Kids Corner #23 The Movie

Kids Corner #23 The Movie

Message #23

“The Movie”

Hello to you dear ones,

Have you ever looked at a movie when you felt so drawn into it, like you felt you were one of the actors?
Maybe it was you strongly identified with one of the characters?

When you are older……
You will recall some of the movies you saw, and also look back at your own life.
So much in life there was to learn and experience, when you look back.
Your life then flashes before you.
Your earliest memories maybe when you were in daycare and kindergarten?
All those memories later on, are the movie of your own life!

Life moves along year after year,
Life is a big, sometimes a long, exciting journey.
You will have traveled to different landscapes and places.
Life rolls along, like a bullet train, in which you are a passenger!

You are the Soul that inhabits your body like a passenger as well!
It’s like you look true your eyes and operate your body to walk and move,
Like you would drive a car.
Time flies by so quick, as each year, you celebrate your birthday.

Imagine, you did have some input in the planning of your own life movie.
Only as soon you are born there is a curtain drawn over that planning memory!
We have to figure life out as it presents to us, making the best of it.

Family and friends are all part of the movie “stage”, they all play their roles they agreed on.
The roles you have in this life are not role-plays, they are real!
As we play our part in “the movie” of our life it is to be played for our learning.
What ever the part it is.
That is why we are on this “Schoolhouse “Planet Earth 🌎
We have to evolve and become better at living life more loving.
Become more the person who is living God’s wisdom!

The main learning is:
We must love and care for each other
To be Patient and Kind.
Be Compassionate
Sharing and helpful,
Not jealous, greedy or boastful!

Actually before you were born your Soul-self was part of the planning!
Coming to Earth to journey, with family members and circumstances to choose!
Custom designed for your experience and learning.
Living in different places, and where on the Earth Star you would be born!
So wherever you are now in whichever country or state on the Earthstar; that is the place you are meant to be.
Whatever culture, language or faith community you are born in, was predestination for your learning and experience.

This is the message for you;
Play your role in life and act the best you can on this your stage! Hi
Also together with your family, who you share life with.
The many friends and others who cross your paths.

Remember your are love and light, so shine bright in love.
Be the star of your movie as you Create it.
Love and embrace the role you chose.
Be aware, alert, and joyous about your life.
Your body knows it, and your Spirit will show it.
In God you have your being!

Say :
The Light of God surrounds me,
The “Love of God enfolds me,
The power of God protects me,
The presence of God watches over me,
Where ever I am God is!

Light and love,

Information about “The Movie” can be found randomly throughout our teachings.  If you do not remember, you may wish to read/re-read The God Book titled “Beyond the Journey – Life in the Hereafters.” God goes into great detail about life/death, what happens before and after a person is born into this world and so much more … Salude, Celest and David