Kids Corner #14 Time IS Precious

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #14

Time IS Precious!

Dear Children, do you know how to tell time?
You look at the clock and what is on the face of the clock?

A long and short hand move around some numbers on a clock or watch.
Or on a digital clock or watch where it tells time just with numbers.

Did you know people in the past could tell time by the sun?
They used a device called a SUNDIAL.
It tells the time by the position of the sun, as the sun moves across the sky.
The shadow created by the sun then aligns with different hour lines marked on the sundial.
People could tell the time that way pretty well.
But they depended on the sun, it did not show time on cloudy days.

What does time mean to you? ……..
Time rolls by so quickly!
Some people say things like “that is wasting my time….”
We have to learn to count the days.
Then the Weeks and Months and Years.

We have to use our time like precious gold.
Shorter are the days and so quickly we grow old.
For some it feels that way!
You may hear grownups say “Life is short.”

We have to learn so much while we are on this schoolhouse planet Earth.
We have to make sure to use time wisely.
Take time to play and learn to love.
Laugh a lot and be happy! Learn friendship and be caring.
Study for school and plan times to eat and sleep to be healthy.

It takes planning and timing to experience life and learning.
Most of all we need to experience our connection to God our Heavenly Father.
Get to know of the larger Universe of which we on Earth are a part.
We are guided by God’s wisdom within us our intuition and instinct.
Just talk to God in a telepathic way. God is in the NOW time with us!
As well as our Guides and Angels always the unseen presence with us.

Real time is Past- Present- and Future. In the NOW time!
We live in the “Golden Now” of God’s Universe.
It means for us to be alert, awake and mindful of our precious gift TIME.
Not losing opportunities to learn and live our purpose.

We God’s children are born like a kite reaching for the stars.
Each kite comes with a spool of string of different length.
Like our own talents and possibilities.
Our purpose is to unwind, like the string on the spool as far it can reach.
We need as much Time to live to that full potential.

So you see Time is the most precious gift at our birth.
We thank God for the gift of life and time!
It is not known how much we have.
So enjoy and appreciate it to the fullest!

Light and love,

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