Kids Corner #21 What is Energy?

Message #21

“What is Energy?”

Well kids what is energy? Give some of your thoughts.


There are lot of different kinds of energies!

Check this out……

*Do you know electricity? That is the energy, the current, through the wires?

It provides light or heat and works machines.

*Maybe you hear your parents say you have to much energy?

That is the strength and vitality to do physical activities.

Your Creative expressions of yourself, through the energy of your thoughts.

*The wind power, you see unseen energy powering the movements of leaves on the trees, and you can feel it especially a strong storm.

You feel it but don’t see the source of the energy, yet God’s energy is in The Eye of the Storm!

*Ocean waves and the power of the High and Low tides movements in the sea.

That energy can produce tidal energy with underwater turbines to create electricity. That energy will always be there for us.

* The sun gives us solar energy and warms the planet, it helps in growing plants and crops for our food supply. The sun rays are a healing source as well.

* A very important kind of energy;

Our thoughts and voice have great energy!

Spoken words and songs in all different languages and tones, can touch hearts and feelings.

They can make us cry or laugh. It is an emotional energy.

Even communications with motions like the hearing-impaired use are by energy.

The power of thought can be so strong it can eventually transmit our thoughts to each other by telepathy.

And yes, we ourselves create energy all the time in very many ways.

You know God is Love and Light and is part of you, and we Co-Create energy!

God Created us in His Image with Love and Light.

God’s Light shines through us, when we are smiling and greeting other people.

We are God’s Holy temple and have God’s energy within us.

Everything that the God of our Universe Created has energy!

You can see plants grow, and out of bare bulbs, appear the beautiful flowers, the power of light and the growing energy makes it happen.

Animals, birds and creatures of the sea and of the Earth like the worms, insects, the mountains, even crystals and stones grow with an unseen energy because all that is around us is Created with Gods energy.

We have to use our energy wisely! Like our time!

Even Time is energy because it moves along from day to night.

We need to take time to be still and rest, to restore physical energy.

But there is “Mental Energy” also.

Mental energy is used to grow in Knowledge and Understanding.

Very important for us is Spiritual growth and development.

Spiritual means, to know, and live in God’s loving energy and relate to God.

So take time to restore your own energy with a calming time before going to sleep.

Discover all the energies around you, even in your dreams.

You will feel empowered when you wake up refreshed in the morning!

And know this energy!

The light of God surrounds you

The love of God enfolds you,

The power of God protects you

The presence of God watches over you,

Wherever you are God is!

And all is Well!

Love light and peace



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