Kids Corner #5 Flower bulbs regenerate New Life

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #5

Flower bulbs regenerate New Life

Dear children, Nature teaches us about life!

Look at a flower bulb.

Just a dry round bulb. It had once a nice flower but it bloomed out and died.

But you know, it still holds an unseen spark of new life inside!

It comes back to life, in the next season, then a green sprout comes out of it.

Have you ever looked with wonder at the lovely springtime flowers when they re-appear?

Also those from bulbs which were left in the ground.

Can you name them?

The first flowers you see coming from the Earth after the winter?

The purple and yellow Crocuses are the first!

The white and yellow Daffodils.

The red white purple and yellow tulips.

And the gracious tall red Amaryllis, which can grow indoors in a glass pot so you can see the flower coming out of the bulb.

We have: Springtime, Summer, Autumn and Winter

In winter every thing looks bare and dead in nature. In cold climates.

But even the cold frost and snow does not really kill the trees and bulbs in the ground.

They wake up from a winters rest.

A “reincarnation” of the flower bulb, brings new life a brand new flower, not the same from the year before!

We can learn much from nature, all life here, all that lives, goes through the seasons like you see in nature.

All animals and people go also through seasons of growth and you see from baby stages through teenagers, adults as parents, and grandparents.

We grow in wisdom and knowledge it will be part of Soul growth and we evolve.

One day when we go back to our heavenly home, we will rest up after this life time, and join with family and friends who went before us.

There we learn more new things from God and Jesus, to be ready for a next visit to the schoolhouse Earthstar planet.

To embody a new person again.

To experience new things.

And we try to live it even better than the previous time we were on Earth.

Remember to say:

The light of God surrounds me

The love of God enfolds me

The power of God protects me,

The presence of God watches over me,

Wherever I am God is.

And all is well.


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