The Faces of Ascension

The Faces of Ascension

Book #15


Published February 2017

Available in Hard cover, Soft cover and E-book

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THE FACES OF ASCENSION is a book for all ages. It will tweak your outdated belief systems and jump start your Ascension ambitions.

Verling (Chako) Priest, Ph. D. has channeled an intriguing BOOK 15. The Faces of Ascension. Sananda/Jesus has brought forth 8 Masters and God, the Luminescent. Each describes the various faces of Ascension. The Masters: Saint Germaine, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Ashtar and Djwal Khul, Mother Earth- Gaia, Kuthumi, and God give the readers new teachings for the path to Ascension. Each Master presents a different aspect/face–giving, receiving, joy, laughter, love, perseverance, and many more. Adversity, while mentioned, is not a face but a catalyst.

Verling Chako Priest is a telepathic channel for The Masters. She holds four degrees in higher education, two in psychology and two in transpersonal psychology. “Transitions” is her thirteenth book. Dr. Priest lives in Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona, and has been a channel for over forty years.

She has also been a contributor to God’s books in the “The God Book” series which are received by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David or Arcturus from God and all the other Luminescents (Luminescents – the Gods and Goddesses from all the other Universes). She will continue to do so in the upcoming Book #8 of the series “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which will be published later in 2017.


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