Kids Corner #17 Sunflowers and the Face of God

Kids Corner

(A little visit with God-book Wisdom)

Inspired by the God-Book pearls of God’s own wisdom of Truth

~ Written by Wiesje ~

(Inspired and brought into Manifestation by Wiesje in the Earth Star date of 2017)

Message #17

“Sunflowers and the Face of God”

Imagine the sun as a face in the Universe ☀️
Recognizing the many faces of God, is not so difficult.
God says I Created you in My image!
So first look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see????

God is with you in His very own Creation, You!
Looking into your eyes is a reflection of God’s image.
Love and Light are of the same energy frequency.

All of us rather turn to light than to darkness.
Light lifts our spirits so does being loved.

When the sun shines, we feel happy, it brightens our day!
The sun in our universe is very beneficial.
When the sun shines on us, it is good for our health!
Sunlight is known as the SUNSHINE VITAMIN!
Especially vitamin D to strengthen our bones.

Most of us like to turn our face to the sun.
Of course not to long to get sunburn, but in moderation!
It warms us, and the Earth, in turn also helps grow nature.
Did you notice plants at home by the window?
Plants and flowers turn their leaves to the light!

Now you have to look at fields of sunflowers!

They are so amazing! When you see a field full in bloom.
Sunflowers grow with tall stems, and have one big yellow flower.
A field of sunflowers all turned in the same direction.

All those sunflowers turn to where the sun shines.
They are impressive, their flowers look like faces.
God Created them with care and purpose.
When they are ripe the seeds can be roasted and eaten.
Sunflower oil is also made from them.
And of course the bees and the birds also love sunflowers!
Imagine the sweet sunflower honey!
There are many faces in nature when you look for them.
You will see how great God is!

Remember always the prayer of protection:

The light of God surrounds us,
The love of God enfolds us,
The power of God protects us,
The presence of God watches over us,
Wherever we are God is!
And all is well!

Love and light,

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