this Law in order to facilitate clearing yourself. When you repeat the Law, it is not only for yourself, but you are also saying it for humanity.

Joseph Endriss is recording this presentation from several of the Masters and an Aspect of God the Father speaking. CD’s or an MP3 are available through Joseph. His e-address is: NOTB4TEN@COX.NET. (I am receiving no monies from this.)

I prefer channeling with my eyes closed. I do not want to see you guys, whether you are reading the book, or wiggling, or doing this or that (smile). I will just close my eyes, but I will still feel the energy and, of course, hear you.

I am getting that he loves all of you so much! And he thinks of this group as his group. (Actually, it was Lord Sananda/Jesus, Saint Germain, and Ashtar who started this group with Mary Helen Wichmann – the physical founder, over 25 years ago.)

The following message is from Jesus.


Channeled by Chako Priest 8-29-12

Hello my precious ones; I AM Jesus; I AM Jeshua; I AM The Christ. It has given me such pleasure this morning to watch your hearts fluctuate with emotions. You do not realize that without your flesh and bones, we see your chakras; we see the way they fluctuate; we see the way your auras can go in and out. They are all so picturesque. We have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I am not alone. I rarely travel alone these days. I have many of the Ascended Ones with me. There is Mother Mary. She would not ever miss one of these presentations. We have Saint Germain. He is very active with his violet flame. We have an Aspect of God the Father here.

The energy in this room is beautiful. There are gold, Light, tinges of blue. We have the Archangels here. We have Michael of course, who is very connected into this channel. He sometimes is a little hard on her, and she has to get herself re-balanced. But he does it with love and for her own good.

When she (meaning Chako) was hanging on to the book to bring it to publication, she almost had a strangle hold on it. Michael had to remind her about control. Don’t try to control it so much. Don’t be attached to it; let go of your attachment. Of course, she did not know then quite how to work with that. But since then, she has come to terms with the fact that she had been controlling, keeping the energy of the book going, keeping it from sinking. In essence, she did hold the Light for our dear Cynthia.

It may surprise you to know that Cynthia is going to take up another life back in the Carolinas. It is beautiful country, and she is needed there. She will be teaching, and she will attract many to her. And of course I will be speaking through her, but in a different way – not through her body but through Light tubes. We have put tubes of Light down into her body. We send our energies down into the Light tubes, which is an entirely different way of channeling than what we used to do. Chako is also getting Light tubes. This is a new way of channeling. We do it through the Light and the sound.

Saint Germain has often said that we Ascended Masters work through the library of your mind when you channel. If Chako does not have the names in her mind-library, we then cannot give her that information, for she is not that type of medium. (There are 33 types of mediumship.)

Now, I am thinking how to approach this next subject for you. I am aware that there are people in this group, in this room, who have very strong religious beliefs. The purpose of this book, or one of them we will say, is to act as a bridge. (Chako makes reference to the Old Time Religion and the new Paradigm. Thereby, we will use that term.)

You see, what is going to happen is that as you come closer to the Ascension, the black fingers of possession, or dark deeds from past lives hundreds of years ago come up so you can transmute them and change that energy. However, this will scare many people who do not have this training; who do not have this information. They will be in fear. Where does one go when one is in fear – to religion! That is the one avenue that will stop many people, for they are not reaching for the new beliefs. They are reaching for the Old Time Religion – the old Patriarchal way of doing things. That is not where it is at. The new religion is Oneness; it is Unity Consciousness. We are all One. In fact, the first chapter of this book is called Ye Are Gods.

Each one of you here is a god in your own right. You can create in your own right. But you do it not in fear but with Unity Consciousness; you do it from being One. Fear can stop anyone. It will automatically – I will say, automatically – put you right back into 3rd dimension. So I urge you when you feel yourself getting back to your religious roots, ask yourself, what kind of roots are they?

Are the roots Unity Consciousness; are they Oneness consciousness; are they Love? Or are you going there because you are afraid? God is a loving Being. He never took vengeance on anyone. You did that to yourself. If there was any vengeance, you did it to yourself. There is that saying, vengeance is mine saith the Lord. That is not a true statement. He never took vengeance on anyone!

Therefore, you see this Old Time Religion will keep you, dear ones, in third dimensional thinking. The 4th dimension is not much better because of the dark energies permeating the fourth. Where you want is to be in the 5th dimension where there is freedom. The 5th spells freedom and as you go higher, it is Freedom and Love and just wonderful!

That is my main message for you this morning. Watch your thoughts; watch where you want to go. Ask yourself is that an old paradigm? Is that old stuff I am still carrying around? And if your thoughts have my name in there, you better believe it is old stuff. Half the Bible is old stuff. And when Constantine got through with it, it really got old. (Laughter) Thank you for your humor (smile).

Therefore, I was telling you that this book is a bridge for you. What is it going to bridge to? It will bridge to other books that will give you a new perspective, a new idea, a new way of how it was – a new way of perceiving.

(Author’s note: Realities of the Crucifixion {2006 & revised 2012} provides a startling, new perspective.)

We always chuckle because whenever Chako channels, other Beings line up! Right now, standing in line is our dear Mother Mary and she would like to say some words to you.

Therefore, I will step back and let her have the room, which she delights in. I will be back of course.


