Masters’ Tales of NOW



Published:  9/5/2013

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Presenters: Jeshua, Saint Germain, God & Mother Mary, Lord of Justice, AA Michael, Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Master Jonas, Serapis Bey, and Kuan Yin.

MASTERS’ TALES of NOW is a surprising little book of approximately 155 pages. Masters come forth and tell true tales of what is or what is not NOW energy. The book is similar to The Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The exception is the Masters’ tales are true. These 22 tales will lead you into the wisdom of the NOW energy. You will learn to recognize it within you, but always remember, judgments, however, will break any ties to the NOW energy. This book is appropriate for all ages.

Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D. is a telepathic channel. Jeshua/Jesus is her Mentor and brings other Masters forward to participate in her 11 books. She has traveled all over the world, living in Hawaii, Viet Nam, Australia, and Greece. She has 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great grand babies. She currently lives in Arizona, USA.

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