Kids Corner #12 Know Your Truth

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #12

Know Your Truth

Dear Children, let us talk about real “Truth.”

God is very serious for us to know what Truth is.

Also God wants us to know what it is not!

Tell me what you know about this …???….
Give some simple examples.

Did you ever tell a lie?

What is a lie?

Yes, a lie is not telling a truth to someone else.

Some people believe in lies because somebody told them that it is true.

They then live a lie.

The worst lie is to make people afraid off something you don’t have to fear.

Some people believe and tell you that God is a wrathful God, that He can be an angry and a punishing God.

And even worse things about God, to make you afraid.

Now you know already that God is a loving God.

He loves all his children unconditionally and He wants us to love Him back just the same because we are part of God.

God would never want us to think that He is an angry God.

Even if we misbehave.

God will not like some of the things we do, but He always loves us no matter how we feel about our own self.

God is a forgiving loving God. He wants us to forgive our self and go on.

He knows you learn from your errors of judgment.

When we come here to this schoolhouse planet, Earth, we are born with certain birthrights. The most important one is what people term ‘free will.’

This means we have the right to CHOOSE.

The ability to CHOOSE your own DESTINY is a GIFT given to us by God.

It is called ”FREE EXPRESSION.”

That means we have to make wise decisions.

We have to learn to recognize truth from lies.

Right from wrong.

Always remember Your Truth, that God knows us better than we know our self. His Love is always with us.

The Light of God surrounds us
The love of God enfolds us,
The power of God protects us,
The presence of God watches over us,
Where ever we are God is!

Love light,

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