Kids Corner #13 What You Believe – Creates Reality!

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #13

What You Believe – Creates Reality!

Dear Children right at this moment think about this……,

God is with us, and His Light is all around us right now!

The light feels warm like the sun, it is pure love all around.

We know this!


That means the thoughts we have are very powerful.

What we believe and imagine for ourselves is real to us.

It becomes our reality!

It is the plan for our life as it unfolds.

Before we were born we made a plan with God.

A plan for our purpose and wish to go to this Earth school planet.

Now we are here we have to try hard to remember the plan!

Knowing that now, it is important to know and understand who we are!

We have to live up to who we are meant to be.

Each of us is born an enlightened individual who has the responsibility to grow.

To be more aware of the purpose and mission here now.

We are a part of God, and our connection with Him is our birthright.

God Is and You Are! / God Is and We Are!
We and God are One. Our Souls know this. 
God is always present with us, His Light surrounds us, His love enfolds us!
His power protects us, that is our reality, and our strength.

We have to keep searching for our pathway on this Earthly journey

Our conscience is our guide and so is our intuition.

Imagine all the good and beautiful opportunities and the best choice options for us.

See the future with Light and love surrounded.

Know that bright reality to be ours!

Light and love,

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