Oh, my blessed children, how good it is to be here; how good it is to be among you. Oh, I love you so! My dear son has just been speaking. He was a mischievous little kid. (Audience chuckles.) He was so quick. He was into everything – endless questions. However, many times we were interrupted because I had other children in my brood. He was a wonderful, wonderful child; he was a wonderful, wonderful young man, and an adult. He was a sponge – very learned. He learned everything that was offered, and I taught him what I could.

We all went to Egypt and did the Initiations there. We watched over him and held the Light for him too so he could find his way back to the Light while in the Sarcophagus. Three days was not a game anyone played willingly, but one consented because of a desire to learn that particular state of being – to be able to control your body to the point it was almost dead with just a thread of life in it. And then you brought it back to life. However, in the meantime, I was there, as was his sister – again holding the Light as she holds it today.

Well, I have said my piece. They are still in line here (chuckling). Thank you, dear children, for listening to me. It was such fun being with you. I just wish I could pop into all of you! Maybe I do and you just don’t know it. So I am stepping aside right now for your next speaker. (Mary is laughing and exclaims as she leaves, oh my gosh! I felt that the Masters ‘upstairs’ were having a jolly time.)


OK, I AM Saint Germain! I always come in (Laughter). Some could say I am a glutton for punishment, but not really. (More laughter). It is just so much fun. And you know my violet flame is very active in the room this day. Your auras and chakras are getting a thorough bathing with this flame of which I am a Keeper.

Hmm, some of you may not realize that I was Father Joseph for my beloved son, Jesus. Therefore, I am very much involved with this Biblical Family. He was a wonderful son for us. I taught him what I knew at that time.

So this is all I have to say! I just wanted to say hello. Jeshua is standing here patiently. I will leave you now and thank you for your time.


Hello to this beloved group; I AM your Father/Mother God. I greet you this day with much love. And no, I am not vengeful. I AM Love; I AM Light; and I AM Source. I AM All That Is. My message this morning is to follow your hearts. That is why we had you all in your hearts this morning. The energy is one of Love and it is beautiful to see.

Keep Me in your thoughts, dear ones. When you get up in the morning, say hello to Me. When you lay yourself down at night, say goodnight to Me. Let Me know that you have not forgotten Me. I AM a Cell in your body. You know that. I would still like to be remembered, for it lets me know where the consciousness is in humanity. The more who will talk to Me, the more humanity is advancing.

The days ahead could prove difficult for some. You are already seeing the storm (Hurricane Isaac) in the Gulf. Know that you can change some of these outcomes. You no longer have to accept them. You can say the Law of Forgiveness and dissipate some of the energy.

I wish to talk about the different murderers, killers, and copycats whose anger overrides their reason, and they would rather shoot it out than discuss it. As this channel was saying, remember the contracts. Every person who was killed had a contract to end his or her life in that way. No exceptions – every person. And you see, they too were doing a service.

It was like my dear son, Lucifer; he did a service, for he was helping people mine their diamonds – find their virtues. These people who died, died for you so that you would not have to. In some ways, they were re-writing the contracts for you. Thank them for their gift. And yes, people will mourn them, but then let them go! They did a great service for humanity, and it seems as there is someone killing someone all the time. But isn’t that true? Isn’t that life? You take a little pocket in Colorado and another pocket somewhere else, and someone is always killing somebody. Arizona had it down in Tucson. They were working their karmic patterns. They were working their contracts. They will be mightily blessed when they come Home for the service they have done.

I AM aware of the energies. This may have seemed a little heavy for some people. So I AM turning this back over to Jeshua where he will have Jean (Alexander) raise the vibrations with her toning.

I bless you all, My children. Think of Me. I love you. I AM Love. I love you. (Said with loving emotion.)

I AM your Father

OK, Jean, I AM Jeshua. You’re on! (Laughter) We need something to bring the vibes up a bit. We will see what your angels have to say from this magnificent throat (vocal chords) that she has. Then after you have all picked yourself up and re-sat, I will come back. You think I am kidding?!

(Jean says her prayer, invoking the angels to come forth, emitting powerful tones.)

Jeshua: Yes, yes. I will wait a few minutes and let you take that in. Thank you Jean; that was very powerful, and thank you to the Angels that came through at that point. It no longer is just one angel. You are a group of angels right now.

So beloveds, it is time for me to leave you now. I do hope you enjoy our book. Read it from cover to cover. If you have jumped around in the book, go back and read it from cover to cover eventually. Those Light cells are going to be popping open like popcorn. There is great energy in that book. Some people put it under their pillow at night. Hold it between your hands and meditate with it. There are things in that book that are going to astound you.

Therefore, beloveds, I will depart for now but remember I am just a prayer away – just a call away. I am always with you – always with you. I keep you in my heart and I love you dearly. I love you. (Said with great emotion.) Thank you for this wonderful participation in allowing us to speak with you. We have enjoyed it so much! Your auras are just twinkling. You are beacons of Light.

I bless you, blessed ones; I bless you.

I AM Jeshua ben Joseph. Adieu!

(Comments from people: I received a healing when God was speaking. My entire body was trembling.

Another said she was almost knocked off her chair when God started speaking. She has spiritual sight and said that Saint Germain was standing in back of the room, bathed in his violet flame. There was much activity in the room, and many Masters walked amongst us. )

(Chako: It was such fun channeling all those wonderful Beings. The love emitting from them was palpable!)


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